Top Reasons for Installing a CCTV Camera

Do you have a summer cottage outside the city

A camcorder will help you avoid unpleasant surprises at the beginning of the summer season and before a weekend trip. With its help, you will know that the oncoming wind scattered the street chairs over the site, the rain flooded the gate and you need to take rubber boots on the trip, the yard is covered with snow and you will need a shovel to free the gate and clear the path to the porch.

All information about the condition of the house and the site will be available on your smartphone. The system can record 24 hours, seven days a week. Videos are saved to a memory card or to the cloud. in an archive that is reliably protected from hacking or data loss. Only you and your loved ones will be able to watch recordings from the security camera at your permission.

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Video surveillance in the country. pledge of peace of mind of the owners

You live in a private house

Keeping the situation under control is useful in any home. It’s easier to do this in an apartment: the neighbors are closer there, and the common house video surveillance and security system works.

When you have a private house and a plot, video surveillance is necessary. There are several reasons:

  • Without an entrance and stairwells, access to housing becomes more open;
  • Neighbors are at a considerable distance and may not always notice that strangers are circling around your house;
  • The area next to the house also requires protection: there may be valuable things in the yard. a lawn mower, a barbecue, and other useful equipment;
  • Even a high fence or a lock on the gate will not become an obstacle if someone decides to rob you.

Having installed a video surveillance system, you can constantly monitor the house and the site. Modern CCTV cameras are able to record all events and broadcast them to your smartphone in real time. Choosing an outdoor camera with a Full HD signal format, with a wide temperature range and protection against high humidity, you can get high-quality video in any weather conditions.
Almost every camcorder is now equipped with infrared illumination for viewing in the dark. And the built-in motion detection system allows you to detect uninvited guests and send a notification of this to your smartphone at any time of the day.

Street IP WI-FI video camera with microphone PoliceCam PC-453 WI-FI 3MP. all-weather video camera with IP67 protection level. The model has small dimensions and works great both in the yard and in the house, easily transferring video to smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems using the YooSee program.

Video camera PoliceCam PC-453 WI-FI 3MP in a video surveillance system in a country house

Elderly relatives live separately

When parents or other close people of a respectable age live alone and there is no opportunity to see them often, we constantly worry about their well-being. In order not to experience stress every time due to the fact that the retired dad does not answer the phone all day. install the camcorder. With it, you can at any time make sure that parents are just watching TV and do not hear the ringing phone.

The camera will send you notifications to your smartphone if it detects strange movements or noises in the middle of the night. You will be able to immediately respond and provide assistance.

PoliceCam PC-5300 Sauron and PoliceCam PC-5115 cameras are suitable for video surveillance of the elderly.

Do you have small children

Video surveillance of young children is necessary for their safety and to make life easier for mom. Leaving small children unattended for long periods of time is risky, but it is impossible to spend 24 hours with them. In this case, a home camera with a baby monitor function that detects movement and sound will help you. She will free up some time for household chores and work and rest. If the child is very young, you can put him to bed and calmly go about your business in another room. When the child wakes up and starts to move actively, you will instantly receive a notification on your phone.

With older children, video surveillance will also be very useful. You can control them remotely using both video and audio. For example, the PoliceCam PC-5300 Sauron video camera has a two-way audio communication function: it will be possible to assess the situation in the room right from work and tell the child that it is time to sit down for lessons.
What did the child eat for lunch, what did he do all day, whether he ate soup, not candy. the video report is always at your fingertips. And, of course, you will get the opportunity to calmly go about your own business and not worry if the child is okay.

IP WI-FI video camera PoliceCam PC-5300 Sauron. ideal baby monitor in a house with children

6 reasons to install a CCTV camera

Video surveillance is a part of everyday life and often helps to preserve property and peace of mind of loved ones. Is it always necessary to install CCTV cameras?
Of course not. Most often, video surveillance is installed for the following reasons.

Are you worried about your pet

The pet also becomes an object of care and concern. Being alone at home, the pet is sad, does not eat, is bored? Or maybe he spoils furniture, steals food, climbs on the table? An internal camera will help you see with your own eyes what is happening to the pet when the house remains completely at its disposal. Surely you will learn a lot of funny or touching details from the life of a furry friend. Or you will understand why he presses his ears guiltily towards your return.

Installing video surveillance at home is easier than it sounds. For example, to connect a WI-FI camera, just install it in the right place, turn on the 220V power supply, download the application on your phone or open the website through a browser on your computer. Add the camera to the application on your smartphone and use a convenient modern service.

A video baby monitor is needed not only for children, but also for pets

A miniature WI-FI camera PoliceCam PC-5115 is suitable for a small room. You can install it on the bracket or simply by placing it in a convenient place. The camera looks like a small 4×4 cm black cube and is very easy to disguise. An additional plus of the model. built-in battery. Mini surveillance camera can work autonomously for up to 5 hours or more, depending on the recording mode.

WI-FI mini video camera PoliceCam PC-5115. excellent choice for business

Our experienced specialists will help you choose the right video camera. To contact them, call 068-120-00-47 or order a call back.

Instructions: installing CCTV cameras

The effectiveness of a video surveillance system depends not so much on the quality of the equipment as on the correct installation of the surveillance system. In this case, the installation rules may differ, depending on the class of the selected surveillance camera. For example, installing outdoor video surveillance equipment is a little more difficult than installing indoor equipment. But by and large, the installation of the camera on different objects does not have any differences. Therefore, despite the features of the object, certain installation requirements, which we will consider.

Choosing a place for mounting the camera

To choose the right place for installing the camera, you need to consider the following factors:

  • guarantee full control of the area you want to see;
  • minimize the level of light. this will increase comfort and efficiency;
  • provide a place where mechanical damage to the surveillance camera will be excluded.

You need to understand that backlighting is relevant not only for street models. In direct sunlight, various lighting fixtures, etc. can significantly degrade the level of image quality of CCTV cameras that are installed inside the premises. If you are installing a camera with a motion sensor, then in the same way, you need to take into account the possibility of backlight from headlights or a lamp, because high probability of false positives.

We lay connecting lines

This is an important connection step, because There are many different factors to consider during installation. For example, during installation, it is necessary to avoid installing signal and power cables 50 cm side by side. this figure is set in regulatory documents. As practice shows, especially for large lines, this distance needs to be increased. this will have a positive effect on the efficiency of the equipment.

For the purpose of transmitting a video signal to an analog data monitoring system, the indicator is above 100 meters. it would be ideal to use not a coaxial cable, but a twisted pair. It is imperative to pay attention to the correctly selected cross-section in order to power the surveillance cameras. If you install the equipment outdoors, then you need to consider the protection of the signal circuit from electrical systems in order to protect against interference, etc.

Installation of CCTV cameras for outdoor use

You need to understand that street surveillance cameras can be exposed not only to atmospheric influences, but also to mechanical damage, which is often caused by third-party objects, for example, a fallen icicle. In addition, attackers can specifically disable CCTV cameras.

Just don’t try to hide the camera by sacrificing quality. The fact is that if you install it too high or in a hard-to-reach place, it immediately makes maintenance and placement at a significant height difficult. this leads to a deterioration in the angle. In addition, it will be more difficult for the camera to recognize faces if a camera with video analytics is installed.

Ideally. use anti-vandal models of CCTV cameras, or simply fix them up for building structures. In the latter case, it will be quite difficult to maintain the equipment.

Installation rules for IP-surveillance cameras

In general, the process is not different in principle. This applies to the place of installation, the method of fastening structures and laying the cable. But such equipment makes it possible to implement wireless systems, which greatly simplifies installation. This makes it even easier to install the camera yourself. When using a wired connection, then in addition to cameras, you will need to install network switches.

This addition increases the user experience, but IP surveillance makes it possible to connect multiple cameras on the same line, so good savings can be achieved. It should be borne in mind that the amount of data through a twisted pair is quite limited, so this fact must be taken into account, guided by the resolution and type of data transfer. To view everything that happens at the facility and record data, you will need a video server or video recorder.

How to install a CCTV System in 10 minutes

If the video surveillance system is small, then a personal computer will be an excellent solution. The amount of memory on the hard disk is determined by how deep the archive is needed.

How to prevent glare on a CCTV camera pointing out a window?

A security camera mounted on the window and facing outward allows you to monitor your front door or backyard. These places may seem reasonable for video surveillance, but the problem that some people face is that the camera in this case is not productive at all. Some problems arise with this placement of the CCTV camera, when the device “looks” through the window glass. The question arises: can a camera with IR illumination “see” and record through the window?

Modern IP surveillance cameras use Wi-Fi, as well as infrared for night vision. this infrared radiation is bounced off the glass. Thus, if the camera is located outside the window, you can get a blurry image at night.

A common problem that occurs when using an IR CCTV camera and installing outside a window is the glare of the window panes. This could be due to infrared LEDs, a status indicator, or ambient light. This glare from the window causes images to darken and the video is blurred due to overexposure of light at night. This makes it difficult to recognize images recorded by the camcorder.

Problems when using CCTV cameras indoors through a window

Before placing an outdoor CCTV camera in your home so that it points to the street and looks out the window, it is important to consider several options for its use and have some points for Honor. Camera technology has had a positive impact on the variety of options over the past few years, but not everything functions as expected.

High-quality recording at night is impossible due to re-election by the LED, since the surveillance camera uses infrared light. This causes the video to be overexposed, and it is completely erased. However, problems can be resolved by turning off the IR illumination. You should also turn off any status indicator that could cause blurry video. Installing motion-sensing backlights can help cameras focus on the outside and detect if strangers are sneaking into the house.

The window also degrades the video quality. This is because the window is the object through which the camera must also focus. The window is located between the desired object of video surveillance and the camera. Therefore, for best results in this case, you should position the camera as close to the window as possible. This will avoid some distortion problems.

Tips on how to use a security camera on a window

To mount your home security camera from the inside out, it is important for Honor to have these tips for device placement, use, and mounting methods. Camera cannot focus through glass due to glare at night.

  • Turn off the infrared light, which reduces reflection on the IR CCTV camera;
  • You can purchase a separate IR illuminator and place it outside;
  • Find an alternative place to install surveillance cameras. this can be an outer wall, overhang or ledge;
  • Place the infrared camera as close to the glass as possible if you want it to capture clear images through the window;
  • The room in which the camera is installed should be darker than outside at night;
  • The glass window must be clean for the camera to capture most of the detail;
  • The home security camera must be out of reach or it can be easily damaged.

Although outdoor security cameras in the house do not perform as well as outside, there are indoor placement methods that allow you to shoot high-quality images through the window. The productive use of the camcorder for this purpose is not excluded, if you have taken care of some aspects and take this into account when installing the device at home.

Features of connecting outdoor surveillance cameras

The question of what is needed to connect an outdoor video surveillance camera arises before the user when installing the system on his own. The arrangement of an outdoor video surveillance system has many nuances depending on the characteristics of the object and the level of complexity of the tasks being solved, but in the general case it consists of the following stages:

selection and purchase of a ready-made kit or individual elements of the system, which, in addition to cameras, includes a video recorder, power cables, connectors, power supplies. The parameters and composition of the equipment depend on the type of cameras: IP devices. VSTARCAM C7815WIP, ST-903 IP PRO D, etc., or digital HD. ST 4201, HiWatch DS-T100, etc.;

preparation of a project, in which the optimal points of installation of outdoor cameras, methods of supplying power to them and transferring data are determined;

installation work on the installation of cameras and overhead or hidden laying of power and network cables;

connecting an outdoor surveillance camera to a recorder, PC or monitor, setting system parameters.

Important nuances

When forming a set of equipment, it is necessary to pay no less attention to the characteristics of cable products than to the choice of cameras. Most often used:

    coaxial cable (RG, SAT, PK, etc.) with 75 Ohm impedance and BNC connector (for cameras up to 200-300 m distance); fiber optic with SC, LC, E-2000, etc.; twisted pair UTP, STP, etc. is the best choice for IP cameras.

For domestic use, the combined coaxial cable KVK2P (4P) will be a good choice. with its help it will be possible to provide simultaneous transmission of Audi and video signals and power supply of cameras of the most popular analog-digital cameras today.

The efficiency of the video surveillance system also depends on how to install outdoor surveillance cameras. there should be no “dead” zones blocking the view of objects, the influence of atmospheric influences should be minimized. The services of the Security Systems company will help you solve any such problems quickly, inexpensively and efficiently.

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When will video surveillance be predominantly carried out: day or night?

For the ability to “see” a picture at night, the camera’s sensitivity corresponds. Under this term, there is a characteristic that indicates the minimum amount of light that should be in order for the device to broadcast a more or less understandable picture. The permissible illumination level for each camera is indicated in lux (lx).

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Special cameras for night photography should be 0.01 lux, often they are additionally equipped with illumination and an IR filter. The ability to focus well on the subject corresponds to the presence of electronic shutters and automatic aperture control.

So, if the camera will be used strictly during the daytime, and at night other elements of the security system will correspond to the safety of the room, you can save a little on the cost of additional camera options. But if you need to provide a high-quality image from cameras around the clock, and the area is not sufficiently illuminated, it is better to choose light-sensitive devices with an IR filter and LEDs.

Outdoor CCTV Cameras

It is better to put anti-vandal models on the street that will continue to work under any conditions: rain, wind, frost, or a stone flown from hooligans from the yard.

Image quality. camera capabilities

How detailed the image will be depends on the resolution. It is she who affects the quality of the picture. And high detail is a necessity for those objects where observation is carried out from a very long distance. And in the conditions of a house or local area, this indicator is not a critically important characteristic.

But what is important is that Full HD will accordingly take up the amount of used Internet (when transferring data to a smartphone, for example) and it is corny to take up a certain amount of memory on the device where this video will be stored. Therefore, the high definition of the picture is not always so necessary: ​​sometimes it is better to have video with support for 720p instead of 1080p, but on time and promptly you will observe what is happening in your home.

Which camera is best for home or office?

Small dome cameras can be installed inside the house; they can often remain invisible to your guests. Such devices can be easily combined into a chain and thus, the video surveillance system can include an unlimited number of devices in different rooms and even outside the house.

What kind of surveillance camera is recommended to choose for the organization of video surveillance in the house?

To choose the best video surveillance device, you should pay attention to a number of technical characteristics: photosensitivity, IR illumination, viewing angle, focal length, installation conditions (indoors or outdoors), etc. Let’s take a closer look at all these camera features to find the perfect model for your environment.

How to choose a security camera for your home?

Where the camera will be installed: outdoors or indoors?

Devices installed outdoors have a sealed housing and additional protection against moisture and dust, which is very important for the smooth operation of the device. In addition, they are often equipped with an arranged heating system, which allows the equipment to work even in the frosty winter period.

For those devices that are installed indoors, such characteristics are less important, so usually outdoor cameras have additional protection and are slightly more expensive. While home. less relief. you can not overpay too much and use each device according to your needs.

Choosing the angle of view of the CCTV camera

An important characteristic is the angle of view of the camera. And here it is interesting that the wider the viewing angle, the less small details can be seen in the video, and the smaller the angle, the clearer the image is. How to find a middle ground?

Just count. Where will the camera be? Let’s say it will be mounted in one of the corners of the room. In this case, a viewing angle of 90 degrees is sufficient. Alternatively, if the camera has a wide angle, you can hang it over the entrance to the house, and then you will have a full view and normal image quality.

Therefore, when choosing both an outdoor camera and a device for installing it indoors, you need to take into account such factors as the area of ​​the room, lighting, the place for installing CCTV cameras, and the clarity of the image. In addition, we advise you to pay attention to such characteristics as the ability to record video with sound, as well as the conditions for viewing data (from a drive, online through a mobile application, etc.)

Camera selection

All modern systems are based on two types of video cameras: analog and IP cameras. It is believed that analog cameras have outlived theirs. But if you need to install a system at home or to control a small area, then they will be the best choice. Their low price allows you to implement an effective video surveillance system.

Modern developments have improved analog cameras. Now you can use analog models with the resolution of IP cameras. HD cameras transmit high definition signals over coaxial cable. The picture will not be distorted even with strong zoom and scalability.

The most popular now are IP cameras. They allow you to get a clear and vivid picture in real time. Camcorders easily connect to the network via cable or WI-FI. You can always remotely view what is happening at the moment in the controlled area. These cameras can be used as covert video surveillance.

Anti-vandal cameras are also often installed. They are protected from mechanical damage. These cameras are designed with a one-piece housing that protects the optics and electronics. They can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The need to install video surveillance at the entrance

Often in houses you can find concierges who do not let strangers into the entrance. But they do not always take a responsible approach to their work. Modern methods allow solving many problems of housing safety. With the correct installation of video surveillance, you can control the safety of common property. elevators, mailboxes, lighting devices and much more. Reliable cameras will help prevent unlawful acts, violence, hooliganism, vandalism and other actions that often occur in front doors.

The most effective video surveillance systems help in the prevention and detection of burglaries. You can always control and not let undesirable persons into the entrance. Now a modern video surveillance system is more a necessity than a luxury.

Video surveillance options

Now you can find many options for a variety of ready-made video surveillance systems for the entrance. You can choose the simplest options for monitoring your staircase, or complex systems for monitoring the entire entrance. The most commonly used options are:

  • Individual security camera. It can be installed by the owner of the apartment above the front door (through the peephole or into the intercom).
  • General access system. This includes intercoms and many surveillance cameras.
  • External cameras. With their help, you can control the entire local area.

Most modern cameras are equipped with motion sensors. In this case, recording can be carried out only when motion is detected. It is also possible to record continuously and markers will remain during motion detection.

What you need to install video surveillance at the entrance: tips for choosing and installing cameras

Every year, many people become victims of burglars or attacks in the doorways. How to organize the safety of residents at the entrance and prevent the entry of unauthorized persons? All this can be achieved using modern equipment. The most effective and common equipment is video surveillance. If you correctly select and install video cameras, as well as adjust the operation of the system in conjunction with an intercom, then your house will be under reliable protection.

Installation of CCTV cameras

If you decide to install an individual video surveillance system, then in most cases you can handle it yourself. But if you are wondering about ensuring control of the entire entrance and the adjacent territory, then you cannot do without professional help. The specialists of the company “SmartEL” will carry out a full range of works to implement a modern and reliable video surveillance system in your home.