Transfer WhatsApp to a new phone? Here are the best solutions!

Great, people! I acquired a new iPhone 12 and would like to know how to transfer my WhatsApp to a new phone. On my previous phone there were many important data that I do not want to lose. For me it will be a lot of help if you tell me how to transfer WhatsApp to another phone.

WhatsApp backing is especially important for transferring WhatsApp chats.And so the transfer of data from WhatsApp from one phone to another and WhatsApp synchronization are possible. Although you may not be able to transfer all the data by the official method, due to privacy problems. In this blog, we will tell you about unofficial methods of transferring chat and data WhatsApp.It does not matter if you want to postpone WhatsApp from the iPhone to Android, or transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android through a computer.

Can I transfer my WhatsApp to another phone?

Yes it is possible. If you want to know how to transfer whatsApp messages to a new phone, then there are several ways to do this. It is usually quite difficult to make the postsapp posts from Android to the iPhone or with iPhone on Android. Although, we will help you with this. Please read the detailed guide described below.

The transfer of WhatsApp from one phone to another is not a problem. First of all, you need to evaluate what type of transfer of the application you will carry out. It can be a transfer from Android to Android, either from the iPhone on the iPhone, or from Android on the iPhone, or from the iPhone on Android? The transfer method will vary, so below we will tell you how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS or iOS on Android

There are two unrelated methods of transferring WhatsApp to a new phone. The difference in privacy settings and the integration between the iPhone and Android also complicate the redistribution of data. Here’s how you can postpone the data and chats of WhatsApp from both devices. Use Tenorshare icarefone Transfer for these purposes.

First, install icarefone for this purpose. After launching the application, click on the “Transfer” option. Also connect your Android.

Turn on the USB control. Then make a confirmation for a falling message requesting whatsApp data rewriting. Click “Yes”.

Install a backup of WhatsApp through software on your Android device. Make sure that the WhatsApp account has been certified to create a backup copy by entering the country’s number and code. The process can take time, so be patient.

You will receive a confirmation code WhatsApp. Enter it and confirm. After the completion of this procedure, the Android device will move you to the next step, to the data that can be restored. Make sure that you are logged in in WhatsApp on the iPhone and activated and click on the “Enter account” button.

Turn off “Find the iPhone” and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. icarefone will begin to restore data and chats; This may take some time depending on the volume of data.

Installation will notify the transfer. Your iPhone will also be rebooted.

Transfer Entire WhatsApp To Another Phone Wirelessly Without Internet

Transfer of vatsap data from iPhone to Andriod

Here is a method that you can use to transfer from iPhone to Android.

Install icarefone on PC. Launch the application and connect your iPhone. Click “Trust this computer” and click on “Transfer”. And touch the options yes.

Confirm your WhatsApp. Enter the phone number and code of the country, get the code, enter this code to confirm the account.

After confirmation, the program generates WhatsApp data with iPhone on Android. After generation, they will be moved from the source to the target device.

After transferring, follow the leadership in the screenshots given by this software. WhatsApp will move from iPhone to Android.

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

If you are the owner of the new iPhone and want to find out how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone, then here is a simple, official way to transfer the WhatsApp from iPhone data to iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone, go to WhatsApp, and start backup. Chat backup is in the chat tuning settings, and create a backup copy of the data.

Enter the same WhatsApp number to verify your new account. After verification, WhatsApp will check the presence of existing backups from iCloud. Pressing to “Restoration of the History of Chat” will return chats and other data back.

How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android

If you are the owner of the new Android phone and want to find out how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone, then we will tell you the easiest trick for this.Google Drive backup is also not a light walk.

Open WhatsApp and go to the settings. Then go to the chats, use the backup option, and install your backup on the Google account. Click on backup for reduction on Google Drive.

How to quickly throw whatsApp from android to Android with chat transfer

If you want to transfer your messenger to a new smartphone and save all the contents, you will have to use the same phone number and your Google account. Then the installation of additional programs will not be required, and the transfer can be carried out from the backup from the Google disk. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • On your new smartphone, install WhatsApp.
  • Now open the application and confirm your mobile.
  • The service will offer to restore a backup, press the button “Reestablish”.
  • Autominate in the Google account, it will be available immediately after pressing the restoration button.
  • The process starts, after it is finished, slip “Further”.
  • In the messenger on the new Android smartphone, the history of correspondence will be displayed, and media content.

However, if your old smartphone in the messenger deactivated the backup option, then in this case, it will not work to carry out the transfer in this way. First you need to create a backup copy.

How to transfer WhatsApp from a local copy between androids

Your phone stores files that are copied from the messenger over the past 7 days. They are created daily and automatically at the same time. 2 a.m. Such copies are saved in the form of a file on your smartphone. They can be placed in one of the folders:

In the absence of other options, transfer can be made from them. For these purposes, you will need a laptop, or a separate SD card on which information is stored. The process consists in transfer of data first from the old smartphone on PC, and then from the computer a new smartphone running Android OS.

note! Direct transfer of vatsap data from one phone to another is available only if you have created a backup in Google disc.

Passing WhatsApp with Android to another Android using local backup

One of the answers to the question of how to postpone WhatsApp from Android to Android. use local backup. The so-called “” method. This is the use of e.mail in which you must send each chat by e.mail for each contact, and there is no way to do it wholesale. So, local backup of WhatsApp. The best option than this. Let’s see how to transfer the WhatsApp from Android to Android using WhatsApp backup. Follow simple steps below to find out how to transmit whatsApp from Android to Android messages.

Make a backup copy of all your WhatsApp data on the old Android phone. Just go to the chat settings settings. Now select the Email Chat option from the drop.down list.

WhatsApp data transfer with Android on Android using Google Drive

You only need to bind your Gmail account with WhatsApp. Thus, you can create backup copies of all chat messages on Google disk. Whenever you want to restore it, all you need to do is go to the Google account, which has a backup on the new Android device, and then restore data. Follow the following actions to use Google Drive to transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another.

Go to the chat section and calls backup chat backup. Please note that your Gmail account is connected from the WhatsApp account to download a backup copy.

Detailed instructions on how to transfer WhatsApp to another Android

If you have become the owner of a new smartphone, then you can install a messenger on it, and at the same time save all correspondence. You will have access to not only chats, but all the media files stored in WhatsApp. To do this, use the finished instruction:

  • First, on the old smartphone, complete a backup.
  • Open the application, call the menu and go to the section “Settings”.
  • Click on the item “Chats”, Go to the block “Chat backup”, and click the corresponding activation button.

Now you need to transfer this data to a new smartphone. Two options can be used here. The first is suitable for smartphones with an external memory card, which is simply enough to rearrange from one android to another. In the absence of information, information is stored in special file folders that need to be extracted. This can be done by one of the methods:

  • Use the file conductor. You need to download and install such an application if it is not on a smartphone.
  • Transfer backup files to your computer. This method is performed through a USB by copying data from the WhatsApp folder, and their subsequent loading to the new smartphone.

How to transfer WhatsApp via Google disk

This transfer option will require the presence of an account on Google. After you manually create a backup copy of the Google disk on the old Android, you can proceed to work with a new phone:

  • Add the same Google account to the new Android, which was used for backup.
  • Install the WhatsApp application on the smartphone.
  • Confirm your old mobile number.
  • You will see a proposal to restore data from the Google disk, accept it.
  • First there is a recovery of chats, then all copied media files.

For those who want to make such a transfer from android to iOS, the news is not the most rainbow. Between different operating rooms, transfer is impossible in this way.

How to transfer whatsApp from Android to Android

To reliably, effectively and easily transfer all the dialogs of your WhatsApp application to a new phone, you can use the ICAREFONE professional program, which specializes in the WhatsApp data between devices. The whole procedure for transferring dialogs with the help of this is extremely simple: you can familiarize yourself with the instructions attached later and personally verify this.

Install the program on your computer using the installation wizard and after the successful completion of this process, run it.

Connect both Android devices to the computer using the corresponding USB cables, and then unlock both phones. The program will automatically detect them and display this information on the screen.

Note: If you want to change the original and target device, click on the arrow down next to the name of the device and select the name of another phone.

Next, click on the “Transfer” button located in the central lower part of the program window. Following the instructions in the program window, turn on the debugging mode for USB on the source device Android.

Note: To activate the USB debugging mode, go to the phone to the “Settings” application, open the “Online” section and find the “Build Number” item. Click on this item 7 times to go to the developer mode. Then return to the general settings again and then select the “Developer Parameters”. Here, turn on the USB debugging option. In a request for a resolution of debugging on USB, click “OK” in the phone screen.

Next, turn on the debugging mode by USB on the final Android device, performing the same actions. After this function is turned on, the program will display information about the specific model of each of the Android devices.

Note: The program provides separate specialized instructions for turning on the USB debugging function for each specific model of the devices you use.

Close the windows of the prompts and again click on the “Transfer” button. In the prevailing request for rewriting all WhatsApp data on the final device, click “Yes”.

Create a backup of WhatsApp data on the initial Android phone according to the instructions on the screen, and then click the “Continue” button.

Note: You can also choose the “Select Reserve Copy” option to use a backup copy that you already have to transfer data to transmit data. Then also click the “Continue” button.

Now the program will automatically start copying data from the source device, and then transmit them to the target device.

After the data transfer process is completed from one Android device, a message will appear to another that the program was successful. To restore the WhatsApp backup data on the Android target phone, reinstall the WhatsApp application on it and log in using the same phone number as on the source device. After finding the backup application, restore it, and all the data will immediately become available to you.

What are the advantages of the Icarefone Transfer program?

  • The program allows you to transfer the WhatsApp data from iOS devices for iOS devices, from iOS devices for Android devices, from Android devices on Android devices for Android devices.
  • WhatsApp data transfer includes transfer from the device to the device of both messages and investments, including images, videos and other files.
  • The program supports all IPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and iPad, more than 5,000 different Android devices, including the latest models.
  • The program supports the most popular versions of iOS (iPados, iOS 15, iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 9 and earlier versions) and version of Android 2.0 up to 9, which makes it available to any user.
  • The program has low technical requirements (processor 1 GHz (32 bits or 64 bits), 256 MB or more RAM, 200 MB and more free space on the hard drive), so it will easily fit into any conditions of each user.
  • Creating a backup of WhatsApp on PC / Mac is available to users absolutely free.
  • Restoring a backup on the target device is as simple as possible.
  • The program is available for installation in Russian.
  • To familiarize yourself with the interaction and functionality of the program, you can use the free trial version.

How to transfer WhatsApp from the old to a new phone using Google disk

To copy WhatsApp on a new phone, you can also use a fairly convenient Google Disk service. You can easily save a backup copy of the messenger data in this cloud storage, and then restore it on a new device. To do this, perform a few simple actions.

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your old device.
  • Next, go to the settings of this application. To do this, on the upper panel of the application window, press three vertical points located to the right of the name of the application and the search icon. In the drop.down menu, select the “Settings” option.

In the WhatsApp settings menu, open the “Chat” section.

Here, select the “Reserve copy of the chats” section. Click the “backup” button to create the most new backup of the history of your messages, and wait a few seconds to complete this process.

To configure automatic backup of WhatsApp data into a cloud storage, in the “Reserve Copy Cute” section, click on the “Reserve Copy on Google Disk” option and install the necessary interval. In this case, you can not create a backup manually, but use one of the existing copies of WhatsApp dialogs (especially if you select the interval “daily”).

Now download the WhatsApp application to the new Android phone and install it.

Note: Do not forget to enter the same Google account on the new device that you used on the old phone.

Transfer of chats via SD-card

If a memory card was used in the old phone, and the new one has a connector for its connection, then this transfer option is one of the simplest and fastest. It is enough to go to the WhatsApp settings, the “Chats” section, the subsection “Reserve copy of the chat”. There is a database button there. The resulting file is saved in a specific folder on the memory card, then the information storage device is connected to the new phone.

After installing WhatsApp and its launch on a new smartphone running Android, the system itself will find a backup and offer to perform a restoration. You only need to agree and follow further instructions.

Transfer of chats to internal memory

This method should be used if the phone is not used or there is no SD card slot. The resulting WhatsApp base will have to be transferred to a new smartphone in one of the alternative ways:

  • Connect a smartphone to a computer via a USB cable and copy a database on it. Then change the device and transfer a backup to it. In the process, it may be necessary to create a folder in manual mode.
  • Make backup on Google disk. This is a application option that allows the use of cloud storage to move information between devices. The option is more preferable, since less actions are required. the system will perform everything in automatic mode.

Transfer from Android to Android without Google services

In this case, it is necessary to use local backups. They are created daily, automatically, without the participation of the user, at 2 a.m., only in the last seven days. Each DB format file.Crypt12 includes in its name the date of creation. The user’s task before changing the smartphone:

  • Use any file manager and find the folder /WhatsApp /Databases;
  • Find Db Format file in the folder.Crypt12 with the desired date and rename it in MSGSTore.DB.Crypt12;
  • Download the file on the computer.

Next, we restore correspondence on the new smartphone:

  • Set up a new smartphone to start work; from the official site and install it;
  • Download MSGSTORE file to the /WhatsApp /Databases folder.DB.Crypt12;
  • Aim with a mobile phone number;
  • WhatsApp will find a backup. confirm the restoration.

Transfer of chats from iPhone to iPhone

We will not paint this instruction, since it corresponds to the instructions for transferring chats from Android to Android. The only difference is that iCloud is used on iOS as a cloud storage. The user’s task is to make a backup, and then restore it on a new smartphone (both smartphones should have the same Apple ID). Restoration from local backups on the iPhone is impossible.

There is no official method for transferring chats from Android to Android to Android. Use a PC program called Icarefone for WhatsApp for this:

  • Download and install the program;
  • Connect both smartphones with cables to the computer;
  • Launch the program and select the desired messenger. this is WhatsApp;
  • Select a smartphone-source in the left side and a smartphone-receiving on the right side of the window;
  • Run the transfer by pressing the “Transfer” button.

Upon completion of the work, you will receive a full.fledged working copy of WhatsApp with all saved correspondence. Similarly, you can carry out transfer from Android to iPhone.

How to save the correspondent in WhatsApp when changing your phone

For many of us, a messenger is not just a means for “talking”, but a working tool in which, among other things, important discussions, documents and media files are preserved. How to save the correspondence in WhatsApp when changing your phone, so as not to lose anything? We know several ways and share them with our readers.

There is a way that allows you to save the entire history of correspondence with your friends. only the text part or text attached files (documents, media content). It is not difficult to copy WhatsApp chats, but there are two important points:

  • To save on a computer (and to preserve in principle), only chats not removed from the phone are available. As you know, WhatsApp does not keep anything on its servers and download something from them.
  • The functionality of the messenger does not allow exporting several chats at once. Each correspondence will have to be transferred separately.

To save whatsApp on a computer, you need to save the text file on the phone and send it to the computer, for example, by mail. Here’s how to do it:

  • Run the messenger and go to the right chat.
  • On the iPhone, cling to the name of the contact, on Android on the “menu”. Then “more”.
  • Choosing “Chat Export”.
  • Open the service to which the history of correspondence with the contact was exported. there should be a new incoming message.
  • To save the chat in WhatsApp on a computer, open the message and download the documents and files attached to it.

Please note: the system exports the history of chat in TXT format, the file name always looks like “WhatsApp chat with”. When starting from a computer, the document opens in the standard application “Notepad”.

If the TXT file opens without formatting on the computer

If you save WhatsApp chats to the computer when changing the phone, but the text in the “Notepad” is displayed by a continuous “sheet”, which is difficult to read, and it does not work out through the settings. You can try to do the following:

After that, the text should open as a Word document and with the formatting performed.

If the “open” method does not work (Word and other text editors do not recognize the text of the original document), you can pull out correspondence from WhatsApp to a computer through Google Documents:

  • Pull the file into the window or upload it after searching through the conductor. The document will open immediately in DOCS format.
  • Click the “file”. Then “Download how”.
  • Select from the list the format that suits you and wait for the completion of download.

Please note: if the computer has a synchronized Google disk folder, just drag the WhatsApp chat with ”right from the desktop into it. After a few seconds, the document will be available for downloading from the personal account of the service.

How to save WhatsApp messages when changing your phone

First, let’s talk about maintaining all correspondence from an old phone to a new. This is possible if the new device works on the same operating system as the old. (It is more difficult if the operating rooms are different, for example, you need to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone.) The method consists of two stages: creating a backup and restoration of profile data in the messenger installed on another phone.

How to copy the correspondence in WhatsApp (create a backup):

You will need authorization in the cloud storage. in ICLOUD and Google disc, respectively.

Now about how to copy (stored in the described in the way) correspondence in WhatsApp when changing your phone to a new device. When you install a messenger on a new smartphone and you will pass the number confirmation in it, the system itself will send you a request to restore previous data. Click on the “Restore” button. Then you will have to wait until the backup copy of correspondence (and other information) will be downloaded and integrated into the program.

The one to which the account was connected on the previous device

other methods

The second most convenient, but more universal (can be used without taking into account the difference in operating systems) way to save WhatsApp data when changing the phone-export of chats. It was it that we described in the first part of the article. If you need to ensure that copies of correspondence are available from a mobile:

  • Take the smartphone from which you are going to “leave” and perform actions according to the instructions at the beginning of the article, with the exception of p. 7., But the saving place choose the service that you can open from the smartphone.
  • On the new device, authorize in the service to which correspondence was sent and view the incoming messages / new documents.

Is it possible to save WhatsApp messages using services? Yes, you can do it. In the official application stores (App Store and Play Market) there are programs for transferring correspondence from Android to Android and from iPhone to iPhone. But there are no cross.platform options. But on Backuptrans.COM, for example, is “Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer”. a paid software with which you can carry out correspondence and other WhatsApp data.

History of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Many are interested in the question of how to perform WhatsApp synchronization with another phone if the devices work under different operating systems. we can immediately say without “crutches” in any way. With ordinary communication, only photos or videos sent to you by relatives of friends have value. Chatter of anything and memes can be neglected.

That is, if there is no urgent need to transfer the chats of their one operating system to another. But if WhatsApp is used as a business tool, then the safety of chats and the history of correspondence plays a large role.

How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp message | How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Old phone to New phone

WhatsApp developers did not provide for this scenario when the owner of the Android decided to switch to the iPhone (or vice versa). These platforms are incompatible, a backup file in the cloud cannot be downloaded. The only way is to export the chat to any other messenger or PC in TXT format. this is a regular text file that opens on a computer in any text editor or notebook.

How to copy messages from WhatsApp to a computer

Regardless of the platform, any chat can be exported to any other messenger or an Internet access application to preserve the history of correspondence from this dialogue. This is done as follows.

Instructions on how to save the correspondence in WhatsApp on a computer:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your device.
  • Go to the dialogue from which you need to export.
  • Press the button in the form of three points in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Still” in the drop.down list, and in the next list of options. “Chat Export”. For iOS devices. slip by the name of the interlocutor or the name of the group to call the chat menu. Scroll the list of options up to the point “Export chat”.
  • In the additional menu that opens, select Export with or without files (the first case will be saved a text file with extension.txt and media will be attached to it, in the second simply a text document with messages of this dialogue).
  • In the menu of applications and services that are available for sending the history of correspondence WhatsApp. Select the service that you can then launch on PC.
  • Optimal email option. Select the mailing service and enter your own email address in the PO field. To facilitate the search for a letter with the history of correspondence in the “Topic” field, you can write a keyword.
  • Send a letter.
  • Next, open this mail service on the computer and download the invested file in memory PC.

Note: When exporting the history of chats with media files, you can send up to 10,000 last posts. Without media files you can send 40,000 messages. These restrictions are related to the maximum sizes of email.