Where the memory disappears in the iPhone and where to look for it?

Greetings all and everything! There is no free space and this can definitely be confirmed by any owner of the 16-gigabyte version of the iPhone (the author of these lines in your ranks!). However, the owners of other Apple smartphones (those who have a more capacious internal drive) also probably do not want the memory in their device to disappear without a trace.

And she really can disappear even when, it seems to you, you do nothing with the gadget at all. Just use in “normal mode”, and the place is gradually reduced. You think this is all fantasy and this can not be at all? Here I, perhaps, will disappoint you very much. how can I! Let’s look at the causes of such leaks, and also find out the most important thing-how to deal with them?!

Check your storage

First of all, check and control the storage on the iPhone, going into the settings of the general storage of iPhone, then you will see a detailed review of which applications occupy the most place.

Search for unnecessary applications

For those who are fond of various games on a mobile phone or tablet, memory is often clogged with old games that are not used for a long time, but forgot them to remove them. To fix it and clear the free space on the iPhone and iPad. we open the “Settings” “Basic” “Statistics” “Storage”:

Here you will see a list of applications sorted as you use memory. We choose those of them that are not needed and not used by you and delete:

Just as an option, you can try to completely reinstall the “heavy” applications that you use. The fact is that for a rollback in the event of a failure, they may have previous, outdated versions with the current version, which also occupy the disk space you need. Reinstall will simply remove everything unnecessary. After that, your iPhone will most likely no longer write “there is almost no place”.

Deleted messages and cache

Active correspondence in IMessage leads to the fact that messages with text, video and pictures grow to unimaginable scales. Here are my accumulated 1.2 GB that can be deleted and get a place for a 2-hour movie.

By default, the messages are stored indefinitely, but if you go to the settings. messages. the history of messages, then we change the parameters for 1 year or 30 days. The smartphone itself will delete messages when the time comes. Or, as an option, you can manually erase correspondence with a talkative interlocutor.

In addition, remember that the more actively you use the browser, the more data the system stores. What to do? That’s right, clean the cache through the settings. the main. storage and iCloud. manage. safari. data data. change.

The standard Mail application clogs the memory with different data, but to clean the cache you will have to delete the account, and then set it up again.

How to reset photos from iPhone to a computer

In fact, photos really often occupy the most space on the iPhone. You can periodically throw them to the computer, and then remove them from the phone, and so every time.

How to transfer a photo from iPhone to Mac

Mac image capture is more convenient than the “photo” application

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows

As if you connected a camera or flash drive

Unlimited cloud for photos

If you do not want to buy more space in iCloud every time or do what to throw off photos on a computer, there is easier. You can install Yandex.A disk that offers a free unlimited photo storage. It is enough to include unlimited for the photo, and the media will begin to unload into the cloud without occupying an additional place. And Yandex.The disk is skillfully disguised as the navigator and the photos are unloaded even if the phone is blocked.

Yandex.Disk offers to store your photos for free

And what tricks to organize space on the iPhone use you? Share life hacks with others in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our Telegram chat.

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there, enough, space, iphone

Why remove telegrams and reinstall if you can drop a cache in its settings?

Reinstalling programs

Over time, the cache eats free space, and in some programs there is a function to clean memory. For example, in Telegram or Spotify. But it is not everywhere, so you have to work with your hands by deleting and reinstalling the application. However, these are already extreme measures for telephone owners with the most modest amount of memory.

Remember that the uploaded music or video also eats a place. For example, I actively take the possibility of YouTube Premium and download the videos for viewing while I’m going in the subway. Spotify music archives take place and Yandex.Music “and other entertainment services. Do not forget to delete if old downloaded collections and albums have not listened for a long time.

The reasons why my iPhone reports that the memory is filled, but this is not so

It seems that for iPhone users a sadly known problem is that their devices seem filled with memory when they know for sure that they do not have much data. If you are one of those who are faced with such a problem, you should know why, before knowing how to fix it.

The main reason for this problem is associated with system memory. This system memory is part of the iPhone that occupies a significant amount of memory and consisting of the main system files, on which the functionality and performance of the device depends. Such important files include backups, cache elements, installation packages and magazines. This data is actually low. However, they become a possible problem, since they will constantly accumulate.

Such a continuous accumulation of data will ultimately lead to filling in the storage on your iPhone. Therefore, regardless of how you delete data on your iPhone, for example photos, you will never clear this part of your memory if you do not correct it. At the same time, refer to the following decisions and see what suits you the most.

Fonelab allows you to translate iPhone / iPad / iPod from the DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple logo, headphones, etc. D. In normal condition without loss of data.

The iPhone’s Storage Space Problem

  • Fix the disconnected problems of the iOS system.
  • Data extraction from the iOS disabled devices without data loss.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

What can be done and how to fix the failure?

There are several options to get rid of the backup error.

– Pay

Everyone wants money and Apple is no exception. For a relatively small amount, you can simply change your iCloud tariff plan and switch from free (5 GB) to any other tariff with a large amount of memory. So to speak, buy an extra place in the “cloud”. How to do it?

Open “Settings. your account. iCloud. storage. buy another place” and select the tariff that is right for you.

After payment, the ICLoud storage increases, which means that there is already enough space for your data. the copy begins to be created without any failures.

– Free, but relatively long

Do not want to pay anyone? I fully understand your desire. there is a lot of money, but then Apple will write off the subscriber every month. They were very stunned!

Well, you can and for free. But then you have to “meet” in 5 GB of cloud storage. To do this, go to “Settings. your account. icloud. storage. management” and see what documents and data are stored there.

See how something superfluous takes a precious place? Feel free to turn off.

It is also worth paying attention to the ICLOUD media text (settings. photo and camera). If this option is included, then your photos and videos are forcibly sent to the “cloud”, thereby “eating” the space of the storage.

iPhone iCloud Backup Failed. You Do Not Have Enough Storage Solution 2022

But sometimes a situation can occur, as mine. free space as much as 4.9 GB (out of 5 GB of free), and when creating a backup ICloud, a failure still fails. Why is this happening? The thing is that the size of the next copy is much more than 5 GB. the iPhone cannot create it since it will not fit in the allotted limit.

You can also see this information by opening the “Reserve Copies” tab in the icloud storage. over, here you can always adjust the data from which a copy will consist (in order to “meet” in the allotted 5 GB) and, perhaps, you will even succeed!

– Free and fast

However, from all these annoying tablets signaling the reserve copying, you can get rid of a simpler way.

It is enough to turn off the creation of copies in iCloud and use the same iTunes for this, where the place for your data will be limited only by the size of the computer’s hard drive.

there, enough, space, iphone

To do this, open “Settings. your account. icloud” and move the slider opposite the corresponding menu item.

Everything, no failures will be anymore. Victory!

Now the iphone reserve copy (iPad) will be created on the computer automatically when connecting and synchronization with iTunes.

And it is better not to put this business in a long box, but to go and do it right now. certainly will not be superfluous, believe my little experience 🙂

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