How to enable the “Find iPhone” option

This is very easy to do. This basic function is pre-installed in any model and in the latest versions of the axle. over, it cannot be deleted, so you will always find it in the settings. If you have any version prior to iOS 13, the procedure is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” and select “iCloud”;
  • Type in the username and password for the account, if it has not been done earlier;
  • Allow the program to use your geolocation by clicking on “OK”;
    lost, your, iphone
  • Scroll down a little and swipe right on the inscription: “Find iPhone”. Confirm Action.
    lost, your, iphone
    lost, your, iphone
  • Open “Settings” and click on your name at the very top;
    lost, your, iphone
  • Select “Latitude”, then tap on “Find iPhone”;
    lost, your, iphone
  • The next step is to move the value of “Find iPhone” to the active position.
    lost, your, iphone

For correct operation in both cases, do not disable the geolocation services and leave them in the working position at all times.

Via iCloud on a computer

This requires a desktop version of iCloud on a computer or a browser version on any phone. The sequence of actions is similar to the previous instruction:

  • Visit the website by entering your username and password for your account;
  • Select the device you want to block and leave a phone number for communication.


A very useful application that tracks the location of the iPhone. To find a lost gadget and find out exactly where the last interactions with the device took place, fraudsters just need to connect the device to a computer. In a few seconds, the owner will receive a notification with the last location. The utility refreshes the data every hour, sending geodata to the owner.

How to lock an iPhone if it is stolen

Apple products are expensive, which means that any iPhone model is “under the gun” and automatically becomes the target of thieves and intruders. Scammers profit from selling stolen iPhones or keep them for themselves. And also. it is easy to lose or forget a smartphone in a taxi or cafe, but, of course, the chance that the device will be returned is close to zero. What to do in a situation when the phone is lost or stolen?

There is a way out, and it was invented by Apple itself, which takes care of its customers. In case of unexpected loss or theft, the corporation’s engineers have created an algorithm that allows them to track the device and, if necessary, lock it, making it useless for the thief and keeping private information. The article will tell you how to remotely lock your phone in several possible ways (both by official methods and using third-party utilities) if it is stolen or lost.

Reward If Found

It is very similar to the first application on the list. it can be used to generate a message asking the finder to return the device. And in the message, indicate any information for the contact. This is unlikely to save you from theft, but if the device is found by a conscientious person, it will return it to its rightful owner.

What does it mean to “lock” iPhone

In this case, all iPhone functions stop working, and when you try to unlock the screen, a message appears: “Missing phone. This iPhone has been lost. Please call me (phone number). ” Depending on the wishes of the user, additional data and Комментарии и мнения владельцев may be indicated in the message. When locked, the owner marks the device as missing by remotely blocking the gadget using a special password. This allows you to track the location of your device. And if the device has the Apple Pay function (and plastic cards are included in it), then such a gadget will not be able to pay.

You can block a device in several ways, listed below, but the fastest and most popular is remote blocking via a trusted device of a close or relative based on iOS. This message goes away, and the iPhone returns to its normal state when the owner cancels the Lost Mode and contacts the one who managed to find the lost or stolen device.

All of this will work if the user has activated the “Find My” or “Find iPhone” function in advance. If this did not happen, then it will be more difficult to find the device, and the chance to regain access and find it by location is close to zero.

If you suspect or are sure that your iPhone was stolen or lost, use one of the instructions below to locate your gadget and protect your personal data.

Why iPhone is stolen

Criminals are always driven by one goal: to quickly and profitably sell the stolen thing obtained by illegal means. Ideal victims are those who know little about the security system of “apple” gadgets and do not protect the device in any way: it is banal to set passwords when unlocking the device, not to mention turning on the “Find My” function (on iOS 12 and below, this function is called “Find iPhone “). While Apple improves security every year, creating new apps and improving existing technologies, thieves are finding ways to unlock iPhone, even if it is tied to a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Why iPhones are being stolen:

  • Sell ​​on the black market at an attractive price. If the fraudster has a suspicion that the owner of the iPhone might catch himself, and knows how to protect the lost gadget, they sell the stolen device at half the market price;
  • Put up for auction on sites like Avito or Yula. Before buying a gadget “off hand”, we recommend that you check the gadget, whether it is listed in the stolen database. Such advertisements are often issued by a postscript in the ad “urgent sale” and a reduced price in comparison with the cost of other sellers;
  • Hand over to a pawnshop. The kidnapper will be able to help out a little, but it will still be possible to cash in on someone else’s property. It is possible that the owner will be lucky, and an employee of the establishment will see the message left on the screen with a request to return the phone with a contact number, and will try to contact the user;
  • They reflash and keep it for themselves. If the smartphone cannot be unlocked, then a Jailbreak is put on the gadget. The likelihood of finding a buyer is significantly reduced, so cybercriminals start using the “hacked” device themselves. It is unlikely that you will be able to return your gadget, and even in its former state;
  • Hand over for spare parts. An iPhone in a locked state is most often sold for cheap parts. A stolen or forgotten device will be disassembled “piece by piece”, so it becomes almost impossible to get it back.

How to find iPhone if lost. several ways

Every day, most people lose their mobile phones, including expensive gadgets. Therefore, they often ask a difficult, but very significant question about how to find an iPhone if it is lost. Loss can happen anywhere, and forgetfulness of the owner is often blamed.

If you have lost your phone, the first thing to worry about is to worry about it. apply to the police station. But there are still a number of options on how to find an iPhone on your own, which will be discussed today. Using our advice, you will surely find your lost telephone set.

How to find a lost phone? The ways

As soon as you lose your phone, immediately contact the cellular department. They are the ones who often know the information about finding the lost phone. But for this you need to take care of connecting the service in advance. If the service was activated when purchasing a mobile phone, then you will definitely get help. Once your search is narrowed, it will be easier to find your iPhone.

If your iPhone has been stolen, how to find it. spyware will help. This is another way to find a gadget.

Thanks to the new computer capabilities, you will definitely find him, especially if there are computer specialists among your acquaintances. You can also independently go to the Internet to find spyware, with which you can determine the approximate location of the telephone. But in this case, a competent approach is required, since such a program must be installed in the phone in advance. In most cases, the creator will have to pay for using such a program, which frightens many.

In addition, you can contact pawnshops. People often find stolen phones right here, but you shouldn’t think that they will be returned so quickly and simply. Even if you have the appropriate documents for the telephone, you will need to contact the police department, after which the telephone will be returned to you.

Another way to find a lost gadget. contacting the police. How exactly the police manage to find the missing phone, only she knows.

However, a simple option that many people know about. find iPhone by IMEI. You need to contact the police to draw up a statement indicating the loss of a mobile communication device. In a short period of time, a request will be sent to the cellular organization to provide all the required data. Then the IMEI code is processed. This code is assigned to the telephone device by the manufacturer, and when it is purchased, it is entered into the database.

The IMEI code is indicated in the document that came with the telephone. In the event of a change in this code, the cellular organization must inform the owner of the gadget about this, noting such changes in the warranty card. This method helps in the case when an attacker calls from a mobile device. However, today most of the robbers are experienced and knowledgeable enough that they can completely change the code. If this happens, then the ability to calculate and find out about the location of the thieves is practically reduced to zero.

You are now well aware of how to find a lost or stolen telephone. Therefore, it is premature to try to play it safe and observe the necessary and important precautions.

The operating system of the seventh generation (as well as above) does not give attackers the opportunity to go through the process of reactivating the device. This is how the blocking mode works. To keep security at an appropriate level, update your software. The only way out in this situation for well-wishers is to hand over the device for spare parts. However, this does not always come to this, and therefore there is a chance to find your device and get it back.

What to do if iPhone is lost or stolen?

I have long wanted to write this article. Since I myself figured out how the Find iPhone application works about half a year after purchasing it. But in vain. I advise you to figure it out and connect everything that is required right now, so, for example, my phone is more than just a phone. it contains information about my whole life.

Now I will tell you how to set everything up correctly and what options you can use if you lose your iPhone or have it stolen from you.

There are several ways to find your phone. I know two. If you have something to say, leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

What to do if your iPhone is lost or stolen from you?

The loss of your beloved iPhone / iPad is a sad event, and sometimes it jeopardizes the confidentiality of your data. But panic is not our method, so we will consider a number of actions to help if the iPhone is missing or has become the object of theft.

What to do if you lost your iPhone or it was stolen?

First of all, make sure that the gadget is not somewhere nearby and try to remember the last time you held it in your hands. Finding devices is greatly facilitated by the Find My iPhone application, but it so happens that for a number of reasons this utility is disabled. Consider both options.

  • Using any apple gadget, launch the “Find iPhone” function, or go to the page from any other portable or stationary device connected to the Internet.
  • After starting the program, select your lost iPhone by specifying the AppleID, now, if the iPhone is connected to the Internet, its location will be displayed on the map. You have three actions at your disposal:

All these actions are valid even if the iPhone is disconnected from the Internet. As soon as the gadget is connected to the global network, all the actions you have chosen are automatically activated. If you chose the “erase iPhone” option, and then found the loss, you can get all the data back using your iPhone backup.

7 Things To Do if Your iPhone is Stolen or Lost

If Find My iPhone is not connected

Alas, in this case, you can only protect your data, we are not talking about any location determination and other Find My iPhone functions.

So you should change your AppleID number, thus blocking unauthorized access to personal information. Similarly, it is recommended to change all passwords for social networks, corporate applications, bank accounts connected to the iPhone, and important sites for you.

Where to go if the iPhone is missing / stolen?

  • If the loss occurred in a public place (supermarket, business center, conference hall), then it is worth reporting the lost iPhone to the security or to the lost property office of the institution.
  • It is recommended to contact the mobile operator, informing that the iPhone is missing or stolen, so your contacts will be blocked and the number is temporarily disabled.
  • Place a post about the loss on the social network, as well as, on the most popular message boards, indicating the IMEI number and the amount of reward.
  • There is also a website for registering found iPhones, try to enter your serial number there, perhaps someone has already found and registered it.
  • You can also report the loss to the police. To do this, you need a serial number, which can be found on the box, on the purchase receipt for the gadget, in your personal support profile on the website, if you previously logged in with your ID number.

Sometimes it happens that a stolen iPhone is sold for ridiculous money to the first person he meets. Therefore, the more actions you take to find your gadget, the more likely it is that you will have your iPhone safe and sound.

There is another way, which, although it does not exclude other actions if you lost your apple gadget or your iPhone was stolen, but makes them much more effective. You need to imagine yourself holding your found iPhone / iPad in your hands, while missing out on the options for getting it to you. The more realistic you reflect this moment in your mind, the more you believe in it; the higher the likelihood of your desire being realized.

Lost iPhone what to do

Everyone knows that Apple products have powerful tools to lock the device in case of loss or theft, to find the location of the iPhone, iPod, and ample opportunities to protect data on the lost iPhone. Those who found an iPhone and did not want to return it to its rightful owners are faced with the fact that the phone is blocked after a certain time, or a visit by police officers follows, who identify the position of the device according to the statement of the owner of the device.

If you lose your iPhone, the best thing to do is to try to find out the location of the device. This will help you quickly determine if it is possible to return the iPhone without contacting the police.

how to find and what to do?

What to do if your iPhone is stolen? How do I find it? After all, the device is not cheap at all, and throwing that kind of money, as they say, down the drain, for many will be tantamount to a big problem. A few years ago, the loss of a phone in most cases was final, and it was rather difficult to find out where the phone was. However, now the situation is somewhat different. So what if your iPhone is stolen, how to find the device? We will talk about this today.

What restrictive measures the kidnappers will face?

lost, your, iphone

Many users who ask: “I stole my iPhone, what should I do?” Are unaware of how important it is to create an iCloud account on the device and link it to an email address. In fact, the thieves who stole the device, in this situation, simply cannot activate the device again. Even installing a new firmware will not bring the desired result: you will still need your email address and password to activate it.

How to find a turned off (discharged) iPhone

In this article, we will give some simple, but very important tips, thanks to which you can improve the security of your iPhone and easily find it in a critical situation. What to do if iPhone is lost and the battery is dead?

Previously, a simple dialer could be returned in two ways: actually call the lost phone and ask the new owner to return the property, or contact law enforcement agencies, where it is possible to track the handset using the IMEI number through a mobile operator (my good friend just returned the smartphone, albeit without a flash drive and in a very killed state).

Now the security level of smartphones has improved significantly. Passwords, fingerprint and retina scanners and a whole bunch of software for remote tracking and blocking of a high-tech gadget. The iPhone, of course, is ahead of the rest in this regard, because it’s easy to find it on the street, reflash it and use it. Of course, if the owner has configured everything correctly.

First, check the activation of the Find iPhone function, for which:

Lost iPhone? Here’s what to do

Make sure you are logged into your Apple ID account.

In the “Find iPhone” section, the function must be enabled.

Immediately make sure that the “Last Location” function is active (present in iOS 8 and newer versions of the system). It is she who will become the last hope in case the battery is discharged. After discharging, the device will send its location to the Apple server.

Of course, in order to track the location of the gadget, you need to have an active Internet connection at all times. There is one important nuance. the Control Center opens without problems on the locked screen of the iPhone, and thanks to this, an attacker can activate “Airplane mode” and, for example, send a smartphone for donation. In this case, the location will also not be determined. To prevent this from happening, go to

Considering all these nuances, it will be much easier to find a smartphone. To locate your lost iPhone:

Go to the web version of on a computer.

At the top of the display, select a device.

After that, it will be displayed on the map. Note that the time when the data was last sent to the server is immediately displayed. If the status is displayed “

Apple Maps are not very informative on the territory of the post-Soviet space, so do not forget to select “Satellite” or “Hybrid” in the lower right corner of the iCloud page instead of the standard view. Then images from Google satellites will be connected to the rescue.

If the iPhone is dead, the only way to restrict the iPhone is through Lost Mode. After activating it, you will only need to enter the phone number by which the new owner can contact you and the message.

After the iPhone is connected to the network, your message will be displayed on the locked display.

If, nevertheless, the smartphone cannot be returned, then be sure to follow the following list of actions:

  • block the SIM through your mobile operator;
  • change the password for your Apple ID account and other services to which you were authorized from your iPhone;
  • go to → Find iPhone, then select your device and click “Erase iPhone”.
  • be sure to report the loss to your family and friends, so that there are no cases of extortion and other scams.

We are trying to find the device

From year to year, representatives of the American company “Apple” advise platform lovers and people who are just beginning their acquaintance with Apple devices to activate the flagship search function. You can find the device only when the function has been turned on, otherwise you can only sympathize with the owner. A sufficient and necessary condition for this is the presence of an account in the corporate cloud storage iCloud and its binding to a valid email address. The user can always cope with this himself, we just recall that this is done using the standard settings of the device. So, if you are wondering what to do if your iPhone has been stolen, how to find it now, we hope that you had time to activate the search function in advance.

What happens if you click “Erase iPhone” on the iCloud website?

Hey! Many people are worried about what happens after all data is deleted from the iPhone via Only there is very little adequate and normal information on the Internet on this issue. And to be absolutely precise, there is practically none. Most resources simply take and copy the phrase from the Apple website. “When you erase data from the device, the Find iPhone function and Activation Lock are also disabled.”.

Which enters many into a stupor and raises a lot of questions: If you erase the device through “Find iPhone”, will it be released from the Activation lock and it will be possible to use it? Is the lock on Apple ID removed? Will the data be deleted entirely? What is the difference from Lost Mode? (We have already figured out this. read it, it will not be superfluous). And these are only the most basic “riddles”. In fact, there are many more!

However, if we return to the description of this function, it turns out that the answer to all these questions is obvious. after clicking “Erase iPhone” the device will be “clean” and not locked.

So what happens? The author of these lines in the article about the Lost Mode in vain advises everyone to erase the device if it is lost (stolen) and it is not possible to find it? That is, on the one hand, we delete all our data (this is a plus). On the other hand, we completely unlock the phone (this is a minus) and anyone can use it?

But, in fact, something is missing in this phrase. And at the end of the article we will correct it 🙂

In order to clearly show what happens during and after the process of deleting data from the iPhone through “Find iPhone”, I decided to do this action myself. True, the iPad will participate in this experiment (it will take a very long time to restore the phone from a backup), but for the iPhone the result will be completely the same. So let’s go!

We have the “Find iPhone” function enabled on the device and imagine that we have irrevocably lost the gadget (or stolen it). We need to erase all data from it, for this:

  • Go to and enter your Apple ID account.
  • Click on “Find iPhone” and in the list of devices select the one you want to clear.
  • Click “Erase iPad” (or iPhone) and confidently agree that all materials and settings will be deleted. And, of course, after this action, the device cannot be detected or tracked.
  • And here is a small problem for those who do not have complete information about the Apple ID account. The fact is that to confirm your intentions, you need to answer security questions (at least two out of three).
  • After that, we indicate the phone number and a short message. they should be displayed on the device screen after erasing. Looking ahead, I would like to note the fact that for some reason all these inscriptions were not shown on the display. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. if you have ideas, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Click “Finish”.
  • Everything! IPhone or iPad data is completely deleted. And here the most important thing begins. this must be remembered. We see the inscription “Erasure completed” and one more line. “Remove from find iPhone”.
  • Now, if you press it, then the device will really “be released” from blocking Apple ID and anyone can activate it. And if you do not press, your iPhone or iPad will remain in Lost and Erased mode.

In this case, unlocking the device is almost impossible. Even through technical support.

With a high degree of probability, the gadget can be safely handed over for spare parts.

And even then, the most expensive of them. the motherboard, will be locked in iCloud.

As promised, we will slightly correct the phrase from the official Apple website 🙂

And now the shortest possible conclusions. So, if you erase your iPhone or iPad using the “Find iPhone” function, then:

What to do if you lost your iPhone

Use iCloud and sign in to your account with your Apple ID to find out exactly where your phone is. You can also use Find My iPhone on any other Apple device. Similarly, you can find MacBook, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch.

lost, your, iphone

Using the corresponding buttons, you can:

  • Play sound to locate iPhone if it is somewhere in the house.
  • Lock the device into Lost Mode. Then iCloud and Find My iPhone will track all movements of the device over the past 24 hours. The device will be locked, and your message with a backup phone number for communication will be displayed on the screen.
  • Erase all data from the device if it is irretrievably lost.

What to do if you lost your Android phone

Sign in to your Google account and use Find My Phone to access real-time information about the location of your smartphone. You can also download the Find My Device app from Google Play to any other Android gadget at your disposal.

lost, your, iphone

With the help of the corresponding points, you can:

  • Ring the phone to determine its location. When you select this item, your phone will ring. It is possible that he is peacefully lying somewhere under the pillow.
  • Lock the phone with a message on the screen. If you forget your phone, for example, in a cafe or taxi, this way you can inform the staff to return the device to you. To do this, set a digital (!) Password to unlock the device (or specify the one you are already using) and enter the message text and a spare phone number for communication. Your message to the finder will be displayed on the screen with an offer to call you.
    lost, your, iphone
  • Delete information on your phone and log out of your Google account. in case you are sure that the phone has been stolen and it is unlikely that it will be returned to you voluntarily. Just click on the Clear device button.

Preventive measures in case of loss

In order to use the services of finding a smartphone in case of loss, you need to give them some permissions in advance. In particular, Android devices must have two important features enabled: Location and Find My Device. In addition, of course, the gadget must be associated with a Google account.

Take the time to check the status of these functions right now. Often, users obsessed with the idea of ​​global surveillance turn off all possible geolocation services, thereby significantly reducing their chances of returning a lost smartphone in the future. On Android, go to Google Settings, then to Security and activate the Find my device option if it is not already enabled.

lost, your, iphone

On iOS, open Settings, then iCloud and activate Find iPhone. Then make sure Location Settings is turned on under Privacy Settings.

What to do if you lose your smartphone or have it stolen from you?

It doesn’t matter if it’s iPhone or Android: if you act quickly, the chances of getting your gadget back are great. Explaining what to do first.

lost, your, iphone

Android and iOS have very useful tools that allow you to quickly find your smartphone if it is lost or stolen. Even if you can’t get your phone back, you can remotely lock it and erase all data.

What to do if the phone is turned off

The above methods only work when the phone is turned on. But if the device is stolen, most likely, the first thing to do is turn it off. Are there any chances to return the smartphone in this case??

There are, but very ghostly. You can try to find out the IMEI of the gadget. this is a unique number that is assigned to each device. By this number, the device can be identified, no matter what the intruders do with it. Here’s how to find out IMEI.

  • For an Android device, go to Find My Phone and click on the button with the letter i in the circle next to the image of your phone in the upper left corner. The IMEI code will be displayed in the tooltip.
  • For iPhone, use iTunes. Click on the image of your device and select the Overview tab from the menu on the left. Your IMEI will be indicated in the Serial number field.

What to do next? On the Internet, you can find many resources offering to find a phone by IMEI online. But they are all fiction. There is simply no technical opportunity to perform such a search, so do not hope for a miracle and do not use the services of questionable services. Here is the only correct course of action:

  • Find documents on your phone if you bought it new.
  • Go to the police station and file a theft report.

In theory, police officers should send a request to the mobile operator, who should compare the IMEI number and the data of the SIM card used in the phone. The police can then contact the owner of the SIM card and invite him to testify. But this is all theory: in practice, no one will spend so much time and resources to find your device for 10,000 rubles. So, de facto, it is impossible to find a phone by IMEI.

Lost iPhone what to do

Everyone knows that Apple products have powerful tools to lock the device in case of loss or theft, to find the location of the iPhone, iPod, and ample opportunities to protect data on the lost iPhone. Those who found an iPhone and did not want to return it to its rightful owners are faced with the fact that the phone is blocked after a certain time, or a visit by police officers follows, who identify the position of the device according to the statement of the owner of the device.

If you lose your iPhone, the best thing to do is to try to find out the location of the device. This will help you quickly determine if it is possible to return the iPhone without contacting the police.

How to Find a Lost iPhone Thanks to Relatives

If Family Sharing has been activated on the smartphone, then after the iPhone is lost, any family member will be able to help find the device. It is necessary on the device of a person who is allowed “Family Sharing” to log into iCloud under your account to find the associated device.

If iPhone is turned off or not connected to the Internet

Even in this case, the iPhone can be put into Lost Mode or locked, remotely delete data on it. Once your phone is connected to the Internet, these iPhone mode changes will take effect. The main thing is not to delete the device from your account for the changes to take effect.

What to do if you lost your iPhone

Many of us have lost or found phones, flash drives, iPods or documents. Since almost everyone now has smartphones, and people do not pay enough attention to their property. the loss and discovery of a phone is not such a rarity. it is quite common. It is very unpleasant to lose your iPhone, as its cost is quite high. Finding an iPhone is not a big joy, as many are worried about what to do if they find an iPhone.

If iPhone is missing

If Find My iPhone is turned on on your iPhone, you can find your device (if it’s on) and protect your data.

Enable Lost Mode to remotely lock the device using a password. When iPhone is locked, a customizable message will be displayed on the screen with a phone number to contact the owner and the option to locate the iPhone will be available.

Report lost or stolen iPhone to the police and delete all data from the lost iPhone (after deleting the data, the Find iPhone application will not allow you to track the position of the phone). You should not delete the iPhone from your account, as this will disable the smartphone lock; the person who finds it will be able to activate and use the iPhone.

Find iPhone Mode Not Enabled. What To Do?

If the “find iPhone” mode was not enabled on it before the loss of the smartphone, then it will not be possible to find it using this function. But it will still be possible to protect data on the iPhone. Change your AppleID password to protect your iPhone data. You should also contact the police with a statement about the loss or theft (depending on the circumstances of the loss of the iPhone). You can also inform the operator about the loss of your mobile.

What to do if your smartphone is lost or stolen

There is a lot of useful information on the Internet on how to protect your smartphone from theft or loss, but what if the device has already been lost? About this in detail in today’s article.

Where’s my Droid app

The second great app is called Where’s my droid. The essence of the program is as follows. with the help of the code word sent to the smartphone, it starts screeching, vibrating and giving various signals, even if the silent mode was set before. Download the app

The second useful function of the application is the ability to find out the coordinates of the “lost” via GPS. A separate code word is used for this, and after detection, you can also make the phone show various signs of life.

Unfortunately, you need to set the settings in the application in advance, although the program itself can be installed remotely, and if you have not lost your smartphone yet, I advise you to install the program now.

Android Device Manager

In early August 2013, Google announced its own service for finding missing or stolen Android tablets and smartphones. It is called, as you already understood, Android Device Manager. The Dobra Corporation promises that they will launch it in the next Market Play update. The service will have functionality similar to previous applications, track locations using Google Maps and work on all devices with Android 2.2 and higher installed.

For Windows Phone

If your Windows Phone smartphone is tied to Windows Live ID, you can even block your smartphone right from the website and unblock it in the future. I don’t know for sure, but it seems that you can also find your missing phone there.


As for me, this is the surest way and it is suitable both for smartphones on various OS and for ordinary phones. As soon as you found the loss, take the box and instructions from your device and look for the IMEI code. Found it? Then blow to the police and write a statement about the loss. Unfortunately, this procedure takes a long time and during this time the phone can be transported to another country, reflashed or disassembled for details. So, I advise you to make friends or acquaintances at the nearest police station, or just make an agreement. Well, you understand what I mean.

Plan B app

There is a great life-saving application for this operating system. it’s called Plan B and it’s completely free on Google Play. With this little program, you can track the location of your smartphone. Download program

What is required of you? Go to the Market via PC and download this application remotely! Do you know how it is? It’s actually very simple. you have to log into your Google account, which you linked to your smartphone. If you have done this operation, you can safely press the “Install” button next to the application and the program will be automatically installed on your stolen or lost smartphone. The application will automatically determine its location through base stations or a GPS receiver, and send the information to you by e-mail.

What to do if you lost your phone?

Probably, each of us at least once in our life lost at least one phone. The feeling is not pleasant, at best a person gets upset, and at worst he starts to beat in hysterics, because the phone was the only one, expensive, and it had all the necessary contacts! How to be, what to do?

If you lost your mobile phone

If there is a trouble and you have lost your phone, then first of all you need to call it. Maybe you left him in a taxi or in a cafe, or maybe he was found by a person who is going to return him.

If they do not answer or refuse to return the phone, then first of all it is necessary to block the SIM card. Call your mobile operator urgently so that no one can use the funds that are left on the phone. In addition, not all operators block outgoing communications with a zero balance and an attacker can go into negative territory, and you will have to pay off your card debts. A call is enough for the operator to suspend card service. Passport data will be required.

After that, you will need to go to the office of the company and write a statement about the suspension of service and the restoration of the number. The restored number will work separately from the past, and that SIM card will no longer be used. If the number is listed in the organization in which you work, then the application must be written on letterhead, the head must sign it, and you can submit the application only with a power of attorney issued to you by the head of the company. Or the manager himself will have to contact the operator’s office.

Report the loss to the police. Indicate the approximate time and place where this may have happened. If you have preserved the documents on the phone (warranty card, instructions), then provide the police officer with the electronic phone number (IMEI), by which the phone can be tracked in the event of theft or attack. Today, law enforcement officers, including the traffic police, are obliged to rewrite the electronic numbers of phone owners at any request of citizens or during stopping of cars on the roads in case of violation of traffic rules. And if your phone has been sold or is used by the person who stole it, chances are that it will be found. Phones listed in the database as stolen or lost are confiscated from new owners and returned to their former owners.

In case the phone was stolen, the most unpleasant thing. loss of many contacts that were in the phone book. Unfortunately, they cannot be restored, even if you restore the SIM card. Therefore, so that this does not happen again in the future, periodically dump all contacts into a computer or on a SIM card that you are not using. You can do the same with photos, videos and any information stored on your phone.


If the Find iPhone feature has not been activated on your device, the only thing you can do is delete the old Apple ID password and put in a new one. This will block access to data stored in iCloud (contacts, photos, etc.). It will be useful to change passwords from your other accounts (social networks, mailbox, paid applications). Submit a report to the police (write better that the gadget is stolen), inform the mobile operator and mark in your profile at about the loss.

Preventive action

Apple, like no one else, cares about the security of its users’ data. To make remote blocking available to you, you need to activate the proprietary function on your smartphone in advance. Find iPhone. Believe me, despite some inconveniences related to entering passwords when making changes to the operation of the system, or shutting it down in cases of service, they are incomparable with the ability to protect all available data. Therefore, in our opinion, it must be turned on unambiguously.

With the “Find” function running, outsiders can neither remove the password, nor gain access to your photos, nor pull out contacts. The application also blocks access to payment cards linked to Passbook. Do not neglect this most effective protection against hacking!

So, to activate the remote lock function, go to the settings from the iPhone home menu. Select the iCloud tab there. In it, roll down. to the point to find an iPhone with an icon that simulates a radar. Move the slide on the right to the active position.

Everything, the most important protection of the smartphone has been successfully activated. It’s that simple, but if you lose it, you will appreciate its capabilities.

If there is no hope of finding the device, you can always delete all photos, contacts and other personal information through iCloud so that strangers do not gain access to it. However, after that, the search through “Find iPhone” is also canceled, so, alas, it will not be possible to track the location and further fate of the device. True, the blocking is valid until you decide to delete (unlink) it from your account.

How to enable blocking?

As soon as you find out that your phone is missing, you should immediately lock the device by activating Lost Mode. Fortunately, this can be done even remotely, from any other iPhone or computer, knowing the Apple ID and password.

You will need to go to the website, enter your details. Open the page there marked. Find iPhone. If you have several Apple devices, choose your iPhone among them. After selecting a device, you will be prompted to lock your smartphone by activating Lost Mode. You will need to enter a four-digit lock password. After starting it, you can take several actions at once: make the iPhone produce a signal at maximum volume, which will sound for two minutes continuously, and it is impossible to turn it off. Run the Lost Mode directly, in which access to the smartphone menu is blocked. You can also enter an arbitrary message by specifying a contact phone number for communication. This message will appear on the locked screen of the iPhone, and the person who found it can even make a call to the specified number.After successful activation of this mode, you will receive a service notification on your e-mail.

Often people who find an iPhone (and do not want to return it to its owner) turn it off immediately. In this case, a gray circle is displayed on the search map. next to the device. It means that the gadget is disabled. However, the blocking will work as soon as the smartphone is able to restore the connection either with the mobile network or by gaining access to the Internet. The system will send a corresponding notification to the Apple ID mailbox you specified, indicating the place of its last deployment. over, it is available only during the first day, from the moment the smartphone was last connected to the Internet. If the mentioned circle is green, then the phone is still on the network, and there is a great chance to find out its location. In case you are close to the specified point search program, you can activate the above-mentioned mode, in which the smartphone will emit a loud sound signal lasting about two minutes. This will make it much easier to find it (you can also use this if you know for sure that the gadget is at home, but you can’t find it).

Keep in mind that inaccurate coordinates are perfectly acceptable when detecting the iPhone’s location. The manufacturer warns about this ahead of time, an error may arise due to an uncalibrated compass, lack of stable connection with a satellite, Wi-Fi points or a cell. And Apple does not have its own applications with maps, Google databases are used, which also does not contribute to an increase in accuracy.

What to do if your iPhone is lost

None of us is immune from the unexpected loss of mobile devices: they put it in our. forgot it in a restaurant during a meeting, etc. Often this happens unexpectedly, and the user is literally left without hands, because all contacts collected over the years have been lost.

The moment a person realizes that he has lost his iPhone, many questions immediately begin to arise: how to block unauthorized access to personal photos, hide (or delete) contacts or other data stored in memory. And most importantly, how to restore them if the gadget is never found?

Therefore, after buying a new smartphone, make it a rule to make backups at least once a month, including photos, contacts, personal data from applications, etc. You can copy using a computer using the Apple iTunes application, or set them to be automatically exported to iCloud storage (up to 5 GB of space is provided free of charge). and then all your data will be entered into the cloud every time the iPhone is charging at night. Therefore, if it becomes necessary to restore information from a lost device, there will be no problems with this.

iPhone found

A miracle happened and you found the missing item? It’s time to restore access to the phone menu. The lock is disabled by entering the four-digit password specified when activating the Find function in iCloud. Everything, you can continue to use the gadget.

Also, the lock can be removed remotely, using the same menu in iCloud, repeating the path described above, to the point of entering a contact number and message. At the bottom there will be a proposal to disconnect. Do not be discouraged if you have already deleted all data from your smartphone, it is quite possible to recover it. The main thing is that you have a “backup” (or backups).

Before doing this, update iTunes (if the backups will be downloaded from your computer), as well as iOS (if you want to restore data from the iCloud storage). Temporarily disable the mentioned “Find iPhone” option on the website (although it should be grayed out anyway if you were able to delete all the content). Connect your smartphone to your computer (or to a stable Wi-Fi point with high-speed internet).

After starting the erased iPhone, Setup Assistant will display the following menu. Depending on the selected method, the operation will look like this.

-When restoring via iTunes, click in the overview window the offer “Restore from a copy”. Select the most recent, complete version from the list and start the process. As a rule, “computer” copies are the most complete. they contain both music and films, contacts and photos, correspondence, documents, etc. True, such “backups” are loaded for a very long timeIf you want to restore data from iCloud. from the iPhone settings menu (screen above), go to your account in the cloud by entering the password with Apple ID (remember, in order to restore the smartphone in this way. you need to erase (delete) all content). Select the latest backup from the list provided. Cloud copies contain information about purchases, customized applications, home screen layout, and basic settings. Photos, videos, contacts and other content, as a rule, already exist in the cloud, and therefore are not included in the backups. You can upload them later. manually.

In both cases, wait for the process to complete. Keep in mind that during the recovery process, the system is automatically updated to the latest version and cannot be rolled back. Also jailbreak “flies” without a trace.

Based on what has been written, we strongly recommend that you activate the “Find iPhone” option. Be concerned about the security of the information stored on it. After all, what is only worth losing contacts. In addition, you always have the opportunity to delete all personal data if there is no hope of returning the device.