How to find out the login and password from the Wi-Fi router, if you forgot, lost and cannot restore?

The Комментарии и мнения владельцев often ask the question “I forgot the login and password from the Wi-Fi router-what to do, how to find out and restore?””. If everything is clear with the login, then I am always lost in conjecture which password has lost the reader. the authorization key to connect to a wireless network or from entering the routing panel ( or In this article, we will consider how to restore a password from Wi-Fi and a personal account or, in extreme cases, reset it with built-in means of Windows, Android or from the route control panel. The instruction is suitable for any model-TP-Link, ASUS, D-LINK, ZYXEL, KEENEC, Tenda, Mercusys, Netis, Rostelecom, Beeline, etc.D.

The problem of restoring the Wi-Fi password was, is and will always be relevant until this type of wireless connection exists. Well, indeed, we introduce him once and for all about him. In the meantime, any reinstall of Windows or even just changing a network adapter leads to the fact that you cannot access the Internet. We will deal with this issue in more detail.

How to set Wifi Password

In a situation where you want to connect any gadget to the wireless network, but have lost the recorded key to Wi-Fi, there are several ways to restore the password:

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I believe that it is most convenient to restore the lost password from the Wi-Fi network precisely using a computer or smartphone, stretching it from the Windows or Android file system. It is most universal and simple when using a special free program.

Where to find standard login and password?

As a rule, the standard Wi-Fi password Rostelecom is automatically set. To obtain information, you can use one of the proposed paths above or use additional paths:

  • Call the call center dispatcher, explain the situation and ask for the recognize the new code. This will require the name, name of the router and a number of other data.
  • Contact the customer service service. Rostelecom specialists will help with Wi-Fi setting up and finding a key, if necessary.

After drawing up the contract, the client Rostelecom informs where the Wi-Fi password is written, how to connect to the router and the Internet correctly.

What to do if the sticker does not indicate information?

If the standard security key is not indicated on the router, you will have to connect to the device via PC using a cable and go to the device’s web-intese to find out the safety key. For connection by cable, the password is not needed.

To find out the security code of the network to which the PC (or other device) is already connected, there are several ways

With the help of a web-integer router

To enter the route web-integer, you must first find out the IP address, then enter it into the browser. As a rule, it is indicated on the router. This is usually,,,, in other cases, symbolic addresses of sites can be used, for example Netis.CC, TPLINKLOGIN.Net, my.Keenetic.Net, Routerlogin.Net, tplinkwifi.NET, etc. D. Internet connection is not required so that these addresses are opened. And with the initial setting of the device. not even recommended. It is better to connect the provider’s cable only after the device is completely ready to work. After you learned the address of the router, it will be easy to enter the webman. Need: 1. Enter the found address to the browser. 2. Register the username and password (indicated on the router, where the password and other data are written, most often it is Admin/Admin). Different models of routers have a different integer. As a rule, the key is registered in the menu associated with a wireless network. This is how the TP-Link router web. The password is registered in the section “Wireless mode”, the submenu “Protection of the wireless regime”. Also in this menu you can change the SSID network. This is what the ASUS Wi-Fi Router Roter Cetaches look like. Here the key is indicated in the section additional settings-snowy network. The advantage of the method is that the web-intake is available on any device, whether it be PC, tablet or smartphone.

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Using Windows network tools

To find out the key to the wi-fay point to which the PC is already connected, you need to do the following: 1. Open “Start”-“Parameters”. 2. Menu “Status”, click “Setting up the parameters of the adapter”. 3. We find a wireless network, open the context menu using PKM, click on the “condition” line. 4. In the window that opens, select “Properties of the Wireless Network” 5. The “Safety” submenu in the column “Network Key” will be registered with the access key to Wi-Fui. So that it is displayed, mark the “display the entered signs”.

Using command line

To access the command line on Windows 10, you need to do the following: 1. Open the Start menu. 2. In the list of programs to find the “service” folder, it will have a command line. The second way is to use the Winr command to open the “Perform” window and enter CMD. When the command line opens, you need to enter the Netsh Wlan Show Profiles to withdraw all the wireless networks that this PC has ever connected (these data also contain passwords for access to the network). In the list, select the desired network and enter the next command “Netsh Wlan Show Profiles Name = Name-network Key = Clear”, and instead of the name-network write its name. For example, for a network with the name Wi-Fi-1111, the team will look as follows: “Netsh Wlan Show Profiles Name = Wi-Fi-1111 Key = Clear”.

Special programs

In addition to standard methods, you can use programs, which are often more convenient. Below are 3 most common of them. It is important to know that the following programs do not break the networks, but show passwords that have already been entered on PC. There is only one lack of these programs. they do not have a Russian language. But it is not required to figure it out, since these utilities are quite easy to use.

Wi-Fi Password Decryptor

This utility shows all wireless networks and passwords saved in the system (any type: WPA/WEP/WPA2 and T. D.). The program integrates is simple and understandable, no additional actions are required, all the necessary information is already displayed at the first launch of the program. There is a convenient additional function. the entire list with networks and safety keys to them can be copied in a text format (or HTML/XML).

Download link: https: // yadi.SK/D/ZR7W_2DFZO_15A


This program is similar to Wi-Fi Password Decryptor. The Inte Week is a list of all the networks that the system remembered (or rather, Wireless Zero Configuration), with passwords to them. The utility does not require installation. It is also possible to save passwords in the form of a list.

Download Link: http: //

Wi-Fi Password Revealer

The utility restores all passwords from wireless networks that have ever entered the PC. Starting Wi-Fi Password Revealer should be on behalf of the administrator.

Download link: https: // yadi.SK/D/MK6OIKPC-P0Y2W

How to get into the settings of a router through a phone or tablet

Today, setting your Wi-Fi router as simple as from a computer. The network control panel has now been adapted to small telephone screens and therefore this process no longer represents such troubles as it was 7-8 years ago. The procedure for entering the settings of the router is the same as in the case of PC: on the phone connected to a local network, we start a web browser and write it from the sticker in the address line:

After that, it will be necessary to enter the password for authorization and then the so.called “personal account” of the router will open, in which you can change the necessary settings.

By the way, there is another cool way to set up a router from a smartphone and to control its settings in the future. this is a special mobile application from developers. In the picture below, you can see an example of such applications from TP-Link and ASUS. Any large manufacturer of network equipment now has its own specifically application for setting up routers:

For Wi-Fi Mesh systems, branded mobile applications are also produced and therefore now their basic setting is simplified to the maximum so that any beginner understands.

The main problem due to which the user does not manage to get into the settings of the router through the phone is disconnected Wi-Fi. Here the fact is that if the router is not configured, then there is no access through it on the Internet. A smartphone or tablet, seeing that Wi-Fi network without the Internet is disconnected and goes to the Internet through a mobile network. The self-control panel of the router control in this situation will not be available. Be sure to consider this, otherwise you will torment.

Network Password Recovery

This program is also intended for cases when the connection with the global network is already configured and has been working for a long time, and you need to configure the Internet on the router to connect through it. And here the problem arises-see data for access on the Internet on a computer is not so simple. Stars are displayed in the line with a password instead of a combination of letters and numbers. So what to do? This utility, like Dialupass, is designed to display a login and password from the current connection. Instructions, how to find out the login and password from the Internet using this application:

    We download the utility from the official site or by reference below in some cases may happen that your antivirus will respond to the program negatively. This must be ignored.

At the first launch of the utility, it may happen that the data will not be displayed. In this case, the system should be reloaded, and then start the program again.

Now, after finding the necessary information, you can configure the Internet connection on a router or even another computer.

Where the Wi-Fi password is written on the router

If you take Roster Rostelecom in your hands and carefully examine it, you can find on it a rectangular or square sticker on which all the basic data about the device are written. manufacturer, model, serial number. There will also be a section called “Access to Wi-Fi”. It usually says the name of the broadcast network broadcast and the password on Wi-Fi, which by default are used on Rostelecom router. That’s something like it looks:

I want to note that enough experts of the RTK leave these parameters, without changing them. Why? And look at the sticker in the photo above-there is a unique name there, which one of your neighbors is unlikely to meet, and the Wi-Fi Password itself is quite complicated and resistant to hacking-10 signs, where there are letters of different registers, and numbers.

How to see Wi-Fi Password Rostelecom on a computer

The second way that you definitely should use if you need to quickly find out the Wi-Fi password on Rostelecom router is to look at it on a computer or laptop already connected to a wireless network with the Windows 10 operating room. To do this, in the right corner of the screen, find the connection icon to the wi-fi and click on it with the right button to call the menu:

In the menu, select “Open” Network and Internet “parameters. After that, a window with the parameters of the system should appear, and more specifically the section “Network and the Internet”:

Click on the link “Adapter settings” to move to the Windows network connection list. There are usually several of them. cable, wireless and Bluetooth. Select a wireless network and click on it with the right mouse button. To find out the Wi-Fi Password Rostelecom Rooter, you need to click on the “condition” item that appears in the emerging menu. Another window of the state of the wireless network will appear. There you need to click on the icon “Properties of the wireless network”.

Then the last window with the properties of a wireless network will appear in our case, in which you need to open the Safety tab. Now an important point! You can see the Wi-Fi Password Rostelecom in the line “Network key”, but by default it is hidden behind the stars. To find out the password in explicitly. put the box “display the entered signs”. That’s all!

Sixth Method: Settings Reset

If you have changed the combination for entering your router, but it does not come out to find or choose it, the output may be reset to the factory settings. If you use this method, the default password will also be returned, and you can go to the Wi-Fi network.

The settings are reset using the Reset button, located on the side of the device. She is located next to Van and Lan ports, from the side. The button is drowned in the case so that no one presses it by accident, so it will require something thin and acute to activate it: the needle, toothpick, clip or something like that.

After you activate it, the router settings will drop to the original. The code for entering the network, as well as the data for entering the settings menu will return to the values ​​written on the back of the device. After that, they can again be changed, but you should be more careful and remember the password next time.

Now you know how to act if you forgot or lost a password from your wi-fi. The use of these methods does not require special knowledge and skills: it is enough to read and repeat the instructions carefully and repeat.

How to find out a standard password from your router

Password for entering the web-intese can be found in the instructions for the device. If the packaging did not have instructions in paper or electronic form (on the disk), you can download it on the manufacturer’s website. The address of the website can be found on a separate liner located inside the box.

In case the password was not found in conventional methods, there are specialized sites where passwords from various models of routers are collected. The most popular of them is the RouterPassword To find out the password from your Wi-Fi router, select the manufacturer from the drop-down list “Select Router Manaufacturer” and click the “Find Password” button.

The table will display models of the selected manufacturer added to the site. The username column indicates the standard user name, and the Password column can find out the password from the model of your router.

note! If the model of your device is absent in the list, try using the password from another router of the same manufacturer.

We will learn the password from our Wi-Fi network on Android mobile phone

There are two ways to see the password from the saved Wi-Fi network on the phone with the Android operating system.

How To Find Wifi Router Username And Password || FIND WIFI USERNAME AND PASSWORD

We look at the password through the properties of the access point

Go to the settings and connect to the Wi-Fi network from which you want to know the password.

Further, in the settings, go to the menu “Wi-Fi access point”-“Configure the Wi-Fi point”.

In the access settings menu, you can click on the “display symbols” icon next to the password field. So you will see a password saved on the phone.

Unfortunately, if after the “password” is empty, then you have never used the phone at home as an access point, which means that the password from the Wi-Fi network has not been appropriate automatically as a password from the access point in this field.

Watch the Wi-Fi password in Android system files

Mobile phones and tablets on the Android operating system store data on saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords in service files. Without a ROOT, it is not possible to get access to these files, but if you already have a ROOT access, then everything is very simple.

The necessary data is stored in the WPA_SUPPLICANT file.Conf, which is located in the service folder/DATA/MISC/Wi-Fi/.

Download and install from Google Play any file manager of the rights of a super sexman, for example, RootbrowSer.

Launch the program and go to the Data folder.

Open the Wi-Fi folder and the WPA_SUPPLICANT file in it.Conf.

In the file opened, the Wi-Fi password will be in the line “PSK = Password”.

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