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Internet in our time has become an integral part of life, and without a mobile Internet, many do not imagine their lives. And with the Internet there are problems.

Almost all users of devices (devices) on Android are wondering why the Internet traffic so quickly? This is especially noticeable to users who have moved to Android from other operating systems.

Why does this happen with Internet traffic in Android? This system is constantly working on the network, it is focused and is configured to such work. Almost all applications are aimed at the use of the Internet, and this is the mobile Internet Android. Such a focus is an obvious advantage of this system.

Although this plus works mainly where there is a cheap or free and affordable mobile Internet, for example, where there are free Wi-Fi networks. In fact, everything is somewhat different. Free Wi-Fi is not everywhere, but mobile operators are in no hurry to pay the price for Internet access. For this reason, there is a question of saving android traffic.

Let’s try to figure out what leads to a constant reduction in Internet traffic, and how to prevent it.

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How to find out traffic expense Kyivstar?

To check the remnant megabyte under the conditions of the tariff plan, type 112 #. Check the number of used megabytes from additional packages. 252 #.

  • The most efficient way to check traffic on the phone and tablet is a USSD request. Dial the code 217 # “Call” and click the Call button
  • If your tariff plan includes a certain amount of prepaid Internet traffic, then you can recognize its balance using a call command 1001 # “Call” or # “Call”.

Using mobile data

Here, in the data use settings, you can set the frequency of payment (according to the operator tariff plan) for convenience of formation of statistics for using mobile traffic. This is usually 1 day of each month.

Next option “Warning of overruns”. Install the value based on the Internet package on your tariff plan. I have 2 GB per month. When the threshold is reached, the overrun warning will jump out.

Accordingly, you can turn off your mobile Internet when the threshold is reached. For this corresponds to the option below “Traffic Limit”. T.E. When the value is reached in 2GB this month, the use of mobile data will be disabled.

traffic, saving, samsung, limit, change

You can not put this option, but immediately set the traffic restriction, for example, in 4 GB.

Here the menu displays the data statistics on Wi-Fi wireless network for the last 28 days. When it samples, which applications how many traffic spent. Most it will be YouTube, like me.

We can prohibit the application to use mobile traffic in the background. And additionally allow receipt / transmission of mobile data, even if the traffic savings are included. I do not advise you to include this option.

Data transfer settings

The following options are available in the user settings section:

  • Traffic control Enable / Disable.
  • Tariff plan. Here you configure traffic limit for a month, what to do during traffic overpowering: disable the Internet or issue a warning, adjust the warning threshold and the start date.

And other optional settings: Show the widget in the notification curtain, show the speed of the network (data transfer rate), send a traffic report (better disable).

Thus, configuring the restriction of the Internet, for example, on vacation time or pass. Business trips, you are guaranteed not to share the whole balance from the phone, do not fit into debts and disable applications in the phone to spend mobile Internet in roaming.

Disable traffic savings on Android smartphone

Previously, you must take into account that many manufacturers customize the Android operating system by introducing your shells, services, etc. The menu sections name may not coincide with your.

Example of disconnection of traffic savings are shown on the device with the version of Android 10.

You can disable traffic savings on Android in two ways: through the string of fast settings and through the “Settings” application.

How to disable traffic savings from the rapid settings

If you wish to control mobile Internet traffic, you need to withdraw the “Traffic Saving” icon in the quick settings menu, to then include or disable this feature in the phone.

After the actions performed, you can include and turn off the traffic saving function on Android.

How to disable traffic savings in Android settings

Advantages of disconnecting traffic saving through the “Settings” applications in the fact that you can specify those applications that the Internet saving will not be distributed and you can receive application notifications even with the mode on.

Internet download control function in samsung

If you are far from home and do not have access to the unlimited Internet, you need to save traffic, and not disable traffic savings. Most often we are talking about a mobile Internet, which today is almost in every fare of mobile services. In Samsung smartphones, there is a built-in feature that helps control the download.

In many models of smartphones from the popular brand, it is possible to include it as follows:

  • Open your mobile phone settings. Icon with gear (settings) can be found on the main screen or in the quick access menu;
  • We find the section “Traffic” or “traffic control” and choose it;

Now there is the ability to adjust the download volume. Thus, if 3 gigabytes are given on the terms of your mobile tariff for a month, then with the help of side regulators, set this gap. The first controller that is below is a warning message from the system. You will get it as soon as the volume of spent traffic on Samsung will reach this mark. The second knob indicates the number of downloads, to achieve the Internet will turn off.

Click on the “Menu” phone button to appear the context menu where you can select a limit for background processes. And also limit various auto-crynization of applications and their other opportunities to save money.

How to disable traffic savings on samsung

SAMSUNG phones installed the OneUI shell, which in recent years has changed quite. The function of saving traffic in it exists sufficiently long ago, but buried in such decisions of the system, which is not always able to find it from the first time.

Saving traffic on Samsung is needed in order to limit the background work in a network of various applications. If you enable this feature, you can not see various alerts from some applications. In some cases it can be critical. So in order to turn off the traffic savings on Samsung, do the following.

After that, go to the use of data.

If you still want to include traffic savings on Samsung, but you want some applications to still work with the network even with the mode on, then enable this item and select applications from the Use data in the traffic saving mode.

Applied to websites

The key indicator reflecting the popularity of the Internet resource is web traffic. This is a complex and volumetric concept that includes:

  • The number of unique visitors;
  • The average number of views of the pages to the visitor. High values ​​of this indicator suggest that the “deep” materials of the site are in demand by the audience;
  • The average duration of the visit. The more. the better for the owners of the resource. This means that Content is interesting to users;
  • The duration of viewing a specific page;
  • Peak Load Time. Allows you to distribute time for advertising campaigns and technical work;
  • The most sought-after pages;
  • Points of entrance. Pages from which visitors are starting to get acquainted with the materials of the site;
  • Output points are the most unpopular pages on which users are not delayed for a long time. This information allows you to get rid of low-quality materials or calculate non-working links;
  • Typical path. the sequence of pages from the entry point to the outlet point;
  • Sources. other sites, from where most visitors go to this resource.

How to remove traffic restriction on samsung

To date, many tariff plans of cellular operators unlimited. In fact, this is not quite true, because still there is a certain border, after which the Internet speed drops noticeably. Despite this, in many phones there are still settings with which you can set a monthly limit on the use of traffic. If you accidentally configured traffic limit or see a notification alert, then I will tell you how to remove traffic restriction on Samsung.

With a big probability, you would like to disable traffic restriction using mobile data. To date, it makes no sense to limit the use of Wi-Fi network, so we will consider the version of Mobile Internet.

So, in order to enable or disable alerts for exceeding the traffic limit on Samsung and turn off the limit, you need to do the following.

Open the phone settings and go to the connection section.

After that, go to the use of data.

And then during the period of tariffing and limit.

After that we get into the section where you can install or remove traffic limit on Samsung. To remove restrictions, it is enough to turn off the traffic limit point.

If in the curtain of the notifications you see a warning about the traffic overpowering, which you would not want to see more, then turn off the receipt warning.

This item works separately from traffic limit. If you have disconnected the limit, but left the overflow warning on, you will still receive notifications. True mobile data will not disconnect.