Convert video for home theater

Our parents watched films and family rollers from video recorders, which recognized only one medium. video tapes. Now, when the user is available to all sorts of drives, connectors and built-in players, the question of which video format is supported by TV.

Modern TV manufacturers constantly improve their products, produce software updates, and provide all new players in the factory firmware with many diverse codecs. The codec is a sequence of commands required to recognize the information contained in the file, and its conversion into the video image, which is displayed on the screen. Since today their amount is very impressive and periodically increases, it is not surprising that the TVs of famous brands support almost all existing video formats.

What format download movies to view on TV?

Supported 3GP, ASF, AVI, MPEG4, XVID, DivX, JPEG, MKV, MP3, PS, TS, VOB, VRO, WMA. Read the passport from the TV there everything is written what formats and codecs supports from a flash drive or hard disk.

Make sure your samsung TV is connected to the same network as your computer. Mouse over the file mouse, and you will see the Wi-Fi Like icon in the middle. Click on the icon to play it, and you can simultaneously broadcast the AVI video file to your TV.

D video formats

In the operational documentation of television receivers, on the screens of which you can view movies in 3D video mode, for example, the model of the Sony Bravia family or Samsung 6 series, additionally indicate the desired films for this. These parameters include:

  • F / S (Frame Sequential 3D Format). the principle of operation lies in sequential alternation of frames intended for the right and left eye, which ensures the creation of an image in full resolution.
  • C / B (Checkerboard Format) is one of the oldest video formats, in which the holistic 3D picture is created due to the fact that one frame is transmitted by white squares, the next. black (the principle of the chessboard). Active glasses are needed for viewing.
  • S / S (Side by Side 3D Format). 3D image is formed due to a continuous frame feed, and for one eye the picture is transmitted with a double decrease in the horizontal resolution. The volumetric image is obtained due to two frames formed from different lines (horizontal anamony stereo pair).
  • T / B (Top and Botton 3D Format). the principle of formation of the 3D image is similar to the S / S format, only frames are supplied with a vertical vertical (vertical anamonia stereopara).
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For reference! In televisions of the PHILIPS model range, released after January 1, 2016, 3D mode is not supported.

Why does the TV does not open a video, although its format is present in the table?

There are several possible reasons for this. Sometimes files may have non-standard resolution or frame parameters. That is, the modes 16: 9, 4: 3, enlarged, on the size of the screen and T. D. with defined height and width of the image. If the video parameters differ from them, TV will not be able to process it.

If the data transfer rate is higher than the norm, the failure will occur again because the TV will not have time to take them. But the computer with a powerful processor with this task can cope easily. If the bit rate will be lower than the recommended value, it may be observed with sound and video can “hang”.

If you are trying to enable video from a digital drive, check if you recorded it, and whether there were errors during this process. In addition, check the file for integrity, because it happens so that downloading is not completed properly, and there may be no fragments in the video track, without which the playback will not start.

And finally, keep in mind that if you are trying to view the material you justighted, read also the instruction manual for a digital camera, as they have their own special formats that do not always coincide with television. Read also about the main reasons why the TV does not read the flash drive.

What to do if the TV does not read DTS movie track?

The problem can be solved by replacing the DTS audio play on AC-3 or any other format, recoding the soundtrack of the movie using one of the computer programs. audiorankoders. There are many options. We will look at the “Popcorn MKV Audio Converter” in the version for Windows.

How to install VLC player on Samsung Smart TV

How to download the installation file Run it and install it on a computer. Choose a language and accept the license agreement. After selecting the components that are loaded on the PC, we define the folder to install the program or leave the one that offered by default.

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Why does the TV does not play the video in the desired format

The format is not the only parameter that is taken into account when playing video. Therefore, after connecting a flash drive or other drive with video files, unforeseen problems may occur.

  • The player does not recognize the file, and when viewing through the media manager displays empty folders.
  • When you try to start video on the screen, an error message will appear either the monitor will simply become dark.
  • The film is reproduced without sound or audio track without visual accompaniment.

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The problem with playback on the TV

Such problems arise over a number of reasons.

  • Sometimes when downloading video files from the Internet, it fails, and the file is not fully stored. Some PC players are able to read such videos, but they are not laid on TV. Therefore, before transferring clips to the carrier, check them for integrity.
  • Not all TVs equipped with USB drive can read information from a flash drive. You may use an outdated model.
  • When copying files with DVD, the film fragments are usually saved with extension.VOB. This type of video is not supported by all TV models, so it is better to pre-conduct a change of format.
  • If, when compressed video clips, the transfer rate above is valid, it will fail. This is due to the fact that the player does not have time to process the video stream.
  • With too low bitrate, the video frame and sound track will occur. It also leads to the fact that the picture will freeze.
  • If the movie was saved with a non-standard screen resolution, the device will not be able to process the picture. Modern TVs are designed for 16: 9 format, outdated models and some new consoles also read Size 4: 3. If the existing width and the height of the video frame does not correspond to the fact that the parameters are laid in the settings of the TV parameters, then you will not be able to view it.
  • Many TVs do not support video viewing directly through a connected video camera. Such files must be previously converted to a supported format.

When watching video on Smart-TV, take into account the specifics of this device. If the translation of the video stream interrupted, most likely, it is associated with low Internet speed. It may also occur if the television file system memory is full.

Main video formats

Video format Description
MPEG This format has appeared a long time, is used as a universal. There are several subspecies. MPEG-4 is most common. It is used because of the strong compression of the file without loss of quality. Mobile phone cameras are removed in MPEG-4. The first was MPEG-1, which allowed to record video on CDs. There is practically no relevance in their use. information contains MPEG-2. It was created after the appearance of DVDs.
AVC Another of the most common and popular formats today. Denotes H-264. This codec is used due to maximum compression while saving the optimal permission to view the file on various devices. He is superior to MPEG, so used much more often.
DivX and Xvid It is considered long-awaited restarting MPEG format. Applied compression technology in this case are almost identical. It is supported by many manufacturers of technology and software. When creating a revision of more common MPEG-4 to eliminate its flaws.
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Find out which video format supports TV by operating instructions, which is included in the package. New models reproduce video files of all known permissions. However, if the TV was released several years ago, it does not recognize new formats. In some cases, support is provided by software. Therefore, modern TVs update their operating shell.

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SAMSUNG brand models are considered the most common TVs. The device reads all common formats.

However, Samsung is inferior to its competitors. The company does not support non-prolonged permits.

The company constantly analyzes the digital services market. Therefore, with the release of new software updates, new formats that other devices cannot read are being supported.

Like many brands, LG provides support for AVC, MPEG multiple standards, DivX. However, some varieties do not open. Therefore, before buying, you need to explore in the operating instructions. What format supports TV.

video, format, supports, samsung


Under this brand also produce technological TVs with support for all popular VIDEO formats. Among unusual should be noted MP and ASF.

How to connect a flash drive to a digital console?

The easiest way to connect the USB flash drive is to use the built-in USB connector The process of connecting the drive is as follows:

  • Find a suitable connector on the TV
  • Install a flash drive into the connector
  • Take a remote control
  • Select the desired folder in the file system opened on the TV screen.