Clipboard in your phone: where is it and how to find it?

Mobile device users often ask where is the clipboard in the phone, and how to clear it correctly. This interest is easy to explain. Today all Android smartphones and tablets have almost the same functionality as a PC. One of the options is the ability to use the clipboard, which is a virtual space that is located inside the RAM of the smartphone and is designed to store and then move files. The information in this part of the memory does not accumulate. It’s automatically deleted when new data arrives.

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Storing deleted pictures on Xiaomi gadgets involves synchronizing with Mi Cloud storage. In fact, it is a garbage can of the user’s cloud drive. Its size depends directly on the amount of storage allocated to the account. To find the Recycle Bin, open the Gallery app and switch to the Albums tab.

Clipboard for Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones | How to use clipboard in Xiaomi Redmi Mi mobile phones

Clipboard is an intermediate data storage. Once you have copied the necessary information, it is placed in this store. When you copy to the clipboard, the system puts your data in a special area of the memory, then when you select “paste” the stored data is unloaded from this area.

In every mobile device, there is a place where all the files that are downloaded from one device to another are sent.

This storage is temporary and is called the clipboard.

Its peculiarity is that the moment when new information enters the device and is transferred to our storage, the old information disappears forever.

If you understand this feature in more detail, you will realize that it performs many more useful tasks.

With some knowledge, you can make this storage work a hundred percent and help you.

Let’s take a look at where the clipboard is in your phone, based on different gadget models.

Xiaomi improves MIUI security with new clipboard access permissions. For this Xiaomi has implemented a new dialog box (popup) that allows us to choose whether we want to allow or deny access to the clipboard for the application that we are using at the same time and has the required access to the clipboard.

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Open the messaging app on your Android and tap the icon to the left of the textbox. Select the keyboard icon. When the keyboard appears, select the symbol at the top. Here you can tap the clipboard icon to open the Android clipboard.


Where is the clipboard on Android and how to clear it

The clipboard is a handy custom feature that is available to all Android users to interact with saved text and other snippets. This quick tutorial will tell you where the clipboard is on your Android and how to clear it.

The clipboard is an intermediate storage for transferring data both within one application and between applications. Depending on your device model, it can be accessed through a built-in interface or third-party programs, but it always performs the same functions.

Many users do not know how to see the clipboard on Android, but meanwhile, knowing how to handle it properly, you can save a lot of time when copying this or that information.

For example, when you have a lot of text to copy and paste. Many people do not know that the device saves not only the last fragment copied but also all the fragments copied before it.

For example, you can add and anchor some frequently used text message templates, phone numbers, bank details, screenshots and other necessary information for quick sending to other users or transferring them to other applications.

How to add a snippet to the clipboard

To add a fragment you just need to copy or cut it. You do this with a long tap. You touch the part of the screen where the text fragment you need is located and hold your finger down until it becomes highlighted with a blue background and special sliders appear on the edges. You can move sliders across the screen, thus changing the boundaries of the selected fragment.

A pop-up menu above the selected fragment displays possible options for working with it. When you click on the “Copy” or “Cut” button, the fragment is automatically added to the clipboard. You can also replace the selected fragment with data from the clipboard using the “Paste” button. In this case the device will by default paste the last saved fragment to the specified location.

If you need to paste other previously saved data you should use the extended clipboard interface and select the necessary data manually.

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Where to find the clipboard on Android

The easiest way to open the clipboard is to use the “Keyboard” application. To do this, you can open any application for working with text, such as “Messages” or “Notes.

Let’s look where the clipboard is located on Android using the example of the interface of the standard Android keyboard from Google. “Gboard”. Most often, smartphone manufacturers install their proprietary keyboard instead of the Android keyboard, but you can always change this in the settings of your smartphone.

For this purpose go to Settings→General settings→Language and Input→Enterface keyboard→Default keyboard→Gboard

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Once the keyboard panel is activated, click on the notepad icon in the top control bar, which is just above it, or use a long tap anywhere in the text-entry field, waiting for the clipboard menu to pop up. This will display all of the contents from the clipboard on top of the keyboard.

If you don’t find a notepad icon among the icons in the control panel of the keyboard, you need to add it manually. In the control panel above the keyboard, click on the three horizontal dots “Options” and find the notepad icon here, then drag it to a visible part of the control panel by holding down the icon.

How to access the clipboard on Android if you have a different keyboard installed? It’s pretty much the same. The intéase of third-party keyboards may differ only slightly.

If there is no control panel or any icons on your keyboard, use the long tap on the screen to access the clipboard.

Note that in some models except for text fragments all the screenshots made by the user are stored in the clipboard.

How to clear the clipboard on Android

The easiest way is to use the device reboot. The standard clipboard interface is cleared along with the device’s RAM when the device is turned off or rebooted. Keep in mind that some brand-name keyboards store the buffer data in the internal application memory, and they are not deleted after rebooting. In this case you need to clean it manually.

Using the standard Gboard keyboard:

  • Go to the clipboard;
  • Click the edit icon in the top right corner of the keyboard control panel;
  • Select all the fragments and press the “Delete” button with the trash icon.

You can also delete content one piece at a time by highlighting them with a long tap and then selecting “Delete” in the clipboard pop-up menu.

How to clear the clipboard on Android using the Samsung Keyboard

In most branded alternative keyboards from smartphone manufacturers, the clipboard interface is similar, with only minor differences. Let’s show how to clear it using Samsung keyboard as an example.

Just like the standard Gboard keyboard, you can also remove items one at a time or completely remove them from the clipboard. The exception is docked content. In general deletion, pinned items remain in the buffer until you unlock them manually.

Locked items are convenient to use when you often use any saved data. phone numbers, frequently sent messages, email addresses.

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Now you know where the clipboard is on Android and how to clear it, so you can properly optimize your device when handling data.

If you find a mistake, please highlight text and press CtrlEnter.

To get information from the clipboard, you need to use the “Paste” command. This is done in the usual way: place the cursor at the insertion point, right-click and select “Paste”. With this simple action we extract information from the clipboard and place it in the selected location.

The clipboard is located in the main memory of the device. Designed for temporary storage of various files: pictures, text, videos, etc. For example, when you watch online video it is downloaded to the clipboard first and then played in your media player.

How to copy and paste text on Android

To copy a piece of text to the clipboard, tap and hold your finger on any word. In a second, the system will light up the word with a blue or greenish hue, and you will see two border marks. Then follow the instructions:

  • Pull the first limiter to set the beginning of the copying and then the second to mark the end of the text block.
  • Select “Copy” from the pop-up menu. You will see “This item has been copied to the clipboard.
  • Open the page or app where you want to paste the text and press your finger on the input box.
  • From the menu that appears, select “Paste”. The text block will be copied.

When you copy text in some applications (for example, the email client from ) instead of the “Copy” and “Paste” popup menu, a panel with the corresponding icons appears at the top of the screen.

Android version 4.4 and higher allows you to save more than one block of text to the buffer for later viewing. To view and copy items from the clipboard, just press the text input field with your finger and select the “Clipboard” item.

Gallery. how to use the clipboard using LG G3 as an example

Highlight the text and wait for the limiters to appear, and then select the “Copy” icon at the top of the screen You will see a notice to save the highlighted block in the buffer Long tap in the text field where you want to paste the information and select the “Paste” button