How to pull the chat from the archive into telegrams and where to look for it in order to return it back

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I recently said that I accidentally made correspondence and messenger. As promised, today I will share the experience of how to return the chat from the archive in the telegram back.

I admit honestly, I did not do it the first time. But thanks to this, I became practically an expert on how to extract a chat from an archive in a telegram. And now I am ready to help everyone who got into the same situation as I. Detailed instructions with the photo are attached as always.

How to return a chat from an archive in a telegram on Android: my path of errors and victories

You can send the chat to the archive in the messenger application in two ways:

This method retains the correspondence and channels that do not want to delete, but they interfere in the general list. Then this is done on purpose.

Personally, I was going to fix one of my most important chats at the top of the screen. Instead, accidentally clicked the wrong link. And my correspondence went to the storage.

What I just did not do, where I just did not look for the archive. and could not find this folder. But in the end, I not only found it, but also found out how to return the chat from the archive in the telegram on Android back back.

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The other and one of the most frequent ways to accidentally send a conversation to the archive is to swipe along it with your finger. They often treat me with this problem. Especially those friends who have children. It is worth giving them a smartphone. and everyone has approximately the same. Children look like chat with their finger. And they disappear, it would seem, in an unknown direction.

In fact, returning the correspondence is not so difficult. You just need to get used to it and the question of how to get a chat from the archive of telegrams will no longer be a sick theme for you.

Personally, I use the Xiaomi smartphone. Therefore, I will show on my own example how to get a chat from the archive in telegram Android.

What is the archive of telegrams

This function allows you to significantly save space on the main screen, since a large number of dialogs and channels can be moved to this folder. The user will no longer suffer, thinking whether it is worth deleting a dialogue of a hundred years ago, which seems to be not needed, and the soul warms up. It is enough to place it in your personal storage and leave it there until the next attack of nostalgia.

Given that the archive in Telegram appeared relatively recently, not all users know what it is. The archive is a separate folder that is located at the very top of the list of dialogs and contains old channels moving there by the user.

Telegram: Undo clearing history and deleting chats

It is important not to confuse the archive archive. This function allows only to exclude old dialogs from the general list on the main screen, but does not make their backup copies. So, in case of removal, all information will be lost.

The main features of the personal storage:

  • Cleans the main page of old chats and channels, preserving them and all the information. In the main list, only the necessary and important dialogs will remain, which will greatly simplify the search and save time.
  • Can accommodate up to 100 positions (dialogs, channels). So all the old correspondence will be saved from removal for the benefit of convenience.
  • Any position from the archive can be returned to the general list at any time, regardless of its stay in this folder.
  • Dialogs that have not disconnected notifications, if the message has arrived, return to the general list. Thus, the user will not miss the important news, even in archival correspondence. If the notifications are disconnected, then the updates can be seen only if you go into the folder.
  • The archive folder can be hidden at any time so that it does not interfere in the main list. And it can also be easily returned back if necessary.
  • All new files and articles published in correspondence, channels also come to the user and save. So you can view them at any convenient time.

Having studied the features and capabilities of the archive, we can conclude that this is a very convenient function. It will allow you to restore order in the main window and significantly systematize work in the telegram. Systematization of dialogs can be absolutely any in accordance with the preferences of the user.

Using this function, you can store a large number of dialogs and the information available in them. And not think about how to restore files, since they do not disappear, as in the case of removing correspondence.

With the help of the archive, you can also separate working chats from personal. Only one archive folder can be created at the moment. But the developers do not hide that in the future, perhaps somewhat will expand the capabilities of this option.

You can create an archive only in a mobile application or in a desktop version. For a web version of the resource, this function is not yet available, and if you enter your profile through it, then the entire list of chats will remain unchanged.

Where is the archive

To start using the archive, first of all you need to figure out where it is. This cunning folder can be completely inconspicuous, so users do not immediately find out about its existence.

The storage is located the very first position in the list of channels. That is, immediately under the hat there is a discreet gray archive folder. She can also be hidden. Then, to see it, you need to brush a list with dialogs down, and it will appear.

To hide the folder again, just brush away from left to right. If, on the contrary, it is necessary that it always be at hand, it is enough to put it in bookmarks.

Where the data from the desktop version is saved

For lovers of the desktop version, the search for the files downloaded from the messenger is slightly different. In some plan, it is even more complicated than on a smartphone. But the computer has one indisputable advantage over the phone. the user can choose a folder to save files from telegrams.

First of all, you should decide how to find a folder with treasured preservations in general. There are two ways to solve this problem:

  • Open the “My Computer”, go to the “Disk C”, enter the “Users” folder and select your account in it (if there are several). Next, you should open the “downloads” and find the Telegram Desktop folder there there. It is here by default telegrams that saves all files.
  • And the second method that is suitable for those who are poorly oriented in the file manager. For Windows10 OS, open the Start menu and, without turning into any sections, start typing the name of the desired folder (“Telegram desktop”). The computer will offer options, among which there is a desired folder. You can open it by clicking the mouse on the icon. For Windows7, the process takes place a little longer. You should open the “Start” menu and in the line “Search for Programs and Files” to start introducing the name of the folder. After a few moments, the computer will offer options, among which you can choose the right.

The main advantage of the desktop version is the possibility of manual selection of the folder to save telegram files. Information can be stored in any place convenient for you. This can be done as follows:

  • In a chat with the interlocutor, select the file you want to save;
  • Click on it with the right mouse key;
  • In the list of functions that appears, select the line “Save as”;
  • A window will open in which you can prescribe a folder to save files, then you do not have to look for where exactly the photo or document got.

Sometimes there is a need to simultaneously save a large number of chat files. Unfortunately, in the mobile version, it is impossible to do this at a time. What cannot be said about the messenger open on the computer. instructions on how to save all the files from the chat at once:

  • Open correspondence in the desktop version;
  • Select the user and go to the chat;
  • press three vertical points in the upper right corner;
  • In the list of functions that opened, select “Export of the History of Chat”;
  • After that, a window will appear where it is necessary to indicate which files will be downloaded (voice messages, text documents, videos or images), and here you can set additional parameters (maximum size, period of history, etc.D.).

Where are the information from the web version

Some users prefer to use the web version of the messenger. In this case, the path of saving files practically coincides with the desktop version with one difference: the data is stored in another folder. Consider step by step how to find it:

When downloading files from a web version, the messenger does not create a separate folder and saves all the files in general downloads.

Telegrams are a convenient service for communicating with advanced functionality. It can also be used to exchange files for work, with friends and loved ones. Regardless of the version used, all information will be stored on the device. And thanks to the simple instructions given above, you will find it without problems. Automatic preservation will allow you not to lose interesting and informative information from the channels, save photos and music from messages with friends, exchange files with colleagues.

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How to restore remote contact

You can return the remote contact using the search if you recently entered his name or number into this line. Then it will save data on the user, but without indicating the name. With a person you can start a dialogue again.

There are several ways to save data in the form of an HTML page on a computer or screenshots on the phone. They allow you to save data at least partially before complete removal.

On the computer

The possibility of exporting chat data recently appeared, therefore, purely theoretically, after removal, there is still a chance to restore information. For export, you need to open a messenger in the computer version and log in. Then go to the settings mode and choose the column “advanced settings”. There will be an “data export” icon here, in which you can choose the information that interests us and copy it to the computer’s hard drive.

Dialogs in this case are automatically converted into HTML format, but we recommend choosing a JSON format based on JavaScript. it will be easier to restore in case of loss.

What can be saved in these formats?

  • Personal data.
  • Phone number.
  • Avatars.
  • Any multimedia materials, including photos, videos, audio messages.
  • List of contacts.
  • Active bots in dialogue.
  • Open sessions.

It is worth remembering that such a function is possible only on a computer, in the corresponding addition of a telegram for a browser. On the phone to save the data will not work. There is a simple way to copy information on the phone that I would like to share with readers-it will help save the correspondence in the case of force majeure.

On the phone or smartphone

Also, dialogs or media files are preserved in the “Favorites” chat, which is available only to the owner of the account. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to restore remote correspondence without prior conservation on a computer, but there is an opportunity to pre.screenshots of the necessary messages first.

However, if you take a picture of the screen in a secret chat, then the interlocutor will find out about this. a notification from the system will come. Therefore, complete confidentiality cannot be achieved.

What is the archive in Telegram?

The archive is such a folder in the messenger where all the chats that are currently unnecessary can be preserved, which may be needed in the future. That is, this is a kind of temporary storage of contacts and channels. What is added to the archive is not displayed in the general list of contacts and channels. Thus, you can put things in order and remove all unnecessary so that you can quickly find the right correspondence in the list.

You can manually add both to the archive and return from it back to the general list. But if a new message appeared in the archival chat, then it is automatically extracted in the general list, whether it is the appearance of a new post in the channel or a new message in personal correspondence.

Archives can be useful to those users who contain a large number of chats in their list. If the list contains contacts with which correspondence or channels are rarely conducted that rarely publish new posts, then it is advisable to add them to the archive. And if a new message appears in one of these chats, then it will be in the general list again. After reading, you can add back to the archive until the next message.

With a small number of chats in the list, the use of archives is seen insignificant. In this case, there will be little benefit from him. In general, each user can decide for himself why he can be useful to archives in Telegram and whether he needs him.

Do not confuse the archive in Telegram with backup archives. He does not make reserve copies of correspondence, and if, for example, the channel was added to the archive, and then the channel administrator deleted it or some kind of message in it, then in the archive it will not be preserved either.

In the Telegram archive, you can save up to 100 contacts, channels or groups.

How to return a chat from the archive in Telegram on a mobile

With archives, the greatest difficulty arises precisely on the mobile version of the messenger. Firstly, it is very easy to accidentally add something to the archive, even if the user himself did not want to. Secondly, nowhere in the list of contacts of the archive is not visible at all, and it is not clear how to enter it and return the group. But in fact, everything is easy and simple.

Let’s first consider how adding to the archive on mobile Telegram.

    Open Telegram and find the right conversation or channel.

How to Find Archived Chats on Telegram

It is really very easy to add to the archive and you can do this even by a random gesture, and then look for a missing conversation or group for a long time.

How to get chat, group, contact or channel from the archive

  • Now, if you want to return the added channel from the archive, then you will not find the archive itself anywhere in the list. To see it, you need to pull the list of contacts down and release.

The chat will also leave the archive to the general list if a new message appears in it. Thus, you can add to the archive and remove any dialogs and channels in the mobile version of Telegram from the archive to the overall list.

How to add or pull a chat in telegram from the archive

Archivaling records is available to people using a computer, laptop, smartphones of Android version or iPhones. This service helps to save information, not block anyone, in parallel to clean the main Telegram window from unnecessary messages.

On the computer

Adding dialogs to the storage is very simple. First you need to choose a person whose messages will go to storage. The archiving process is performed by guiding the cursor on the selected object. Then it is recommended to click on the right mouse button. In this case, a white small window will appear and a list of actions. From the proposed functions, it is advisable to choose the phrase “archive chat”. The noted records will immediately move to a special folder.

You can unveil the saved correspondence at any time. You just need to go to the main menu and find an icon with the image of a portfolio with an arrow or a box with a dash. Such a drawing in Telegram stores softened messages. In order to open them, you just need to put the cursor on any subscriber and click on the mouse.

The saved messages can be read and left in the storage. Records will not disappear anywhere, they will simply be stored in a separate Telegram folder. At any time, an archivated subscriber can be added to the active list. For this, the function “Return from the archive” is provided.


In order to clean the dialog box from all superfluous, first it is necessary to decide whose dialogs will have to be archived. Then click on a specific user, and when a window with functions is displayed, select the phrase “in the archive”.

Correspondence with this person will be instantly removed from the main window of the messenger, but preserved, and, if desired, can be restored.

If the notifications emanating from the stored and hidden subscribers will remain included, then new messages will appear in the active window. It is advisable to send alerts to disconnect.

In order to get any specific information, you need to go to the archiving folder.

There is a previously preserved conversation there. Then it is recommended to click on it and in the proposed options to find the phrase “return”.

The desired dialogue will again be in the active list of the messenger.

IPhone users can also archive in Telegram records who do not want to read at the moment. First you need to choose a correspondence that will go to save. Then swing from right to left and from the proposed options for actions to press the archiving button.

If desired, you can restore entries in the active list. To do this, you need to go to the storage, choose a dialog for recovery, draw a finger on it from right to left. A list of possible actions will appear. From the proposed options you need to select “return” and click on it. Information is immediately unleashed.

How to remove the archive

Telegram developers do not provide users with the opportunity to independently remove the storage. But each person can clean the folder of softened information. If nothing remains in the messenger’s storehouse, then its icon will automatically disappear from the main menu panel.

Substracted dialogs may remain in the list of active chats. In order to hide them, you need to raise the contact list up. You can swap along the preserved dialog from right to left until the word “hide” appears.

How to save a correspondence in Telegram

You can save the information of interest in the mobile and computer version of the messenger. True, PC users have more ways to maintain correspondence. The capabilities of smartphones are limited, but they can be expanded using additional applications that are allowed to download on the device.

The process of conservation of chat looks like this:

  • Enter Telegram;
  • choose a correspondence that needs to be saved;
  • Using the functions of the messenger, devices, additional applications retain information.


How to save records in the PC version of the telegram application:

On the smartphone

A simple way to help save a dialog in the mobile version of Telegram:

What data can be saved

Using a screenshot, you can save any records displayed on the screen. In Telegram Desktop, it will be possible to export to the PC download folder permitted files to save. Unloading to the “Favorite” telegram you can records for which users have not established restrictions, that is, in the “Privacy” section, they did not set the “Nobody” option for sending messages. Without problems, you can download photos, video posted on channels or in Telegram chats, as well as stickers, gifs, voice messages.

  • registration information of someone else’s account (login, profile photos, phone number);
  • messages left in chats;
  • correspondence with clients of the messenger;
  • texts, photos, videos, channel voice messages;
  • Gifs, emoticons, stickers;
  • Files up to 1,500 mb in size.

It is undesirable to copy the records transmitted using secret chats. For such messages, they usually exhibit self.destruction mode. It is important for the sender that the recipient only read information, but cannot copy them.

Public notes can be saved in all available ways. If desired, you can even photograph the image on the display with another device, for example, a camera. True, this method is inconvenient, but it allows you to save the notes of incognito.

Important! Dialogs and files created in telegram can be stored in the application in the Favorite folder. This cloud storage contains as much information as you like. All information is stored on Telegram servers, and in an encrypted form.

The correspondence stored in the messenger does not clog the memory of the computer and is in full safety. Only the owner of the account can read the saved records. You can additionally protect your profile from hacking by activating the password on the input. Its length should contain at least 8 characters. Two.time authentication (sent cloud code Own password) will increase the security of the account.

How to throw a playing cube in Telegram

You are forced to lead a home lifestyle and you lack your friends and partners in games? Send an emoji emotion to any chat to see an animation with an abandoned cube and a really random number that has fallen.

In addition to testing your luck, you can use this technique as an assistant if a group survey or friendly debate ends with a separate decision. Select the number. the one who is closest to the result will win!

How to add a chat to the archive on Telegram

In order to add a chat to the archive, just read the instructions below.

On the computer

In order to add a chat to the archive on a computer, just enter any chat or dialogue that you want to place in the archive. Click on it with the right mouse button and in the drop.down menu select “Archive Chat”.

All after these actions, your chat will be postponed, and the archive.

On the phone

In order to add a chat to the archive on the phone, just move your finger from the right to the left, because the chat that you want to place in the archive.

After these actions, the chat will be automatically placed in the archive.

How to get or get a chat from an archive to telegram

If you are puzzled by the question of how to get a chat from the archive to Telegram back to the main page of the messenger, then read the instructions below.

On the computer

In order to get the chat from the archive to telegram, you just just go to the archive tab and find the chat that you want to get out of it. Next, click on it with the right mouse button and in the drop.down menu select “Return from the archive”.

All after these actions, the chat automatically will return to the main page of the messenger.

On the phone

In order to pull out the chat from the archive on the phone, just go to the archive tab and find the chat you need. Next, draw a finger on it from the right to the left.

All after these actions, your chat will return from the messenger archive.

The archive of chats in telegrams is a very interesting idea that allows you to stop receiving messages from chats that seem to be interesting to you, but you are not ready to look there every time you receive a message. That’s all. As always, I wish you a sea of ​​positive and good mood.

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