Special application

With the help of the Play Market, a highly specialized program can be installed on the Huawei Honor 5A smartphone, which is responsible for blocking unwanted subscribers. So, if you are using the Blacklist application, to get acquainted with the blacklist you need to:

  • Run the program.
  • Go to the “Blacklist” section.
  • See the list of blocked numbers.

By analogy with a standard dialer through Blacklist and other similar applications, you can interact with subscribers in every possible way, blocking calls or SMS messages separately. It also provides the ability to add and exclude numbers from emergency situations.

Where is the blacklist in the Huawei Honor 5A phone

The blacklist is one of the most important functions of a smartphone. It allows you to block numbers from which spammers and simply unwanted people call. True, at a certain moment there may be a need to remove one or more contacts from the list of blocked contacts. And in this case, it is important to know where the blacklist is in the Huawei Honor 5A phone.

How the blacklist works

To understand where the blacklist is, you first need to understand how the feature works. After all, you can block a number by a variety of means. Here are just the basic blocking options:

  • via the standard “Phone” application;
  • using a special program;
  • by activating a service from a telecom operator;
  • in the messenger.

Thus, each specified blocking method has its own blacklist. That is, you can add a person to an emergency through a regular dialer, but he will still be able to call through a conditional WhatsApp.

Standard dialer

The Huawei Honor 5A, like any other Android smartphone on board, has a built-in Phone app. The program has its own blacklist that automatically blocks calls from unwanted numbers. To get acquainted with blocked subscribers, you need:

  • Open a standard application for making calls.
  • Go to settings by clicking on the icon with three dots.
  • Select “Blocked numbers”.
  • Read the list and, if necessary, unblock the required subscriber.

Also, through this setting item, people are added from the contact list to the emergency situation. If the number has been stored in the phone book, the person’s name will be displayed next to it.

Operator’s personal account

The function of blocking unwanted numbers is distributed by almost all mobile operators as a paid service. In fact, it duplicates the capabilities of a standard dialer, however, it will not work to get a list of blocked contacts through the “Phone”. As a rule, emergency situations are displayed in the proprietary application of the operator and in the client’s personal account. Interaction with the numbers is also carried out here.

Blacklist viewing methods

Now in more detail about how to view the blacklist in the Huawei Honor 5A phone, depending on the method of blocking the subscriber. To do this, consider the main options for adding numbers to the blacklist.

Blacklist in the messenger

As already noted at the beginning of the material, a person blocked through a standard dialer can contact the owner of the Huawei Honor 5A using the messenger. This forces to block the number not only through the “Phone“, but also through WhatsApp or Telegram, depending on which application is used for correspondence.

Let’s consider a way to view emergency situations in the messenger using WhatsApp as an example:

  • Run the program.
  • Click the three dots button.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Account” section, and then. “Privacy”.
  • At the bottom of the page, open the “Blocked” tab.
  • Check out the emergency numbers.

Similarly, the list of blocked contacts is checked through Telegram, Viber and other instant messengers. At the same time, the names of some menu items will be different.

Where is the blacklist

To view the blacklist on Honor and Huawei phones, you should open:

  • Phone app (handset icon)
  • Top right corner, click the icon.
  • Locked Tab
  • Select “Blocking rules”
  • Click “Blacklist”

The smartphone will display in front of the user a list of subscribers whose calls and SMS are currently suspended.

Manual lock

First, perform all the actions as when viewing the black list. Go to the “Blocking rules” and open the emergency. The following actions:

  • There is an “Add” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Click add manually
  • Enter number
  • We confirm “Ok”

How to add a number to an emergency

Honor and Huawei smartphones can block unwanted callers in several ways.

  • Via contact list
  • Via SMS
  • Manual locking

How to remove a number from an emergency

If the user, by mistake, or for some other reason, sent the contact to the ban, you can

restore subscriber access to calls and SMS messages. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

  • Open “Blocking rules”
  • Open “Blacklist”
  • Long press on the entry until a check mark appears on the right.
  • Click “Remove from list”

The method is suitable for restoring the rights of a single number and for a number of subscribers.

Where to see the blacklist on Honor and Huawei phones

Blacklist or in other words “Blacklist” is a function that helps to block calls and messages. Honor and Huawei phones have this capability. The article describes how to add a subscriber to the blacklist, how to remove it from there, and where to view the list of unwanted calls. The method is suitable both for internal telephone settings and for working with the special “Phone Manager” application. The program interface does not matter, the main principle of the Black List remains the same.

Via Messages

Sometimes a harmful contact does not leave calls, but sends spam through messages. It can be blocked via SMS:

  • Go to the “Messages” application
  • Choose the number of interest
  • The menu that opens, upper right corner, an icon in the form of three dots.
  • Section “Information”
  • Click on “Block and report spam”
  • We confirm “Ok”

Then you can send the report to Google or not. Now not only messages, but also calls from this number will not annoy the user.

Where to see the blacklist on an Honor phone

Mobile devices from the popular Honor brand are capable of creating a database of unwanted contacts. After choosing a number in the phone book, he will no longer be able to call or write an SMS message. But there is a small problem. it is not so easy to find out exactly where your blacklist is on the Honor mobile phone. And how you can see it. you can read about it below.

Where can I see the database of blocked numbers in the blacklist in Honor

The standard “Blacklist” application in Honor smartphones has settings and some functions. But most owners who have just recently purchased a mobile phone cannot figure out how to find it.

    Go back to the contact book of your Honor. click on the green tube;

By the way, you can also add numbers from this list. To do this, go to the application settings on your Honor, click on the gear at the top of the window.

In the next window, click on the item “Blacklist of numbers” and select the plus sign.

In the next window, you can again select a contact that will no longer be able to call and write. By clicking on the plus button, we will also be able to add contacts from different locations on the smartphone.

For example, from the book of contacts, calls, from messages, or add a number arbitrarily manually to preview it.

Number blocking by “Phone Companion” in Honor

Honor mobile phones have a special menu section called “Phone Manager”. It is a smart task manager and the main tool for managing the entire system. Here we can view the system for the presence of harmful processes that take away the maximum battery charge. And also for residual files.

From this module, we can also get into the system blacklist:

  • Launch Phone Companion in Honor Smartphone;
  • Click on the “Blocked” button;

Select the appropriate method, contact or message whose number you want to add to the black list.

How the blacklist is created in the Honor smartphone

In general, the article will focus primarily on new versions of Honor mobile devices with Android 6 and higher. Since smartphones released by the company earlier differ slightly in capabilities and composition of functions.

On most versions of Honor, the black list can be created like this:

  • We need to open numbers in the phone or call book. To do this, click on the green tube;
  • We are looking for the number that needs to be blocked in the call list and select it. Or an icon with the Latin letter “i”;

Blocked phone numbers and contacts from the book will not be able to call you, write via SMS, send MMS messages. When you call your number on the handset, the subscriber will hear the same message as if your phone was out of network coverage. The subscriber will not notice any more additional signs that his number got into the blocked database.

This tool is convenient to use against intrusive calls. And also in other cases when the caller should not contact us.

At some point, it may be necessary to unblock the number that we blacklisted on Honor. It is not possible to do this without knowing where it can be viewed.

Removing a contact from the black list

At any time, we can change our mind and reverse the decision to block a contact on the Honor phone.

And now that we know where to look for it, it becomes much easier to do this:

  • Go back to the contact book and click on three dots;
  • We select the item “Blocked”;
  • In the list, we find the “Delete” button opposite the added contact and press it.

This is enough to remove the number from the list. You can also select the “Delete the entire list” button in the settings, so as not to erase each number separately. If the need arises. The stock app on Honor has only basic call and SMS blocking functions. There are many more features in third-party programs.

Additional features of the standard “Blacklist” in Honor

In the last context menu, we are interested in a special item. “Add prefixes”. This feature allows us to immediately block a group of numbers on Honor that start with a certain prefix. Often in companies, phone numbers have a repeating stem, which differ only in the ending or postfix (the last few digits). Thus, you will be able to block entire organizations. There is also a function with which you can block incoming SMS with the words you specified. It’s called “Keyword List”.

This word list is useful when blocking bulk spam to your phone. On an Honor phone, you can view and change it in the blacklist. All subscribers know how the owners of pizzerias, gas stations and eateries love advertising SMS mailings that we do not want to watch. A lot of these kinds of ads come to our mobile devices. But if you set up your black list correctly, you can immediately get rid of it once and for all. Select a function in the application settings and add keywords separated by commas. Save and close the window.

Numbuster. convenient application for working with contacts

Mobile apps solve problems that the built-in apps in your smartphone couldn’t solve. In this case, this definition is not correct, because the built-in blacklist in Honor copes with its direct task. The Numbuster application is a tool with a wide range of possibilities for blocking and identifying numbers. With its help, you can easily add contacts to emergency situations, as well as determine the reliability of incoming numbers not from the phone book.

When Numbuster is installed, its icon appears in the main menu. By clicking it, we immediately find ourselves in the program menu, from where almost all functions are available. Including a button to add a contact to an emergency. Its “feature” is a database of phone numbers, which you can use to make sure that not scammers are calling you.

Before adding a contact to the blacklist in Numbuster, you can first check it. Enter the number in the line, and if there is nothing about it, click on the “Block” button.

In the application menu, there is an opportunity to “hang a shortcut” on a contact (stupid, boring, greedy, etc.). In the list, indicate his type of character, temperament or characteristics by which the person stands out. So you can see at a glance who exactly is calling.

Your acquaintances will not know about it anyway, the application does not share this data with others over the network. No one can spy on your blacklist on your Honor mobile phone unless you want to. But be careful, if you find out about the labels you have attached to them, your friends may be offended by you.

Add contacts from the phone book to the blacklist of the Honor phone

If you are tired of some acquaintance who is in your phone book and you dream of blacklisting him for a while so that he does not pester you, proceed as follows:

We turn on the Honor phone, find the application with the phone handset and press. In my installed theme, the phone app looks like the one shown in the picture. Yours may be different.

Next, from the bottom, click but little men. go to the contacts window

I will now add to the blacklist a previously created contact named “New Contact” I click on it

In the next window on the bottom right, I press three dots with the word more

In the pop-up window, select the item Add to the Black List

Next, we see that a contact named “New Contact” has been added to the black list.

How to add a contact to the blacklist on Honor phone

Nowadays, we often call incomprehensible numbers to our phone. And sometimes deleting a contact does not help. We have to add annoying crooks and scammers to the black list. On Honor 8x, 9x, 10, 20 phones, there are two ways to add contacts to the blacklist.

The first way. you can add contacts from your phone book to the blacklist

The second way is to add unwanted calls from an unknown number to the blacklist

Blacklisting unwanted numbers

Above, we learned how to blacklist an Honor phone that already exists in our Honor phone book. people’s contacts. Now let’s see the instructions on how to add annoying calls to the blacklist that are calling us for the first time or several times already.

We go into the phone application. and we find that some unknown number called me. I immediately send such numbers to the blacklist.

To send an unknown number to the blacklist of the phone, I click on three dots from above and select the item Add to the Blacklist

How to get a blacklisted contact back

If you decide to unblock a contact that you have in the black list. find your contact in the phone book that you want to return from the black list. press the button with three more dots in the bottom right-hand side. and in the pop-up menu select the item delete from the black list

Where is the blacklist on Honor phone

To see which contacts and unknown numbers are in the blacklist of your Honor phones, for this we go to the phone application. press three dots. select the item blocked

Select the item blacklist

And we end up on the blacklist itself. This is where all your blocked contacts and unwanted phone numbers are stored. If you decide to unblock a contact or phone, click on it and you will be able to unblock.

Now you have learned how to blacklist annoying contacts from your phone address book, as well as unfamiliar calls

The Messages application on Huawei and Honor smartphones also implements blocking of calls and incoming SMS. To add a user to the blacklist, hold your finger on his message, and then click on the upper right button (prohibition sign). In the pop-up window, click “OK”, and if you want to inform Google about the advertising campaign, leave a tick in the “Spam” checkbox. After these actions, the user’s SMS will immediately disappear from the message feed. You can also block and unblock numbers using the Messages application. To go to the management of the black list built into the program interface, click on the three dots in the upper right and open “Blocked contacts”.

I cannot remove a contact from the blacklist. I have Honor 9c. In the dispatcher, he writes that the contact is in the white list, and in the contacts he is in the black list. How can I solve this problem? help me please

Elizabeth, try deleting the contact and re-creating it.

Where is the blacklist on Huawei (Honor) phone

It has already been mentioned above that the blacklist in Honor and Huawei phones is separate from contacts and settings. To find a list of blocked people and numbers, you will need:

  • Log in to your smartphone and open the desktop.
  • Select an application named “phone manager”.
  • Open the program and find the item “blocked”.

It is in the last section that the necessary list and functionality for managing locks is found. But it should be emphasized that some of the list-related actions are present in other applications as well. Users should take into account that it is possible to add interlocutors to the list of unwanted ones through contacts, but the selected number as a result will still end up in the above application. A similar solution by Android developers makes it easier to manage locks.

How to Find Blacklist on Honor and Huawei Phone: How to Add and Remove Number

How to find the blacklist on Honor and Huawei phones if it was not in contacts? Such a question will not cause difficulties if you carefully study the capabilities and functionality of the gadget. The developers have created a separate application for blocking unwanted calls, which is closely related to the contact list, but located separately.

The functions included in the program are extremely simple and do not contain anything superfluous. They concern only the blacklist, without affecting other features of the phone. At the same time, the developers do not provide any restrictions regarding the management of blocked numbers. It all depends solely on the actions and desires of the user, who can freely add numbers to the list and remove them from the list.

How to add a number to the black list of contacts?

To add a subscriber to the unwanted list, you need:

  • open the mentioned Android application and look in the “blocked” section;
  • click on the “add” button located at the bottom of the screen;
  • choose a number from the proposed ones or enter a combination yourself;
  • after which the added person will not be able to write SMS and make calls.

You can also add a number through contacts. This will require:

  • Highlight the right person.
  • Open a menu of available actions.
  • Add a subscriber to the black list.

It should be emphasized that the first option is more convenient, since it allows the user to add SIM cards from the call log, messages, phone book. That is, you usually do not need to enter the combination manually, since the application functionality allows you to avoid such difficulties and makes the management of locks as simple as possible.

What is a blacklist and how does it work?

Before figuring out how to add new numbers to the blacklist, you need to figure out what it is. Under the mentioned concept, there is a list of phones that are blocked by the user. SIM cards trapped in it (people):

  • will not be able to make calls to the user’s Huawei;
  • stop sending messages;
  • lose the ability to communicate with the person in other ways.

It is important to emphasize that calls to other smartphones, if any, are not blocked. Also, blocked people will retain the ability to write messages on social networks. True, social networks also have their own blacklist, so it will be possible to block an unpleasant person there as well. But it is important to take into account that the person who is on the list will not be able to inform the owner of the smartphone important news if such news appears.

Honor 7X || How to Block Stranger Call Honor Phone

How to remove a number from the blacklist

To view the blacklist on Huawei and Honor and remove some of the numbers from it, you need:

  • enter the application;
  • open the list of blocked people;
  • select the person you want to remove from the blocked ones;
  • choose among the proposed actions the option that allows you to disable blocking.

After that, it remains to check the result by re-entering the application and making sure that there is no remote number. Additionally, you can ask the owner of the SIM card to make a call or send an SMS. Receiving an incoming call (message) will help to ensure that the desired result has been achieved and the ability to communicate has been restored.

How to view blocked numbers on Android, where to find

Nobody likes calls from unknown numbers. Most of them come at the wrong time and do not bring any important information. As a rule, these are advertisements, offers of banks for loans, installments, etc. It is not difficult to get rid of such incoming contacts; it is enough to add the subscriber to a special list of blocked contacts, called the black list. How do I view the blacklist on an Android phone? About this this material.

How to enable blacklist in standard Android app

In the first versions of smartphones based on the Android operating system, this option was not provided. It appeared starting with Android 4.2, and over time, the capabilities of this function only grew and expanded.

How to Block Calls on Honor 8x. Block Number Tutorial

Note! The user can blacklist any number without any problems. The easiest method is to use the built-in system application “Phone”, call log or contact book.

The simplest method is using the contact book.

This method is suitable for users of smartphones based on the operating system Android 5.0 and higher. In addition, it is applicable on Xiaomi, Meizu phones, and for Samsung there is another instruction described below.

To add a subscriber to blocked numbers, you must:

  • The first step is to enter the “Contacts” system application located in the main menu of the screen.
  • The next step is to select the subscribers you want to block. Open contact.
  • Then select the “Edit” item. On some versions, it may also be titled “Change”. Usually this item is indicated by symbols in the form of a pencil and is located in the upper right corner.
  • In the upper right corner, select the vertical ellipsis icon and click on it.
  • Check the box next to “Voice mail only”.
  • Save changes by clicking on the checkmark icon.

For phones based on the latest versions of the Android operating system, the procedure changes slightly. In this case, you must also select the required subscriber from the call log. To do this, you need to click on the button in the form of three dots and go to the item “Block”.

Important! Using a similar method, you can also add subscribers whose numbers are not recorded in the contact book.

The unneeded user is now blacklisted. If he calls or writes messages, the phone will receive a notification about this.

How to Blacklist on Samsung Phone

As already mentioned, the previous method is suitable for smartphones of the Nexus and Android One series. For all other devices, another will do. It is generally very similar to the previous one, but there are several differences:

  • Open the system application “Phone” located in the main menu of the screen.
  • Open the “Journal” tab.
  • Select the number you want to block, open it.
  • Click on the line “Options” located in the upper right corner. It can also be displayed as three vertical dots.
  • Select “Block / Unblock” or “Block / Unblock”.
  • A window will open where you can choose what specifically needs to be blocked: incoming calls, messages, or everything.
  • Complete the action by clicking “Yes”.

Note! This is the only method that works for Samsung devices. It will not be possible to get rid of numbers from the book of magazines.

Honor Blacklist Setting Add and Remove Number

What is the blacklist of numbers on Android

The situation when a smartphone receives incoming calls from unknown subscribers with various offers from advertising agencies, banks and other organizations is familiar to many. Nobody likes this, it causes irritation, anger, distracts from everyday tasks. There is a solution, and most importantly, it is quite simple. to move unnecessary contacts to the black list.

What the blacklist looks like on a smartphone

What is it? This is a special feature found on many Android smartphones. It allows you to block unknown numbers and messages coming from them. Working with this option is extremely simple, it is done in two clicks, but the user gets STIHL, gets rid of intrusive incoming.

Open blacklist with subscriber numbers

The function works differently on each device, it all depends on the model and version of the operating system. On some phones, incoming and outgoing messages from this number are completely blocked, and the user does not even know that the person on the other end of the line tried to call.

On other devices, notifications are sent to the phone, informing about the attempts of the subscriber to contact or send a message. But no signals and ringtones, only text that the user can view at any convenient time. So that a person will not be distracted by such notifications.

For your information! In appearance, the list of blocked contacts resembles a regular list of numbers and subscribers, like a subscriber list. The user can independently add or remove any person from there. The main thing is to know where to find blocked numbers in Android.

How to see the list of blocked numbers on Android

Blacklist subscribers are located in the memory of the mobile device. How to view blocked numbers on Android? It all depends on the brand of the phone:

  • Samsung. In this case, the algorithm is as follows: find “Settings” on the desktop, go to the “Phone” section, select “Menu”, and then “Block numbers”. The list of blocked subscribers will become available. Here you can delete unnecessary ones by clicking on the minus sign opposite the desired number;
  • Xiaomi. On phones of this brand, the sequence of actions changes somewhat. You need to launch the “Phone” application, select the “Menu” column, go to the “Black List” item. On some smartphones, it may also be referred to as “Antispam”. The user will see a list of contacts that have been blocked. Here you can delete unnecessary ones. click on the subscriber to be unblocked and select “Unblock”;
  • Meizu. The principle of operation is in many ways similar to the algorithms already described: launch the “Phone” application located on the main lock screen. Now find the button with the image of three dots at the bottom. Clicking on this icon will launch the main menu, where you will need to click on the sections in sequence “Settings”. “Blocking spam”. “Blacklist of users”.

Where is the list of blacklisted subscribers

Where in Android are other phones blacklisted: Lenovo, Fly, Alacatel, etc.? The algorithm of actions is the same, the names of the items may only slightly change.

The paragraph on how to view the blacklist on an Android phone has been sorted out. There is one more. how to add subscribers to it.

How to enable blacklisting with a third-party Android app

The blacklist can be launched in another way. through third-party resources and applications. This method is suitable in cases where a huge number of calls are received on the phone. Such applications can block several numbers at once.

  • “Blacklist” for blocking calls and messages. Has an accessible, intuitive interface, provides the ability to independently add and remove numbers. At the same time, it takes up very little space in the device’s RAM and does not interfere with its normal operation;
  • Blacklist PRO is an improved version of the previous application. Allows you to block not only messages and calls, but also numbers starting with certain combinations of numbers, for example, all incoming from advertising organizations, banks, etc. In this case, there is no password entry, as well as notifications that the subscriber tried to call or left a voice message;
  • Call Blocker has the most intuitive and simple interface, very few functions and settings. But they are enough to block subscribers, calls and messages. In addition, the application allows you to block incoming from unknown numbers;
  • Don’t Call Me is a simple application in Russian that allows you to block incoming calls and messages from unknown numbers. To enable the function, you need to go to the “Call log” and select the number to be excluded. The main advantage of this resource is the presence of an extensive database of numbers of advertising agencies, banks and collection agencies. They are automatically detected and blocked.

Note! All of the apps listed are completely free, but some of them have paid features and add-ons. Whether to connect them or not is up to the subscriber.

Thus, the blacklist allows you to make using your smartphone as convenient and simple as possible. It will forever save you from annoying calls at any time of the day, messages from subscribers. All that remains for the user is to find the most convenient way to use it.

What is the “Blacklist” and what is it used for

Blacklist is an additional feature that all modern telephones are equipped with. With the help of the “Black List”, owners of smartphones based on the Android operating system can protect themselves from calls from hooligans and unpleasant people with whom they try not to communicate, block calls from various advertising agencies, their mailings.

You can block a contact through your mobile operator. Unlike blocking via the phone, the function is paid, but it provides more options. For example, in addition to incoming calls, you will not receive notifications about calls to the specified subscriber, his messages.

Adding a contact to the blacklist using the built-in function does not provide such an opportunity, but it is completely free. In this case, calls from the selected subscriber will be blocked, but the system will automatically send you a notification about this call, as well as all messages that the subscriber will send.

Additional programs for blocking

With the software, everything is a little simpler, and all owners of Android smartphones can use it, and it does not matter what version of the phone you have. In the Play Market, find an application called Blacklist. The key feature of the application is that it allows you to block not only calls from subscribers, but also SMS messages.

To do this, you will need to make the following settings:

Add a contact to the blacklist of the application

The application allows you to block even non-numeric numbers, which will be relevant in cases when you are bored with advertising companies. You can always view the history of blocked calls and messages in the “History” tab and even read the contents of the SMS. You can unblock the subscriber by highlighting the number and clicking on the bucket image located in the upper right corner.

  • Launching the application.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on the field “Filter SMS and calls”.

Whichever method you use, each blocked subscriber will hear that the number is busy. Messages sent to them will not be displayed on the screen, but you can still view them.

The advanced functionality of setting the blacklist is available only for additional software. With their help, you can not only block the calls themselves, but also incoming messages, view their contents, the date of receipt and, in the case of an antivirus, even set the date for disabling these functions.

All these applications are distributed free of charge (there are paid versions with great capabilities), so any user can download them and, if the phone parameters and system requirements of the program match, install them on their smartphone.

Setting up a blacklist on Android smartphones: how to get rid of unwanted contacts

If someone calls your phone very often, then you can stop answering the call, turn off the sound, but the call will still interfere. You can solve the problem using the function built into smartphones. “Blacklist”.

Thus, the contact will be blocked, and the person will not be able to reach you.

Adding to the “Blacklist” on Android below 4.0

On Android version below 4.0, the subscriber’s number that you want to block must be in the contact list on your phone. In older versions of the operating system, you first have to activate the “Blacklist” function and only then add a contact:

Turn on the black list using the button of the same name

We indicate the subscriber whom we do not want to hear anymore and add to the black list

In order to return everything to its place, again go to the “Blacklist” menu through “Settings” and uncheck the box that was put earlier.

Configuring the “Black List

There are different ways to bring a contact back to the whitelist. Most often, it is enough to do the same procedure as when adding, only you need to uncheck the box next to the “Enable black list” item (the wording will differ on different phone models). Unfortunately, standard smartphone tools do not allow you to change other parameters, for example, indicate a specific date when you cannot be reached, but this can be done using additional programs.

Viewing the database of blocked numbers

This list includes all numbers that were once blacklisted. From here you can also add subscribers to the Black list. It is enough to go to the application settings and click on the gear (located at the top of the window).

There is an item “Black list of numbers”. Adding will happen if you click on the plus sign. After that, the selected contact will not be able to call and write.

Creation of the Black List Honor

First you need to open the address book or calls in the phone by pressing the green handset. Then you should find the number that will be blocked and select it. You can click on the icon with the Latin letter “i”.

Further, the sequence of actions looks like this:

  • Click on the item “Black list”, which is located in the context menu.
  • Open contacts in Honor.
  • Choose a suitable name and click on the “” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the “Add to blacklist” button, after which the contact will be blocked.

When calling, the subscriber will hear that the person is out of range.

Additional section options

In the standard Black list menu, there is a special item that allows you to add prefixes. The option is needed in order to immediately block a group of numbers starting with a specific prefix.

In some companies, the numbers are based on numbers that are repeated. Only the endings or postfix differ (these are the last digits in the number). There is a separate function that blocks messages in which certain words are indicated. They are added to the blocking through the “List of keywords” option.

The function is necessary in order to close the gadget from sending spam from cafes, eateries, social networks and intrusive advertising campaigns.

Honor blacklist: where to look?

Honor phones are equipped with the function to create a database from unwanted contacts. If you select a number in the phone book, the subscriber will not be able to call or send an SMS message. It is difficult to find the blacklist on smartphones, because the developers hid it very well.

Removing a contact from the blacklist

If at some point there is a desire to unblock a specific person, then you need to go back to the contact book. In the menu that opens, three dots will appear, which will lead to the item “Blocked”. In the existing list, you need to find the desired contact and click on the “Delete” button.

You can select and “Delete the entire list”, so as not to erase each number separately.

Do you think that gadget users often send contacts to blacklists??

Where is the blacklist

All Honor models from Huawei. 9 lite, 6, 7c, 10, 7a, 8, pro, 7 Lite, 8x, 5c, etc. there is a special application that is responsible for the operation of mobile communications. It is called “Phone Manager” and you can find it in the general list of programs.

To open the blacklist of numbers through it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu to the item “Blocked”.
  • Click on the gear in the upper right corner of the screen, which will launch the settings.
  • Go to the section “Black list of numbers”.

The section will display those subscribers whom you blocked, and their number.

How to unblock a subscriber

The contact is not added to the black list forever, at any time you can delete it from there. This is again done either through the “Phone Manager”, or through the “Contacts”, or through the “Phone”. The course of action is the same as adding to the blacklist.

Blacklist on Honor phone, where to find and how to use

Blacklist (Blacklist) is a feature that blocks calls and messages from users of your choice. Thanks to it, you can restrict unwanted communication by simply putting a mark on the contact of the subscriber. How to do this in different ways on Honor smartphones. we will tell you below.

How to add a user to an emergency

  • Through the emergency menu;
  • Through the menu of the contact itself.

In the first case, you need to click on the “Add” button, which is located in the lower right part of the emergency screen. After that, you will be presented with a menu with options for adding:

  • Manual number entry;
  • From recent calls;
  • From contacts;
  • From messages.

Then you need to find the desired contact and confirm blocking by pressing.

The next way is to use the menu of the contact you want to add to the blacklist. This is done as follows:

  • Open the “Contacts” or “Phone” application.
  • Finding the right person.
  • Long press on its name to bring up the menu.
  • Click on “Add to blacklist”.

It is very easy to block any user on Huawei Honor smartphones. you just need to use the contact settings. The lock function is available both in the Phone Manager application and through the general list. After you add a subscriber to the blacklist, he will not be able to call and send you messages. This function can be canceled by simply deleting the user from the emergency.

Method. single addition

Open the Contacts application and select the number from which you would not like to receive calls.

On the contact page, click and in the menu that opens, select Add to the black list.

Ready. On the contact page under the name, you will see a notification that the number is in the black list.

How to add a number to the blacklist of contacts?

This useful function will get rid of intrusive acquaintances. If you suffer from constant unnecessary calls to a certain person, then add her block. There are several options to block access from annoying subscribers. Use the emergency directly or open the contact menu. Find a folder called “Dispatcher”. Double click on the “Add” button and define the way to add the number. The system offers to enter numbers manually or from the “Contacts” section. It is possible to take from the last “Dialed” or “Accepted”. After entering the number, click on “Block”. The second option is to click on the subscriber’s name on the phone and hold down the key for a couple of seconds. Then select the Emergency option. You can replenish the folder daily in unlimited quantities.

Where is the blacklist on Huawei and Honor phone?

Need a blacklist on your Honor (Huawei) phone? It opens through the gadget menu. Unlock Android and press the side button of the device. Study the quick menu carefully and click on the desired folder. To view, you need to follow these steps:

  • In the Android memory, find a system program called “Phone Manager”;
  • In the window that opens, find the line with the name “Blocked”;
  • Re-enter the “Settings”;
  • Click on the section “black list”.

Here you can see the list of prohibited contacts. Sending a message will be blocked automatically. The sender will not know that the SMS was not delivered. Please note that a blocked user can make a voice call on any social network. When the mobile or home Internet is on, you will receive a connection notification.

Blacklist on Honor phone how to find

Are you getting calls from numbers from which you do not want to receive calls and you want to set to barring incoming calls from these numbers? In this article you will find information on how to add a contact to the blacklist on Honor 9 and similar Android smartphones and tablets that support SIM cards. Also, smartphone owners can accidentally blacklist a contact on their phone, after which they will not be able to get through from this number and are looking for information on how to remove a number from the blacklist on Android. I hope the info will be useful in both cases.

To add an unwanted number to the blacklist on Android Huawei Honor, open “Contacts”, select the contact you want to blacklist. Further, at the bottom of the screen, we see a menu in the form of three dots. Click on the menu and see how a window opens, where you need to select the “Add to the black list” item. Look at the picture below. (On some Androids, you can add a contact to the blacklist only if the number is saved in the phone’s memory).

Now the selected contact is blacklisted and you will no longer be able to get through from this number. If you need to remove a contact from the blacklist on your phone, then also select the contact and open the menu and instead of “Add to the blacklist” click on “Remove from the blacklist”. If you cannot be reached from certain numbers, then check if the number is blacklisted on Android.

How to find blacklist on Honor and Honor phone? This function is basic and available in any smartphones. Regardless of the model and year of manufacture, it works the same everywhere. The main action of the option is to block unwanted calls from any numbers. Surely everyone has come across a situation where you do not want to pick up the phone and communicate with a person. To avoid this situation, you can temporarily turn off the call to a specific subscriber. The number of any mobile company and country is quickly blocked. How it looks in practice and what needs to be done we will figure it out below in the article.

How to remove a number from the blacklist?

You can delete any subscriber in an absolutely opposite way. Hold the number for 5 seconds. Then follow the further recommendations. Also try to open the full list of blocked people. Delete unnecessary items with one click. Now this number can make calls and write messages. Check the list constantly. Perhaps the right person will be there by mistake!

To block calls from unwanted numbers, smartphones have a blacklist. How to add a contact to blacklist on Huawei and Honor? This is done simply:

Method. adding multiple numbers

To do this, you need to open the Phone application. Here we find the icon in the form of three dots in the lower right corner, click on it and select the item Locked.

In the menu that opens, click on the gear icon at the top right. The menu “Blocking rules” will open, where there is the Black list of numbers we are interested in.

Then click “Add”. You can enter the number manually, from contacts, call log or messages. Since we want to add several numbers from our directory to the blacklist at once, we select Add from the Contacts menu.

We mark the desired and confirm the choice by clicking on the checkmark in the upper right corner:

Now calls from unwanted numbers will not bother you.

What is a blacklist and how does it work?

Not sure what is the blacklist on Huawei and Honor phones? You can find it in the “Settings” item. The so-called blacklist includes calls and SMS that a person does not want to see. In turn, the hidden subscriber does not suspect about his placement in an emergency. When he makes a call, instead of connecting, he hears only short beeps. With such a signal, it is not always possible to understand that the user has entered the block. Often this sound indicates that the line is busy. But the SMS about the end of the conversation does not come. You can view the entire list of hidden contacts in the “Settings” Huawei.

How to remove a contact from the blacklist

This is done according to the same principle as adding. Open Contacts, click on the icon in the form of three dots at the bottom right and select Blocked.

Click on the gear icon and select the Black list of numbers.

Now you need to pinch and hold your finger on the desired contact. Thus, you can select one or more numbers, then click Delete.

The system will ask you to confirm the action, click delete again and you’re done.

Another way is through the Contacts application. Open the desired number, click Remove from the blacklist.

Now you know how to protect yourself from unwanted calls.