Android phone won’t boot past the logo / splash screen (turns on but not completely). what to do

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Now let’s figure out why your Android phone does not load beyond the logo (it does not turn on after the manufacturer’s or robot’s splash screen). Further in the text: first about the reasons and then decoding what to do in this or that case.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 10/9/8/7: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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If you divide all the reasons why your Android phone hangs on the logo splash screen and does not boot further, then this will be

  • errors in the software (it is possible to fix it yourself);
  • hardware problems (only in the service center).

Reboot or shutdown and smartphones Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, A50s,

With the release of its own th assistant, the specialists of the South Korean company had a need to assign the launch of Bixby to one of the physical keys. Initially, the function was the privilege of flagship models. they were equipped with a dedicated button responsible for calling the built-in assistant.

Modern Samsung smartphones, both flagships and mid-range devices, are also equipped with the Bixby assistant, but lack a separate key for interacting with it. Samsung decided to abandon the fourth button on smartphone cases, assigning the Bixby call to one of the familiar keys. For this purpose, the power button was chosen and, for sure, not by chance. Most likely, the power-lock key received a new function due to the desire of Samsung engineers to improve the ergonomics of mobile devices.

Since holding the lock key for a few seconds began to call the th Bixby assistant, the developers of the Samsung One UI firmware had to reassign the shutdown and restart of the device to a combination of two buttons. The same keyboard shortcut is used to force restart the frozen phone.

The innovation has been implemented in all Samsung smartphones and tablets released in the second half of 2019 and early 2020. Turning off or restarting such a mobile device is performed as follows:

First, you need to simultaneously hold the power button and the volume down key for a few seconds.

After the screen displays a vertical menu consisting of three options, you must select the required action (shutdown or restart) and confirm its execution by clicking on the corresponding icon again. Depending on the option selected, the smartphone will turn off or restart.

There is another way to reboot and turn off your mobile device. you need to open the quick settings panel by making a swipe down from the top edge of the screen and click on the switch icon. Then you should select the required action.

The procedure for turning on the phone remains the same. just hold the power key for a couple of seconds until the Samsung logo appears on the display, and then enter the PIN code of the SIM card and unlock the device.

What to do if Android Samsung phone is frozen

Samsung phone including Galaxy can freeze due to various reasons. This can happen on the splash screen, on the logo during power-on, with a non-removable battery and a removable.

Then he doesn’t react to anything. The fault may be firmware, installed applications, insufficient memory and hardware failure.

I now have a Samsung a5 and a3 with a non-removable battery. In the process of using, I noticed that most of all it freezes if it has not rebooted for a week.

However, the manufacturer himself recommends doing a reboot at least once a week. There is even an automatic function for this.

I put it on Sunday at 3 am and one less problem, but it may freeze when turned on on the logo. How to fix it?

This is most likely a problem not with the phone, but with the system. If we have the opportunity to enter the factory restore mode, then use this.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet is frozen and unresponsive

If your mobile device freezes, you need to perform a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key and hold them for 7-10 seconds, after which the device turns off and on again. On some older models, you need to additionally hold down the volume up key.

To restart a Samsung smartphone with a removable battery, just remove the back cover, remove the battery, then insert it back, hold down the power button and hold it until the Samsung logo appears on the display.

The reasons for the breakdown and why it turns on, but does not load

️️️️️ If Android does not boot on your phone or tablet when you turn it on, or your Android smartphone starts up, but does not go beyond the logo splash screen, then the reasons for this may be the following:

  • Errors when flashing the device. These include the installation of an unsuitable or damaged assembly, incorrect firmware order, power failure, and other factors.
  • Out of memory. The system may not start or boot very slowly due to insufficient memory. The solution may be to optimize applications and remove unnecessary data.
  • Memory card incompatibility. If the smartphone turns on but does not boot completely, try removing the memory card and try to restart the system.
  • Hardware problems after being hit, dropped, spilled, or exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Damage to the power button or its cable, which “closes” the phone and it goes into a cyclic reboot, loading up to the logo and then in a circle. We come across this periodically and can only be diagnosed in a service center.

Read How to check Android for errors

Before trying to fix a problem with Android, you need to understand why the system does not boot.

Restoration of performance

If the phone shows that the charge is on, then the causes of the problem should be looked for in the Launcher Android operation. If the device vibrates or its screen flickers, then there is a possibility that the screen is damaged.

If you determine that the problem is software in nature (for example, the problem arose after a firmware update), then a simple reboot will not help here. You need to reset the system via Recovery Mode or reflash the device. Let’s see what to do:

  • While holding the power button and the volume down key (there may be other combinations, look for your model), go to Recovery Mode. If the phone does not enter Recovery Mode, then the problems are at a deeper level, so you need to contact the service center.
  • Perform a factory reset by selecting “Wipe data factory”.
  • Select “Reset” to reboot the device.

A factory reset will erase your personal data and user settings. If this method did not help, perform a flashing. To do this, drop the file with the appropriate firmware into the root of the memory card, insert the drive into the phone and select “Install zip from sdcard” in Recovery Mode.

You can fix a software glitch yourself, but how do you fix a hardware problem? The most reasonable option is to contact the service center for diagnostics and repair.

Even if the problem can be solved without financial investments, by a simple flashing, users have an important question. how to save the data that is stored in the phone’s memory. There are no problems with the memory card: you just need to pull it out of the device. But how do you save data from your internal storage? For example, pull contacts.

If you’ve backed up the system, or at least turned on Google sync, then getting your contacts will be very easy. All you need to do is go to the Contacts app on Google to see a complete list of your synced contacts. If you want to transfer them to another device, then it will be enough to add a Google account to it.

To make it just as easy to get other information, you need to periodically back up your Android. Then if the phone reboots, and the reset does not help, you can safely reflash it without worrying about the safety of information.

You can, for example, install a custom Recovery and copy the data to a memory card using the “Backup” function.

How to restart your frozen android Full HD

Reasons for Slow Performance of Samsung Phone and Frequent Freezes of Android System

The slowness has many reasons: a large number of applications, which leads to a lack of RAM on the device, the use of animation in screensavers, widgets, wallpapers and wallpapers.

Also, the reason may be a firmware update. there may be a conflict with the installed programs (the most common reason for freezes). How to fix it?

If you have installed a large number of applications, check if there are unused applications in your phone and uninstall them.

Test your phone in Safe Mode. If this works correctly, then boot the device normally and delete the downloaded applications one by one until the malfunction is resolved.

Also remove animated wallpapers and widgets and watch your samsung phone work.

Force restart the device

Is it always possible to turn off the phone if it freezes? Often he does not respond to gestures on the display, or to pressing the touch buttons. How to turn it off if there is no reaction to standard actions?

However, there are “soft reboots” methods that are designed for just such cases. Usually, for a soft reset (this is the name of this procedure), you need to hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. These buttons were chosen because they are present on all Android smartphones. However, there are exceptions, so check the details in the instructions for your specific device.

Software crash

Fortunately, software glitches are more common nowadays. We say “fortunately” because software “diseases” are easier to cure. No need to go into the electronic filling with a screwdriver and a soldering iron.

For the most part, software problems are resolved by removing specific applications that are overusing RAM or CPU power. Sometimes the programs themselves do not even need to be deleted, it is enough to unload them from memory using the task manager.

Closing applications

Remember, just above we talked about task managers? In addition to third-party solutions like ES Task Manager, Android also has a built-in.

You can use it like this:

open the menu, select the “Applications” item in it. In recent versions of Android, it is in the General menu;

select the “Running” tab, all programs currently running are displayed there;

find among them unnecessary ones that take up the maximum memory, and forcibly close them

Even closing one or two unnecessary “workers” can have a positive effect.

Unnecessary applications can be closed “in bulk” using third-party dispatchers.

Restart Android

As a rule, all Android devices have a soft restart option directly from the OS.

press the power button and hold it until the menu appears on the screen;

find the item “Reboot” in it (the specific wording may differ, but the word “reboot”, “reboot” or “reboot” is required);

select this item, wait for the device to turn on.

It is not at all a fact that a frozen smartphone will reboot quickly. If a process slows down, it can be difficult to “kill” it. But when the reboot takes place, Android will start to perform better.

Use this to remove recently installed updates and new programs. Perhaps some of them are the root of the problem.

Malfunction of programs

Alas, not all Android apps are well optimized. Some of them can cause serious malfunctions.

do not install APK files from third-party sources (this is for the future);

if failures are repeated, and you still cannot establish the reason. make a hard reset.

Mechanical damage

Surely, many readers decided to skip the section with such a title: they say, if my phone was damaged, it would be immediately visible. And my neighbor has half a mesh screen, and everything works. And in vain!

The era of the good old Nokia 3310 and other unkillable “bricks” is over. Gadgets of the second decade of the 21st century are incomparably more fragile pieces. The case may not show any signs of shock or pressure, but for electronics, shock could be a serious test.

A single loose contact can cause malfunctions.

So one-piece aluminum housings, molded polycarbonate, Gorilla Glass or other protective glasses may not prevent, but, on the contrary, mask the problem.


In especially difficult cases, only the most radical solution helps. resetting all settings. This most effective tool does not even require you to clarify why your mobile phone freezes.

Please note: this procedure destroys all data on the smartphone, returning it to its original factory state. Therefore, make sure that all your contacts, mail, SMS history and important files are saved in archives or on cloud services. In most cases, sync is enabled by default.

Reset can be done directly from the menu. For example, in Android 5, you can find the desired item like this:

For different manufacturers, specific menu items may differ, but the principle is the same everywhere:

select “Backup and reset”;

If you understand the general principle, then you can easily find the desired item on smartphones with other versions of the OS. By the way, you can enable backup in the same section of the menu.

Нard reset

The words “hard reset” sound like sandpaper. Indeed, this procedure will polish the condition of your gadget to a shine. As a rule, to hard reset an Android smartphone, you need to simultaneously hold down three keys: power and volume up. These buttons put the smartphone into recovery mode.

The touch screen does not work in this mode.

Therefore, you need to control your smartphone as follows:

select the wipe data / factory reset item in the menu;

use the volume keys to navigate the menus like the up and down buttons;

use the power button to confirm the selection (like the Enter key);

confirm restarting smartphone and wiping out data.

After that, your phone will take a long time to reboot, and after restarting, Android will be as good as new. We hope you’ve turned on sync? Then your phone book and other data are saved on Google servers and will be returned to you soon.

Samsung Galaxy j7 freezes, what to do if the smartphone heats up and does not respond to anything. Force restart frozen Galaxy j7, j5, j3 j1 smartphones and similar Android devices.

If the smartphone is frozen with a removable battery, then the problem is solved by removing the battery, but what if the battery is not removable? that’s for this, and there is a way to force restart the android by pressing and holding certain buttons of the smartphone.
There can be many reasons for the Galaxy j7 and similar devices freezing, and this is not always due to weak processor characteristics and insufficient RAM. Sometimes Samsung Galaxy freezes for no apparent reason, it sometimes freezes when charging or when the battery is completely discharged, the screen stops responding to touches and the power buttons do not work and the frozen Samsung cannot be turned off.
You can also wait until the frozen Android discharges itself and turns off, but this can drag on for more than one day, and you need a phone for work or you are waiting for a call that cannot be missed.

Now let’s see how to get Galaxy j7, j5, j3 j1 and similar devices out of freeze.
To forcibly restart the frozen Android, hold down and hold the following 3 buttons simultaneously: the “on / off” button and the “”. “volume buttons, all these three buttons need to be held for a few seconds, from about 7 to 10 seconds. (The volume button must be pressed on both sides).
If the first time it did not work to get the Samsung Galaxy out of the freeze, then try again to hold and hold all three buttons, but keep the buttons pressed longer.
On some frozen smartphones and tablets on Android, to reboot, just press the “on / off” button and hold it for up to 20 seconds, and sometimes longer.
If you did everything right, the frozen Android will come back to life and will delight its owner again.

ASUS phone frozen and won’t turn off

What to do if the phone freezes and does not turn off? Hanging equipment is a common problem. The easiest way to restart your phone and return to normal device operation is to remove the battery, replace it, and turn the phone back on. The problem with smartphones from Asus is that such an opportunity is not always available due to the design features.

If my ASUS phone freezes and does not turn off during operation, what should I do? Try restarting your phone correctly. Hold down the shutdown key for a few seconds. In the worst case scenario, it will work after 15 seconds.

If the phone “hangs” regularly. formatting Asus will help. In this case, all important data must be transferred to another electronic medium, since after the procedure nothing will remain in the gadget’s memory. Next, visit the settings menu, find the “Backup and Reset” section, select “Reset to factory settings” and reset everything.

If the frozen ASUS cannot be turned off and it does not respond to finger touches, you may simply overload its computers with intensive work. Sooner or later, the phone will run out of power and turn off, give it a little rest and connect it to the power supply. After turning on the smartphone, try not to overwork it to a critical state.

A new gadget may face a similar problem due to a factory defect. To establish the fact of a factory breakdown, contact the place of purchase of the phone.

The phone does not turn off when you press the button: what to do?

The phone does not turn off. have you come face to face with a problem and do not understand what to do? It is not surprising, because mobile devices have become a part of everyday life of a person, and interruptions in their work cause significant discomfort. What to do if communication with friends, work, typing, calculations and other important functions became unavailable due to freezing or problems with turning on / off the gadget?

Doesn’t turn off when you press the button

As discussed earlier, the button may be the problem. The ingress of debris particles, damage to the case in the area of ​​the button or button directly, ordinary mechanical wear (have you ever wondered how many times the power button is used per day?) Disable it.

  • rare models of Android devices in the standard settings menu offer to set a key combination to turn the phone on and off;
  • to transfer the shutdown function to the volume button, there is a special application. Volume Unlock Power Button Fix. In this program, you can also set the time to turn off and on the phone, for example, every day the gadget will turn off at 1:00 and start at 6:00.

Focus on the cost and timing of the repair, if you still decide to contact the professionals:

For items related to replacement parts, add the cost of parts, which can also vary widely depending on their quality and the country of supply.

Diagnostics (up to 3 working days) is either free of charge or does not exceed 300 rubles at a cost. Sometimes services diagnose devices for free upon consent to further repair (if it turns out that it is required), in case of refusal, they take money.

It is undesirable to visit repair centers during promotional periods. The increased flow of customers and the limited timing of work are the result of poor-quality equipment maintenance.

Does not turn off, but reboots

The reasons for constant reboots of an Android device are the same as for frequent system freezes. Viruses, mechanical faults, installation and removal of low-quality programs, device operation “worn out”, factory defects.

For prevention purposes, you should close unused programs on time, regularly free up space in the phone’s memory, avoid dropping equipment and hitting it.

When the problem has already occurred, you can try to format the phone, but most often it turns out that the reason is not hardware-based. Contact qualified professionals.

What to do if the phone won’t turn off: the main reasons

The phone won’t turn off or turn on for a number of reasons. You might not have noticed how the device was completely discharged while it was in your bag or ? Plug in the charger and do not try to press the power button right away. Let the gadget come to its senses, if the problem is in the power supply. it will turn on by itself or display the charging icon after a while.

The power button could be out of order directly. Ingress of moisture or dust, aggressive mechanical impact (the button was pressed too hard into the case or was picked). As a result, the phone will not turn on or will not turn on. A service center specialist will help diagnose such a breakdown.

Gadget batteries have a limited service life. You may have noticed that the phone began to lose charge faster, and then completely stopped turning on. The battery will most likely need to be replaced. Such repairs are carried out quickly enough for little money.

Also, the phone could stop charging and turn on after a complete discharge, simply because energy does not enter it through the proposed power cord. Check if the accessory works on another device. if it doesn’t work, replace it. Charging may also fail due to the need to replace the connector. This type of repair will also not require significant costs and long waiting times.

Gadgets can turn off and on “with freezing” due to dirty or low-quality accessories, such as memory cards and SIM cards. Try using the gadget without them. if the problem goes away, the above attributes need to be replaced.

Mechanical breakdowns are the most common problem due to which the phone can be “naughty” when switching on and off. The power supply on the board, the bottom module, loose contacts. all this can affect the correct operation of your phone. Remember if the gadget fell, maybe you forgot it in your back and sat on it for a while, maybe you got caught in the rain with your phone in your hands In any case, the gadget will need to be repaired. Some defects of the mechanical nature of the appearance cannot be eliminated.

Malware can interfere with the normal operation of your smartphone. You can try to clear them by connecting the gadget to a personal computer, or by installing an antivirus on the device directly.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

The smartphone may be overloaded with an excessive number of programs installed and in use. Do not forget to periodically carry out general cleaning in the smartphone’s memory, this helps to prevent a number of serious problems with its operation.

Samsung phone frozen and won’t turn off

If the design of the smartphone allows, it can be forcibly turned off by removing the battery.

When your Samsung phone won’t turn off by pressing the power button, try using the Power key combination. The phone will reboot and return to normal operation, then, if necessary, turn it off with one power button.

Freezing after starting the device will eliminate a complete data reset. Factory reset procedure is the same as for ASUS models.

Samsung has licensed service centers around the world, where they diagnose and repair Samsung equipment. The service workers will help you with the problems of switching on, off and other hardware and mechanical failures. Repair in a specialized center is distinguished by the quality of work, original spare parts and a guarantee for the services provided.

Factory reset when Samsung phone freezes

Restoring to factory settings deletes restores the old version of Android. All data will be deleted, including temporary files.

If you have the ability to start in a working state, then you can reset the settings, but if the hang occurs on the logo, this is not possible.

Then turn off your Samsung phone completely (preferably by removing the battery within a few seconds).

Then insert the battery, but do not start the phone in the traditional way, but hold down the key combination: Power Home (Home button at the bottom of the screen) Volume Up (increase the volume).

Hold them down until the main recovery screen mode appears on the display. Then you can release the buttons.

Next, using the volume buttons (up / down), select “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm the selection.

When the system asks if you really want to delete all data and restore factory settings. confirm your choice.

All data from the internal memory of the phone will be deleted and the settings will be reset to their default values.

Now in recovery mode, select “Reboot system now”. your phone should now work properly and not hang on the Samsung logo.

Reasons for Slow Performance of Samsung Phone and Frequent Freezes of Android System

The slowness has many reasons: a large number of applications, which leads to a lack of RAM on the device, the use of animation in screensavers, widgets, wallpapers and wallpapers.

Also, the reason may be a firmware update. there may be a conflict with the installed programs (the most common reason for freezes). How to fix it?

If you have installed a large number of applications, check if there are unused applications in your phone and uninstall them.

Test your phone in Safe Mode. If this works correctly, then boot the device normally and delete the downloaded applications one by one until the malfunction is resolved.

Also remove animated wallpapers and widgets and watch your samsung phone work.

What to do if Android Samsung phone is frozen

Samsung phone including Galaxy can freeze due to various reasons. This can happen on the splash screen, on the logo during power-on, with a non-removable battery and a removable.

Then he doesn’t react to anything. The fault may be firmware, installed applications, insufficient memory and hardware failure.

I now have a Samsung a5 and a3 with a non-removable battery. In the process of using, I noticed that most of all it freezes if it has not rebooted for a week.

However, the manufacturer himself recommends doing a reboot at least once a week. There is even an automatic function for this.

I put it on Sunday at 3 am and one less problem, but it may freeze when turned on on the logo. How to fix it?

This is most likely a problem not with the phone, but with the system. If we have the opportunity to enter the factory restore mode, then use this.

What Samsung manufacturer advises when freezing

Samsung device developers wrote this: “Slow performance may be caused by lack of free RAM. Shut down all background processes “.

This means that you need to free up RAM and remove applications from the phone that are suspected of high resource consumption.

When performance deteriorates (slow launch of programs, delay in flipping, transition between menu items), sometimes you even want to bang your phone against the wall with your phone.

But instead, just try to review all programs on the memory card. each program takes up space and negatively affects performance.

Therefore, feel free to delete unnecessary ones, and not only applications, but also accumulated garbage.

Take a look at the gallery and find out if there are any unnecessary photos and videos. Also, don’t miss the Downloads folder, which is usually a lot of junk. Check memory, especially cache. This data can also slow you down.

Should I change my Samsung phone if it freezes?

If even after a full reset of Android, the phone freezes, so to speak, nothing helps, then perhaps it is outdated and does not meet modern requirements.

There are special programs for evaluation, such as “Antutu Benchmark”. Install it from the Play Store and test your Samsung Android.

If the test shows scores less than six to seven thousand, then you should think about finding and choosing a new device.

A good result is at least 15-20 thousand points and this is only the minimum, especially for launching games. Success.

Force restart

If your Samsung A5 or S6 phone is frozen so much that it does not respond to the power button, then you need to use a forced reboot. To implement it, you must simultaneously hold down the On / Off and Volume Up buttons for 10 seconds. If this combination does not work, then for 10 seconds you need to hold down the power and volume down buttons.

What to do if your Samsung phone freezes?

Not sure what to do if your Samsung phone is frozen and won’t turn on? Then we recommend that you read a few simple tips to help you get your smartphone back in working order. In addition, they can help in the event that the image on the screen freezes on the splash screen or when launching applications. Tips are suitable for all Android models such as Samsung Galaxy A5, A3, S6, etc.

Turn off the power

If the image on the screen or the splash screen is frozen, press and hold the On / Off button until the Power menu appears. Click “Power off”, and after the phone turns off, press the power button again to turn it on. If the phone freezes at the “Samsung” label on startup, see the next paragraph:

Remove the battery

Removing the battery is not possible on all Samsung models, but if you can do this on your smartphone, then just open the cover, remove the battery, wait about 10 seconds, and then insert it back. After that, you can try to turn on the phone.

In addition, removing the battery can help if its indicator freezes (shows the same charge value).

Remove apps

If your Samsung freezes while using or launching applications, just stop using this application and uninstall it. Most likely, there is some kind of error in his code, which leads to the hang. But mostly this applies only to little-known and dubious programs.

Connect your phone to the charger

There is a chance that your phone is out of battery power. Connect it to a charger and let it charge for a few minutes. If this does not help, go to the next item.

Perform a factory reset

If none of the above methods helps and the phone hangs periodically, then you will have to do a factory reset. However, this method has a big drawback. all your files, applications and games will be deleted. You can restore them only if you have a backup. This is why periodic backups are very important. Make it a rule!

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 that is frozen and became unresponsive

You can do a factory reset on your Samsung phone as follows:

  • Turn off your phone (as described above)
  • Hold the Volume Up, On / Off and Home buttons at the same time until the Android boot menu appears on the screen.

Use the volume up and down keys to navigate the menus.

  • Find “Recovery” in the menu and press the On / Off button to select it. Once the restoration is complete, your phone will return to its original state (as when you purchased it).

We hope our tips for fixing Samsung smartphone freeze helped you. If you have any questions or something does not work out. write about it in the comments or our VK group. we will try to help.

Why does the phone freeze?

If the phone freezes when turned on or during operation, it is worth remembering that there can be only 2 reasons for the malfunction:

  • Mechanical is damage to certain phone devices at the physical level. It is likely that a contact has dropped somewhere or a board element has failed. This is most often due to falling or getting water on the device. At the same time, external damage is not at all necessary, in some cases the screen survives a fall well, but internal damage is still present;
  • System failures are failures that are caused by any problems in the system part. If the phone does not even boot, then Android has ceased to be fully functional, but more often certain difficulties arise during work and the smartphone lags.

The second type is much more common, although mechanical failures are quite possible. Note that in case of physical damage, the smartphone does not even turn on (most often), sometimes the backlight only lights up. Initially, it is assumed that the outside of the smartphone is intact and the main reason for freezing is systemic. When the remedies at the system level are exhausted, it is worth taking the phone to the workshop.

It is also worth saying that the reason for freezing at the system level can be of two types: insufficient system resources, most likely some programs take all memory, system crashes, when the integrity of Android is in doubt.

The phone screen freezes. lack of RAM, CPU load

Modern smartphones are equipped with 2-3 GB of RAM, less often 4-6 GB are installed, but they are not always enough, and when the memory is exhausted, a situation arises that the phone is frozen and does not respond or reacts, but extremely slowly. The problem is in a lot of programs that run in the background, so on smartphones from 3 GB of installed RAM, only 1 GB is available, which is clogged extremely quickly.

The processor can also become clogged and its functionality will be severely impaired. The CPU is heavily impacted by most programs, from demanding games to video / photo editors. Even modern processors are not always able to withstand heavy loads, and after the program is closed, it still hangs in the processes. Some applications always work in the background, for example, antivirus, while they load the smartphone heavily.

To free up the phone memory and return it to normal operation, you should:

  • Remove apps that have less benefit than harm;
  • Disable notifications from apps, especially those that are useless;
  • Deactivate the background work of programs;
  • Install applications for cleaning memory, you can activate them automatically with a certain regularity;
  • Clear the program cache in a timely manner, it is better to use utilities;
  • Remove widgets that are always active on the desktop.

At the same time, the programs themselves can be malfunctioning and overload the smartphone. Alas, application optimization is lame due to the huge number of device models. So you should remove all dubious and useless programs, and also do not install third-party utilities through APK files.

What to do if the phone is frozen on the splash?

Another niche of problems is when the phone hangs on the logo and no longer has any reactions. Accordingly, the problem is deeper than the installation of programs or the load on the processor, most likely the OS is out of order.

In such cases, the first thing you can do is to try to reboot the device, it may be a one-time failure. The main snag is that the phone does not respond to a standard reboot at the start-up stage. We’ll have to use a harder option. hold the power button and volume down, there are also distinctive options.

If you are unlucky and when you turn it back on, it doesn’t get better, then you will have to use a factory reset, that is, a rollback of all functions to their original state. This procedure can also be performed in the Android menu if the device was successfully started. In our case, we will have to use Hard Reset.

  • Press the volume down button together with turning it on and hold it for about 10 seconds until the actions from the smartphone are noticeable;
  • In the menu that appears, select “wipe data / factory reset”, navigation is performed using the volume control, and the power button confirms the choice;
  • After confirmation in the pop-up window, a restart will occur, while all data will be deleted from the device, and the procedure itself takes time, you should not worry.

There is another way. flashing the smartphone, it is a little more functional.

What to do if the phone is frozen?

Smartphones are becoming more and more complex every year, and the more functional the mechanism, the more likely it is to fail. What to do if the phone freezes is a question asked by many users, mostly Android. Almost every owner is faced with a freeze-up of a smartphone, but usually these are periodic lags that are eliminated by themselves. In some cases, the phone, the same applies to tablets, stops turning on completely or does not respond to any actions. Let’s analyze the causes and ways of eliminating this malfunction.

Android phone freezes. reinstalling the operating system

When the phone freezes and does not turn on, you can use an alternative approach, all data will also be lost here, but its advantage is that you can install a new version of Android.

To perform a flashing you need:

  • Download the ZIP archive with the firmware and put it in the phone’s memory;
  • Go to the recovery menu, as in previous cases;
  • Select “wipe data / factory reset”;
  • Confirm the procedure and then go back one step;
  • Select “Install zip”;
  • Select “Choose zip from / sdcard” and specify the path to the file, and then agree to continue;
  • Then click on the “reboot system now” menu and after reboot there will be a new system.

Ultimately, if nothing else helps, you will have to take the device to the workshop, apparently a mechanical problem if the procedures were performed correctly.

If you still have questions “What to do if the phone is frozen?”, You can ask them in the comments

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What to do when Samsung freezes on boot?

If your Samsung phone freezes, you need to contact a specialist as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of the problem is the surest way to quickly and easily restore the functioning of your cell phone! It doesn’t matter if the problems are related to a software failure or mechanical damage, the sooner you start troubleshooting the problem, the less time and money you will need.!

All the reasons that lead to this problem (the phone freezes while using it or Samsung freezes when loading) can be divided into two groups. The first is associated with software support for the device, the second. with negative mechanical and physical impact. So:

it is possible that your cell memory is clogged, respectively, overloading causes inhibition of functioning.

it happens that due to the use of unqualified software products in the firmware an error occurs, this causes a software failure.

various mechanical and physical negative influences in the form of falls, shocks, ingress of moisture lead to the failure of individual internal components.

In any case, in order to determine exactly where the problem is hiding and to understand what to do if Samsung hangs, you will need professional diagnostics. You can make it in our service center. It is absolutely free with us! For this operation, special modern equipment is used, which, with minimal intervention, makes it possible to make a deep and thorough examination.

What to do, and is it possible to fix it yourself. Output:

In the first case, when the phone’s memory is overloaded, you can try to clear it by more than 60%, reset all settings, this often eliminates such troubles when Samsung freezes.

For the second problem, if your Samsung is frozen due to a software glitch, you will most likely have to resort to flashing your phone.

If the problem arose against the background of mechanical or physical impact, then in order to establish why the Samsung phone is frozen, what to do, it will be necessary to diagnose.

But, as you understand, in all these situations you cannot do without the help of specialists. Since, without having the skills and experience in this area, as well as with the naked eye, it is almost impossible to understand what exactly is out of order.

We employ highly qualified specialists who are promptly, and most importantly, qualitatively ready to find out why Samsung hangs when turned on.

Our workshop is equipped with special modern equipment.

If necessary, we make replacement of defective components, while using only original parts. This makes it possible to return the device to a flawless appearance, as well as the original reliability of functioning.

Almost one hundred percent complete set for all models of Samsung phones, spare parts are in constant availability in the warehouse at the workshop. This guarantees the efficiency of the necessary work.

We are suppliers of original components throughout Russia, so we can offer reasonable to our customers.

After the first contact with us, you will receive a client’s vip card, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy discounts in the amount of 10-40%.

Once repaired, your phone will be subject to Free Quality Assurance. After that, you will receive a guarantee not only for the restored part of the mechanism, but for the entire device! Therefore, if your Samsung is buggy, what to do, you do not know, do not waste time. go to us! Our professional approach will bring your Samsung phone back to reliability and quality.!

Stock! Until the end of the month, for any repair, ultrasonic cleaning is free.

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