WhatsApp on Android does not work. What to do

With all the shortcomings of WhatsApp. this is still the most popular messenger. Hundreds of millions of people use it every day, or even not one time. With his help, we communicate with friends, loved ones and even colleagues, solving urgent working issues. Therefore, any failure that occurs in his work makes us be nervous. What if WhatsApp stopped working only for you, and your interlocutor still remains online and waits for your answer? Perhaps that. The main thing is to find out in time what happened to him.

WhatsApp does not work? There are at least 5 reasons why this can happen

The Internet does not work on the phone

If WhatsApp does not start, check your Internet connection. No matter what connection your smartphone uses. If it is Wi-Fi, switch to cell data, and, if cellular data, then switch to LTE. This can be done in the system settings of your device.

Wi-Fi does not work? Try connecting to LTE or vice versa

It happens that the failure takes place on the side of your mobile operator or Internet provider. But the chance that this will happen right away with both of them, striving for zero. Therefore, switching between the types of compounds will make it possible to understand with a high degree of probability of understanding what exactly is the problem.

If there is no Wi-Fi, try to switch LTE to 3G or H in the settings, depending on what type of connection your smartphone offers. Sometimes this allows you to establish the work of cellular data if the 4G coating wishes the best. To verify the Internet, start any site or online application.

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Why does not work WhatsApp

There are several possible reasons why WhatsApp at one time or another does not work on your smartphone. Fortunately, all of them can be fixed relatively quickly. If the application fails, you cannot send messages or you have other problems, just follow the tips below to be in touch again.

If WhatsApp does not work on your Android phone, the first thing to do is to check whether the problem is on your side or in WhatApp. You can do this by visiting one of the websites that report that WhatsApp does not work and in which countries. You can visit this, this or this site.

If one (or all) websites claim that the service does not work in your country, you can’t do anything but wait until WhatsApp will eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, WhatsApp failures, as well as other popular services, are not rare. For example, not so long ago I told how to restore YouTube, if something is wrong with him.

Sometimes you press, but nothing happens.

Connection of a smartphone to the Internet

If there are no messages in the work of WhatsApp, the problem should be on your side. To try to fix this, the first thing to do is check the most banal things. Start with a smartphone connection to the Internet.

First turn off Wi-Fi, and then turn it on again to see if this helps. Try to visit a random website on the Internet or reproduce YouTube videos to see if there are problems with your connection.

If you do not have access to the Internet at all, you may be too far from the router or you have other problems. How to solve problems with Wi-Fi, I told here. If the matter is in the cell operator and you are sure that there is a reception in this place, try to restart a smartphone or at least for a few seconds to turn on an aircraft station. If it does not work, the problem can be in a SIM card or device itself.

Many run with WhatsApp on Telegram, but not because he works more stable.

Why can’t you scan the QR code for WhatsApp Web?

All other things being equal, WhatsApp Web loads a QR code in 99% of cases without any problems. However, a bad connection to the Internet, problems with your web browser, conflicting applications or expansion, incompatibility of a browser, etc. D. May prevent the download of the QR code of WhatsApp Web.

It should be noted that your device will not receive a clear image of the QR code if the camera lens is contaminated or if part of the QR code is closed. Wipe the rear lens of the device with a dry microfiber fabric. We also advise you to wipe your computer screen.

Proximity is another important factor that should be taken into account. Make sure your device is not too close or not too far from the code. We distinguish eight more solutions to eliminate problems that you can try if the QR code does not work on your device.

Check the Internet connection.

Your browser may not download a QR code if you have a slow Internet connection or your computer periodically works. Turning off the Internet connection.

Try to visit other websites in the same browser. If the browser does not download other web pages, perhaps the problem with the Internet connection.

Check if there is an active Internet connection. On PC with Windows, go to the “Settings” “Network and the Internet” “Status”.

For desktop computers and laptops running MacOS, go to the system settings network and check the connection condition for the network categories on the left side panel.

WhatsApp QR code is not read

WhatsApp Web displays a QR code, but it is not read by a smartphone. Often this is due to its small size and problems with the camera of your mobile gadget. This problem is solved as follows:

Increase the tab with WhatsApp Web in the browser by pressing the Ctrl and “” key or holding Ctrl and scaling the page with the mouse. Thus, the camera of your smartphone will be easier to consider the QR code of WhatsApp Web.

I can’t send and receive messages at WhatsApp Web

Most likely the problem is related to connecting to the Internet on a smartphone or computer. Let’s figure out how to eliminate it.

Check the Internet connection on the smartphone:

As you already know, to work WhatsApp Web, you need to have an Internet connection on both devices. If this is not the case, then you will most likely be given such a message:

  • Go to WhatsApp on a smartphone.
  • Update it to the most current version.
  • Disconnect from the Internet and connect to it again.
  • Reload the smartphone.

Check the Internet connection on the computer:

If everything is in order on the smartphone with the Internet, then, most likely, something wrong with the connection of your computer.

  • Check if it is really.

How to use WhatsApp on your tablet as well as phone

  • Update the page by the CTRL R, CMD R or CTRL F5 commands.
  • Try to leave WhatsApp Web and go into it again.

Update the application:

If you started facing this problem with the WhatApp application recently, possibly after updating Windows, the problem may be associated with incompatibility. In this case, you need to check the availability of WhatsApp applications awaiting updates, and then install this update.

New Windows assemblies are not always immediately compatible with all applications. However, the developers release an update for the application when this happens. So, try updating the WhatsApp application to the latest version on the desktop.

Try the following solution if the scanning of the QR code still does not work or loads correctly.

Connect both devices to one network:

If your smartphone and desktop computer are connected to two different networks, this may be a possible reason. No matter how unusual it sounds, sometimes the problems associated with the connection are often solved by one connection. So, connect your smartphone and computer to the same Internet connection, and then try downloading the QR code to the application again.

Try the following solution if the scanning of the QR code still does not work or loads correctly.

Correction 5: Use the Incognito tab

If you are still unhappy with this problem, we advise you to use the incognito or private regime mode to maintain the confidentiality of your viewing data. Nevertheless, this will also protect your presence on the Internet from your Internet provider, colleagues, etc. D.

over, you know that, as a rule, your Internet provider has full access to your actions on the Internet, but it will not be able to access them in incognito mode.

However, many users report that WhatsApp begins synchronization again as soon as they begin to open their WhatsApp Web in incognito mode. Therefore, you must also try this and check whether a private view helps you.

Correction 6: Delete cache and cookie files

It is also possible that some Kesha data stored in your browser may be damaged or damaged. Therefore, their removal will be the right choice for you. So, let’s see how to remove cache and cookies in the Chrome browser:

  • First of all, click on a three.point button and press the settings.
  • After that, select confidentiality and safety on the left side of the screen.
  • Then click on the cleaning data button.
  • Now put a checkbox next to the cookie files and other site data. Then click on the cleaning button.

Disconnect the VPN service on your computer

Then you can take the necessary actions for

Windows programs, mobile applications, games. Everything is free, in our closed telegram channel. Subscribe 🙂

Reasons why it is not possible to connect to WhatsApp Web and their elimination

The main reasons that can interfere with the correct operation of WhatsApp Web are currently two: problems with the connection either on your mobile device or on a computer. Also sometimes problems appear when working with some networks.

All WhatsApp Web sessions are just an addition to WhatsApp installed on your mobile gadget. To work WhatsApp Web always requires connecting to a mobile device, to synchronize the history of messages and any other actions. The main condition for whatsApp Web is an active, not blocked WhatsApp account on your mobile gadget.

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If there are any problems with connecting WhatsApp on a mobile device and you cannot send and receive messages from it, then you also cannot use WhatsApp Web. Try to launch the application on your mobile gadget and check whether it will be possible to send or get messages from it. If it is impossible to send and receive messages, it is necessary to eliminate problems with the connection on your mobile device.

When you can send and receive messages to WhatsApp through a mobile phone, repeat the attempt to send through WhatsApp Web again. If even after that there are problems with sending/receiving messages, the most likely problem with connecting is on your personal computer or laptop.

Important: to save Internet traffic on your mobile device, it is recommended to first use the Wi-Fi network connection.

Problems with connecting on your personal computer or laptop.

First of all, to use WhatsApp Web, you will need a stable and high.speed connection of your computer to the Internet. If at the top of the chat list a yellow panel with the inscription “The computer is not connected” is displayed, you need to check the Internet connection on your PC. If everything is fine with the connection and you can go to any other site, then try to update the WhatsApp Web page.

If the above methods have not helped and the problem remains, you need to exit and enter again to reactivate your web session, performing the following actions:

Click on the menu icon. Choose go out. Follow the instructions that you will see on the screen for a second entrance.

Important: Working with WhatsApp Web, make sure you use one of the supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge. Support for other browsers is not guaranteed.

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How to configure the WhatsApp website on the desktop

Access to the WhatsApp website cannot be easier-all you need is your computer and your phone with WhatsApp.

First, go to https: // Web.WhatsApp.COM/, and you will encounter a large QR code, which is a black and white square pattern.

Now download WhatsApp to your phone, then click the “menu” button, which is three vertical points in the upper left corner of the screen, and select the “WhatsApp” web application “.

You are faced with a list of desktop and tablet devices on which you have entered, so if your computer is already connected to WhatsApp, it will be on this list (although you have not seen a QR code in the WhatsApp network. The site in this case).

To enter the system on a new device, press the white sign in the upper right corner of the menu, after which the camera will start. you may need to give a permission of WhatsApp if you have not done this yet.

Now align the field in a cell with a QR code on the screen of your computer-if it works, your phone camera will close and your computer will open the WhatsApp website. If this does not work, try updating the page of your computer to repeat the attempt.

How to use WhatsApp Web on iPad or Android tablet

It is a little difficult to configure the WhatsApp web-browser in the browser on the tablet, since the browsers on the tablets do not allow the use of the WhatsApp web-intese-instead they offer you to download the application.

How To Use WhatsApp On Tablet Without SIM or Web

However, if you go to the application store on your tablet, you will see that the application is not available. and this is correct.

To get around this, you need to request a site on the desktop of your tablet, which will show you the page as it looks on the computer, and not what you see on the tablet.

To do this in Safari on iPad, press and hold the page update button to the right of the URL line at the top. After a few seconds, an invitation will appear to request a desktop site. click here and you should see the same page as on a computer. It can be a little temperamental, so try it several times if it does not work right away.

On Chrome on Android tablets, click the menu button in the browser, which is located at three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen. The parameter in the menu is the “desktop site”, next to which the flag is installed. select this parameter, and the page will reboot into the version for PC.