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How to communicate correctly?

Communication should be open, friendly, positive.

The rules for building a dialogue on the phone are no different from the standard communication rules.

Hearing a calm and kind female voice on the other end of the line, a man immediately understands that the conversation will be pleasant and desirable for both parties.

Accordingly, he gains self-confidence and relaxes. The interlocutor should feel the girl’s genuine interest.

At the same time, you should not be too active and clearly show your desire to impress. Typically, this behavior repels young people who like to conquer the object they like.

Psychologists recommend stretching your lips in a smile while talking on the phone. The voice of a smiling person sounds positive in the receiver, conducive to communication.

If there is excitement during the conversation, you need to try to suppress it and calm down. You just need to remind yourself that the person you are talking to is on the other end of the line and is not able to see the excitement. In addition, he himself can experience no less than a girl.

It is not recommended to talk on the phone while in a bad mood.

People tend to take personally the negative state of the interlocutor, although the cause of the disorder often has nothing to do with them.

Use This Script Tonight: The 3 Minute Phone Call

If a guy calls at a time when the girl is in a bad mood, communication should be postponed. You can refer to being busy, not being able to conduct a conversation, feeling unwell, etc.

So that the guy does not think that they do not want to communicate with him and they simply refuse him politely, you need to discuss a convenient time for the next call or promise to call back yourself.

Talking about: topics

Popular conversation topics:

    Achievements. All men are proud of their achievements, even the smallest. You can ask the guy about his success in business, about the results of his work, etc. If he talks about any problems and failures, you should definitely express support and demonstrate confidence in his future success.

  • Plans. Discussing current plans can smoothly escalate into making an appointment. For example, a guy might share his desire to visit a movie theater on a weekend. In response to the girl’s remark that she has not been to the cinema for a long time, it is quite natural that an invitation will follow to go to a session together. In this case, the girl does not have to ask the guy about his plans. It is enough to tell about your intentions and give the interlocutor the opportunity to take the initiative and make an appointment.
  • Hobbies. Sports, music, computer games. you can always find a topic that will arouse a person’s keen interest.
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    It is only important not to portray interest where there is none, not to mislead the interlocutor because of the desire to impress him.

    Work or study. These are not the most romantic topics to discuss, but they often help save the day. This option is suitable for couples who are at the initial stage of dating and still know little about each other. You can talk about your professional responsibilities, career achievements, plans. Just don’t get carried away with monotonous storytelling. You can even talk about work in a fun and interesting way.

    Relationship. This topic should be approached with caution, as not all people like to share their personal stories. If, in response to a request to talk about his ex-girlfriend and the reasons for breaking up with her, the guy starts to shift the conversation to another topic or pauses, you should direct the conversation in a different direction. Guys also often ask a girl a question about her recent relationship. Respond honestly, succinctly and positively.

    You should not burden the fan with unnecessary information, and even more so talk about the complexities of the past novel.

  • Trips. The guy will be equally interested in telling about his own trips and listening to the girl’s similar impressions. It will not be superfluous to share with a fan your dreams about those places that you have not yet had a chance to visit.
  • How To Talk To A Guy On The Phone

    How to start a conversation?

    Telephone communication is significantly different from a real conversation.

    We do not have the opportunity to see facial expressions, gestures, the pose of the interlocutor.

    And often such signals carry more information than the spoken words. When communicating on the phone, girls lose the opportunity to impress a fan with their charming smile, seductive pose, intriguing look.

    Also, there is no opportunity to take time to think about information, as it can be done during correspondence on the Internet.

    On the other hand, it is during communication on the phone that it becomes possible to talk without being distracted by your appearance and behavior. You can charm a guy with the help of the timbre of the voice, laughter, the ability to maintain a dialogue.

    If the girl decided to take the initiative and call first, you need to start talking kindly with neutral greetings and standard questions: “Hello! How are you? What are you doing?….”.

    By the intonation with which the answers will be received, and by the presence or absence of counter questions, one can judge whether the guy is interested.

    If he clearly demonstrates that he is not disposed to conduct a dialogue, the communication should be unobtrusively ended.

    But more often the first step is still taken by the guys.

    In this case, you just need to openly and kindly answer the greeting, and continue the conversation on the proposed topic.

    If it becomes clear from the guy’s speech that he is very nervous and because of this he cannot come up with a topic for conversation, you should help him.

    It is desirable to speak with a smile, openly and kindly. This will create the necessary relaxing environment, calm down and cheer up the fan.

    How to communicate with a guy on the phone: what you can talk about?

    In the modern world, a significant part of communication between people takes place over the phone.

    So, when meeting a girl he likes, a guy first of all writes down her number.

    Girls often start to worry about how to maintain a telephone conversation.

    How can you subtly hint a guy about a relationship? Read about it here.

    Mistakes of girls

    Common mistakes girls make when talking to guys on the phone:

      Guessing games. They find it incredibly funny to embarrass a guy with an unexpected start to a conversation: handing over the phone to a friend, changing voice, persuading him to dial a wrong number, asking him to guess the identity of the caller (if she dialed the number herself), etc.

    Usually, this behavior causes irritation and misunderstanding among the representatives of the stronger sex.

    A man would rather hang up than spend time figuring out the reasons for the strange behavior of the interlocutor. In this case, the impression will be greatly spoiled and you will have to spend time in the future to restore the reputation of an adequate girl. Guys don’t like to be embarrassed because they are afraid to appear rushed or inexperienced.

  • Claims. Even the most devoted fan will think about stopping communication with a girl who has a bad character. Guys absolutely do not like it when, during a telephone conversation, girls make claims, hang up, cry, take offense. This behavior is extremely irritating and hostile. Often, it simply baffles a man who dialed a number in anticipation of pleasant communication and ended up in the epicenter of a scandal.
  • Empty chatter. Perhaps this is the most common problem for all women. Even the most patient admirer will be tired of the endless and meaningless chatter of his interlocutor about girlfriends, clothes, horoscopes, proper nutrition, plans, etc.
  • If accusations of insufficient attention and misunderstanding of the full seriousness of the topic under discussion are added to the flow of information, then the conversation becomes truly unbearable for the guy.

    Choosing inappropriate topics for conversation. If the guy shows a clear reluctance to discuss any issue, do not insist on your own. It’s easier to smoothly turn the conversation into another direction. Also, you should not start a discussion of purely feminine topics that may not be of any interest to a man. cosmetics, fashion, personal care, the life of celebrities, etc. Such conversations will make the suitor longing.

    Ignoring neglect. Often, girls are so carried away by their own experiences and thoughts that they forget to objectively assess the behavior of their partner. If the call is initiated by the girl, and there are often pauses on the other end of the line and you can hear unfriendly intonations, you should think about it. This indicates that the interlocutor does not share the caller’s emotions and does not feel the need for communication. Of course, his unwillingness to communicate can be explained by poor health, existing problems at work or at home, and other difficulties.

    But in this case, there will definitely be an offer to talk later.

    Thus, choosing a topic for a conversation with a guy on the phone is not difficult at all. The success of communication depends on the girl’s ability to show interest in the personality of the interlocutor and demonstrate her positive attitude.

    How to communicate with a man on the phone correctly:

    First telephone conversation with a man

    Now the girl does not need to sit and wait for days to fly when the young man she likes calls. Nothing prevents her from calling first. This is perfectly acceptable.

    So the bell rings and I hear the girl’s voice. First of all, I am alarmed by a trembling voice. He gives out excitement and I also start to worry:

    • firstly, this girl is not indifferent to me, but I still cannot say the same,
    • secondly, an easy conversation does not work, everyone feels tension and the conversation does not go well.

    What would I like to advise the girl who calls the guy first:

    • Before calling, relax and try to remember something pleasant, smile and throw away all fears, dial the number. It all depends on the first phrase. It can be general, like “how are you”, “what are you doing.” Well, of course, there are individuals who regard such phrases as an allusion to control of their personal life, but I’m talking about normal guys now. Usually such phrases are enough to start a simple casual conversation.
    • Don’t start asking us riddles. Questions “Guess who’s calling?” or “Do you know who gave me your phone number?” drive me mad. I don’t think I’m the only one. It is enough to say hello and give your name. If I liked the girl, then of course I will remember her name and will not ask again who is calling and ask to remind how we met.
    • And now we are talking. Dear ones, well, I don’t want to know in the first minutes of our communication about problems in the family and study. No, this is not callousness and heartlessness. Answer yourself honestly. would you like to solve the problems of your potential boyfriend after seeing him only once? No and no again. The conversation should be light and relaxed, and not cause yawning and a desire to end it as soon as possible.

    See specific topics of conversation here. Examples of flirting can be found here.

    You can give a thousand and one advice on how to interest a guy on the phone, but if he does not share your joy from communication, then you should not continue the conversation, let alone make an appointment. Just say goodbye politely, and burn the phone number, throw it away, or eat it as a last resort. And remember. don’t call him again!

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    Now I will describe the situation exactly the opposite. I liked the girl, or maybe I talked to her for many months on the Internet and so I dialed her phone number. The first thing I would like the girl to answer my call and not ask for half an hour who is and why I am calling.

    You can orient yourself on the topic of the conversation in the process. But I would advise girls not to start a conversation about what they do not understand. And worse, when they also start arguing about unfamiliar things. It’s funny at least.

    Telephone etiquette

    Girls, remember, the same person starts and ends a telephone conversation. But there are times when something and someone interferes with communication or there are some things to do. In this case, apologize and ask the guy to call back.

    Never talk to someone in parallel or solve your problems. It just makes the guys angry, even infuriates.

    If a man is forced to interrupt the conversation and asks permission to call you back, you do not need to think about the topic when it is convenient for you. Just agree and indicate the time when it will be convenient for you to hear the young man.

    And again he calls

    So, the first telephone conversation was successful. Perhaps there was already a first date, but no one canceled the telephone conversations. It’s early, girls relax.

    So that we, men, do not lose interest in you, you need to constantly flirt with us, even over the phone. However, there are several nuances that I would advise you to pay attention to. After all, communication with a guy should not end on the first date.?

    Watch your intonation

    The agonizing expectations of a call from a man you like are finally rewarded. His name is displayed on the phone display and you take the phone with trembling hands. Don’t worry so much. This creates unnecessary tension between the interlocutors.

    Psychologists advise that in order to cope with anxiety, you need to lower the timbre of your voice and everything will be fine.

    Radiate kindness

    Important points that a man feels during a conversation:

    • No mood. don’t call the guy. It is transmitted even from a distance.
    • But if the person is pleasant to you, then the mood should improve itself in the course of the conversation.
    • Be polite and friendly.
    • Speak with a smile. We catch such an attitude, how to say it, with the fibers of our masculine, but such a sensitive soul.

    But don’t overdo it. Let’s say my beloved snail died, and the girl says sympathetic words with a smile. It seems that my grief is being bullied and I can’t believe in the sincerity of the words.

    What to talk about with a man on the phone, so that he would be interested

    I think I can express the opinion of all the guys. girls, we are annoyed by your stupid chatter on the phone. Well, imagine the situation: you are beautiful and young, guys are lining up to get your phone number. And I am no exception. Here is the cherished number in my hand. Call you the next day and what I hear. I found out about all your relatives and friends, who lives with whom and from whom I got pregnant. Do I need it? And this is just the first conversation on the phone. And the last one. Because once is enough.

    Lovely and respected girls want to know our male opinion about what to talk about on the phone so that we would be interested? Then read the article to the end and maybe something will interest you and you will take note of it.

    Call me by name

    How nice it is when a girl mentions my name in conversation. He calls me affectionately. Yura, Yuri, Yurochka. This is for example. But so that the name does not lose its attractiveness, she does not use it through every word.

    Fishing and hunting

    • What kind of fish (animal) is found in the surrounding area?
    • How often do you go fishing (hunting)?
    • How a regular fishing rod differs from a spinning rod?
    • What kind of fish did you catch the biggest?
    • Is this occupation safe?

    These are neutral, pleasant and non-binding topics that are suitable for a telephone conversation with a guy.

    Music and cinema

    Please note that your passions may not match.

    Show respect for your choice of partner, do not impose your beliefs.

    Ask the interlocutor thematic questions and ask about his preferences:

    • What genre of cinema do you prefer?
    • Which actor (actress) is the coolest?
    • Will you advise me what to see?
    • Tell me what this movie is about?
    • What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    • What do you like about her?


    Have him answer the following questions:

    • How long have you been driving?
    • Which car model do you like?
    • Is this model reliable?
    • How do you feel about a woman driving?
    • Which car would you recommend me?
    • What is the difference between winter tires and summer tires?

    What absolutely should not be told to a man

    When communicating with a guy on the phone, it is always necessary to observe restrictions and show good manners. There are topics that are undesirable to talk about, especially if you are not familiar with it. Here’s what not to touch:

    • Remember previous relationships
    • Discuss financial issues and material condition
    • Sharing sexual fantasies
    • Tell vulgar jokes
    • Complain about health and loneliness.

    Do you want to know all the secrets of seducing men? We advise you to watch the free video course of Alexei Chernozem “12 laws of seduction for women.” You will receive a step-by-step plan of 12 steps on how to drive any man crazy and keep his affection for years to come.


    Men love it when a girl shares their sporting interests. Read the latest sports press, surf the Internet and shine with knowledge. Keep the conversation going and ask questions like these with enthusiasm:

    • How long have you been into this sport?
    • What team do you support?
    • What are the rules of this game?
    • When is the next match?
    • Let’s go to the game together?

    What is better to talk to a guy on the phone: suitable and forbidden topics

    Not sure what to talk to a guy you like on the phone about? Here you will find several pertinent topics and examples of specific questions that can be asked depending on the situation. In addition, we will tell you how to conduct a dialogue with a man so that he does not hang up first. You will also find out what you should not ask him categorically and why.

    Topics and questions for talking with a guy on the phone

    Do you want to surely interest the guy in the phone conversation? Study the list of men’s hobbies and hobbies urgently! This is exactly what they will talk about for a long time and with pleasure.

    Leisure and travel

    Here’s a list of questions to ask a guy:

    • Where did you rest last summer?
    • What sights did you visit??
    • You can show photos from the rest?
    • Where do you plan to go next time?
    • Help me choose a Tour?
    • Maybe we can go together?

    Perhaps the young man prefers outdoor recreation or kayaking. Ask him about it, and he will happily talk about the songs around the fire. It is possible that he will even invite you with him on the next trip.

    Tired of your interlocutor? Here’s how to kick a guy off and not hurt him. Here are the most common mistakes girls make and the most effective methods.

    When communicating with a man, carefully monitor your language, because not everything can be said to him. Here’s what can ruin a relationship.

    Has he stopped calling you? There are various reasons for this, which we will discuss in another article. You will find out why a guy doesn’t want to communicate with a girl. You can also improve the situation for the better.

    If there are long pauses, our list of universal conversation topics will help you. Here are some of the most common mistakes girls make when talking to guys and tips for keeping the conversation going.

    And here’s what you can write to the guy you like. Why not chat with him via SMS or on the Internet?

    What you can talk to a guy about on the phone. Topics for conversation

    With these themes, your boyfriend will respond to your offer to chat on the phone next time with great joy. Already on that long-awaited day, he will not only save the battery, but also charge an additional battery just in case.

    Topics for talking with a guy on the phone

    Here are the topics for which he will sit at the outlet with the charger all night long:

    • Did you get the feeling that we are kindred spirits? What moments?
    • Tell me about the times when you really wanted to hug or beat me?
    • How do you see our relationship in a year? And after 5 years?
    • Which couple from our environment is a role model for you? Why?
    • You will trust your friend to accompany your girlfriend to the door of her house at night, if you yourself cannot do it.?
    • Which friend have you not introduced me to yet? There are reasons?
    • Who and what tires you the most at work?
    • What is your salary increase since last year?
    • What are the achievements at work?
    • If you have the opportunity to go with Elonam Musk to Mars, what will you take with you on the road. five things?
    • In which city would you propose to your girlfriend? Where would you go on your honeymoon trip??
    • What do you like to travel on?
    • It is imperative that the girl show interest in your hobby, for example, go fishing with you (as bait)?
    • What books would you advise me to read and then discuss?
    • Do you collect anything?
    • The girl should be active in bed or you do everything yourself?
    • What kind of underwear would you like to see on your sweetheart on your anniversary?
    • You often show affection to a girl at home. kissing, stroking, touching with your hand?

    You can find many original and interesting topics for conversation in the section. questions for a guy. There is something that can be discussed with great pleasure.

    Questions for communicating with a guy on the phone

    You can’t do it with guys if you can’t ring them up on the phone. I will teach you how to flirt on the wire and ask those questions that will warm up communication:

    • Someone counts the stars in the sky, someone sheep before going to bed, and someone money, what do you think?
    • Do you have obligations to someone? What kind of?
    • Who lives in your apartment besides you? And what about ants or cockroaches? You pay for them a communal apartment?
    • Do you watch your figure and appearance? What exactly are you doing?
    • How do you react to your girlfriend’s arrogance?
    • If jealousy goes beyond boundaries, what should be done in this case?
    • How do you feel about divorce?
    • Is a marriage contract necessary in our time? Why?
    • You always find a reason to throw a scandal?
    • Which famous aristocratic in history would you invite to a family dinner??
    • What are you forced to put up with?
    • What do you do with coins found on the ground??
    • Do I have a beautiful voice? Who’s more beautiful. me or Shakira?
    • You allow yourself to eat with dirty hands when you are very hungry?
    • The director of the local zoo gives you an animal. which one will you choose? Why?
    • You willingly go to peace with those with whom there was a conflict recently?
    • What you are strong in: you run fast, you climb dexterously, you jump far, you confidently step over your heads?
    • Why can you hate a person? For what to love?
    • What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe? How did she get there?
    • How often do you see a doctor? Your weak point in health?

    You can continue the conversation in the correspondence, for this I suggest you look at the list of ready-made messages on various topics: from simple wishes with intrigue to exciting ones. The choice is yours.

    What to talk to a guy on the phone: a few simple tips

    Girls and young people often feel embarrassed when talking to each other. The girls are sure that the first step must be taken by a man, and men, in turn, are very shy. Talking to a girl they like is sometimes more difficult for them than learning to fly an airplane. What to do in this case? How can you overcome this embarrassment and start communicating? An ordinary phone call can be the way out. After all, talking with the interlocutor and expressing your thoughts to him, if you do not see him, is much easier than face to face. In this article I will tell you about what to talk to a guy on the phone, how to start a conversation so that he is light and relaxed.

    talk, phone

    Many women believe that it is a shame to “impose” themselves on a man. What can you do? In our society, there is still an opinion that it is the valiant “knight” who should win the heart of a beautiful lady. But a phone call is a non-binding thing. So why not take the first step forward and call him? But many girls are worried about the question: “What to talk to a guy on the phone about?” We will answer it later. Now let’s talk about how to start a conversation with a young man. The first thing you should do is learn as much as possible about him: his habits, activities, studies, work, and so on. This way, the risk of getting screwed up will be minimal. Second tip: When starting a conversation with him, try to get him to talk as much as possible. Let him tell you about himself. Ask him, ask him for his opinion on this or that event. But just do not be very zealous, excessive attentiveness to his person can scare him away.

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    Now let’s talk about what topics you can talk about on the phone. It is believed that if a girl speaks on the phone, she spends a third of her free time on it. So make the best of this time for yourself and your future relationship. Below is a list of possible conversation topics:

    talk, phone

    Men have a reasonable question: “What can you talk to a girl about on the phone?” But here the advice will be simple: all girls love when it comes to them, loved ones. Therefore, give her the opportunity to tell you as much as possible about yourself, become her grateful listener, and it may very well be that soon you will become her beloved, close person who knows absolutely everything about her.

    What to avoid when talking on the phone

    Now let’s talk about what topics should be avoided in telephone conversations. If you are concerned about the question: “What to talk to a guy on the phone about?” Be aware that you should never start a conversation on topics that are too serious, such as money, children, religion, or a former relationship. Also, try not to speak negatively about this or that person or event. Your interlocutor may be frightened off by the fact that you think badly about people and some things that are dear to him.

    Now you know what to talk to a guy about on the phone. Do not be afraid of anything, do not hesitate to take the initiative into your own hands, call him and win over with a pleasant conversation. Have you tried everything, but no common topics for communication have appeared? Then it’s just not your man!

    What to talk to a guy about on the phone

    This question arises before a girl, as a rule, when it comes to an unfamiliar guy or a young man with whom she did not have to communicate closely before. This is quite natural, since there is always something to talk about with an old friend or loved one. As for new acquaintances, a lot of questions arise: “what to say when he picks up the phone?”, “How to gather courage?”, “What to do if he notices anxiety?”, “How not to put yourself in a vulnerable position if he will he be harsh or will he not want to talk at all? “.

    There are a few tricks you can use to avoid awkwardness and make the beginning of communication a breeze. Subsequently, they most likely will no longer be useful after the dialogue enters its usual course and becomes natural for both. However, in this case, the saying “the right start is half the battle” is just as useful. So practical advice.

    First phone call

    An open, relaxed, confidential conversation with an unfamiliar guy at the very first conversation is a rarity. This is normal, so don’t expect it right away. In most cases, it takes time to transition to this format of communication. However, it should be remembered that “the road will be mastered by the walking one.” Therefore, it is possible to apply the tactic “do a favor” for the first telephone conversation.

    This technique has several advantages. Firstly, the guy will be pleased to be useful, to help with something, to show his competence. Secondly, if he is not in the mood or even rude, does not want to keep the conversation going, you can always end it without prejudice to your pride with a phrase like: “It’s a pity, okay, I’ll ask someone else.” Thirdly, this is a wonderful, natural reason for the next call, during which you can thank the young man for the valuable advice, tell how your brother reacted to the gift or how satisfied you are with the purchase, offer your help in case of a similar need, etc.

    Avoid slippery slopes

    You can often hear such advice as “talk to a guy about football,” “discuss the delights of fishing with a young man,” etc. If a girl understands such issues, moreover, this is part of the young man’s interests. great, then no problems with the choice of topics for conversation are foreseen. However, if she confuses offside with a façade, and a hat-trick with a hit track, it is better to avoid such topics. In general, it is advisable to reduce the conversation in a direction that is convenient for yourself, to talk about those topics in which you understand, in order to maintain self-confidence. If, nevertheless, the conversation turned to little-known topics, you can show interest, ask questions, making it clear at the same time that this topic is quite new for you, albeit exciting. Seize the initiative if possible. However, if the question does not interest you at all, it is better to say it directly, because sooner or later false interest will manifest itself and spoil the established trusting relationship.

    Relieve internal stress

    In order to hide your own excitement and avoid embarrassment, you need to calm down. However, this is easier said than done. In order for the conversation to sound natural, while creating the illusion of a spontaneous call, you should use the “in-between” technique. In other words, you can perform some simple actions simultaneously with the call. For example, putting books on a shelf, dusting the table, pouring tea into a cup. If the excitement is too strong even for such simple manipulations, you can just walk around the room, as if stretching out after a long stay in a motionless position.

    First of all, this will help distract him, in addition, the guy will have the feeling that you are busy with something, and the thought of calling him arose suddenly and did not cost you any effort. To feel even more confident when using the “in between” technique, it is advisable to test it by calling a friend, relatives, etc. Thanks to this, you can find out which activity is more suitable for you as a background to the conversation. In addition, its execution will become mechanical and will not distract from the main goal.

    If there are no common themes

    The matter, of course, is simplified if the circle of interests of a young person is known, there are common hobbies, etc. However, what to do when there is literally nothing to talk to him about, at first glance? For example, a guy is only interested in video games, while he does not read books, does not like films, and is not even fond of music. And you, in turn, do not know anything about computer games. This is a rare, difficult case, but you shouldn’t pass even here.

    In fact, there are two ways out. Either delve deeper into this topic in order to become a worthy interlocutor in it, or take the guy outside of such a topic, which, most likely, will not be easy. In this case, you can try to talk with him on vague topics, discuss any life situations, incidents, ask about his attitude towards them, find out his life position and views on fundamental issues. Conversations of this format are useful for both interlocutors, since they allow not only to get an idea of ​​the character and moral level of each other, but also to more clearly form their own views.

    Some helpful tips

    When communicating with a young man, especially if the relationship with him is at the initial stage, it is advisable not to make mistakes that will negate all the efforts made. To do this, you must take into account the following wishes:

    • avoid gossip when talking about third parties;
    • laugh at the situation, not at him;
    • do not continue the conversation if he is irritated by something, quietly curtail it under a convenient pretext, postponing it for a better time;
    • do not compare him with other guys if this comparison is not in his favor;
    • make it clear to him that his opinion is really important to you.

    These simple and seemingly obvious rules are relevant at any stage of the relationship, however, at the very beginning, you should pay special attention to them.

    By correspondence

    What to talk to a pen guy about? is the most popular social network in Russia. Almost everyone on this site has an account, and some have more than one. Most online dating takes place here, and not through special services where lonely hearts gather. You liked the man’s profile, but you don’t know what to write to him?

    Chatting on the Internet is much easier than chatting live. Messaging is a great platform to test communication if you are too shy to meet men, and the best option for maintaining long-distance relationships.

    Here is a list of twenty questions to ask both guys you know and those you are texting with for the first time. They are suitable not only for communication via social networks, but also for ordinary conversation via SMS.

    • What does he do or what he plans to become.
    • What are his favorite hobbies and interests.
    • What films does he prefer to watch.
    • What genre of music does he like and what bands does he like.
    • Does he like to cook. If so, what are your favorite dishes?
    • What cities or countries he visited. Where he liked best and why.
    • How does he imagine himself in ten years.
    • What is he dreaming about now.
    • What is his most vivid childhood memory.
    • How does he feel about pets and did he have any favorite pets as a child?
    • What he prefers: dancing in a noisy club or hiking, rafting, picnic in nature.
    • Does he love books. If so, what.
    • Does he have friends. What they love to do together.
    • Does he have a sister or a brother. What is their relationship.
    • Did he serve in the army or is he just planning.
    • How does he feel about sports.
    • Does he like to travel out of town.
    • What is the most important thing in life for him.
    • If he could go to any corner of the world, then where would he go.
    • Was there a serious relationship in his life and does he communicate with ex.

    It is best to ask questions in the order in which they are located. Gradually, the person will open up in the conversation, so each question becomes a little more frank.

    Universal topics of conversation can be alternated with jokes and stories about funny moments from life so that the interlocutor does not feel like a person under investigation during interrogation and does not start to get bored. Remember to keep the conversation going with stories about yourself to please the man.

    talk, phone

    On the first date

    The first date is an exciting event, because it is during a live dialogue that a person decides whether to continue communication. Relationships can end as soon as they begin. The first date is like walking in a minefield. Any careless phrase, vulgarity or joke can ruin the atmosphere and create awkwardness in the conversation.

    It is better to start a conversation from afar, and it is better to move on to more personal topics gradually. No one will bare his soul in front of a stranger, so do not try to pull information out of him with ticks.

    • What is his relationship with his family.
    • What attracts him to you.
    • What qualities he appreciates in girls, and what character traits he does not like.
    • He often gives advice to others.
    • Where does he like to go on weekends?
    • Where was he born and how was his childhood?
    • I would like to become a celebrity.
    • What brings him happiness.
    • Does he believe in astrology.
    • What does he think of love.
    • What talents does he have.
    • He had significant achievements in school.
    • Does he like sports.
    • What would he do if he was in a woman’s body.
    • Where would he go if he became invisible.
    • Does he condone a lie for salvation.
    • How does he relate to people who cannot lose?
    • Where does he dream of going on vacation.
    • Which country does he love the most and why.
    • If he was offered to take up any activity he likes, what would he choose.

    Whether the date went well or not, you will be told the last minutes before breaking up. If a guy without vulgarity expresses a desire to kiss you, then he is interested in you. All that remains is to prepare topics for conversation on the second date.

    talk, phone

    What to talk to a guy about: TOP-150 interesting topics for conversation

    Live, active conversation is the best way to arouse interest in a man, which helps to learn more about him and better open himself up. Alas, not all girls are endowed with the gift of speech. Sometimes you really want to talk, but you just do not know how to interest the interlocutor. Some people find it difficult to make contact because of complexes and fears, while others simply do not have enough communication skills.

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    The main rule of an interesting conversation is smooth maneuvering between relevant topics. There should not be long pauses, because they cause a feeling of awkwardness in both. We offer a list of universal topics for conversation, which will help if you do not know what to talk about with a guy.

    talk, phone

    Versatile topics for conversation with a guy

    If you really want to talk with the guy you like, but don’t know where to start, we offer a large list of universal topics that your interlocutor will definitely not have time to get bored with:

    • What he loves to do in his spare time.
    • When was the last time he was in the theater.
    • What films, series and programs does he prefer and what actors he likes.
    • Does he watch any podcasts.
    • What social networks does he prefer to communicate with.
    • How he gets girls interested.
    • He will choose a relaxing or active holiday.
    • What makes him sad.
    • How he relaxes after a lot of stress.
    • Does he like to sing.
    • Does she go to dances often?
    • Who is his favorite author.
    • What groups did he attend?
    • Where was his first date?
    • Who was his first love.
    • What kind of relationship did he have with classmates.
    • What childhood memory he would call the most terrifying.
    • What is he most afraid of?
    • If life after death is in his opinion.
    • Whom he will choose: a cat, a dog, or his own version (ferret, hamster, dzhungarika).
    • Is it okay for men to cry.
    • Did he ever fall in love with a friend’s girlfriend.
    • He’s been to museums or art galleries.
    • Which historical figure would he like to talk to.
    • Has he ever been to karaoke.
    • What is the most curious situation in his life.
    • Does he often get into adventures.
    • What is his craziest act in his life?
    • How does he relate to children.
    • What would he do if he ended up on a desert island.
    • He would choose the exact sciences or the humanities.
    • He considers himself to be an owl or a lark.
    • What place on earth would he call a paradise.
    • Does he have an innate talent.
    • Does he have a terrible secret.
    • How often does he replay the most awkward moments of his life in his memory?
    • When he was last outdoors.
    • Does he like games. If so, what.
    • Does he often return to the past.
    • Who he sees himself in the future.
    • What are the goals on his agenda.
    • He’s ever flown an airplane. If so, what sensations did you experience in the process?
    • Does he have bad habits. How he fights with them.
    • Who could he call an authority for himself.
    • He keeps some things from childhood.
    • Where he kissed for the first time.
    • How does he feel about betrayal.
    • If there was a time machine, what time would it go.
    • What are his food preferences.
    • In the universe of which book / movie / game he would go if the opportunity arose.
    • What superpower would he choose.
    • What actions make him proud.
    • What was the happiest summer of his life and why.
    • Which planet would he go in search of extraterrestrial life.
    • What was the longest relationship in his life?
    • What brings him joy.
    • Does he consider himself a happy person. If not, then what is he missing?
    • Does he believe in mysticism.
    • Which genre of films does he like best?
    • When was the last time he walked in the park.
    • What place does the warmest memories associate him with?
    • What does he want to achieve in this life.
    • Does he like his job.
    • When he first realized he was an adult.
    • Do difficulties frighten him.
    • What does he think of blind dating?
    • Has he ever woken up in a completely unfamiliar place.
    • Does he believe in psychic abilities.
    • Where he would like to spend his old age.
    • He would have wanted to live forever, if there was such an opportunity.

    talk, phone

    What you can’t talk about

    During a conversation, you should try to avoid sensitive topics. When a person does not want to talk about something, there is no need to force him, although sometimes the temptation to find out some secret pushes the girl to wrong actions. The guy will open up as you get closer. You can’t put pressure on the interlocutor either.

    Try to avoid discussing political and religious views, financial issues. If your opinions differ, it can lead to a dispute or conflict. You won’t want to talk further.

    Try to avoid direct questions. If a guy says he knows English, don’t force him to immediately translate your favorite band’s latest hit.

    talk, phone

    By phone

    Talking on the phone is the second stage of acquaintance, which can be called a workout before real live communication. Building a dialogue with a stranger is always difficult. What can you talk to him about if you barely know each other? To avoid awkward pauses, we recommend that you first try the correspondence. Only when messages can no longer satisfy your desire to communicate, it is worth moving on to telephone conversations.

    After the banal “hello”, you can ask a couple of universal questions from the list:

    • How was his day today.
    • Has he heard of a recent event. If so, how does he feel about it?
    • What does he plan to do this weekend.
    • Which celebrity he likes best and why.
    • How would he act in a given situation.
    • Does his family have interesting customs or traditions.
    • Does he plan to go on vacation this year.
    • What subjects at school did he like best?
    • Does he have childhood friends. Do they still maintain a relationship?
    • How it relieves accumulated stress.
    • What goals has he set for himself for the next few years.
    • Does he have any idols. Why does he want to look up to these people.
    • What’s his favorite season.
    • How does he feel about loneliness.
    • There were serious relationships in his life and how he experienced parting.
    • What he dreamed of when he was a boy.
    • What is his relationship with friends.
    • If there was more free time, what would he spend it on?
    • Does he know how to swim. If so, how did you learn.
    • How often does his whole family get together for the holidays?

    In a telephone conversation, it is also necessary not only to listen, so that the dialogue does not turn into a monologue. The secret of a soulful conversation is mutual interest. Such communication is somewhat reminiscent of a set on a tennis court, when one serves the ball, the second hits it and returns the serve.

    talk, phone

    On a walk

    Striking up a conversation while walking is both easier and more difficult than talking on the phone or via social media. A girl may just be shy when she is next to a guy.

    While you are walking, you have a unique opportunity to show that you are an intelligent conversationalist who knows how to listen. For a short walk, you can learn a lot about a guy’s past and find out his plans for the future. Do not miss this chance.

    Topics for conversation with a guy while walking around the city:

    • Does he like his chosen profession.
    • Where would he like to go.
    • Can he call himself a romantic.
    • What he was like as a child.
    • The family’s negative attitude towards his choice of a girl can affect his opinion.
    • He knows how to concede in an argument.
    • He forgives wrongdoing and quarrels or never compromises.
    • How does he feel about women who take the initiative.
    • How does he deal with difficulties?
    • I wish he could fix something in his life.
    • He often gets involved in conflicts.
    • Were there real enemies or rivals in his life.
    • He believes that ends justify the means.
    • What attracts him to people.
    • What dreams does he plan to turn into reality in the near future?
    • What did he spend the first money he earned?
    • What does he dream of doing.
    • What does he mean by the word love.
    • Does he believe in love at first sight?
    • Could live with one person all my life.

    talk, phone

    tips for talking with your boyfriend on a date

    Leave the weather alone, do not even start talking about how great it is that May is outside. Use the themes from the list. They are guaranteed to entertain and puzzle your partner.

    10 options for conversation topics on a date:

    • “What country would you like to live in, where would you like to visit”?
    • “Tell me about the three happiest memories in your life”.
    • “Imagine the situation: you are swimming in the river. A beautiful girl comes to the shore. Suddenly you realize that during the last jump into the water your swimming trunks were blown away.

    You’re in the water, completely naked. What will you do in this situation “?

  • “What are your three favorite films? Explain how they hooked you “.
  • “What were you like as a kid”?
  • “Do you like pets”?
  • “What kind of sport attracts”?
  • “Have you got a dream”?
  • “There are three wishes that you will make”?
  • “What is the most important thing in a girl”?
  • How to Talk to a Boyfriend About Sex: Checklist

    An important and sensitive topic that worries many. How to talk to a young man about such a delicate topic?

    The first rule of talking about sex is: be direct. Sex is a natural process, a physiological necessity of every person, like eating or sleeping.

    How to ask a guy about sex:

    • “You can ask a personal question”?
    • “Tell me how many girls you had in terms of sex.”?
    • “Tell us about your desires in bed”.

    No matter how you formulate it, the meaning will not change. Do not go around the topic, show your embarrassment.

    Topics for conversation with a guy depending on the sign of the zodiac: an example of a dialogue

    Ask head-on about everything: they are the most straightforward people in the world.

    Talk to him about distant topics: cinema, music, study or work.

    The art of conversation is their strong point. Ask more, answer honestly.

    Ask him about childhood, family and friends.

    Talk to His Highness on any topic. Don’t interrupt and try to agree with him.

    Talk about topics that are close to your boyfriend: favorite subjects at school, hobbies, family and friends.

    Ask his opinion, be interested in hobbies and preferences.

    Don’t come up with themes. Sagittarius value naturalness.

    Any topic is suitable: politics, the migration of southern jerboas, the peculiarities of the course of cholecystitis. It is important to be polite and tactful in conversation.

    Romantic and unusual themes. what can catch them.

    Find out what to talk about with a guy in different situations: by text, phone, online and on a date

    Conversation is an art. Some easily maintain a conversation in any situation with any person, regardless of gender, nation, age and ability to speak in principle.

    For others, talking to a person is a real torture. Many questions arise: what topic to choose, is it worth asking personal questions, is this person interested in me?

    Lack of confidence during contact is a common problem.

    This can be an innate trait: introverts have a hard time finding a common language with people, they just don’t need communication. There are just shy people.

    A special case is a conversation with a guy. It is difficult for a girl to calm her natural embarrassment.

    Wanting to please, she goes through many different topics, but when she meets all the thoughts are lost. The situation is fixable if you set yourself up correctly.

    What to talk about with a guy 14-16 years old by correspondence in VK?

    The social network is a place of communication for modern youth. It’s easier this way: no one sees your embarrassment, fear and other emotions.

    By texting, you only show what you see fit. This has advantages: having mastered the art of a good interlocutor, you can easily fall in love with the young man you are interested in.

    Beautiful young girls feel confident, which gives them an edge. It’s all about presentation: it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s important how you feel, how you speak and act.

    Teenage self-study guide. 6 rules for a good conversationalist:

    No. rules Explanations
    1 Forget about looks When starting a conversation, don’t think about looks. Focus on the conversation, blend in with the process. Excitement and shyness are the worst enemies
    2 Be friendly and considerate Away with arrogance and haughty air. Talk to anyone like a friend. Enjoy the conversation
    3 Talk about him Want to please a guy? Talk to him about him. Ask, ask personal questions, take an interest in his life.

    Ideal topics for conversation with a stranger on the phone and online

    When you don’t know much, but intend to win the guy’s sympathy, you should use special techniques:

    • Go straight to personal questions.
    • Use the word: “we”.
    • Speak like you’re already dating.
    • Show that you are passionate about him.
    • Praise, admire, support.
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