Data backup

In the Huawei Cloud Backup section, you can specify what data to send for storage to the server. This can be done using the slider by moving it to the on position. Also, in this section, you can make the reservation take place in automatic or manual mode.

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When the backup function is enabled, data is sent to the cloud storage automatically. Provided that at this moment the smartphone is locked, is on charging and connected to a wireless Wi-Fi network.

Where is on Honor and Huawei

You can sign in to Huawei Cloud in the following way:

  • If the EMUI 5 and higher shell is installed: “Settings”. “Cloud”.
  • If the shell is EMUI 8 and higher: “Settings”. “Account Management”. “Cloud”.

Huawei Mobile Cloud. what kind of application

Huawei Mobile Cloud comes pre-installed on all Honor and Huawei new products. It has a simple and user-friendly interface.


Cloud Huawei Mobile Cloud has a wide functionality. With its help you can:

  • move files from one device to another with access to one account;
  • storing shared files for students, pupils, employees and other categories of citizens;
  • make a backup of important information in case of loss or malfunction of the smartphone;
  • use as a storage for photos and videos, so as not to occupy the internal memory of the mobile device;
  • protect data from hacking, as Huawei Cloud has a high degree of protection against hacker attacks.

Sync on device

In the window that opens, move the synchronization slider to the on position. A window will appear in which you will be prompted to copy data from the device to the cloud storage. Click the “Combine” button.

Ready! It remains to wait while the photos and videos are copied to the server. The end of the synchronization process will be notified by the corresponding inscription indicating the time when the copying was carried out.

Where is the cloud in the Honor phone

Cloud services are becoming more and more in demand both for storing files and for creating our backups. The Chinese brand Huawei also has its own cloud storage and backup system called Huawei Cloud, which will help back up our most valuable files, contacts or other important data from our mobile phone.

Today we will look at how to use Huawei Cloud to back up our data on Huawei or Honor smartphones.

How to make a backup on Huawei or Honor smartphones

To create a backup using Huawei Cloud, the first step is to make sure you have a Huawei account registered to sign in. Then go to the “Settings” of the device, click “Manage Huawei Account” and select “Cloud”.

Here you can turn on automatic backups and select the data you want to keep (contacts, photos, apps, etc.).

Huawei Cloud also allows you to manually save files to the cloud by opening the Files app and selecting Huawei Drive. Then click the menu that is displayed as three dots in the upper right corner and select the “Upload” option to select any file to save.

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Huawei Mobile Cloud offers us 5 GB for free

If you have a Huawei or Honor mobile phone, you can activate Huawei Cloud, an encrypted system integrated into the mobile phone that will allow you to save various sections of the mobile phone, such as photos, notes, WI-FI networks, system backups, contacts, calendar, voice recordings, etc.


5GB of cloud storage is provided free of charge, but you can upgrade your cloud storage by purchasing different storage plans based on your needs.

Manage files from the cloud from your computer

It is very convenient to manage all the stored data from Huawei cloud from your computer. To do this, you need to visit the official Huawei Cloud website and log in with your Huawei account. After that, you can view all your saved files in the cloud from your computer, as well as delete all unnecessary files to free up storage.

How to clear Huawei cloud

If you have a Huawei smartphone or tablet, you probably know that your device gives you access to Huawei Cloud Free cloud storage service, up to 5 GB, which allows Guardar to be online and automatically syncs all your important data. photos, videos, contacts, documents, app data, backups, and more with all devices connected to your HUAWEI ID.

As you might have guessed, this is a very useful service, but 5 GB of free space is not difficult to fill up. I think you know this well because you are here reading this manual. I bet you are running out of space, so you need some advice on how to clear huawei cloud to get some more gigs, right? Or maybe you decided to completely shut down the service? Well, whatever your needs are, don’t worry: in the next few lines, I’ll advise you to free up Huawei cloud space and, if you prefer, also disable the service. You just need to set aside a few minutes of free time and put into practice the instructions that I will give you.

A little clarification before we start: I used a Huawei P40 equipped with EMUI 10.1 operating system to complete the tutorial. The push and menu items on your device may be slightly different from the ones I’ll show you in the following lines, however, they are minimal variations, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty reaching your goal. That being said, I just want to wish you good reading and good luck with everything.

  • How to clear Huawei cloud from smartphone
  • Preliminary operations
  • Gallery
  • backup device
  • Huawei Disk
  • Other information
  • How to clear Huawei cloud from PC
  • How to clear Huawei cloud
  • How to Increase Huawei Cloud Space
  • Preliminary operations

    The first step I suggest you take. is to find the data that is taking up the most space in your Huawei cloud. To do this, enter the settings from your smartphone or tablet (device icon on the main screen), select your HUAWEI ID and go up the first Cloud then to Memory Management.

    A screen will open with a summary of the available space in your Huawei cloud and a list of items on it: Cloud backup (that is, backing up your device and applications), Huawei Disk (documents and other files in your cloud space) and Apps using the cloud (system applications, including Gallery, Calendar, Pad of Sheet Music, etc.). By assessing the situation, you can act more deliberately to free up space in your online archive.

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    How to clear Huawei cloud from smartphone

    Let’s get down to business and learn how to clear Huawei cloud from your smartphone (or tablet). If you want to free up space or delete everything in your online space, I promise you will do it all in no time.!


    The selected items will be removed from the Huawei device and cloud space, but not completely. In fact, they will remain for 30 days in a temporary folder called Recently Deleted to retrieve them from there and thus effectively free up space in Huawei’s cloud, open the Recently Deleted album in the Gallery app and rewards in the voice of Resign twice in a row.

    Regret? Would you like this to delete photos and videos from Huawei cloud, but not from your device? Sorry, but in this case the only solution is at your disposal. deactivate the synchronization of the Gallery with the Huawei Cloud, and then continue deleting the items of interest from the Huawei Cloud Web (which I will tell you more about in the chapter on PC). If you want to do this, you can turn off the sync of the gallery with Huawei Cloud by going to the Settings menu; [tuo HUAWEI ID] â ª Cloud â Gallery / strong> of your device by disabling Cloud Gallery Sync and confirming.

    If you are looking for a free alternative to saving photos and videos in the cloud, take a look at Google Photos which allows you to save photos and videos of medium quality (maximum 16MP for photos and 1080p for videos) in the cloud with no volume limits and for free.

    Huawei Mobile Cloud. The Huawei P20 Feature you didn’t know about!

    Device backup

    Other items that can take up a lot of space in the Huawei cloud. it is a backup and the applications installed on it (for example, WhatsApp, Telegram and). To remove them, go to Settings; [tuo HUAWEI ID] Cloud on your device, tap Manage storage Select an article Cloud backup In the screenshot that opens, tap the name of the device whose backup you want to delete, and finally tap Delete backups y delete.

    If, after deleting your backups, you want to disable this feature completely, go to the Settings menu; [tuo HUAWEI ID] Cloud on your device click Cloud backup do well OFF voice lever Cloud backup and confirm it.

    Alternatively, if you just want to “lighten” future backups, select Backup Options and deselect all available items on the screen that opens. To disable the backup of third-party applications, you must disable the corresponding switches in the Application Data menu Yes to the warnings that are displayed each time you select to deactivate one of the items included in the backup.

    Huawei Disk

    Another component worth talking about is Huawei Drive, which is the online drive offered by the Huawei cloud for storing and syncing all types of files (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, etc.).

    As you can easily guess, in order to free up space on Huawei Drive, you need to delete files from it that you no longer need and then empty the corresponding Trash (where deleted files remain for 30 days before Huawei’s cloud space is actually released).

    Then go to Recently Deleted to activate Projection As shown above, select the files you want to permanently delete from Huawei cloud and click on delete twice in a row.

    How to clear Huawei cloud

    Do you want to delete huawei cloud In the sense that you want to stop using it on your smartphone or tablet? It couldn’t be easier.

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    To access the settings on your device, tap on your HUAWEI ID later in Voice Cloud and turn off the toggle switches for all options shown below Apps using the cloud. Finally, press the key Cloud backup get on OFF the lever regarding the Cloud backup option and confirm: this way you will also disable the backup function to Huawei Cloud.

    Regret? Would you like this to clear your HUAWEI ID completely? Think about it: by doing so, you will lose access not only to Huawei Cloud, but to all other services offered by the Chinese company, such as AppGallery, Huawei Music & Videos, and more.

    However, if you want to continue, go to the setup menu from your device and select your HUAWEI ID Ongoing Privacy Center then under Delete Account Enter your HUAWEI ID and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the procedure. Operation irreversible e all data associated with the account is deleted So, repeating the concept, think about it!

    What is the cloud on an Android phone and how to use it?

    Some users may have already heard about the cloud on the phone. The question immediately arises. what kind of clouds can be in a mobile device? In fact, this question surprises only those people who are not very knowledgeable about the latest technologies.

    You may be surprised, but you cannot find any cloud on your phone, since the so-called cloud storage is called a cloud. Cloud data storage is an online storage that stores user data. The data itself is located on numerous servers. Interestingly, the user usually thinks that his data is stored on one server, although in fact they can be located on many servers at the same time located in different parts of the planet.

    Why do you need a cloud on your phone?

    As mentioned above, the cloud is cloud storage, which means that it is necessary in order to store data. But why, you ask, if you can store them on the phone itself? There are reasons. One of them is too large a volume of data that simply does not fit into the phone‘s memory, but can easily be uploaded to the cloud storage.

    There are other advantages to cloud storage, here are some of them:

    • Access to the storage from any device that has Internet access.
    • The ability to organize collaboration with data.
    • Minimal risk of data loss even in the event of failures.
    • Some companies offer to use cloud storage for free (as a rule, a relatively small amount of memory is provided, you have to pay extra for exceeding).
    • All processes for backing up and maintaining data integrity fall on the shoulders of the cloud storage provider.

    How to use the cloud?

    You just download the application of the cloud storage you are using, and then set up what data will be uploaded to the cloud. Or download them yourself if necessary. There is nothing complicated about it.

    HUAWEI Mobile Cloud Tutorial

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