How to choose a protective glass for iPhone?

After buying an iPhone, you want to keep its appearance as intact and safe as possible. Of course, this primarily concerns the screen. Especially on the iPhone X, where the edge-to-edge screen is one of the main features. And so that scuffs and scratches are not terrible, we most often buy some kind of glass, not really delving into its features and are often disappointed with the result. Let’s once and for all figure out what to look for when buying a protective glass for iPhone.

How to choose the right screen protector for your iPhone

There are several parameters that are worth paying attention to in the first place, and a whole host of additional features that do not affect the level of protection, but also incline the choice towards one or the other glass.

What we first look at when choosing glass:

3D glass has a colored frame that is smoothly rounded around the edge and is made of soft silicone. Such an accessory is practically indistinguishable from the screen in terms of tactile sensations in the area of ​​transition of the screen to the body. Note! That with this type of protective glasses, dense covers that fit the screen are most often not compatible.

The second most popular is this. with a colored frame to match the body color. Covers the entire screen, but does not have this 3D curvature. Interestingly, some buyers are so ingenious that they use such glasses to “change the scene”: there was a white iPhone, a black glass case was glued on = a black iPhone and vice versa. Also popular are the usual thin glass without frames, which do not cover the entire screen area. This option is compatible with all types of covers. Therefore, if in doubt about the choice precisely because of the cover, then it is better to choose this type of glass.

The most popular protective glasses on

Additional parameters of protective glasses: coating. 10 types of coatings are known and often several of them are combined in one glass. For example, glossy with an oleophobic coating, or matte. with peep-protection, or glossy oleophobic with a special coating to protect the eyes. Again, it all depends on your preferences, we will only list the most common types:

  • glossy
  • matt
  • oleophobic. anti-grease coating, prevents the appearance of fingerprints;
  • peeping protection
  • eye protection
  • anti-glare
  • antibacterial
  • mirror
  • colored
  • with sequins

We hope this article was helpful, and now it will be easier for you to choose a protective glass for your iPhone. If you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them.!


The iPhone 12 is good for everyone, but it costs significantly more than last year’s iPhone 11, which fell decently in price. For example, I take the official prices: for an iPhone 12 with 64 GB they ask for 79,990 rubles, but an iPhone 11 with the same amount of memory costs 54,990 rubles.

New design

While the iPhone 11 inherits the looks of the old iPhone XR, the iPhone 12 has completely new shapes. Instead of rounded sides, flat sides have appeared, the phone looks different and feels different in the hand. In addition, it has become lighter by 30 grams, having lost 15% of its weight, at the same time, its width and height have decreased.

which, glass, better, iphone

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

Did you miss the new design? Now you can be glad that the base iPhone looks no worse than the Pro version and differs only in materials: aluminum on the sides instead of steel.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

Another thing is that if you put the phone in a case, then it will be very difficult to find the difference between the iPhone 11 and 12 and no one will understand that you have a new iPhone.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 in cases.

Apple also improved the water resistance of the phone: the iPhone 12 meets the IP68 standard, but can withstand immersion to a depth of six meters.

Minimalistic kit

Apple has a new concept: together with phones, we get a minimal set of accessories, no more charging and headphones, just a cable. over, in such a minimum configuration, both the new iPhone 12 and the old iPhone 11 are sold. Therefore, if you suddenly come across the eleventh iPhone in a large box with a charger and headphones from the old batches, consider yourself lucky.

New iPhones now without headphones and charging included.

Now with 5G

At the presentation of new products, many words were said about the support of iPhones for 5G networks. On the one hand, this is an obvious shortcoming of the iPhone 11, it does not support them. On the other hand, while living in Russia, you still will not be able to evaluate high-speed networks in practice.

The era of flat sides has come.

Which iPhone is better: iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?

Buy a new one more expensive or an old one cheaper?

The new iPhone 12 turned out to be excellent in all respects, the new “base” iPhone now looks no worse than the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, and there are enough differences against the background of last year’s iPhone 11. You can find out about all the details in the video, Valentin shares his opinion, and at the same time offers to take part in the drawing of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12:

Let’s go over the main points and highlight the main advantages of the new product. Phones for testing were provided by our friends from, as always, thanks to them for the excellent service.

Less bezel, stronger glass

The long-suffering display frames, for which only a lazy gadget writer did not criticize the phone, became thinner. At the same time, the display size remains the same, but the screen resolution has increased, and the matrix has also changed from IPS to OLED. Now the image quality of the “basic” iPhone is not inferior to the Pro version.

The notch remains, but the bezels in the iPhone 12 are reduced.

Both phones support P3 color gamut and also have True Tone, but the iPhone 12 has added support for HDR. Even in the pluses of the new iPhone, you can add a higher margin of brightness and a more contrasting screen.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 also received Ceramic Shield, which protects the screen when the phone is dropped. Apple says it’s four times stronger than old glass.

Top 5 TOUGHEST Glass Screen Protectors for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro & Pro Max

Other colors

Last year’s iPhone 11 comes in six colors: classic black and white, (PRODUCT) RED, pale yellow, and the same pastel lavender and green.

In the case of the iPhone 12, the palette has been updated: black, white and pinkish rather than red (PRODUCT) RED remain. A new blue appeared and remained green.

Updated cameras

The front camera has not changed. both smartphones have an identical 8-megapixel module. The main camera in the iPhone 12 is now more light-sensitive, but the sensor is the same as in the iPhone 11. But neural networks help to achieve better results: the night mode appeared for both the ultra-wide-angle camera and the front camera, and the third generation Smart HDR analyzes the scene and adjusts the colors depending on lighting.

If you take pictures every day, like to be confused with the processing of photos. take the iPhone 12 unambiguously. For all other cases, the iPhone 11 will be good.

What iPhone cases are there

Glitter cases are still popular today

Men mostly took practical classics made of silicone, mostly dark in color, some chose special shock-resistant designs, which significantly thickened and weighed down the iPhone.

And there are also very good analogs of the original covers. In general, the entire Chinese assortment is designed for an audience who wants either something unusual and original, or to save a lot. But in the latter case, it is worth recalling the adage that the miser pays twice. For example, for the iPhone 6s I had to change a good-quality leather-like case even before the end of the first year of operation. Non-original Smart Covers for iPad haven’t lived for a year.

The same applies to non-original smarkases. their magnets did not work well and it was not always possible to lock-unlock the tablet when closing-opening, they were pretty worn out and began to break after six months of operation.

The original covers are another matter. I had a real leather case for iPhone 6s for four years. It is pretty worn out and worn out, but its resource has worked out in full. Therefore, today in this article I will share the experience of using the original accessories for my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Which iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max cases Apple sells

Our favorite company sells the following original cases for their flagship smartphones:

Top 3 Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors

  • clear case;
  • silicone case in twelve colors to choose from;
  • leather case in six colors;
  • Leather Folio in five colors;
  • Smart Battery Case in three colors.

The lower price segment is represented by the first two representatives. transparent and silicone cases, respectively, the upper price bar is occupied by the leather case Folio and Smart Battery Case. Let’s try to deal with each of them separately.

IPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Silicone Case

This design masterpiece is presented in twelve colors: “Wild Cactus”, “Pink Grapefruit”, “Blue Wave”, “Juicy Pomegranate”, “Blue Beryl”, “Ripe Clementine”, “Pine Forest”, “Sea Ice”, “ Pink Sand ”, Dark Blue, White, Black and Red (Product Red). The price in the Russian Apple Store is 3349 rubles, just like the transparent case discussed above. But here the price / quality ratio, in my opinion, is already more adequate.

Silicone case is a great choice at a good price

The smartphone in the case lies confidently in the hand without the risk of slipping out. The back of the cover is rather stiff and has microfiber inside. This is definitely a big advantage over a transparent case, as the back glass of the smartphone is much better protected from scratches. Another advantage is the easy cleaning of the cover from dirt. For example, I cleaned mine with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol, and the appearance of the cover did not deteriorate. The outer part of the cover is not afraid of contact with liquid, but the inner part with microfiber should not get wet.

The disadvantages include, first of all, the so-called “rubber effect”. It’s good when you hold the smartphone in your hand, but it’s very bad when you try to put it in or take it out of a narrow of jeans or trousers. The rough surface clings to the lining and often pulls the inside of the along with the iPhone. Even from a purse, which I often carry with me, for this reason it is not very convenient to get my phone out.

The second disadvantage of a silicone case is its unique ability to attract all dust and dirt. Fortunately, it can be cleaned quite easily. You just have to do it often. Well, or put up with a not very presentable appearance. Over time, the matte surface of the cover starts to wear off. First, it begins to “shine” at the corners and ends, and then over the entire surface. I have not dropped my iPhone from a great height yet, but many users on various forums complain that when they fall on the corners and ends, the silicone covers at the impact site break, which exposes the plastic and the view becomes depressing. But here it is worthwhile to understand the true purpose of the case. to protect the iPhone itself.

Best case for iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Stylish case is a great addition to your iPhone

Well, at least the first days, a week, a month. But we all know what the fall of this beauty on the asphalt, tiles and even on the laminate of the house leads to. Glass on the front and glass on the back. yes, it is very painful and incredibly expensive. And if this happened in the first days after the purchase, try again to find a high-quality Chinese analogue and a service center where they will all do it in beauty (although we have one in mind). And the surgical steel frame scratches and rubs very well.

Transparent case for iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max

This amazing accessory Apple has specially created for its latest flagships to highlight their beauty. I also really did not want to hide the amazing dark green color of the case under the cover, so the transparent version seemed to me ideal at the first stages of using the gadget.

Transparent case perfectly complements iPhone’s beautiful design

Today, on the official Apple website, this accessory costs 3349 rubles. Certainly more expensive than Chinese counterparts. But these counterparts usually quickly turn yellow, break, scratch and protect the iPhone poorly. What about the original case? Apple says it’s made of clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU.

It really has more flexible and softer side edges, and its back is quite stiff and resistant to bending. The indisputable advantage of the accessory is the presentable appearance of the gadget packaged in it.

And one more thing. it is not afraid of water, unlike an expensive leather case. Therefore, given the protection of the flagship iPhones according to the IP 68 standard (immersion in water up to 4 meters for up to 30 minutes is allowed), this is the most suitable option. Of course, I haven’t experimented with submerging the iPhone in water. We all remember how previous generations of flagships (X and XS) could easily refuse Face ID after an unsuccessful bath. But fact is fact. After accidental contact with liquid, it is enough to remove the cover, wipe it and that’s it. you can continue using it without any problems.

And one more thing, as promised by Apple, this case did not turn yellow in four months. This is where the benefits end. And the disadvantages include, first of all, the fact that it is terribly difficult to take off and put on. At least for the first time. Here, many readers in our Telegram chat may object, why often take off and put on a cover. On my previous iPhone, I actually removed the original leather case only a few times in all four years of use.

But here any dust and very small specks, dirt, sand, etc. very easily get under the transparent material. Firstly, it is visually annoying, because all the aesthetics of the iPhone’s appearance is lost, and secondly, small particles of dirt, sand and debris can become a good abrasive material that will easily leave more than one scratch on the back of the device itself. When removing and putting on the cover, sooner or later, cracks begin to appear at the corners, as a rule, first of all on one or immediately on both lower.

And also, contrary to Apple’s assurances, it is pretty scratched, well, just like a case for Airpods headphones. From afar, everything seems to be beautiful, but up close, especially in good lighting, it is a complete disappointment, and this is literally in the very first month of operation. The cover is rather fragile. If the iPhone is dropped well, it will most likely crack; if it falls slightly, it will be pretty scratched.

It turns out for such a price a transparent case can hardly be called a premium product of high quality. I believe that he is absolutely not worth his money.