How to read remote messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp. a popular messenger in which people communicate, exchange photos and videos. In it, as in other similar mobile applications, there is a function of removing the already sent message. Correspondence can be removed by accident or on purpose, for example, if you do not want the interlocutor to have access to it. In this regard, many are interested in how to read remote messages in WhatsApp. There are some methods and tricks that will help to do this. about them in the article.

If less than a week has passed since the removal of the information, you can restore the old message history quite simply, without resorting to dramatic measures. There is a little cunning in Votsap, which allows you to read the remote correspondence. What is it? Every day, the messenger automatically saves a copy, and it is stored on the company’s servers for a week, and with it remote messages.

Instructions for owners of Apple brand phones, how to view the postsapp posts deleted less than 7 days ago:

  • Find the Vatsapa icon on the device desktop and hold your finger on it.
  • Wait for the appearance of the cross icon and slip on it.
  • Confirm the removal of the program by pressing the corresponding button.
  • Launch an application store (AppStore) and drive into the search “WhatsApp”.
  • Download and install the messenger on the new.
  • Opening the program, the first thing you will see is a query to restore data. Click “Yes”.

This is the fastest and less labor.intensive way to see remote messages in WhatsApp on iPhone.

On Android you can also read the story that was deleted:

  • Pull your finger on the label of Vottsap.
  • Transfer it to the basket that will appear on top of the screen.
  • Open the Play Market, a list of available downloads. find and download the messenger.
  • Enter the phone number under which the WhatsApp account was created.
  • Click “Restore”.
  • See that once deleted messages in WhatsApp are still stored.

On some models of smartphones, the messenger is preinstalled, and it will not work to remove it in standard methods. In this case, it is enough to go to the program settings, and select “Disable” there.

This is one of the ways to read the remote message or the whole correspondence in WhatsApp. but this is not all.

The “backup” function

It is also called one word “backup”. The option is useful in many cases, even when you want to view the remote SMS. This opportunity is offered by the developer himself, and you should not exclude it out of attention. Before answering the question “How to find an old correspondence?”, Consider how the backup works.

Backup instructions relevant for gadgets on iOS and Android:

The process of creating a backup will go and its unloading into the “cloud” (cloud storage). It can be configured that the backup is saved every day or monthly, but the more often, the better.

To access the stored information, you must use the same phone number for the Google or Apple account, as well as for registration in the messenger.

Now we will figure out how to read remote messages in WhatsApp using this method. Let’s start with Android devices:

  • Remove the messenger and download it on the phone again.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • A notification of data restoration will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click “Restore” and wait for the end of the process.
  • Click “Trace.”And you can view correspondence.
  • Delete WhatsApp and install by a new.
  • Indicate the phone and wait for the appearance of the window with a proposal to restore information.
  • Click “Restore a copy”.

All messages available at the time of the creation of a backup will be in place.

How to read remote messages in WhatsApp by reinstalling WhatsApp

As a rule, messages, chats, images and other content of WhatsApp are automatically copied to iCloud to ensure the safety of all your data WhatsApp. So, if you want to see remote messages in WhatsApp, you can try to find them from the icloud backup. You can use the following guidelines for Read remote messages on the iPhone.

First, you need to remove WhatsApp from the iPhone. You can continue to press the WhatsApp icon, and then click X or the option Delete the application to confirm the operation.

Go to the App Store and find WhatsApp application. You can click on set the icon to reinstall this application to your iPhone.

Open WhatsApp and enter the same account. At this stage, it can automatically detect a backup in your iCloud. Just tune to restore the history of the chat to return the remote messages WhatsApp.

How to return remote messages in WhatsApp from friends

If you mistakenly deleted some important messages from the iPhone, you can try to return them from the history of your friend’s chat. You can ask him / it export whatsApp messages, and then send them to you. The following steps will show you how to export WhatsApp messages.

Open WhatsApp on the iPhone and move on to a specific conversation of the WhatsApp chat, which you want to export.

Click on more options that are displayed in the form of three points in the upper right corner. Click more and then select the export of the chat, the ability to confirm your effect. Then you can follow the screen instructions to easily export whatsApp messages.


In phone

If you have already used the “Wotsap”, then all correspondence, photographs and other files are stored in the phone’s memory, in the “/WhatsApp” folder. You can check using an application of the “file manager” (or “file manager”). Not sure that you have? We recommend downloading these:

Not found? You are here right away. Found? Okay, get acquainted with m.

The WhatsApp / Databases folder lies archives of different reservation dates. Dates are indicated in the title title. Archives are saved every 24 hours at about 2. 3 o’clock in the morning in time tuned on the phone. File without the date “MSGSTORE.DB.Crypt12 “. This is the last, most relevant copy. Correspondence is restored for it after installing the application. Renaming files, you can restore dialogs of different periods. Here in the WhatsApp / Databases / Media folder all your chat files.

In the cloud

“WhatsApp” additionally saves copies to cloud services:

Most likely, copies of your correspondence (“backups”) have already been saved in the “cloud”. the messenger periodically offers to connect cloud reservation. If you remember that you refused. in vain, turn it on back.

Check cloud reservation settings.

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages in Android Phone?

  • Open chat lists
  • Click in the upper right corner of the screen on the 3 points icon, in the drop.down list, select “Settings”
  • Go to the menu “Chats → Reserve copy of chats”

Reservation setting

  • “Last backup”. dates of the latest backups
  • The “backup” button triggers the backup of the current state of chats
  • Below is storage: discount record, reservation frequency.
  • You can choose a loading method. only through Wi-Fi or on a mobile network.

If the history of chats is not stored on a cloud disk. Be sure to turn on this function, it will save you from misunderstandings in the future.

We figured out the theory, go to practice. Let’s start with the most interesting. remote messages.

Restoring correspondence

We warn you not to waste time in vain! Just cancel the removal of the message and return it straight to the chat. it is impossible!

Messenger’s principle: do not store what was deliberately deleted. Therefore, official documentation does not offer intelligible decisions. Freesoft offers.

Solution: Restore the state of correspondence at the time of automatically creating backup copies. Consider a couple of simple ways to restore important messages.

Option 1

If you remember that you sent a message before the date and time of changing the MSGSTORE file.DB.Crypt12 “, and deleted later. just reinstall the application, get SMS with the code, log in, restore chats from backup copies. Do not remember? We read on.

Reservation occurs at night, every 24 hours, then if the message has passed between sending and removing the message. everything is possible, we will restore correspondence now. (Otherwise, the less time has passed, the less chance. By the way, you can check with a special program).

In general, follow the instructions:

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  • Copy the reserve folders copy, just in case, a copy of the copies: go to the Directory ” / WhatsApp”, copy the “Databases” folder to a safe place. Use a computer connection or the file manager application
  • Find the right backup
  • Select the archive file with the date between sending and removing the message. it contains your message, the file must be renamed.
  • Find the MSGSTORE file.DB.CryPT12, copy your name, then delete it, or better rename it in “Abra-Kadabra”.
  • Assign the copied name to the file with your message.
  • Latest → Reinstall the application.

At the end of the installation, “WhatsApp” will offer to restore messages. agree. You will receive the condition of the chats at the time when the message has not yet been deleted. Simply, isn’t it?

Important! All current messages that have not got into the last backup will be lost. If it is critical. Create a copy from the current moment. for this in the settings, click the “Reserve Copy” button (more), then repeat point 1.

Option 2

If you know exactly that the sent message did not fall into a backup on the device or in the cloud, then your decision. Ask the interlocutor to send a message or chat.

Sending the message is very simple:

  • Click on the message, hold the press. it “stand out”, the mode of release of messages has turned on. In this mode, you can choose several more messages
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “arrow to the right”. the list of contacts will open
  • Choose the contact of the addressee

This will work if you removed the “Delete” in the way “. The option “Delete from everyone” erases the message from both you and the interlocutor. The chance that it got into the interlocutor’s backup. Small.

To send the entire chat

Comment Messenger will ask if you need to send files from chat. We recommend choosing a “without files” method. So faster. It is more convenient to transmit files via the Internet: Use WhatsApp, other messenger or cloud disk. But in fairness, we note that you can send a file directly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct is convenient when there is no access to the Internet or its speed is very low, and you, for example, decided to attach all multimedia files.

We figured out remote messages. Now we’ll figure out what to do if we overdid it with cleaning memory, broke, lost or just bought a new device.

How to restore a remote message through a special utility

It is likely that copies of your chats were stored in the internal memory of the phone. Then you can help out specialized software for mobile devices. Download the program from the app store “Undeleter”. She performs scanning and selects files to which can access. The only problem you may encounter is to need Root access.

A simpler option would be to use the program on the computer, resuscitation of remote messages is several easier. A process for data restoration:

  • You need to find a program that restores deleted data. We recommend Hetman Partition Recovery, But you can find another.
  • Connect the smartphone and PC by cable.
  • Set the mode “File transfer”.
  • On PC, launch the installed program.
  • Find the WhatsApp and Catalog folder in it “Databases”.
  • The program itself will find remote data.
  • Mark them, then at the top of the window click on the button “Reestablish”.

Now it remains to just expect. When the process is completed, all interlocutors, chats and files will be restored in the messenger.

Use special programs

If the previous method is too complicated for you, you can use programs from developers that are created specifically to restore information. For example, Tenorshare Ultdata. Everything is simple and clear in it.

First you will need to prepare a smartphone for restoration. enter the developer mode. It is safe (if you do not change in this mode what you do not understand). Typically, to access the developer’s mode, you need to follow the path of “Settings”. “On the phone” and click 7 times on the “assembly number” point until there is a message about the entrance to the mode. Now to the process itself.

Install the program on a computer, connect the smartphone with a cable to the USB connector. Click the “Restore WhatsApp data” button.

How to restore correspondence in WhatsApp on iPhone from ICLOUD storage

Sometimes the user loses correspondence, files and messages in WhatsApp, because these data are not stored in the cloud. That is, the whole history of chats persists only on your smartphone. In this case, when starting the gadget cleaning or updating the iPhone operating system and in some other situations, your correspondence will be more likely. Sometimes it is very difficult to restore it. To return the correspondence in WhatsApp and protect your chats for the future:

  • Open in WhatsApp “Settings”;
  • Then select “Chats”;
  • Further “Chat Backup”;
  • Give the application command to create backups of your correspondence in WhatsApp on a cloud icloud. It is best to choose automatic backup;
  • After copying, the file information will be displayed precisely in “Chat Backup”;
  • If you want to delete the application or clean the smartphone, first check the presence of a fresh backup of correspondence;
  • After removing or cleaning, go to WhatsApp. The system will offer you to restore the history of backup correspondence. Agree to recovery.
whatsapp, remote, messages, iphone, application, restoring

Storing backups of Watsap in iCloud is very convenient. So that they are always in time and without freely created in automatic mode, make sure that you have enough memory in iCloud and on iPhone. Memory there and there should be two or more times more than you need for a backup.

How to return the correspondent in WhatsApp from the iphone backup

It happens that it is necessary to restore the history of correspondence in WhatsApp as a whole or completely. To do this, you can use the restoration of the iphone backup copy. To return the correspondence in this way:

  • Install the iPhone Backup Extractor;
  • Select the desired backup in this program. She will automatically check the presence of backups in the default folder. If the backup is stored not there, select the desired directory. To do this, click “Add backup copies”;
  • Download backup;
  • When the file is downloaded, in the main work area of ​​the program “OverView” the icon of Watsap will appear;
  • If you want to restore all correspondence, click on the application icon and start recovery;
  • If you are interested in individual chats, go to the section “Preview”. Select the Watsap icon, then select the necessary chats and click “Extract”.

Remember that you can restore correspondence from a backup only if you used the same number for this. If accounts do not match, WhatsApp chats cannot be returned. Nevertheless, no one prevents you from creating backups for different WhatsApp accounts on one cloud icloud server.

Wait a minute, but isn’t the whole correspondence stored on Watsapp servers? I know that photographs and videos are stored only on user smartphones, if they are removed from there, then they can’t be restored already, but the messages themselves, according to the idea, should not be stored in the cloud and the abyss cannot?

How to restore remote messages in WhatsApp interlocutor: instructions

Remote messages in WhatsApp can be restored and read, and for this you don’t even need to download anything. The messenger provides a full.time backup function. There is another option. the use of programs.

The main mechanism for restoring remote stories in the messenger is based on the reconnaissance function of the chat. She works by default, and is built into the application itself. She has a time frame. for example, delete her message in the chat so that it disappears from the recipient, only within 60 minutes after sending it.

The same function is used to restore the message, but you need to use it correctly. Let us give an instruction that will help to do everything correctly:

  • Close the messenger on the phone.
  • On the smartphone’s desktop, select the section “Settings”.
  • Find the tab that is designed to control the applications. (“Applications”/ “Application Manager”).
  • In the list that opens, find “WhatsApp”, open the card, and click “Delete”, to erase all its components.
  • At the end of the deinstal, reboot the device.
  • From the application store, repeatedly download WhatsApp.
  • To enter the application, authorization will be required. enter the mobile number, and authorization code, you can request it through SMS.
  • After successful authorization, the program will automatically load the archive from the storage.
  • Open the desired chat. you will see in it messages that were deleted by the interlocutor.

note! Thanks to the system error of the messenger, which has not yet been corrected, you can read the recently erased messages in chats through a backup copy until this archive has retired.

Is it always possible to restore remote messages?

The given version may work under certain conditions. In particular, you did not reboot your mobile device after you saw a notification of the remote text. There are other points that should be taken into account:

  • The archive of the messenger is stored for a day, and is updated every night in the region of two hours in Moscow time.
  • There is exactly a day to restore the message, and sometimes less.
  • The backup archive has not yet been deleted.
  • The recovery option option is available in devices operating on the Android operating system.
  • On iPhones due to the features of the firmware, it is impossible to access such information.

How to see the history of messages in WhatsApp

To view the history of messages in WhatsApp, if several minutes or hours have passed:

  • Open the system settings and go to the “Applications” section.
  • Find the name WhatsApp and activate the “Enable notifications” line.
  • It will be possible to view the first hundred signs of remote messages.

An alternative option to view the history of text messages is the use of Consider the features of the procedure on the example of the NOTIF LOG Notification application:

  • Download and install the program from the store.
  • Launch it and activate the notif log sliders.
  • We put a checkmark opposite the Notification History item.
  • Thus, you gave permission to receive a notification history, and remote messages will periodically appear on the screen.

Here are a few simple ways to view the history of text messages. In this way, related video or audio files will not work, but let’s talk about this a little later.

How to restore messages on a new Android phone

Suppose we need to transfer chats from one phone to another, new. SIM card with a number tied to the WhatsApp account is also. In this case:

  • We connect the smartphone with Android OS to the computer via USB.
  • Using the conductor, we open the internal storage.
  • Scroll the page until the WhatsApp/Database folder is located.
  • There will be many files with names in the “year, month, day” format on the screen, we find the latest object.
  • Copy it to the PC desktop, for example.
  • Install a messenger on a new device, and again connect the phone to the computer.
  • A copy of the file stored on the desktop moves to the same place.
  • We launch the application and restore access to the saved copy of the messages.
whatsapp, remote, messages, iphone, application, restoring

In some cases, user information is copied to the external memory card. In this case, just insert it into a new device and reinstall the VOTSAP.

whatsapp, remote, messages, iphone, application, restoring

WHATSApp recovery from the icloud backup

If you often use iCloud and make iCloud a backup of WhatsApp data, then this method is for you. Nothing is needed, but ICLOUD is enough to record and password.

Step 1 Stop again and install WhatsApp Recovery Software.

Step 2 Select “Restore icloud”. Enter your iCloud and password account, press the ICLOD backup, after which all backup copies will be shown with this icloud record. Choose the one you need ”to download the“ backup copy of the WhatsApp lost data you need.

Step 3 after completing the loading and scanning process. You can repeat the above steps to view WhatsApp data.

After confirming all the points, you just need to choose the messages or photos of WhatsApp and click “Recover” to start the recovery of WhatsApp on your computer.

All methods will help you restore WhatsApp, including photos, messages, video calls, voice messages, etc. D., Directly on your iPhone 12/11/xs/xr/x/8/7/6/5/4, iPad, etc. D. without backup and from the backup of iTunes or icloud.

To avoid the trouble with this again, it is better to develop a good habit of regularly backup iPhone data. In addition, if your WhatsApp data is deleted or lost on the Android phone, do not miss the tool below to restore WhatsApp on Android phone.

The best WhatsApp recovery tool for Android, which you may need

  • Restore your important conversations in WhatsApp, which easily deleted
  • Recovery of remote messages and multimedia WhatsApp, such as photos, video from Android;
  • Support for Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Google, Huawei, LG, Motorola, ZTE and others;

Frequently asked questions about the recovery of WhatsApp

Is it possible to restore the remote messages WhatsApp without backup?

Yes. You can restore the remote messages WhatsApp without backup. Using the iPhone Data Recovery, you can directly receive WhatsApp remote messages, photos, video calls, etc. D. With your iPhone.

How do you forever delete WhatsApp messages?

Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone. Click “Settings” “Chats” and click “Clean all chats” / “Delete all chats”. Then you will need to enter your phone number to confirm the deletion.

How to restore WhatsApp messages without backup on Android?

If you mistakenly deleted WhatsApp on Android, you can still return them using the Android data recovery tool. Get AISEESOFT Android Data Recovery on your computer. Mark WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments and click Next to scan the remote messages WhatsApp. Select the necessary data and click the restoration button to restore the remote messages of WhatsApp without backup on Android.

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This post shows four methods of backup of the chat messages in WhatsApp before they are removed or removed for any reason.

You can restore remote SMS from the iOS device? The article shows the easiest way to restore remote SMS messages on iPhone / iPad / iPod.