What to do if notifications of WhatsApp do not come

Smartphones are designed to facilitate human life. This small gadget is a multifunctional device that includes: organizer, calendar, alarm clock, messenger, game console and much more. Phones inform their owner about the news and various events notifications. But they are not safe from failures, and even the popular WhatsApp messenger may not work as it should. In the article we will consider the question of why whatsApp notifications do not come, and how can this problem be corrected.

If there are no WhatsApp notifications, the first thing to check is how the Internet works. On Android and on the iPhone, if the gadget goes into sleep mode, the connection can “fall off”. That is, in the background, notifications do not come, but only when you open whatsApp.

Sometimes the system will fail if the smartphone has little RAM. Only buying a newer device with good “iron” will help here. Of course, you can unload all programs from memory except the messenger, but this is not very convenient and practical.

Also, do not lose the attention of the settings set by the user. Many people simply do not understand this, and may be mistakenly sorted out something.


If the android devices do not work on Android, take these steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the item “Show notifications” or just notifications and go to it.
  • In the list of applications, select WhatsApp.
  • If the option “limit background data” is active, then deactivate it.

Similar actions are made directly in the Vatsapa settings:

It happens that pop.up windows about new messages from a particular person or chat cease to appear. So, a restriction in personal settings has been set.


Using the iPhone if PUSH notifications do not come to WhatsApp, to start rebooting the smartphone. Also, the gadget, converted into a soundless regime, will not show alert. In addition, check that the function “not to disturb” is disabled (the icon in the form of the moon in the settings panel).

Push provisions can be disconnected for specific programs. When messages do not come to WhatsApp, you can solve this this way:

  • Go to the gadget settings.
  • Open “Notifications”.
  • See a list of installed applications where find and go to WotSAPP.
  • Translate the slider opposite to “allow notifications” to an active state.

Xiaomi and Meizu

The phones of these manufacturers have a function that extends the “life” of the battery. And if the user closes WhatsApp, the notifications will not be displayed until you open.

The problem is eliminated as follows:

  • Go to the device settings clicking on the gear icon.
  • Select the “Additional” section.
  • Find the “battery”.
  • Find the point “Program Management”.
  • Select the messenger and remove the restriction related to sending notifications.

In addition to activate the auto.launch. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open “Tools”.
  • Select “Security”.
  • Go to “Permission”. While in this menu, switch the slider opposite the “Avtobuavka” item. Then, even if the user closes the messenger, messages will not be blocked.

Other reasons

VotsApp is a rather capricious messenger, which may begin to fail due to the smallest inaccuracies in the settings. Problems are solved in different ways, which depends on the OS, the phone model, and the versions of the WhatsApp itself.

Time and time zone

Smartphones and software developed for them, during work, use various complex scenarios. The incorrectly entered date and time or incorrectly exhibited time zone can also cause incorrect functioning of applications.

It is recommended to immediately eliminate this moment, otherwise the messenger will constantly cause problems. Procedure:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the “Parameters”.
  • Select the Date and Time tab, where you turn off their automatic installation.
  • Set the current time and set the current time zone.
  • Reload the system.

Function “Show of contents”

In the settings of a mobile device, an option that is responsible for showing notifications on the lock screen can simply be disabled. The problem is solved as follows:

Sleep mode is enabled

This option is in the flagship Samsung, and has recently been found in gadgets from other manufacturers. If you activate it, then: the brightness of the screen is limited, the picture becomes black and white, notifications are disconnected and so on. The function is disconnected in the “Using device” menu in the “Sleep mode”.

Setting restrictions on the use of battery

Energy saving parameters disconnect different phone functions, including obtaining alerts. How to fix the situation:

  • Find the menu gadget in the settings, through which the battery is monitored.
  • Open “restrictions in the background”.
  • Add VOTSAP to the list “not passing into sleep mode”.

Cash WhatsApp

Most programs installed on the gadget have a cache. a temporary storage used to quickly download. The cache file can grow to large sizes, which is why not only the internal memory is “eaten”, but also various errors arise, including with notifications. Cleafing the cache is done as follows:


The WhatsApp user for Android notification of various types is activated by performing simple manipulations, but to obtain the desired result, you should act carefully so as not to miss one or another setting. The aspect of the use of the messenger we are considering is regulated by the mass of options both in the application itself and in the operating system, where it operates.

Setting the messenger

  • Open the messenger and go to its “Settings”. In WhatsApp for Android, the parameter control module is available from the main application menu, which is caused, regardless of the selected tab by circulating three points in the upper corner of the screen on the right.

Setting up Android OS

  • Go to the “settings” of the mobile OS, slipping along the appropriate icon on the desktop or icon in the curtain. From the opening list of sections of the parameters, move to “Notifications”. Next, find the “WhatsApp” item in the list capable of generating applications and tape the name of the messenger.

Another way of opening a screen that provides the opportunity to activate WhatsApp notifications:

The process of ensuring all notifications that are provided for by the creators of WhatsApp for iOS just as in the Android environment can be divided into two stages, but the iPhone should be in the reverse order. first adjust the parameters of the operating system, and then configure the messenger.

Setting the messenger

  • Launch the messenger and move to its “Settings”, slipping along the icon located in the panel at the bottom of the screen. Go to the entitled “notifications” section of the WhatsApp parameters.


The WhatsApp program for Windows in the same way as mobile customers of the service can generate notifications, and in order to ensure the possibility of obtaining them, you need to perform two simple operations.

Windows 10 setting up

  • Without closing (important!) WhatsApp program, open the region that shows in Windows 10, clicking on the most extreme taskbar of the taskbar.

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Hello. On which device you are trying to perform the specified-Android Smartphone or iPhone?

for.To see messages on the smartphone that came in Vatsap or Viber, when the Internet is turned off, that where to turn it on

Hello, Lyubov Petrovna. There are no messages in messengers when the Internet cannot come, because it is through it that they are delivered. That is, at the time of sending the message to your messenger and WhatsApp, and Viber, and all analogues check the fact of the connection of your account to the network. If this is confirmed, you get a message, and subject to the activation of the option of demonstrating notifications, and it too. If you, as the addressee of the message, are not connected to the Internet and, accordingly, to the service, the message receives the status of “sent, not delivered”, and “waits” the moment when your account will be available. Thus, it does not need to specially activate anything when you turn on the Internet on your device, all the messengers sent to you during the period of its absence will automatically go to customers of messengers, will become available for viewing and other manipulations.

What to do if there is no notice of notifications in the WhatsApp Business application

Consider the ways to solve this problem, which may occur during the use of the messenger. First you need to check the settings settings installed in the application.

How to check notification settings

To establish the sound of incoming notifications (or check whether it was established earlier), follow the following actions:

  • Activate the application;
  • In the upper right corner, press the icon of three vertical points;
  • Select item “Settings”;
  • Go to the section “Notifications”;
  • In the unfolding window, check whether the sound function is included for notifications;
  • If the sound alerts are disconnected, move the switch to the position “VCL”.

The option of a malfunction of sound signals is also possible if a melody from third.party resources was installed, the support of which was terminated.

How to update the version of “WhatsApp Business”

In the case of an outdated version of the messenger, unstable work may be observed, including regarding notifications settings. To check the updates, go to the instructions:

  • Open “Google Play”, If your smartphone supports OS Android, or “App Store” for iPhone;
  • Enter in the search bar “WhatsApp Business”;
  • Click “Update”, to get the current version of the application.

Additionally, you can reinstall the application by deleting the previously installed program. To do this, be sure to save a backup so as not to lose the contents of the correspondence.

How to check the smartphone settings

The lack of sound notifications may be associated with a change in the system settings. You can set the necessary parameters or return the previous characteristics by performing a few steps:

  • Open the section in the smartphone menu “Sound and notifications” (name for different models may vary);
  • Select the tab “Sound profile” And install the switch “Soundless” in mode “Off”;
  • Activate the function of cleaning the memory cache and delete extra files. the lack of RAM can negatively affect the application of the application in the background.

As an addition to the described actions, check whether the speaker reproducing the sound is working, if the breakdown is detected, you must contact the service center.

To eliminate the situation when sound notifications do not come, it is also recommended to check the quality of the Internet connection, since in the absence of a stable connection, there may be malfunctions in the operation of the sound support of incoming messages for the business account.

Updating the version

The correct functioning of the messenger is directly related to the timely update of the version of the program. Even a stable working program can fail if the utility version is outdated.

The service is updated through the application market:

How To Fix WhatsApp Microphone Not Working (2022)

  • Open Google Play or App Store.
  • Find the messenger in the list of programs or through the search line.
  • If there is a “update” button, perform an appropriate action.
  • Wait (up to a minute) while the program is updated.

The operating system installed on the device also needs a periodic update. The corresponding procedure is performed inside the telephone settings and allows you to improve the operation of many applications.

Damage to the device

If the mobile phone is subjected to mechanical, heat or other damaging effects, the device can function incorrectly. Broken speaker or microphone will not provide the desired sound quality.

A user cannot solve a similar problem on his own. To repair a phone that has experienced physical damage, you should contact the specialists of the service center. The sound signal lock can cause pollution, mechanical damage, contact loss and much more.

The transmission of the sound signal requires the correct operation of phones from both subscribers. Often the source of problems is the interlocutor. After checking the headphones and volume level, the subscriber should also ask the interlocutor to test his mobile phone.

You can approach the problem differently. try to contact another contact. If the sound is still absent, the problem is “hidden” on the user’s device and does not depend on the interlocutor.

RAM deficiency

Outdated gadgets often do not have a sufficient volume. This defect leads to malfunctions in many applications, including WhatsApp. If the user does not have the opportunity to change the phone model to a more modern one, the user should not leave open tabs, regularly clean the cache application of applications to ensure a sufficient amount of the RAM. The procedure is carried out through a smartphone menu.

Answers are given: what to do when SMS come without sound, the sound of messages in Vatsapa on Android, iPhone or computer disappeared.

So, malfunctioning WhatsApp is easily eliminated thanks to the instructions given above.

Minimum volume is set

There is no voice from an incoming voice message. Follow the instructions:

  • Open the chat with the right interlocutor;
  • Click on a voice message for playback;
  • Add the volume directly during listening. the sound should appear.

If the sound has not appeared, check the speaker of the smartphone, as it could fail. run the music, try to listen to the message from any other interlocutor, or try to call. Faulty speaker is subject to repair in the nearest service.

Problem with the approaching sensor

Interesting functionality is implemented in smartphones. you can listen to a message on the speakerphone, or through a conversational speaker. Switching is carried out automatically, you just need to bring the device to the ear. The motion sensor is responsible for this, located next to the front camera and conversational speaker.

Lack of sound can be explained that the finger lies right on the sensor. Remove your hands from the top of the smartphone and try to listen to the message again.

Reinstall WhatsApp

You can reinstall WhatsApp to fix the problems. But since reinstallation of WhatsApp will delete all your chats, you must make a backup copy of the WhatsApp messages and photos on your phone before reinstalling. If you use the iPhone and want to create backup copies of messages and multimedia WhatsApp files on the computer, you can use iOS Data Backup Restore. which allows you to restore separate WhatsApp chats instead of the entire chat history.

  • For Android phone: Go to the “Applications” “Applications” “Applications Management” WhatsApp. Click Delete. Then open the Google Play Store to install it.
  • For iOS device: Go to the main screen and delete WhatsApp. Then open the App Store to install WhatsApp on your iPhone.

If you have other problems with WhatsApp, leave us a comment. How to read someone else’s correspondence in WhatsApp you will find on our website.

WhatsApp app sets

There are much more settings here, so we will check everything at once. To begin with, we will go to the notification settings menu. run WhatsApp, click on three points in the upper part of the screen, select the “Settings. Notifications” item. Make sure that the “Sounds in Chat” tick is in an active state (move it if it is not active).

We check the activity of sound notifications in the message block on the same page. There should be a “standard notification” checkbox, or an alternative sound should be selected (so that you can distinguish notifications from WhatsApp from notifications from other applications). Choose an alternative sound or standard notification if it costs a checkbox “without sound”. Similarly, we go down to the group “Group” and check the activity of notifications for group chats. We do the same for video calls and voice calls.

We set up separate chats

If everything is fine in the notifications settings, but there is no sound, check the individual chat settings where you are waiting for the message:

  • Return to the screen with chats where all dialogs are displayed;
  • Open a dialogue with a person from whom there is no sound;
  • Touch the name of the contact in the upper part of the dialog box;
  • Make sure here is not worth a checkbox “without sound”.

A little lower is the submenu “individual notifications”. If the inscription “inclusive” is visible under it, follow the following actions:

  • Go to this submenu;
  • Tap the line “Sound of a notification”;
  • Make sure that an individual sound is chosen here, and not worth the checkbox “without sound”.

If the check is “without sound”, choose a melody for notifications from the list.

Reinstalling the program

Also, the problem can lie in the directly damaged files. That is, the system here in no way affects the error. In this case, the algorithm for reinstalling the program will already have to be used, since the bug can “gain a foothold” behind whatsApp and subsequently constantly manifest itself. When erasing the application, all data is deleted, which means that you can “start from scratch” use the messenger. Here are what steps you need to complete in order to reinstall the client on his smartphone:

    First, hold your finger on the icon before the context menu appears or enter the desktop editing mode;

Important! If the user decides to reinstall the WhatsApp Android device, then it is recommended to additionally go to the file manager. These applications can be preserved there, in view of which the error will not go. it is worth deleting the folder and then install the messenger from scratch.

Another option

Some smartphones have mainly from Xiaomi, a blocking of background processes is installed. This is done to save battery charge. However, then in WhatsApp sound (namely, notifications) will not work. And therefore, you will need to go into the smartphone settings and make such an algorithm:

  • Go to the “Notifications and the Center for Notifications” after the main application parameters have opened;
  • Open “Notifications of Appendices”;
  • It remains to enable the notification function so that the warning from WhatsApp comes immediately from the start of the system.