Frequently Asked Questions About Buying an Alternative to the Apple Pencil

No matter what your tablets, cell phones, most of the styluses shown will allow you to set them up on all devices, there will be no compatibility issues and no need to do pairing.

No. This is a stylus with internal battery.

It is best not to use it in charging mode.

This may be due to having too many idle apps open in the background. We advise you to close these broken applications to avoid crashes.

We recommend removing the screen protector if it has been installed on iPads or Android tablets.

Safe operating time will be 8-10 hours on a full charge. We recommend charging the device for at least 1 hour so you can use it all day.

This is a unique stylus with a sensitive touch and a graceful stroke.

There is no doubt. Yes for all devices paired via Bluetooth.

Of course you can, we present to you some of the best alternatives to the Apple Pencil that cost many times less than the real Apple Pencil.

Oh heck yeah. We’ve been buying fake apple pencils since 2018 on Aliexpress, and they work just fine. One concern is that the tip may not be as sensitive. However, these Chinese have been smart enough to copy and improve products. Take a look at our review above and you’ll see that this is the 3rd generation of fake Apple Pencils.

There are a huge number of fake Apple Pencils on the market today. most of them you’ll find online, along with hundreds, if not thousands, of other Apple Pencil analogs and knockoffs. So the question arises: among the many options available, how do you find an inexpensive but quality alternative to the Apple Pencil? This is where we come to the rescue.

We’ve sorted through some of the best. and some of the worst. of fake Apple Pencils you can buy online to make a list of the most effective ones we can recommend to you. Here are the best fake Apple pencils you can buy on the cheap:

stylus, ipad

Giving up the palm of your hand. it’s the newest feature that the apple pencil alternative has come along. Vendors are releasing new features every month, improving these products.

Our reviewIt’s perfect! It works great with my 6th gen iPad. It’s magnetic. I charged it and then pressed the button and it works. I also have an Apple Pencil. But this one also works very well. In fact, it looks 99% like a real Apple pencil.

To answer the question of whether it works, read reviews on Aliexpress about this particular fake 3rd generation Apple Pencil.

Choosing the best analogue of the Apple Pencil

With the introduction of the Apple Pencil, users felt the magic of Apple and the effectiveness of the stylus. Many artists have put away their Wacom tablets and switched completely to the iPad.

But what to do if you really want to try a magic pencil, but don’t have the budget for it?

The SwitchEasy equivalent of the Apple Pencil

It is right to find the best analogue of the Apple Pencil, of which there are a lot on the market, but do not rush to buy the first stylus you see, because there are pitfalls.

I tested several styli from AliExpress that were Bluetooth-enabled, had a terrible build, and still did not prevent phantom palm presses on the screen. I ended up spending about 5-6 thousand on these styli and never found my perfect one.

SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro’s analogous Apple Pencil

I had heard about it for a long time, but had never used their products. I wrote to the representative office and asked for a review of the stylus EasyPencil Pro, the guys quickly responded and sent a package.

the BEST Apple Pencil Alternatives ✏️ affordable & better??

I had no expectations, but it happened. EasyPencil Pro is almost a perfect analogue of the Apple Pencil. Why Almost? Because of the design, the stylus has a Type-C charging port on one of its edges, that’s probably all my complaints about this product.

EasyPencil Pro stylus

Otherwise it is a great stylus for iPad, it has a carbon tip, even two, one spare, charges with the Type-C and lasts a very long time.

The most important is that the stylus has 2048 levels of pressure and Palm Rejection technology, you can easily touch the screen with your palm, no phantom touches on the screen, the stylus recognizes only the right signal.

EasyPencil Pro is very easy to turn on, take it out of the box, touch the top and all the magic is done, ready to work, you can create.

EasyPencil Pro specifications

Dimensions: 166.5 x 9.5 mmMaterial: AluminumWeight: 17 gramsCompatible: iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd and 4th generations) / iPad Pro 11 (1st and 2nd generation) / iPad (6th generation) / iPad (7th generation) / iPad Air (3rd generation) / iPad mini (5th generation).

I boldly recommend this stylus to all who are looking for a better equivalent to the Apple Pencil and still want to save a lot of money. By the way costs EasyPencil Pro from 4590, you can buy for example in

Stylus or finger?

Note also that for resistive screens could use any tool that looks like a stick to enter information. It won’t work on capacitive displays. This is due to their design. We won’t go into details, but let’s just say that a capacitive display needs a conductor of electricity to work. Since the human body is an excellent conductor, our fingers do an excellent job of entering data on a touch screen.

When Apple introduced the iPhone, in which the touch screen worked and responded to human fingers (capacitive display), then people began to wonder whether you need to buy a stylus, if he is not always with you? However, for some tasks the convenience of working with your finger on a touch screen is under attack, for example, if you draw on a tablet, it is very difficult to draw a thin scythe when you control your hands. This situation is familiar to very many artists or just lovers of drawing, when instead of a graceful eyebrow appears thick forest.

of stylus, made with a stylus, get thin and graceful, so you can draw when you want

It turns out that there are still times when you have in your head the thought: “I wish now stylus!” But today’s tablets and smartphones come with almost no such gadgets. And then there is the need to additionally purchase this marvel of technique. What then is the decision of Apple, which produces the iPad Pro and shows its work with a special stylus Apple Pencil, which must be bought separately. Naturally, this is a spiteful attitude of the corporation to its customers, who obviously will not want to pay more than nine thousand for a wand, which could be added to the set of such an expensive tablet. So let’s find out how to make a stylus for a tablet with your own hands?

Five Apple Pencil analogues from Aliexpress and more

The Apple Pencil is a great device that extends the capabilities of the iPad. However, the Apple branded pen has one drawback. the price. The situation is saved by third-party manufacturers who have created several alternatives. And some of the available counterparts of the Apple Pencil are sold on Aliexpress.

Homemade stylus for iPad

When Steve Job invented the legendary iPhone back in 2007, he revolutionized the way we use our fingers to control the phone! But why not use the familiar stylus? The answer is simple: you take it out, then you put it away, then you take it out again, and eventually you lose it. Nevertheless, for some programs, primarily for drawing this accessory is needed. In this regard, consider how to make a stylus for iPad with your own hands and from handy materials.

Ways to make a stylus for a tablet or smartphone

When touch phones were first introduced, styli. the intermediary between the device and the user, and used to enter information. were their constant attribute, but in the evolution of mobile devices, they are no longer necessary, because smartphone screens now respond to touch of the fingers.

The interface of the operating system and software is also adapted for finger control and users usually have no problems with performing the necessary manipulations. Despite this, the time of the stylus is not over. For certain tasks, it is more convenient to use this type of control, for example, it is well suited for drawing.

Some models of mobile devices from different manufacturers are equipped with styluses, if necessary, you can also buy a device separately. The cost of these tools is quite high, although for the most part they are not technically sophisticated devices. If you want to make a stylus you can make your own. Such a skill is very useful for those who are used to working with the tool, but currently do not have it at hand. It is not difficult to make a stylus out of improvised means. Here are some simple and effective ways of making a working tool.

The stylus can be made from a piece of dishwashing sponge or a washcloth. You will also need a helium pen, a feather pen, a piece of foil, and a cellophane bag.

Follow the instructions to make the stylus:

  • Take a piece of dishwashing sponge or washcloth and roll it into a tight circle.
  • Cut off a small piece of the bag to wrap the sponge in.
  • Wet the sponge slightly with water.
  • Wrap it in a plastic bag and insert it into an eraser from a fountain pen.
  • Use the gel pen rod to push to the second base of the rubber band. A small ball of sponge in the bag should come out of it.
  • Make a small roll of foil to prevent the foil from tearing.
  • Stick it in a rubber band so that the flagellum hooks into the sponge.
  • Insert the body of a gel pen into a rubber band.

Homemade gadgets aren’t all about saving money

But what about drawing digital designs by hand? Touch screens and drawing tablets have become commonplace today, and many companies are investing a lot of time in developing great styluses and digital pens for designers.

Now talking about the functionality you get from it is debatable, but I can definitely browse my cell phone during lunch without smudging the screen.

Sometimes it costs a little more to buy one, and that’s the reason most people decide not to use it. Although you can now easily create your own author’s stylus at home that works just like the original.

However, the best part of our stylus will be that it is made entirely from recyclable material; it does not have any extra features like a real stylus, but if you need it for normal use, it will work fantastically.

Take the shorter part of the cotton swab and insert it into the hole at the top of the pen where the pen used to be. Attach a cotton swab to the pen, remembering to leave an exposed top. Wrap the pen in tin foil and squeeze the tip so that it presses tightly against the cotton tip.

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