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The Windows 10 operating system includes free standard and service programs. What it is?

Windows is not just an operating system. This is ready for operation system with a set of application programs. If Windows was only an operating system, then after it installs it, I would have to install a lot to install. Of course, many do it: install additional programs on the computer.

Nevertheless, standard and service programs were in early versions of Windows and remained in seven, eight and ten.

In the new versions, these pre-installed programs sometimes appeared in an updated form. But at the same time they maintained their functionality, their main purpose. Next, briefly consider where you can find standard and service programs on your computer and what they are intended for.

Registry in operating systems

To demonstrate the importance of the registry, it is required to say about simple statistics. During the launch of the OS, about a thousand appeals are carried out here, and within one day the quantity can reach 10.000 and even more. It is enough to run any program, set the settings or perform other actions so that the information in the registry is edited.

What “folder” of Windows stored drivers

In such cases (as on the screens above). it is recommended to immediately open the Device Manager (Device Manager). it is in it, by the way, it will be possible to find out if the driver is installed, and where is the folder in which its files are stored.

For example, take the video card. first you need to find and open the “Display Adapters” tab (“Video adapters”), then click on the desired video card right-click and select “Properties” (Properties). Cm. Example below.

Next, go to the DRIVER tab and click on the “Driver Details” button.

Actually, all driver files will be presented with a list (opposite each way is shown). Usually, this is a system folder: “C: \ Windows \ System32” (“C: \ Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore”).

windows, computer, using

Note that in addition to the driver files themselves (to install them on DR. PC). the INF file is also important (installation information file). There are similar files in the “C: \ Windows \ inf” system directory.

Most often, drivers are located in the catalogs:

Opening the “System” panel (System) using the “Computer” link in the “Start” button.

This method is very similar to the previous one. Open the menu by the “Start” button. To do this, press the WIN button on the keyboard (bottom left keyboard angle) or click the left mouse button on the Start button, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

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Next, you need to click on the “Computer” link with the right mouse button, then click on the “Properties” item of the fallen context menu:

And 2 more ways to open the System panel (System) using the System reference in the control panel. How to open the “Control Panel” described in detail in this article, and how to change the control modes of the “Control Panel” can be remembered by reading this article.

How to open a registry in Windows 10

Let’s see how to enter the Windows 10 registry in a different way, using the search. First we find the application on the computer, and then start the system.

In order to open the registry editor in Windows 10, do the following:

  • On the taskbar, click on the search icon, or click the left button on the Start menu.
  • Enter the expression on the keyboard: “regedit” (without quotes), and then execute the command.

The Windows 10 registry editor is open and ready to make changes to the relevant sections.

Method 5

One of the most “ancient” and common ways.

  • First you need to open the conductor // Any folder (WINE);
  • In the menu on the left, go to the “My Computer // this computer” tab;
  • Click right mouse button in any free window;
  • In the menu that appears click on the item “Properties”. Example below.

Dop. to help!

1) list of commands “Run”. WinR / Line “Open”.

2) Tables Combine keys on the keyboard: To work with text, enter special characters, hot keys Windows.

Useful combinations with Win key

When pressing a key, the Start menu opens. In Windows 8. Metro menu. If you click on, being in the game, for example, it will be minted, and you will see the desktop with an open launch.

If you accidentally tighten this key in games and lose “Focus”. then I will show it slightly lower in the article how to turn it off, and do not suffer more than it

Very often used key combination that allows you to call the “Run” window (works in all versions of Windows).

Run the window. appeared. After clicking on WinR

Pressing all open windows are automatically folded, before you appears. It is convenient to use when there are many windows, and you need to get yes icon (file) on the desktop.

Selects the first program icon in the taskbar (in my case AIDA 64 has been released). Next, using arrows and ENTER. you can run any program whose icons are present on the taskbar.

Selecting the first icon on the taskbar

A very convenient combination when your mouse does not work, or you need to quickly go to the tray icons. After pressing. the first element is allocated in the tray, then use the SHIFTF10, ENTER, and TAB keys to open and view the properties of programs (the icons of which in the tray).

Selection of the first element in the system tray

Automatically starts the first program located on the taskbar. In my case. All the same AIDA 64 (second. Yandex browser).

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Similar to the previous combination, only in this case you run a copy of the program. For example, you can open 2-3 browser windows (and in each of your own tabs). In some cases. very convenient!

Call the conductor window (see. Screen below). By the way, thus it is convenient to quickly open the “My Computer / This Computer” tab.

Keypad language switch: Russian / English.

If you are connected to the 2nd monitor to a laptop / computer. this combination will allow you to choose a projection option.

For example, it can be done so that the image on the monitors is the same; either one turn off and then turn on; either in general to expand its workspace and open different windows on different monitors.

  • View model CPU, computer name, version of OS, RAM, etc. characteristics;
  • Run devices manager;
  • configure system protection;
  • configure remote access and pr.

A very useful combination that allows you to block access to OS (T.E. A welcome window will appear with a request to enter a password (if you are installed)).

I note, no open programs are closed, their work is not interrupted. After entering the OS. you can continue further work on your projects.

Collapse all open windows. In my opinion just duplicates the combination of wind.

After pressing the window automatically opens with special features: point screen setting, on-screen keyboard, speaker and t.D.

A very useful combination that opens the window with links to quick starting the most necessary tools: Device Manager, Network Connections, Disk Management, etc.;

Move the window from one part to another (for example, on the left side of the screen to the right, cm. Screen below. Acts on the active window). Especially relevant for large monitors, where you can open several windows and quickly change them.

windows, computer, using

Convenient way to switch between various windows (see. Example below). Allows you to view all open windows in miniatures (relevant also for large monitors).

WinTab. Switch between windows (Windows 10)

windows, computer, using

A combination in Windows 10 is used in games: when you click. a game panel appears, allowing you to create screenshots and record everything that happens on the video file. Cm. Example below.

To help! about it here

How to find out the computer‘s operating system using the WinVer command

How to enter the winver command? A quick way (about another way it will be going below):

1) Press at the same time to two keys: with the Windows R logo,

2) A “Run” window will appear, in which without errors and without quotes should enter the “Winver” command:

You have no keys with a Windows logo on the keyboard? You can do without it, consider it separately for four different versions. 10 and Winver Team

If the above variant in Figures 1 and 2 does not suit, for example, because of the lack of a key with the Windows logo, use the search system that is in all Windows systems.

  • 1 in Fig. 3. click the magnifier icon, which opens the search on the computer,
  • 2. Print to the search string that appears: WinVer,
  • 3 in Fig. 3. click on “WinVer to execute the command”.
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As a result, a window appears with a description of the operating system on your device:

Information provided in rice. 4, it is not enough. How to learn more about the 10-ke system, see here.

one.2. WinVer for Windows 8 (

To use this command, you can use the Windows R logo button, Read more.

Another option that without commands is to use the search for Windows 8 (

At one time I updated Win 8 to 8.1 And everything was fine, while one is not the best day after the tablet is updated with 8.1 suddenly stopped working. Samsung service center diagnosis was disappointing: only native Win 8, which was originally installed by a manufacturer of a tablet computer, and no updates to Therefore, in Fig. 6 inscription precisely with the 8th, and not

one.3. Windows 7 and Winver Team

If there is a “Start” button, such as designated 1 in fig. 7, then you probably have Windows 7 or Windows Vista. To make sure that click on the “Start” button.

In the window that appears at the bottom line with the inscription “Find programs and files”, we enter “Winver” without quotes (digit 2 in rice. 7) and press the Enter key.

Winver appears at the top (digit 3 on fig. 7).

Click on it, after which the window “About Windows program” jumps out information in this window and then confidently call the operating system of your computer. In Fig. 8 Presented Windows 7 Operating System Professional.

There are six different versions of Windows 7, which are characterized by a set of features (from minimal to maximum), which are provided to the user.

If you want to learn more about 7-ku, look here.

one.4. Windows XP and Winver Team

If the Start button has a look like in rice. 9, then you probably have a Windows XP operating system.

The “Starting Program” window appears

We enter the WinVer command, as shown in rice. 10, and click on the “OK” button.

The “About Windows program” appears. Where you can find out information about the operating system on your computer, including about its version:

Also, the Windows XP system can also be.

There is a simpler way to learn more about your operating system, and without entering any commands.

Russian developments

recently, the state was given a course for import substitution, it breathed a new life in the development of domestic operating systems.

The developers were offered many interesting products, even one of the state corporations announced the OS with an interesting name “Axis”.

She had to replace Windows in public institutions, but for some reason today on the official website it is even impossible to download.

I would also like to note that mostly all domestic OS are written on the basis of Linux. Personally, I have the impression that they simply change the desktop wallpaper. For budget money.

And so I want something ours in Russian and to work with software, sharpened for other systems.