Convenient programs for working with the clipboard

Here are some handy programs that have proven themselves.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android Honor / Huawei?

Unlike some other Android phones, Honor doesn’t include manual clipboard clearing. To clean the storage, you have to restart or turn off your smartphone.

That is, it is allowed to clean the device only in automatic mode. If the user urgently needs to delete the saved file, copy another one. It will replace the previous one, and the disappeared object will be inaccessible for use. There are no other solutions that allow you to achieve the desired result.

Where is the clipboard in the Android system, how to enter it, what it is and how to clear it on the phone

A common question from some smartphone owners: where is the clipboard on Android or on specific brands of phones, for example, Samsung Galaxy, how to open, view, use or clear it. In general, the clipboard is located in the memory of an Android smartphone, but it can be opened and, moreover, many smartphones store the clipboard history, which can also be accessed.

This tutorial details where to find the clipboard on pure Android and on a Samsung Galaxy phone, the available clipboard actions and additional information that might be useful.

Something went wrong

Quite often, users have problems with the operation of this storage. When copying or pasting an object, the corresponding key disappears or is simply inactive. You can solve the problem by clearing the phone’s RAM. There are several ways:

Delete each process by clicking on it and “Stop”.

The second option is to use special applications to optimize the gadget’s performance. For example, CCleaner, Clean Master, SpeedMyPhone and others. Just open the program window and delete all unnecessary.

If clearing the RAM did not help, you need to restart the device or reset it to factory settings. In the latter case, all files and installed software will be deleted, so always make a backup and upload to the Cloud for further recovery.

Now you know where the clipboard is located on your phone, and if necessary, you can always find it. Monitor the work of your gadget and remove “garbage” in time.

Where is he located

It is not difficult to find and open the clipboard, however, it must be borne in mind that access to this functionality is available on Android version 4.4 and higher.

buffer, android, huawei

On a phone running the Android operating system, you need to go to any text document or, in some cases, to any line to enter text in the application and press and hold any free space until the “Clipboard” insert appears.

After clicking, depending on the external design, tabs will appear at the bottom of the screen (similar to bookmarks in the browser), where you can see saved files or file fragments.

And this is where you can find everything that has been copied for later use. The number of files will depend on the amount of memory allocated for buffering.

CLCL 1.1.2 for Windows

For Windows Xp and Windows 7 and some other versions, there is a very good free CLCL 1.1.2 program. It does not require installation, is easy to start and does not take up much space.

After unpacking the archive, you will see only 4 files, run “CLCL”

After launch, it minimizes to tray

By clicking on the icon, it opens and you see that there are those documents or texts that you copied.

For convenience, the screenshot shows a list of the main advantages and capabilities of the CLCL 1.1.2 program.

What is it

The clipboard is a repository of information. It is a tool that allows programs to store various text data in a separate part of memory. After that, it is possible to exchange this data between parts of one application or between different ones. The selected part of the material after copying is sent to the so-called short-term or intermediate memory. The main purpose of such storage is to save time for the owner of the device.

Temporary storage is located in RAM. As such, a separate folder or program does not exist in the OS. It’s just a piece of memory set aside for storing temporary data, which is self-cleaning and refreshed after each next copy. You don‘t need to clean it yourself.

Where to find clipboard in Honor / Huawei phone?

Those wishing to find the clipboard in a Huawei / Honor phone are advised to abandon such actions, since it is impossible to find the temporary storage. This is due to the aforementioned virtual nature of the file storage location.

The place where the copied information, the cut out part of the text or photo is located and stored, does not exist in reality. Therefore, it will not be possible to find a buffer on Huawei, regardless of the user’s desire. To what has been said, it is required to add that:

  • it is impossible to correct or influence the situation;
  • no changes are foreseen in the near future, since they are not needed.

If you cannot do without a buffer, it remains to look for alternative ways out of this situation.

Where is the clipboard located in the Honor / Huawei phone

Where is the clipboard on the Honor / Huawei phone. this question rarely bothers users, but sometimes smartphone owners need to find a temporary file storage and extract the data stored in it.

But, before figuring out how to find the right folder, you need to understand the specifics of its use. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and act deliberately, without trying to guess the location of the copied and saved objects.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that we are talking about phones manufactured by Huawei. Despite the use of the Android system, the equipment of the mentioned Chinese company is slightly different from the devices of other manufacturers using similar software.

How to open the clipboard on your phone?

Opening the clipboard on Android smartphones will not work for the reasons described above. But such restrictions will not prevent you from returning files that the user has copied. For this you will need:

  • open any available folder and click “insert” (return photos, videos, audio and other similar files);
  • open a text editor and press “paste” (to move a part of the text).

In a similar way, all information that was in the storage is restored, so you do not need to search and open it. Everything that was not restored immediately is lost forever and cannot be returned in the usual ways.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

What is a clipboard?

The clipboard is a kind of temporary storage where the files copied by the user go. At the same time, smartphone owners need to know that:

  • the said repository does not exist in reality;
  • the buffer is virtual and is part of the RAM;
  • information is stored until the device is turned off, after which it disappears;
  • repeated copying leads to the deletion and replacement of previous information (files);
  • buffer size. minimum;
  • the impact of storage on performance is negligible.

Summing up, it should be concluded that the buffer is a virtual space on the phone, where temporary files copied or cut by the user are stored. At the same time, their shelf life is limited exclusively by the operating time of the device or by active human actions.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android Honor / Huawei?

Unlike some other Android phones, Honor doesn’t include manual clipboard clearing. To clean the storage, you have to restart or turn off your smartphone.

That is, it is allowed to clean the device only in automatic mode. If the user urgently needs to delete the saved file, copy another one. It will replace the previous one, and the disappeared object will be inaccessible for use. There are no other solutions that allow you to achieve the desired result.

Where to Find Clipboard in Honor and Huawei Phone

Where is the clipboard on the Honor / Huawei phone. people who have asked this question will be surprised at how difficult it is to find the storage location for temporary data. But, if you take a closer look at the capabilities of smartphones, it turns out that some actions with the buffer are still available. The main thing is to take into account that its capabilities are not unlimited, therefore, if you load it with unnecessary saves, the phone’s performance will noticeably decrease. Therefore, in order to maintain the performance of the gadget at a high level, it is necessary to delete unnecessary information in a timely manner.

How to clear the clipboard on Honor and Huawei?

There are 2 ways to clear the RAM from extraneous information:

  • the first is to simply reboot the phone;
  • the second will require performing the actions already described earlier to view temporary data stored on the smartphone.

When the list of text fragments is open, you will need:

  • select an unnecessary entry;
  • click on the label offering to delete the selected element (or cross).

If you need to completely clear the RAM, you should do without allocation by immediately deleting all stored records.

What is a clipboard?

The first step is to figure out what is hidden under the mentioned concept. Without going into details, it turns out that the clipboard is a small area in the phone’s memory where temporary data is stored. At the same time, the volume available for use rarely exceeds several megabytes, so only text and parts of documents, notes, messages can be stored. Storing larger files is pointless because doing so will negatively affect system performance. This also applies to the simultaneous storage of a large number of small text fragments, which can also affect the speed and quality of a smartphone.

Clipboard applications

There are many Android applications for working with temporary files:

  • Clipboard Actions Manager;
  • Clipper. Clipboard Manager;
  • My Clipboard.

None of the listed programs allow you to find the clipboard on your Huawei / Honor phone. Their functions are limited:

  • clearing temporary storage;
  • systematization of information stored in memory;
  • access to saved fragments.

There are no additional features, therefore, when downloading such an application, users should focus on the ease of managing the service and the presence or absence of advertising.

How to find clipboard in Honor and Huawei phone

It is important to re-emphasize that the buffer is a piece of the smartphone’s RAM and therefore cannot be detected. Only programs and applications that use information from a smartphone for their actual work can access this site. Users will not be able to access this site, regardless of their own desire. Applications for interacting with temporary files will also not help in finding the hidden sector, since their purpose is limited to managing the specified saves. That is, it is impossible to cope with the search and gaining access.

How to work with temporary data storage?

  • select the desired part of the text (for a while, click on the text and set the delimiters in a suitable place);
  • click on the “copy” button;
  • as a result, the selected fragment will be saved and become available for use in other text documents (editors, messages, notes).

To use the saved record, you will need:

  • open any text editor, messenger, note-taking application;
  • make a long press on the input line until the dialog box appears;
  • choose one of the options mentioned (paste or copy);
  • as a result, previously saved records will be inserted into the new text.

How to open the clipboard on a smartphone?

It was already mentioned above that it is impossible to enter the buffer on Honor or Huawei, but users can see the list of files stored in it. This will require:

  • open any program that supports text input;
  • for a few seconds, click on the text input field, after waiting for the prompt to insert a saved record;
  • click the second specified option. the clipboard;
  • as a result, the user will see all the previously saved information and will be able to independently choose which fragment he needs.

You will not be able to view temporary files without auxiliary programs.

Where is it and how to find out what is in it

Many users assume that the clipboard is some kind of file that can be found in a specific directory and opened ;. This is not true!

The clipboard is located in the device’s RAM. Designed for temporary storage of various files: pictures, text, video, etc. For example, when you watch an online video, it is first loaded into the buffer, and then played in your media player.

Also, the buffer is used when selecting and copying some text. Note that if you don’t save it anywhere, then after turning off the device (or when adding other information to the buffer), this copied area will disappear!

I will consider an example of how to use it.

And so, let’s say you are reading some note in the browser. At a certain place, find an interesting site that is necessary for further work.

To save it to a text document (for example), you first need to select this area (by clicking on the desired area of ​​the text and holding your finger for 3-4 seconds). and in the appeared context menu select “Copy” (see example below ).

That’s it, this piece of text has been placed on the clipboard!

Further, by opening any notepad (for example, I used Google Docs). and, also pressing and holding your finger for 3-4 seconds. from scratch, will appear in the menu from which you can paste information from the clipboard.

And only after saving this document, this information will not go anywhere. See example below.

Buffer text has been pasted into the document

Thus, to find out which block of text is in the phone’s clipboard: just open any text document and perform the paste operation.

I note that this method is far from the best, and it is much more convenient to use specials to work with the buffer. application. A couple of lines about him below.

Where is the clipboard on Android: how to find out what’s in it and clear it

Good day!

Many novice users believe that if they have selected a text from an SMS (for example) and pressed the “Copy” button, then this information is saved in their phone memory (and now they can do whatever they want with SMS). In fact this is not true.

When you select any piece of text, picture, video, etc. files, and click “Copy”. Android saves this information to the “clipboard” (note: this is a part of the RAM used to temporarily store any data) over, if you add something else to the clipboard, the old information in it will be deleted!

That is, after you have copied something, you need to paste it somewhere (for example, a text from an SMS can be copied and pasted into another SMS) and saved. And after that you can move on to the next element that you want to transfer.

Thus, with the help of the buffer, it is very convenient to operate with phone numbers, accounts, blocks of text, and other information that needs to be transferred from one place to another. Actually, in this article I will dwell on this in more detail.

Working with the clipboard

How to expand the buffer to multiple elements, and how to clear it

Imagine if you need about a dozen web pages about Honor and save all the most important sections (thoughts) from them. You can, of course, collapse / expand several applications each time and transfer via copy / paste. But you must admit it is not convenient to eat?!

It is much better to install specials. an application that allows you to copy not one piece of text to the clipboard, but 10-15!

Simple and handy clipboard application. Allows you to expand it, storing several previously copied sections of text in memory (which is very convenient when working with documents). In addition, you can create notes in the application.

From add. functions: quick cleaning of the clipboard and trash, there is a function of favorites, all notes can be “scattered” by category.

Analogs of this application: Clip Stack, Clipper. Clipboard Manager,
My Clipboard and more.

After installing the “Clipboard Manager” application. you can also copy any parts of the text in the usual way. However, now none of them will be lost. they will all be stored in a special section.

For example, you copied 5-6 sections of text, now you want to create one document from them. How to do it? It’s very simple: open this manager, in the “Clipboard” section you will see all your copied sections (see arrows-3 on the screenshot below ).

The area that you want to insert into the document. copy, and then open notepad (for example) and press “paste” (arrow-4 ). Operation completed!

Adding 5-items (instead of 1) to the clipboard

To clear the clipboard. just select the lines in the application that you no longer need and click on the trash can icon. That’s it, the buffer is clean! Conveniently?!

On some devices, where tools for more detailed control over the clipboard are presented (for example, from Samsung, LG and a number of other manufacturers), you can view and clear the entire clipboard even without special. applications.

To do this, just open a notepad, then press your finger on any empty area of ​​the document and wait 3-4 seconds: then click on the “three dots” menu and select “clipboard”. Then you can delete everything that is in it (example below).

Just copy a small piece of text to the clipboard. for example, one or two digits. As a result, your “old” information from the buffer will be deleted and less than 1 KB of data will be filled. Isn’t it cleaning? (works on those devices where there is no extended work with the clipboard)

By the way, clearing RAM can speed up your phone more significantly than optimizing the clipboard.

Dumpster Cart

This application allows you to store video and audio documents. You download Dumpster, go through authorization and use it. The program is free, but you will have to pay for the Pro version to expand the functionality. The interface is quite simple and intuitive, it works according to the principle of the classic explorer.

Recycle bin

Recycle Bin is another software with a local interface that has a separate segment for storing garbage. To use it you will need:

  • go to the application settings;
  • select a folder to view the removed components;
  • self-cleaning can be used if necessary.

Google photos

A service that stores pictures and photographs. To find this container, you should:

  • launch Google photos;
  • click on the stripes at the top of the application;
  • select a section.

Files are stored for no more than 60 days, after which it is impossible to return them.

Many users know that there is a place on the PC where components are sent after they have been erased from the main storage memory. It allows you to delete and restore files. For gadgets, such help was not provided for a long time. The user understood that by deleting his files or photos, he loses them irrevocably. However, in recent years, all devices have been equipped with this option, which facilitates some aspects of use. Benefits:

  • the content there does not take up much space, since it is sent there in a stripped-down version (weighs less);
  • it is possible to restore within a month (or change the storage time parameter);
  • all files go there;
  • it is possible to synchronize it with other devices, and return information if the smartphone, for example, is stolen.

It is possible to find a basket in a Huawei and Honor phone using the following utilities:

  • ES Explorer;
  • Dumpster;
  • cloud services Yandex Drive and Google Drive;
  • Google Photos;
  • Galleries;
  • Recycle bin.

This multifunctional approach is due to the fact that users often use different segments of content storage. Each interface provides its own “trash can”.

Cloud service

Today, various cloud storages are indispensable for many both in work and in ordinary home use. The cloud is virtual storage that helps keep your phone from cluttering up. This is a fairly secure service, since it has a high level of protection, and the requirement for authorization under an individual account. It is important to link your account to a phone number or mail.

Serves for additional memory, since gadgets do not always have enough of it. Such a virtual service provides for a place where the erased components will be temporarily located. Next, let’s look at the most popular services in 2021.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Google drive

The Android user has a Google account. The cleaned files will be kept until you decide to check them out. The guide consists of two points:

  • download and run the program;
  • go to the section and activate it.

The erased components will move exactly there.

ES Explorer

ES Explorer is quite easy to use, it allows you to manage different documents. It also allows you to temporarily store files cleared from the device’s memory.

What is logger buffer size in phone?

To use this app, follow these steps:

  • download it;
  • go into it;
  • click on the menu;
  • activate the shopping cart;
  • everything you delete will go into it.

The interface makes it possible to restore any type of content within a specified time frame. no later than 30 days.

Cloud service

Since the internal memory of the device is not enough, the owners of gadgets often resort to using cloud storage. They also provide the ability to work with documents after seizure.

How to Find and Empty Trash on Huawei / Honor Phone

It will not be difficult to delete various files, images and more, knowing where the “Trash” is located in the Huawei and Honor phones. If earlier such a function was not available on a gadget with Android software, now in most gadgets it is already provided and allows you to clear memory of unnecessary data.

Dumpster Cart

Dumpster is an application that serves to temporarily store videos, audio documents and more. To use it, just install the application on the device and launch it. The menu will show deleted files, regardless of storage location and type. Despite the fact that the program is free, advanced functions are available only after purchasing the PRO version.

Cart in the Gallery

The latest version of EMUI has an updated “Gallery” with a foreseen “Basket”.

  • Enter the “Gallery”.
  • Select “Recently Deleted” from the list of folders. The data, after cleansing, will be stored for another 30 days and you can carry out the necessary manipulations with it.
  • To recreate, mark the photo and click “Restore”.
  • Within a few seconds, the smartphone will inform you of the completion of the operation. You can find the picture in the same section from where it was deleted.
  • If the document is no longer needed, it can be permanently deleted.

ES Explorer

ES Explorer is a convenient manager that allows you to comfortably manage various types of documents. Its functionality includes temporary storage for recovering deleted data.

  • download the application;
  • go to the program;
  • click in the upper left corner on the menu;
  • activate the corresponding item;
  • after the seizure, photos, videos, etc. will fall into this folder;
  • choose an action with information for further work.

Google drive

Every Android smartphone user has a Google account. Copies of deleted files are kept until the user makes a final decision on liquidation or renewal. The use is simple and intuitive:

  • download and open the application;
  • enter the menu;
  • activate item.

Recycle bin

Another program for managing phone content. The free version includes:

  • recovery;
  • viewing;
  • deletion;
  • familiarization with liquidated information.

To use the utility, you need to download and install it on your smartphone. Next, you need to configure the system.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Mark receptacles for further tracking. You can additionally select a folder if it is not in the proposed.
  • You can view the liquidated files by clicking on the icon.
  • The submitted documents can be deleted or restored if necessary.

Using the self-cleaning function, you can empty the folder.

Also, using the settings, you can configure the temporary storage period 1-30 days.

Root method

The method requires ROOT access to enter the root folder of the Android system. The file is stored there, which is responsible for the RAM. To clear the clipboard:

  • Open file manager and go to Android root directory.
  • Find the data / clipboard folder and empty it.
  • In the smartphone menu, select “Settings. Applications” and open the “All” tab.
  • Select the TestService application and click the Stop and Clear buttons one by one.
  • Reboot the gadget.

Clear app data and stop it running

To obtain root rights, download and install the Kingo Android Root app from the Play Store. Rooting a device with this program requires a connection to a PC and takes 5-7 minutes.

Where to find and how to clear the clipboard on your smartphone

Items stored in the clipboard load the RAM of the smartphone or tablet. The device needs to be cleaned periodically. There are three ways to free buffer space.

What is a clipboard

The clipboard is a part of the RAM of a smartphone or tablet where blocks of copied text information are stored. Thanks to it, the user can cut parts of the text from messages, documents or the browser search bar, and paste them into other documents, emails or notes. However, the physical buffer file does not exist in the Android system.

Where on the android phone is the clipboard

The clipboard helps out, if necessary, promptly send contact information, hard-to-remember details with a large number of numbers and other information.

Standard way

If direct access to the clipboard is available on your device, follow the instructions:

  • Open any application with a text input field.
  • Press and hold the field with your finger and select “Clipboard” from the menu.
  • A panel with all previously copied elements will open at the bottom of the screen.
  • At the top right of the panel, click the button with the trash icon.
  • Check the boxes to mark the items you want to remove and click the corresponding button.

If you don’t find the trash can button, hold down one of the clipboard text blocks. In a second, red crosses will appear on each element. To clear the buffer, click on the crosses next to the elements you want to delete.

How to use the clipboard on Android

Smartphones and tablets have become full-fledged working tools. users exchange files, view documentation on gadget screens, send emails.

In this case, it is often necessary to copy elements of text from one file to another. In phones and other Android devices, the clipboard is responsible for this function. Where is it and how to clean it

Clipper app

On devices that don’t have direct access to the clipboard, use the free Clipper app. After installation, the application icon is displayed in the notification shade for quick access to the copied items. The free version of the program allows you to store up to 20 text fragments, while frequently used blocks can be pinned above the rest. Clipboard components can be grouped in tabs. for example, links to social media profiles, details, etc.

To delete all text blocks from the clipboard, click on the trash can icon at the top right of the screen, then confirm the action. To delete blocks one by one. hold down one of the entries with your finger, then tick the other unnecessary ones and click on the trash can icon.

Where to Find Clipboard in Honor and Huawei Phone

The function is provided in all Honor and Huawei models. Before setting yourself the goal of finding the clipboard in Huawei and Honor phones, you need to understand that this is not a program displayed as a shortcut. This is an option that appears only after specially performed actions by the user. She uses the memory of the mobile for a certain time, without having her own application. For this reason, it is impossible to find the browser and view it.

What is Clipboard in Honor / Huawei phone and where is it located

“Where is the clipboard on Honor and Huawei phones?”. a question that arises every time you need to copy data on a smartphone. When a user duplicates files, they are stored for a certain time in the memory of the mobile device. It is noteworthy that for the first time a function that allows you to copy images, text fragments and videos appeared on a PC. Over time, it could be activated using just one key. “Print Screen“. Further, the function became active on smartphones. a device that is often called a ” computer”. It is standard, so there is no need to additionally download the application or carry out the installation process. How it works and what advantages it has, read below.

What is a clipboard?

When you copy files, they temporarily remain in the smartphone’s memory. The clipboard is the very moment of their temporary saving. It is activated after selecting a fragment and clicking on “Save”. The system will notify the user that his request has been completed. a special window will be displayed. The features of his work are as follows:

  • saves data while the operating system is running; after rebooting and turning off the gadget, it is cleaned;
  • allows you to copy data using just one program;
  • copying within the operating system;
  • the existence of limits for certain formats.
  • from the moment the information is cleared, the data cannot be recovered.

You should also understand that if the utility does not support internal copying of images, then there is no way to add information to the clipboard.

How to open the clipboard on your phone

To use the option, you must follow a certain sequence of actions.

  • Hold your finger on the text for a few seconds until the delimiters are displayed.
  • Set the area to be copied by operating the special guides.
  • Select “Copy” in the automatically appeared window.
  • Open the window where you want to move the information, click “Paste”.

Similarly, you can work with files in Explorer. In this way, you can copy site links, excerpts of text. Select all material of the open file at once or only part of it. Significantly speed up the process of writing messages by copying template information or sending the same text to several subscribers.

If for some reason you are unable to take advantage of the feature, try the steps again. If it fails again, restart your device or reset to factory settings. But only create a backup beforehand to keep installed applications, contacts, etc.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android Honor / Huawei

Some models running on Android involve delicate buffer handling. But this feature is missing on Honor. A reboot is required to clean up the system. The settings provide for an automatic reboot, so it is irrational to carry out such an operation on your own. The copied files take up a small portion of the smartphone’s space. But those who prefer to keep everything under control can follow these steps:

  • open a text editor, hold your finger on the text space for a few seconds;
  • click on the shortcut in the form of three dots placed vertically;
  • select the heading “Clipboard”;
  • click on “Delete all”.

It becomes clear that the clipboard is a part of the RAM of a smartphone or tablet running on the Android base. It cannot be viewed through a dedicated application or manually cleared. The option is displayed only at work: when copying and pasting.