SAMSUNG wired headphone models review

Wired headphones do not lose relevance due to the fact that such a device does not require charging and provides better sound quality than most Bluetooth headsets. Wireless models of little-known manufacturers are equipped with poor-quality speakers and other details, so when choosing such headphones, it is better to give preference to brands with a confirmed reputation.

For example, Samsung Buds Pro wireless headphones sound much better than other similar models in this price segment, but if the issue of autonomy is of particular importance, pay attention to SAMSUNG wired headphones. In this article, we will briefly consider popular wired headphones from Samsung, which is the feature of these models and read their characteristics.

SAMSUNG Wireless Headphones. Popular Models

Samsung company produces about ten models of wireless headphones for phones. Most of them work as a headset. SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS series models developed in conjunction with AKG are very popular today, one of the leading high-end audio production manufacturers.

Samsung Headphones Bluetooth Models:

  • Samsung Gear Iconx. Fitness-headphones with a built-in player on 4 GB, allowing you to download in memory of about 1000 songs, working hours without charging. 7 hours; have a function of recharging from the case; equipped with moisture protection;
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170NZK. black, complete with a case, work time. 6 hours;
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS SM-R170NZW. white, complete with a case, work time. 6 hours;
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds SM-R170NZY. yellow, complete with a case, work time. 6 hours;
  • Samsung Level U. Clean and clear voice transmission, the time of continuous playback of music reaches 10 hours, the time of telephone conversations. about 11 hours, the standby mode is 500 hours;
  • Samsung Level U Pro. can be connected via Bluetooth to two devices at the same time, which allows you to watch the video on the tablet and talk on the smartphone;
  • SAMSUNG BG950CBE. Budget Model.

The factory warranty is distributed on each Samsung headphone model. It acts for six months since the purchase (if otherwise indicated in the specific model). When identifying a factory marriage, the manufacturer provides either free repair of the product, or its replacement to a similar.

What are the types of headphones in ear sink

There are two main types of liners. insert and intrachannel. Both options have their pros and cons who can affect the choice of Bluetooth headphones. The type of landing in the ear shell affects the comfort when used and on the quality of noise insulation, so this factor is the most individual.

Insert Bluetooth Insert Headphones

Ergonomic features of insert headphones provide a dense, but not a vacuum landing, so do not completely close the ear canal. Such a model has minimal pressure on the ear canal and does not cause fatigue after a long listening. Inserted good Bluetooth insert headphones do not isolate the user from external noise, but sufficiently tightly sit in the sinks of the ears and do not fall out. In such headsets, there is often active noise reduction technology, and the delivery package is supplemented with interchangeable incluses of different sizes.

Intracinal Bluetooth Insert Headphones

Features of planting intra-channel Bluetooth headset allow you to make the most isolated from external noise, because such a model is tightly located in the ear canal. Bluetooth Intracinal Headphones will provide a vacuum landing in the ear shell, but at first can quickly call fatigue. Modern intracanal headsets equip active noise reduction technology, so they will provide a high level of noise insulation. For safety and convenience, samsung intracanal headphones have several microphones and operating modes, within which you can adjust the level of audibility of external sounds.

Why headphones are not connected to Samsung

Reasons why it is not possible to connect wireless headphones to the Samsung phone, see Table:

Usually it is not possible to correctly connect the Bluetooth headphones to the phone for those users who previously connected to the smartphone a few more wireless apparatuses.

The Headset Level Active is protected from moisture, equipped with a P2I nano-coating that fully covers the inner surface of the headphones, allowing to actively train, spend time in nature, without worrying about the penetration of moisture inside the accessories.


Samsung Galaxy Headphones Buds. the first generation in the Samsung Buds line, the model was presented in February 2019. The headset was created in four shades: in black, silver, yellow and white color. Outwardly, these Samsung’s headphones without a wire are similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, but there are significant differences between headsets.

Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones have an oblong case of 26.5x70x38,8 mm in size and 40 grams weighing. Management occurs through the liner touch panel or using the Galaxy Wearable application. Like the following versions of the headset, intra-channel headphones Samsung Galaxy Budz support SAMSUNG Scalable Codec, SBC and AAC audioodes.

In the liners of Samsung Galaxy BadS installed by one dynamics and 2 microphone, there is an audio sound mode of external sounds. Active noise reduction technology is not supported, but landing of headphones provides passive noise suppression. Bluetooth data Headphones for Samsung will be the best solution when looking for a headset for everyday use, listening to audiobook, music and telephone conversations.


Headset Samsung Galaxy BadS has a battery capacity of 58 mAh in each liner, the case is equipped with a battery for 252 mAh. You can charge SAMSUNG wireless headphones Budd via USB Type-C port, via a QI protocol support or mobile device with Wireless PowerShare function.

Realme Buds Air Pro Wireless Headphones. Prestige and Comfort

Realme Buds Air Headphones provide real wireless connection without cables, offering real musical freedom. R1 chip with Bluetooth 5 module.0 provides immediate and stable connection between headphones and telephone, as well as the best battery performance.

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Thanks to two-channel real-time transmission, Realme Buds AIR provides a unique musical perception due to the independent work of each headphone. Game mode reduces 51% delay to ensure ideal image and sound synchronization.

Just click on the tube for a second to activate voice assistant. Manage music playback, calls, volume and information services, without removing the phone.

Realme Buds Air provide a total of 17 hours of music playback. Want to know how much battery remains? Get the battery information directly from your phone.

Two Microphones Real Buds AIR use ENC (surrounding noise suppression technology) for intelligent identification of each word and filtering any noise. During the conversation, your voice will remain clean even in a noisy atmosphere.

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Realme Buds Air offers an individual Dynamic Bass Boost solution, optimized by the speaker’s expert team after more than 1000 tests. As a result, the bass added speakers and volumetricity, which ensures a more complete immersion when listening to music and watch movies.

  • Characteristics:
  • Active noise reduction (ANC)
  • Design: intra-channel
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • Degree of protection: IPX4
  • Type of emitters: dynamic
  • Supported codecs: AAC
  • Opening hours: 3 hours
  • battery life in Case: 25 h
  • Advantages:
  • Have the best sound and battery life than airpods, and reliably remain in your ears
  • They offer basic amenities, including fast pairing, reliable wireless communication
  • The quality of calls is excellent
  • Physical Music Playback Control Buttons Like Users

8th place. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

On 8th place in the top of the best inexpensive TWS headphones inserts were lucky enough to get Samsung Galaxy Buds Live with fast charging feature. 5 minutes grabs for an hour listening to music. Buds ToGether technology allows you to connect several headphones to one device. The game decreases the audio delay, which allows you to quickly respond to approximation of enemies.

The headset is based on a 12-mm single-band speaker from AKG, which is complemented by an accelerometer, a Hall sensor, touch, compression, infrared sensor and bone conductivity vibration technology. In addition, inside there are three microphones for a good voice transfer to the interlocutor and active noise reduction.

With all this we managed to keep the modest weight in 5.6 grams. The case corresponds to the IPX2 moisture protection class and supports sensory control. Autonomy enough for 6 hours of playing music, and with Case we get at all 21 hours. Case can be charged both on a wire and wireless charging.

  • Comfortable landing;
  • Atypical design;
  • Complete two sets of lining;
  • The ability to flexible configuration in a mobile application;
  • Good bass;
  • Autonomy;
  • Fast and wireless charging;
  • Google’s voice assistant;
  • Microphone.

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6 place Huawei FreeBuds Pro

Analog AIRPODS PRO, only for android.

  • Design: intra-channel (closed)
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Case Charging Type: Wireless Charging
  • Number of microphones: 3
  • Type of emitters: dynamic
  • Opening hours with ANC: 7 h
  • Operation with the included ANC: 4 h
  • Battery life in Case: 20 h
  • Impedance: 29 ohms
  • Reproducible frequency range: 20-20000 Hz
  • Active noise reduction (ANC)

Comfortable and stylish intracanal headphones equipped with a function of intelligent adaptive noise reduction that is automatically connected when in noisy places. Inside the headphones, three microphones are embedded immediately, allowing you to comfortably communicate in any conditions and effectively cut off foreign sounds.

In each headphone installed battery capacity 52.5 ma h, which provides autonomy while listening to music for 7 hours. With a periodic recharging from Case, this indicator grows up to 30 hours.

The model supports the traditional frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, allowing you to fully enjoy your favorite compositions in the highest quality.

  • Sound amplification function, which in some cases can replace the hearing aid;
  • Instant connection to devices;
  • high playback quality;
  • convenient shape;
  • can be connected simultaneously to two devices;
  • active noise reduction system for comfortable use on the street.

Master Dynamic. Stunning Wireless Premium Headphones

Earlier models MW07 (OK.10,000) and MW07 Plus (OK.27000) Master Dynamic provided first-class sound for real wireless communication, but they lacked a little functions, and they were not so good for calls. The novelty of 2021 MW08 offers some significant improvements, including the addition of solid noise reduction and quality of calls, which makes it one of the best models for 2021.

The battery life has slightly increased (about 12 hours of autonomous work at 50% volume compared to 10 hours for MW07 Plus), and headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, active noise reduction with three microphones on each headphone (noise reduction during calls, do not reach the airpods pro level, but in general, the quality of calls has improved). Noise reduction on MW07 Plus was rather weak; MW08 is much more efficient.

You can choose two noise reduction levels in the new MD Connect application for iOS and Android, as well as two levels of transparency that allow you to hear the outside world in varying degrees. Currently, the application does not have the ability to configure the sound profile (I’m fine, because the sound profile suits me). On each headphone there is a physical button to control playback, and not sensory control.

These inserts may not fit for each ear equally well, but they certainly have an excellent appearance, as well as excellent sound and excellent impressions from listening, if you can catch them tightly. They provide a more audible sound profile with smooth, well-balanced sound and well-pronounced bass. This model is equipped with new 11-millimeter drivers that add a slightly sharpness and more clarity. MW08 works well with all genres of music.

Available in various color variants, like their predecessors, MW08 includes a chic stainless steel charging case (it is charging via USB-C), which is compact, but has more weight than your typical headphone case. Matte trim of cases, which comes with black and blue versions, and you also get an additional storage case (yes, the charger can scatter if you leave it in the bag).

These truly wireless headphones now support APTX and AAC audio encoders and have an extended range of more than 20 meters, according to Master Dynamic.

  • Characteristics:
  • Construction: Full-size
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Number of microphones: 2
  • Type of emitters: dynamic
  • Opening hours: 16 hours
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Range of reproducible frequencies: 5-25000 Hz
  • Connector: Mini Jack 3.5 mm
  • Cable Length: 1.25 meters
  • Weight of one: 9 g
  • Advantages:
  • Excellent sound on the wire and in wireless mode (detailed and balanced, without distortion)
  • Very comfortable, comfortable for many hours listening (with over-Ear ambush.
  • Durable design, excellent materials (steel, aluminum, genuine leather)
  • Excellent appearance, look good on the head
  • Good, stable signal
  • Good autonomy (about 18 hours by 50-60% volume)
  • Charge for 2 hours
  • A fairly good microphone
  • Simultaneous connection to 2-devices
  • Easy replacement of an ambush, in warm weather you can use overhead (on-Ear)
  • Good equipment: Wires in a lamp with a branded logo, a durable fabric cover with a magnetic fastener
  • Availability of Codec APTX

TWS Master Dynamic MW07 Plus Headphones Created for Active Users. Dynamics with 10 mm emitters create a saturated detailed sound. Included with headphones also provided a charging cable, 2 pairs of replaceable amcusur and case.