What is the best camcorder to choose?

The topic of today’s post is close and pleasant to me, I have long been fond of video shooting and photography. I would like to give a few recommendations to those who are ripe for buying a camcorder. Hopefully it’s not worth saying that a camera is a camera, a phone is a phone, and a camcorder is a camcorder. All-in-one is not good! Although modern technologies are trying to solve this issue, but if you want quality, then.

Marketers have a huge impact on our minds. Adding sometimes absolutely unnecessary effects, they force engineers to “cram” all kinds of “bells and whistles”, thereby increasing the cost of production.

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How to choose a digital video camera?

It is worth paying attention to several important points when choosing:

  • camcorder manufacturer
  • camcorder matrix size
  • video format
  • image stabilizer
  • zoom camcorder

Perhaps these are the most important criteria and we will sort everything out in order.

There are many players on the market for these products who offer their products. And this is worth paying attention to. I will not advertise anyone in particular, I will only say that they are well known. How to determine this? Just go to Yandex market, section Video cameras and take a closer look, which of the manufacturers has the largest number of models.

For example, one well-known Korean TV manufacturer also offers camcorders, but no one uses them in the professional segment. And several Japanese have been producing this technique since the post-war period and have widely proven themselves both on television and in filming.

Hence the conclusion: they use the latest technologies in professional equipment, and therefore in amateur equipment. Choosing a little-known company, you may be disappointed in a camcorder.

A matrix is ​​a sensor through which light enters through the lens and subsequently forms a picture. The larger the matrix size, the better the image, sharper, closer to real life.

  • 1/3 inch
  • 1/4 inch
  • 1/6 inch

In household video cameras, as a rule, one matrix is ​​used, but there are also advanced models with three matrices. These matrices manage, each separately, its own color. A special prism inside the camera divides the light entering through the lens into three components:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

And then each matrix works with its own color. In short, I won’t “endure” the brain with technical moments, three is better than one.

Video format

There are several formats of video filming in which the camcorder shoots. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • mini-DV cassette recording
  • recording to internal hard disk
  • Flash recording

The mini-DV format records in standard definition on tape cassettes, an obsolete technology. We can see the quality of the video signal on ordinary TVs.

Recording to the hard disk of the camcorder is much more progressive. Allows you to shoot both standard definition and high definition (HD). This video format has both positive aspects and a small disadvantage.

The volume of the hard disk sometimes allows you to save up to 24 hours of video, which of course is a plus. But when the disk is full (carried away by shooting, you may not notice), you need to connect to the computer to free up space.

And finally, the most modern format for recording video on Flash media. The advantages are obvious: quick change of media, low weight of the camera, allows you to shoot high-definition HD video

So, the first two versions of the video format have mechanical parts and of course they wear out. And Flash media is lightweight and convenient. It can be instantly removed, replaced with another, inserted into a laptop or computer and immediately edited the video. In addition, cameras with Flash media are very lightweight.

zoom is the approximation. According to many, it is considered almost the main advantage of a video camera. While shooting, I often hear the questions of others: How much does it bring you closer? How close can you see the subject? Apparently this parameter is extremely important to them. I can assure you that this parameter is far from the first one when choosing. Previously, it did not exist at all, they used different lenses.

digital zoom camcorders are generally much larger than optical zoom. A very scary thing! Have you ever enlarged a picture in a graphics editor? Such increases look extremely ugly, the same thing happens here.

I heard that there are zoom 400 and even 800. Why, say such “convenience”? What are you going to look at through such a telescope? Fly on the balcony of a neighboring house? Rave!

Optical zoom is another matter. The magnification is due to the movement of the lenses in the objective. The cost of such a gadget is much higher, of course. optics.

Perhaps these are the main criteria for choosing a video camera. The rest is optional. For example, the microphone output is useful if you plan to shoot interviews. Standard built-in microphones in camcorders do not differ in special quality.

They can be used in relative silence and at a short distance. On a noisy street or beach, extraneous noises, wind, roar of cars, crying of a child, etc. will be clearly audible when viewing.

Canon LEGRIA HF R706

The main distinguishing feature of this camera is the presence of a night shooting mode, and even when using it, the image quality will be in AVCHD format. The product can be used as a camera, the exposure is set both manually and automatically. The screen is touch-sensitive, the camera is perfect for any family shooting. Modern technologies allow you to get a beautiful and clear picture. There is a possibility of using fast and slow motion.

A Tale of Two Camcorders: Sony vs Canon

Touch Decoration allows you to add video effects while recording. Selectable audio episode function contributes to high quality sound.

The interface of the device is Russified, the screen is of a capacitive type with a diagonal of 7.5 cm. The camera has no internal memory, so the recording is made to a FlashAir memory card. The files can then be viewed on a tablet, computer or smartphone. The camera lens is equipped with a 57x zoom with stabilizer. Due to this, the picture is clear even from a considerable distance. Auto Framing helps keep your subject in frame.

  • The presence of a touch screen;
  • High-capacity battery for long-term autonomous operation;
  • Optical stabilizer;
  • Intuitive customization system;
  • The most essential functions;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • High image quality;
  • Ideal for its price category.
  • The battery under the cover is not fixed too securely, looses over time.

Sony HDR-CX405

The model, like the previous one, is one of the most compact and lightweight. its weight is only 215 g. Users refer to controversial decisions as the almost complete absence of control buttons on the outer casing of the product. There is a side panel under the display, where there is a niche for installing a memory card and a Micro-HDMI video input jack. Menu control is carried out only by means of a five-way joystick mounted on the display frame. The functional part of the camera is expanded: it provides a 30x zoom, the ability to shoot in Full HD, the number of pixels in the matrix is ​​2.29.

The camera is compatible with microSD, SDXC, microSDHC memory cards. It is equipped with a small 2.7-inch LCD display. Depending on the shooting format, the frame rate ranges from 25 to 50. It does not have a viewfinder, which significantly reduces the possibilities of shooting. The settings area is standard for amateur camcorders.

  • 30x zoom keeps the picture sharp even at long distances;
  • Very handy stabilizer that eliminates picture fluctuation even when shooting while walking;
  • Possibility of macro photography (for this you need to additionally purchase a tripod);
  • All controls are located in the immediate vicinity of the display.
  • There is no way to quickly adjust the camera to changing shooting conditions;
  • There is no built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • The memory card slot is not always reliable. sometimes the media gets skewed in it.

Sony HDR-CX625

This model belongs to the middle price category. Equipped with Balanced Optical SteadyShot, an intelligent automatic stabilizer that minimizes camera shake during shooting regardless of the focal length, from shooting with a wide-angle lens to the maximum zoom. With its help, vibrations are compensated in five directions at once, including when recording video while walking or running. Focus is also automatic, responds within a few milliseconds. the camera quickly responds to the press of a button and captures the most important moments.

Video is recorded simultaneously in two formats. XAVC S or AVCHD and MP4. As a result, there are two identical files on the memory card. one weighs a little and is ready for instant transfer, and the other is professional, which can be edited if necessary. The camera has a robust microphone that supports surround sound and suppresses any extraneous noise. Zoom 30x, manually adjustable.

  • The ability to support video recording in high quality Full HD 1080p format;
  • Widescreen recording mode is provided;
  • The maximum resolution of photo and video filming is 1920×1080;
  • There is a night shooting function;
  • Matrix 2.29 Mp;
  • 30x zoom.

Panasonic HC-V760

This is one of the best camcorders for professionals and amateurs alike. It produces a picture in Full HD 1080p, has an optical 50x zoom, a digital zoom of about 1500 with a focal length of 29.5 to 612 mm. The effective resolution is 6.03 megapixels. The design provides a touch-sensitive rotary display with a diagonal of 3 inches, under which a number of function buttons are hidden.

You can charge not only from the mains, but also through the USB connector. There are outputs for connecting to a TV, computer, microphone input. The battery life is quite long. about 2 hours. The camera fits comfortably in the hand, can be used with lighting from 1 Lux.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Many video recording formats;
  • High-quality sound transmission;
  • USB charging capability.
  • High price of additional batteries;
  • When using a light filter, the picture around the edges is blurry;
  • The microphone sometimes records extraneous noises.

TOP 10 best camcorders of 2020

Modern camcorders are very different from each other, not only in production quality or price, but also in a set of functions. There are a large number of professional models on sale that allow you to shoot in HDR quality, as a result of which you get a clear image even with a lack or excess of lighting. The models are available in various sizes. In this top 10 ranking, the best digital camcorders according to users are presented. When forming it, a large number of points were taken into account:

Sony NX80 vs Sony A7III | An ACTUAL Video Camera vs YouTube Camera!

  • Zoom;
  • Highest picture resolution;
  • The ability to use as a camera;
  • Memory card type and maximum capacity;
  • A kind of stabilizer;
  • Dimensions;
  • User reviews;
  • Matrix type;
  • Connectors on the case;
  • Battery life;
  • Price-quality ratio.

Canon Legria HF G30

Another professional model in our ranking. The camera is equipped with a black matte plastic body, additionally decorated with metal inserts. There are no backlashes in it, but due to the large dimensions of the case, creaks are sometimes heard. The lens hood can be removed if desired. On the right side of the case, under a small flap, there is a number of service connectors. a 3.5-inch output for standard headphones, an input for connecting a microphone; USB port, Mini-HDMI connector and remote control input.

There are stereo microphones on the top of the camera, the flip-up display has two additional buttons for selecting the focus mode and activating the pre-recording or buffer recording mode. The battery allows the camera to work without interruption for almost 200 minutes.

  • The picture is very clear even in low light conditions;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Small size and weight;
  • Fast focusing;
  • A significant number of settings;
  • Very high quality color rendition.
  • Some lack of green in the picture;
  • There is no separate charger for the battery, you have to charge through the camera;
  • Professionals note less detail on subjects during fast shooting.

Sony FDR-AX 100E

For a professional camera, it has a small body size, the net weight of the product is only 800 grams. The lens glass diameter is large, it allows you to get a very high-quality picture during video and photography. There are no automatic shutters for the lens, instead of them there is a standard cover made of hard plastic. The body is made of plastic with steel inserts.

Infrared illumination is provided for shooting in absolute darkness. The camera has a swing-out viewfinder, next to it is a button that allows you to switch between photo and video modes. The display is touch-sensitive, under it is a series of functional buttons. power on, selection of white balance, activation of automatic or night shooting mode, slot for installing a memory card, and so on.

  • Allows you to get a pretty sharp picture;
  • Color rendition is as close to natural as possible;
  • Powerful battery;
  • A large number of manual and automatic modes of operation;
  • The menu is standard for all models of this brand;
  • Long service life.
  • The stabilizer is weak. the camera focuses on the subject for a long time;
  • There is some blur at the maximum zoom.