Selecting Files to Store in the Trash

Not all files deleted by the user are initially placed in the basket application. The type of objects must be specified in the settings of the software. On the example of the Dampster program this is done as follows:

  • In the main application menu, click on the three vertical bars icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “Settings” item.
  • Specify the type of files to be kept in the trash by moving the slider to the active position in front of the corresponding line. It is recommended to specify all types of objects.
  • Wait for changes to apply. The software will save the settings for several seconds.
  • Check Result.
  • One contact. Tap the contact to permanently Delete Delete the contact.
  • Multiple contacts. Tap and hold a contact and then select others. Select “” Delete Forever.
  • All Contacts. Select Clear Trash
  • Press ” Start ” and select ” Settings “.
  • Select Personalization Themes Desktop Icons Options one by one.
  • Select the checkbox for Dumpster, and then click Apply.

Where is the recycle garbage can on your Samsung phone??

One UI firmware from Samsung turned out very cool: simple, easy, beautiful, fast and, importantly, functional. For example, the image garbage can appears, which you can use to recover deleted photos, provided the garbage can is enabled. Where it is located? Let’s take a look.

And we can see the deleted images. As it is clear from the written on the screenshot, objects from the Recycle Bin will be deleted in 15 days after the final deletion, respectively, that is how much time you have to restore them.

Recovering images is easy. We click on the photo, and then tap on the Restore button (highlighted in red on the screenshot).

The image has been restored, as indicated by the corresponding inscription.

You can check the photo should appear in the main gallery directory. In the same way you can irretrievably delete images from the Recycle Bin.

How to empty the recycle garbage can on Android

To clear the trash garbage can you need to do the following

  • Select the items you want to delete. To do this, hold your finger on the file until the blue color appears.
  • Click on the files you want and click on “trashcan”
  • A notification will appear about the deletion of objects.

Samsung A20/A30/A50/A70/S9/N9 Recycle Bin. Where is Samsung Recycle Bin #HelpingMind

Here’s how easy it is to empty the Recycle Bin on Android.

Where is the recycle garbage can on the Android phone?

If you use the Windows operating system on your computer or laptop, you know that when you delete a file, it goes into the trash. So it’s no surprise that some users ask us where the recycle garbage can is on an Android smartphone or tablet. Nowhere. Or rather, this rule is relevant for older versions of Android, and in recent versions of Android, the recycle garbage can was still added, but still it can not be found on all firmware.

An example with the recycle garbage can already built into the firmware on a Huawei/Honor smartphone. Let’s say we want to delete the image.

When you click the Delete button, the system tells you that the item will be placed in the trash for 30 days, after which it will be automatically deleted.

Trash in our example is located in Albums subsection called Recently Deleted.

Images from the Recycle Bin can be restored if desired.

The latest Samsung also has a recycle garbage can to open the corresponding section, click on the three dots.

If you have no recycle garbage can on your device, use the Google Photos application. When you delete an image in this app, it is automatically sent to trash, but only if you delete through Google Photos. You can download Google Photos from Play Market.

Deleting messages can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, there is a bug on your phone that causes deletion of saved SMS. Not less common reason. problems with the firmware and having to return to the factory settings. Sometimes the problem occurs after a system update, and in some cases, the user himself clears the phone from supposedly unnecessary information.

The main difference between messages on a Samsung phone is that they are stored in the system partition, which ordinary users do not have access to. To recover deleted SMS you will need special programs for PC or applications for phones.

To be more precise, SMS are stored in the following path. /data/data/com.Android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db. To view this file without root access is impossible. Or you can use Sqliteman. It will not help to recover deleted data, but it will allow you to read sent and saved messages.

To the question, whether it is possible to restore accidentally deleted messages on a Samsung phone, the answer is positive. The task can be solved in the following ways:

  • With the help of a previously created restore. Many different applications can be used for this purpose. The most popular include SMS Backup And Restore, Super Backup: SMSContacts, MyPhoneExplorer and others.
  • Through special restorers installed on your PC. Popular solutions for Samsung and other smartphones. Mobikin Doctor For Android or Dr.Fone.
  • Restore from a special recycle garbage can app, which is installed on your Samsung phone and helps you get back deleted messages. A common solution is Dumpster.

The choice depends on the situation and availability of the backup.

How to find the shopping cart on a Samsung Android

How to clear the Recycle Bin in the Android app?

Many users put Android apps on their Samsung that replace the Recycle Bin. In this case, the “recycle bin” needs to be periodically cleared. A popular program is Dumpster. To clear the trash on your Samsung, do the following:

  • find the document you want;
  • click on it until a menu appears where you can select several options;
  • place the markers;
  • click on the trash can sign.

Another way to empty the Recycle Bin on your Samsung phone is to go to the Empty Dumpster section, which is located on the side menu. Check Delete All.

Smartphone owners often use ES Explorer. To delete, find the file you are interested in, press and hold on it until the appropriate inscription appears. After that, transfer the data to the trash can. The data is not completely deleted. Go back to the main page of the program, enter the “junk file repository” and the previously deleted document will be there. To empty the “trash” completely, click on the file and hold your finger until a mark appears, and at the bottom of the menu with the necessary option. Select Delete.

Samsung phone Recycle Bin: where is it and how to find it

Smartphone owners who have deleted photos, videos or other content often ask. where is the trash on the Samsung phone. They expect that a deleted file can be recovered in the same way as in the Windows operating system. This opinion is mistaken. Samsung phones with Android do not have a shopping cart. Although, there are nuances here as well.