Cameras from the cloud service SpaceCam

Not so long ago, Rvi launched a cloud service for its cameras, and today it offers consumers their own IP cameras with cloud support. The cameras of the same name were specially developed for the service, and some Rvi camera models were also stitched for this cloud. Connection to this service is carried out slightly differently than that of IVideon.

For example, let’s analyze an interesting model of the SpaceCam T1 PTZ camera. The lens of this device has a viewing angle of 69 °, and the ability to rotate the body through 360 ° provides the ability to remotely control the entire area of ​​the room with a single camera. Video recording resolution is 720p, but for cloud recording it may be lower depending on the selected tariff. It is possible to conduct night shooting thanks to the built-in IR illumination diode, there is a microphone and a Wi-Fi module. The cost of the device is about 11,000 rubles.

SpaceCam cameras have the simplest setup compared to other models offered by the service (Rvi, Hikvision), but compared to devices from IVideon it will still take a little longer due to some nuances. You can also view images from cameras from anywhere in the world with Android or iOS gadgets. You can find detailed instructions for each type of camera on the SpaceCam cloud service website.

IP cameras from CamDrive

A budget option for cameras for Internet video surveillance can be called devices from the cloud service CamDrive, which offers BEWARD and Camdrive with support for its own cloud. The cost of video capture devices varies from 5900 to 7300 rubles, there are both home and outdoor cameras.

These devices also have a simple connection to the cloud service: we connect the camera to a power source, then use a cable or Wi-Fi to connect the device to a router, and register on the website. After these steps, you can already see the picture from the camera in your personal account. Detailed user manual can be found on the website at the link indicated above.

IP camera for remote video surveillance from Camdrive. CD100

For example, let’s take a look at the most budgetary IP camera CD100 (5900r). The video recording resolution of this device may seem insufficient. only 640×480, therefore, it will be impossible to distinguish the faces of people from a few meters away. However, all devices under this brand have similar characteristics, so you need to know about this “drawback” in advance and be ready to put up with it. If you need a higher resolution, there you can also find BEWARD cameras adapted to this cloud. The CD100 camera has a relatively small 58 ° field of view, and a built-in motion detector with an event recording setting.

Similarly with the previous options, you can view images from cameras remotely from any gadget running modern operating systems and having access to the Internet.

New technological cloud IP camera Nobelic NBQ-1110F

A novelty from the cloud service IVideon, presented at the beginning of October 2016, is the stylish Nobelic NBQ-1110F camera, with an even more technological filling than the ocO camera. The camera has all the same advantages as ocO, and even surpasses it:

  • Wide viewing angle. 125 ° horizontally, thanks to which you can view the entire area of ​​the room with one camera;
  • High resolution recording. 1280x960p. no detail will go unnoticed anymore;
  • Built-in IR illumination, allowing you to shoot at night;
  • Support for Wi-Fi and Micro SD memory cards. a 16 GB card is included;
  • Easy connection. just show the QR code received in the Android and iOS application into the camera lens, and the camera is completely ready for use;
  • An even more stylish body that will fit into any interior;
  • Convenient mount allows you to install the camera on any horizontal or vertical surface, and thanks to the presence of a magnet in the base, the camera can even be attached to a refrigerator.

We also suggest watching a short video from IVideon, which clearly demonstrates the connection process, as well as the design and capabilities of the camera:

IP video camera from the IVideon service. ocO

One of the examples of such cameras is an IP camera for video surveillance via the Internet ocO from the IVideon service. It is fully compatible with this cloud, and all you need to set up video surveillance yourself using this camera is to make the initial settings through a special application that can be downloaded free of charge for all popular mobile and computer operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

How to Connect an IP Camera to your Network

With the help of the ocO home IP camera, you can remotely monitor what is happening at your home: look after a pet, a child, and you can also use it as a radio nanny when you need to leave for a short time. The camera has a high recording resolution. 720×1280, and a wide viewing angle of 120 °, thanks to which every detail gets into its view, even in a confined space. Oco can be configured so that the system notifies you of the occurrence of motion or sound, automatically sending messages to your email address, attaching still images of what is happening.

All detailed information about the connection is given directly in the mobile client directly when setting up access to the device, so that remote access to the camera is set up in just a few minutes.

For a full review of the ocO camera with a lot of photos, read this link.

The procedure for connecting a cloud IP camera ocO from the IVideon service

Overview of IP cameras for video surveillance over the Internet

Remote video surveillance is becoming more and more popular every day. This popularity is primarily due to the ability to control what is happening in front of cameras via the Internet from any device from anywhere in the world. As demand grows, so does the supply. manufacturers are trying to produce equipment already initially configured to connect to their own service, which greatly simplifies the task of launching such a system and saves time on setting up the camera.

HIKVISION : How to set up IP Camera | NETVN

Conventionally, for online video surveillance, you can take any IP camera, and manually configure remote access to it. But today there are devices ready for integration with certain services that require minimal settings.

Cloud IP cameras from TP-Link

IP cameras from the manufacturer TP-Link have an even lower cost compared to cameras from the previous service. The most budgetary option can be purchased for an amount within 3000 rubles (TP-Link NC200).

Setting up devices from this manufacturer is just as easy in a matter of minutes. The cloud camera automatically connects to the router via Wi-Fi after pressing the WPS button on its body (the router must also support the WPS function). After that, you need to download the tpCamera application, which will help you make further settings. With this application, you can view images from cameras from your mobile phone remotely under modern OS.

You can place cameras on both horizontal and vertical surfaces using a convenient bracket-stand included in the kit.

As an example, let’s take a cloud IP camera TP-Link NC250 (other models of the manufacturer. NC220, and the new NC230 have similar characteristics), which has a high resolution 720p HD video stream recording, which ensures high image clarity. The viewing angle is relatively small at 64 °. The camera has IR illumination with a range of up to 5.5 meters, which allows video surveillance around the clock, both day and night. Also, thanks to the built-in sound and motion detectors, the device is able to send notifications by e-mail when noise or movement occurs in the area of ​​the frame.

You can use this device at home or in the office, and monitor the situation online from your mobile phone wherever you are. The cost of TP-Link NC250 is about 5000r, NC220

need, connect, camera

4300 rubles, the new NC230 is not yet particularly represented anywhere.

So, in this article we have brought up the most relevant IP cameras for video surveillance via the Internet today, which automatically connect to the manufacturer’s cloud service with minimal effort and time from your side, and begin to transmit the picture to the Internet.

Good luck in choosing a camera, we hope you will not be mistaken, and choose the option that will suit you, and our material will help you with this.!