What to do if WhatsApp Web does not work on PC

WhatsApp Web allows users Android and iOS to open their messages for messages in PC browsers. The WhatsApp blog reads: “Our web client is just expanding your phone: the web browser reflects conversations and messages from your mobile device”.

whatsapp, does, start

Connecting to this web client is usually quite simple. However, some users declare in the forum messages that WhatsApp Web does not work in their browsers.

WhatsApp Web may not work due to several factors. Perhaps the web client does not work due to problems with the network connection or browser. Or it may be a case when software users are not compatible with WhatsApp Web. These are several solutions that can fix WhatsApp Web.

whether whatsapp down works?

First, check if WhatsApp Web works. Perhaps the server web client does not work. Users can check if the web client is working on the Downdetector website.com. Downdetector.COM currently emphasizes that the WhatsApp server is not turned off. However, if WhatsApp does not work, users will need to wait until the web client will recover again.

WhatsApp Web does not work for users using browsers that it does not support. Therefore, some WhatsApp users may need to check the browser compatibility before connecting to the application web client. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge are browsers compatible with WhatsApp Web. This excludes browsers such as Vivaldi, Internet Explorer and Maxthon, who have millions of users. Users viewing incompatible browsers will have to install alternatives compatible with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does not open on the computer: what’s the matter?

You had a problem that WhatsApp does not open on a computer? This is not only your problem, it is one of the most common difficulties when working with a messenger. It’s easy to solve it. you just need to find the reason. We collected them for you. read below.

Depending on the reason that WhatsApp does not open on a computer, the problem may look different.

  • After opening the application, a white screen appears or the messenger screensaver freezes.
  • Nothing happens.
  • An error message appears.

All this means that there was some kind of problem. Try the following quick solutions.

It’s time to learn about the reactions in WhatsApp and learn how to put them using our article on the link.

  • Restart the application, closing it and opening it again. If it hung, call the task dispatcher a combination of keys CtrLaltDelete.
  • Launch WhatsApp on behalf of the administrator. click on the right mouse button and click “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.

Nothing helped? We figure out why WhatsApp does not open on a computer.

The reasons

To work, the messenger needs the Internet, especially the web version. This is the first thing to check if WhatsApp does not open. And it is important not only the presence of the Internet, but also the quality of the connection. Here are some tips on working with the problem.

Internet problems

Open the browser and try downloading some page. It does not load or the process is slow? Then, probably, you really have problems with the Internet.

You can also check the speed using the SpeedTest online service. Go to the site and click “GO”. Wait a few minutes and see your indicators. Also, in the absence of an Internet connection in the messenger window, a message often appears about this.

You were convinced that the lack of the Internet does not allow you to start WhatsApp. Here are some tips to solve the problem.

  • Disconnect Wi-Fi and turn it on again. Click on the icon with the waves of the signal on the task panel below on the right. On a macbook it can be upstairs to the right (there is a taskbar there). Click “Disable”.
  • Reload the router. Press the ON/OFF button on the panel and wait a few minutes. Then turn on the router again, press the same button.
  • Funds. Check if you have enough money on your account, this can be done through the Personal Account Provider. Maybe you forgot to pay for the Internet. that is why WhatsApp does not open on a laptop?
  • Disconnect VPN or vice versa join it. In particular, this applies to problems with WhatsApp Web.
  • Call the Call Provider Call. Replace the problem, as well as what methods you have already tried.

Problems with installation files

This problem is usually accompanied by the issuance of an error from the operating system, but this message may not be. Sometimes, after trying to open WhatsApp on PC, the download wheel is spinning for a few seconds, and nothing happens then.

Faced that SMS does not come in WhatsApp? Ways to solve the problem by link.

It could happen that the application was deleted with PC, although the icon was still left. This is why WhatsApp does not open on a computer. If you downloaded the application not from the official site, it could be “broken” and even with viruses and malicious code. In all these cases, an error in installation files does not allow you to open WhatsApp. Completely remove the remains of the application and install it again.

  • Click on the Start button and go to the “Parameters”. Also, to find the desired settings section, you can immediately use the PC search function.
  • Find the WhatsApp list. Here you can also use the search bar for convenience.
  • Click on three points or right.button mouse on the application plank and click “Delete”. Wait for the completion of the process.

Now we need to download and install WhatsApp again.

Attention! Take the APK file only from the official website of the developer-WhatsApp.com.

WhatsApp Desktop App Not Launching In Windows 10 FIX

whatsapp, does, start

Incompatibility with OS

WhatsApp is supported on Windows 8 and higher, and MacOS version 10 should be installed on macbook.10 and above. And it happens that Windows violated the application compatibility mode. that is why WhatsApp does not open on a computer. Let’s set the desired mode.

WhatsApp Web

Separately, let’s figure out why WhatsApp on PC in a browser (web version) does not open.

We remind you that the web version of the application, WhatsApp Web, operates in the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, as well as in Yandex Browser. The Internet Explorer is not supported by the messenger.

Among other reasons-there is no Internet connection, which we talked about above, as well as the parental control included. If you set restrictions for the child, check if Web resources are prohibited.WhatsApp.com.Web.WhatsApp.com and.WhatsApp.Net.

Found the reason why WhatsApp does not open on PC? What was it? Share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Problems with the connection on the smartphone

If your WhatsApp does not start on your computer, you should pay close attention to the smartphone! There is nothing surprising in this. you already know that you can’t work in a desktop version without a mobile application.

The program for the computer and the web version of the messenger are additions to the main mobile application-which is why you cannot use all the functions if you do not confirm your personality through the smartphone.

The answer to the question why whatsApp does not open on a computer. problems with a mobile connection. This happens, let’s try to fix together.

First enter the messenger on the phone and try to send any message to any user. If nothing happens, you need to take measures!

  • Restart the device or turn it off, then turn it on again;
  • Enter aircraft mode for a few seconds. then turn it off and try it again;
  • Make sure that you have connected the data of the data (this can be done through the settings or simply by shifting the curtain with a pile from top to bottom).

WhatsApp on a computer still does not work? The problems with the connection are not completely eliminated. we return to the smartphone and try the following:

  • Make sure that all Internet points are connected, and there are enough funds on the account;
  • Reload a router or router;
  • Connect to another wireless point;
  • Make sure Wi-Fi does not turn off in sleep mode;
  • Contact the mobile operator and make sure that your APN parameters are correctly configured.

If you do not start WhatsApp on a computer due to mobile problems, it will never be superfluous to seek help from the operator. At a minimum, they will give you useful tips and advise. as a maximum, they will solve the problem that has arisen. Try it!

If the measures listed above are taken, but there is no result, WhatsApp does not open on the computer. move on. We offer to do the following:

  • Make sure the roaming mode is turned off (through the personal account of the telecom operator);
  • Make sure that you turned off the proxy and the VPN server. If you use such connections, failures and problems may occur. The messenger is not designed to work in such configurations;
  • Install the operating system update. Look into the smartphone settings. if the device offers to update, urgently put a new version. This will help eliminate a lot of errors and bugs.

We walked on the list and completed all the recommendations, but WhatsApp on Windows 10 does not start? Obviously, the problem lies on the other hand. let’s look for other solutions.

Connection problems in desktop

If a mobile device works without failures, why does not open on the laptop? Difficulties can hide from the desktop. it is time for us to make sure that there is a stable connection.

Try starting another application, open any site and see how correct they work. There are problems?

  • Reload a router or router;
  • Try to close capacious running applications (through the tasks dispatcher), especially for programs working in the background;
  • Contact the Support Provider.

If everything is fine with the Internet, but the error is saved, it is worth completing the work session in the messenger. Let’s start again!

All sessions are completed, you can start restart. Open a web page or a program on the desktop:

whatsapp, does, start

I figured out why WhatsApp does not work on a computer and what can be done about it. as a rule, one of the methods described above will help to solve the problem. Try to carefully check all points, make sure there is a correct Internet connection-then everything will be fine!

Vatsap opportunities for Windows 10

This is not a full.fledged messenger because you need to have a phone connected to the Internet for its operation, that is, if the phone, for example, will stop the program will stop working. But if you do not violate this condition, then you can get a quite tolerable product on your PC with the ability to create groups, write in chats and share files. Install WhatsApp for Windows 10 and you can easily throw photos from phone to computer, automatically squeezing them, as the messenger optimizes all photos and video files.


In the Windows 10 WhatsApp operating system, it takes contacts only from the smartphone phone book on which it is activated. Unfortunately, it is impossible to add new contact on the computer, if you want to write to a person who is not in the list of contacts, you will have to add it on a smartphone and only after that it will appear on PC.

The chat is slightly different from the mobile version, perhaps the only significant difference is that this is the inability to send your location, the rest of the functionality is no different and you will find the usual set of functions:

  • You can also send photos and videos;
  • Remove the image from the camera and send immediately;
  • Share documents;
  • Send your contacts from the phone book.

Differences from the mobile version

WhatsApp Messenger is a free communication program for computer and mobile phones of Android and iOS, allowing you to correspond, send images, make videos and audio calls, send stickers and “faces”, and more.

Lovers of active conversations and IM mixers will like this mobile application should be added to the “best” acquisitions and install yourself.

Check compatibility mode with WhatsApp

Depending on the Windows version that you use, you may need to change the compatibility mode for the WhatsApp (x86) classic table program. This can be done by clicking with the right button mouse icon of the WhatsApp label and choosing “properties”. Go to the Compatibility tab and in the “Run this program in combinability mode” section, select your operating system and click OK.

Reload the computer and try to start WhatApp again to make sure everything works correctly.

QR code is not scanned and not displayed

If you opened the browser version of WhatsApp Web, but faced the fact that the QR code does not appear-you should do the following:

If everything turned out through the incognito tab, then the application does not work because of one of the plugins-they will have to be disconnected manually.

Often the problem lies in the antivirus installed on the computer. it is enough to do the following:

Another common problem. your smartphone does not scan the code on the computer. Why is the code not scan, how to fix the fact that the load is gone?

To cope with the fact that WhatsApp web does not scan the code, it can be as follows:

  • Squeeze the Ctrl button and twist the mouse wheel to bring the screen closer;
  • You can also simultaneously squeeze Ctrl and;
  • As soon as the picture approaches, it will be easier to scan the image.

I sorted out WhatsApp Web code settings. what to do if WhatsApp does not send notifications?

No WhatsApp Web update

If the messenger is not updated, does not load when opening from a computer, you should think about the availability of updates:

  • Click on the “Start” menu button;
  • Click on the gear icon;
  • Go to the “Updates” panel;
  • Click the button “Checking the availability of updates”.

If you installed the last update, but the application still does not turn on. remove it on the computer and download it from the official site again.

Bad Internet connection

WhatsApp web does not work on a computer if there is no normal Internet connection on the smartphone. The reason is simple, you simply cannot go to the mobile messenger to undergo authorization.

Try to open any web page or application. Does not work? We offer to take the following measures:

whatsapp, does, start
  • Make sure that there are enough funds on the account, and all the Internet points are connected. Maybe you spent the GB limit for this month?
  • Reload your mobile phone;
  • Connect to a wireless network, turn off the mobile;
  • Make sure that you have actually activated a wireless connection or cellular transmission;
  • Reload the router/ router.

It is important to remember, WhatsApp web does not open in controlled wireless networks! If you are in an educational institution or at work, you may encounter such restrictions imposed by the administrator. Nothing to do about!

If WhatsApp web does not open on the computer, it is worth checking if you use VPN or proxy. The messenger is not designed for third.party configurations, so the performance is not guaranteed. Disconnect the proxy/ VPN and repeat the attempt.

Of course, the reasons can lie not only in the smartphone! Let’s try to figure out what else to pay attention to.

Incorrect choice of browser

Another answer to the question why whatsApp web does not load. you are trying to use the inappropriate browser. Recall that the messenger works exclusively in modern web browsers, including:

Other browsers, for example, Internet Explorer, are not supported. often, WhatsApp web does not work, which is why. Unusual users are trying to go to the account through a third.party observer.

At the same time, you are recommended to establish the latest available version of the observer to guarantee the work of the messenger. The update button is in the browser settings, be sure to put it in a timely manner.

Votsap flies out on the phone


  • Lack or unstable Internet connection. The problem is solved by recovering to the network or authorization in another way, for example, using a wireless connection.
  • Application glitch. In this case, it is necessary to restart the software, if this does not help, then the completely mobile device is reloaded.
  • Violation of authorization. It is necessary to check the correct entry of the phone and code from the SMS message, as well as view all the authorization attempts, the option is possible that your account is hacked and you should change the password to exclude a new departure from the system.
  • There is no way to get SMS password, authorization does not pass. In such a situation, a call or voice code will help to confirm your personality.
  • Dot in the application of the application can occur due to the fact that the user has not installed in time all the necessary updates. In this case, you just need to go to the application store, find in the list of installed WhatsApp software and update.

Web version of WhatsApp

If you do not want to download and install the desktop version of the WhatsApp program on a computer running Windows 10. it is possible to use the browser version of the service for free.

This method is safer. unlike the desktop version of the program. In the web version, at every turning on, you need to carry out authorization using a QR code, if you remove the checkplace “stay in the system” under the code. Thus, the user’s data is protected from random or intentional embezzlement of confidential information.

Reinstall the application

Few users said that WhatsApp does not work properly on their smartphone, and if you have the same problem, you can consider the possibility of reinstalling the application.

After repeated installation of WhatsApp, check if the problem is saved.

Some users also recommend deleting all the data related to WhatsApp when reinstating to avoid possible conflicts, so you may want to do it.

Check if WhatsApp is allowed to work in the background

Many users, as a rule, use the battery charge mode on their phones with Windows 10 to save battery charge. This mode does not allow some applications to work in the background, which saves the battery charge.

If you still want to save energy, here are 13 tips on how to extend the service life of your laptop battery, which really work

Users said they did not receive any WhatsApp notifications on their phone or any messages.

This can be a big problem, because you cannot accept calls or messages if you do not switch to WhatsApp on your phone.

Fix Not Receiving Notifications From WhatsApp Desktop App On PC

Users suspect that this problem is caused by the Battle Saver mode, and to eliminate it, it is necessary to open the Battle Saver and check whether WhatsApp is included in the “background apps” section.

If WhatsApp is not available, be sure to turn it on. To do this, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the Settings system saving battery.
  • Click change the battery charge settings.
  • A list of all applications will appear. Find the WhatsApp list and make sure that the value of the v

After WhatsApp will work in the background, you can easily receive text messages, calls and other notifications.

Another way to solve this problem is to completely disconnect the function of saving the telephone battery charge.

After that, WhatsApp will start working normally.

Fix the problems with the connection to Windows Phone

If your phone is not connected to WhatsApp Web, this may be due to the Internet connection or settings of your phone. To solve this problem, do the following:

  • Restart the phone or turn off and turn on again
  • Update WhatsApp to the latest version available in Microsoft store
  • Open your phone settings, then press the network and wireless communication and press the flight mode. Switch to turn on and off the flight mode, turn on the cell data and/or turn on or off Wi-Fi.
  • Try connecting to various wi-fi access points.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is included in sleep mode.
  • Reload the Wi-Fi router.
  • Find out your mobile operator if there is a problem
  • Visit Microsoft’s website and make sure that the APN parameters are correctly configured.
  • If you have Nokia Windows Phone, download and use the “Connection Settings” application from Microsoft’s store.
  • Update the Windows Phone operating system to the latest version available to your model.
  • Contact the network administrator to eliminate problems with Wi-Fi connection. This also applies to those cases when you use the public Wi-Fi, for example, in your campus or corporate office, and it has restrictions on firewall.
  • Do not use it with proxy or VPN, as this can affect the connection.

Note. These steps also work with Android or iOS phones, but with small differences in the settings.

Fix Wi-Fi access points

Sometimes, when your phone is not connected to WhatsApp Web, check if there are notifications in WhatsApp that you cannot connect through a certain Wi-Fi connection. If so, then you are on the Wi-Fi network.

Such access points require entry into the system before connecting to the Internet, so if you are connected to the Internet, you can either disconnect from it, and then use cellular data to connect to the Internet, or enter the Wi-Fi network and navigate. on your home page.

If the problem is saved, even if you enter the system, disconnect from Wi-Fi and forget the connection in Wi-Fi settings or contact the network administrator to make sure that you can connect through the Wi-Fi access point.

Tell us if you managed to solve the problem or you have specific problems, leaving a comment in the section below.