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What to do if the sensor does not work on the tablet? What to do if the sensor does not work on the tablet what to do if the tablet screen does not react

This article will talk about the reasons why the touch screen does not work on the Android phone or tablet, as well as what repair and diagnostic procedures can be carried out independently, and the better to contact the service center.

This article is suitable for telephones and tablets of all manufacturers of Android devices: Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, ZTE, Fly, Alcatel and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

Let’s look at the most encountered reasons when the Android sensor fails:

  • Random failure in the work of the gadget.
  • Installation of incorrect trimming the device led to a sensor breakdown.
  • Internal component devices (train, board, etc.).
  • The smartphone memory is overflowed, because of which it cannot serve the proper touch screen correctly.
  • Applications work led to the gadget and the sensor of the device.
  • SIM card or SD card work unstable.
  • The sensor exfoliated or shifted.
  • The sensor is damaged physically after the blow.
  • Moisture got into the gadget, which is why the contacts were oxidized.
  • There was overheating of the apparatus due to various reasons, in particular, due to a sharp temperature difference.
  • On the screen, the protective film does not tightly fit the product on the screen (dirt is visible, bubbles between the film and the screen, etc.).
  • A large amount of fat and dirt is located on the device screen.

How to change the sensor on a tablet device

First of all, having determined the cause of the damaged work of Touch Screen-a, you need to buy everything components for replacement. Each manufacturer supplies the elements and components in special sets: separately each element or pack three in one.

So, the procedure is as follows:

  • Open the device, having previously removed rubber plugs and screws.
  • Take the screen and disconnect the sensor that traditionally sits on the glue to the display. The operation is simple, since Touch Screen is fixed on the glue and you need to use a slight temperature effect (approximately up to sixty degrees) for several minutes. The essence is simple: the warm.up air is blowing on the display, but it is done carefully and neatly (make sure that it does not burst).
  • Next, you need to lightly clarify it with a thin improvised object and peel off from the monitor itself.
  • Put the purchased sensor using glue or double.sided tape.
  • As soon as you collect the tablet device, perform a small display calibration using special software on the Androod operating system or OIS.

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The sensor on the tablet does not work: the search algorithm for a malfunction

If you notice that the sensor does not work on your tablet, be sure to read our instructions. We will try to help you in solving this problem.

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Technique and electronics greatly simplify our lives every day. For the most part, we will not be able to live without tablets and phones, because almost all spheres of our lives depend on them: both social and economic, even sometimes political. Therefore, when we find that the sensor on the device does not work, this becomes a very big problem, because there is practically no buttons for them, everything is controlled by the sensor.

Unfortunately, a breakdown can sometimes not be visible to the naked eye. The reason for the cessation of the sensor is not always in the water/dust or careless circulation.

So, what are the main reasons why the sensor on the tablet stops working:

Getting into the fluid sensor or pollution. This also includes pollution of the screen with fingerprints, which can lead to a decrease or loss of sensitivity of the touchscreen.

In the first case, it is necessary immediately after detecting the liquid to the tablet to turn it off and, if there is such an opportunity, disassemble, clean and let dry. If spots appear on the screen, which cannot be wiped, then you should replace the screen and clean all the internal components of the device in order to avoid their oxidation.

tablet, screen, does, react

Mechanical damage to the tablet (fall, shots) or severe temperature changes. Even if the device screen does not have any visible defects, and the sensor still does not respond to touch, then, most likely, you will have to replace the touchscreen. If the sensor has stopped working due to the effects of too low or high temperatures, then the best solution is to wait, the malfunction should pass by itself.

Damage to or discharge of the train, which is responsible for connecting with the sensory coating.

Software failure (software) tablet.

The simplest thing that can be done in this situation is to restart the tablet and let it relax for some time, since the gadget could “hang” due to a large number of working applications, which led to failures in the sensor work. It is worth considering not only open applications, but also applications that are in the background, since they also load RAM.

If a simple reboot did not help and the sensor on the tablet still does not work, then you can try to check it for the presence of viruses with any antiviral program and remove all unnecessary or dubious applications. After these operations, it is necessary to restart the device.

The next way to solve the problem with a non.working sensor is to reset the tablet to factory installations. Please note that in this case, all the information stored on the device will not be erased and will not be subject to restoration. The device, which was reset to the factory settings, will be the same as it was on the day of purchase. crystal clean. Therefore, you should pull out a flash drive and try to transfer all important files to a computer or other available device.

Soft reset (Soft Reset).

This is the usual reboot of the tablet while pressing several keys, the combination of which depends on the device model (most often it is the shutdown button and the volume control button).

Experts insist that regardless of the problem with the tablet, the soft discharge should be carried out first, and then, in case of failure, try to return the device to life with the help of hard.

Tough discharge is carried out in two ways: through the “Settings” menu, the substitution “Restoration and reset” and through “Recovery Menu”, or “Restoration menu”. Since in the case of the sensor, control through the main menu is not possible, only the second method remains.

To enter this mode, you should turn off the tablet. Pay attention to the fact that the tablet should be completely charged, otherwise it can turn off at the wrong time and it will be more difficult to restore the system.

After the device is completely turned off, it is necessary to clamp the combination of several keys (the shutdown button and the volume button) and hold it until this screen appears:

You can move along the recovery menu using the volume control key, select the items with the shutdown button. You need to select “Wipe Data/Recovery Reset”.

The next step should be agreed with the removal of all data from the tablet by clicking on the option “Yes. Delete All User Data”.

Now it is necessary to start directly to the restart of the system by selecting the “Reboot System Now” item.

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After a little thought (which can drag on), the tablet will perform all the necessary actions and begin to start.

Please note that this method is not a guarantee that the tablet sensor will begin to work. This is only one of the possible manipulations for its resurrection.

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tablet, screen, does, react

Another reason that the sensor on the tablet does not work or works inaccurately (it opens the applications instead of a simple scroll of the menu, presses twice instead of once, etc.D.), maybe its poor calibration (this applies to old devices with a resistive display). In order to calibrate the sensor, you must either use standard setting using Android OS services, or download the calibration applications (for example, Touchscreen Calibration (download)), or contact the service center when all other methods do not help.

All tips proposed above are not direct instructions for action. If you are not entirely sure that you can do your own fixing the sensor on the tablet, it is better to contact the service center where experienced specialists will be able to determine exactly what the problem is and how to solve it.

Possible causes of sensor breakdown

The sensor on the tablet may fail for various reasons. The most common:

  • Dirty screen. Surprisingly, often the correct work of the touchscreen is interfered with abundant pollution or traces of fat. Many people like to watch a movie or transmission for food, involuntarily leaving dirt on the screen. It is unlikely that the sensor will completely fail, but it may not work at the right time or, conversely, spontaneously execute commands.
  • Software failure. rarely happens, but if you install many different programs, they can conflict among themselves. Excessively filled memory, software can cause system failures.
  • Mechanical damage. If the sensor stopped responding to commands after a blow or fall from a height, then most likely the touchscreen is inactive for this reason. In this case, you can’t do without the help of specialists.

The tablet does not respond to touch

There are several main reasons why the tablet stopped responding to the user’s actions:

The most common problem that is due to the fact that the sensor simply has outlined or was damaged. If you have an old Chinese gadget (there are very few of them left), the screen most likely requires calibration. In the case of capacitive sensors, there may be several reasons:

  • Contact (train), which supplies power to the sensor, has departed or damaged;
  • Inappropriately, an inappropriate protective film is chosen, which prevents the desired contact;
  • Moisture accumulated under the sensor or small drops of water hit.

In the first case, only contacting the service center will help, in the second, the film replacement will help, in the third. dry the tablet well.

What can be done to prevent breakage

First of all, take a rag (a tool for cleaning glasses or monitor is suitable) and thoroughly wipe your mobile phone from water and dirt. Wipe all the parts of the sensory glass, especially the bottom. this half is especially often malfunctioning and operates incorrectly. Even if you suspect another cause of breakdown, it will not hurt to clean it. If you are lucky and the problem is fixed, congratulations. If not, we proceed to further action.

Correction of a malfunction in the system using Hard Reset

The conflict of software can be eliminated using Hard Reset or systematic reset of settings. Expand the memory card in advance in advance: it can also affect its functioning due to the presence of viruses. Make a full reset of settings, after which you need to clean the system cache and register. To do this, you can download any application, for example, Winfixer or Cleaner4.

Helped. put the card in place and check it for viruses using any antivirus. It did not help. you probably have damage to the hardware of the device. This means that it is necessary to change its components.

Another case. after the firmware, the sensor does not work. Look for the manufacturer’s site and on it stable versions of the firmware for the device.

How to fix the tablet yourself

In principle, you can change the flingcrine train by contacting any technique. But besides the fact that you will pay for a new component of your device, you will have to give up for the replacement process. If you do not want to pay, read the manual by how to repair the touchscreen without contacting specialists. Do not worry, it’s not so difficult.

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It is necessary to take any durable thin object with which you will remove the superficial elements until you reach the display.

The display is connected to the matrix either monolith or separately. Remember what method yours are attached specifically, since the screens vary with each other and you will need to know which one to buy.

The sensor also lies on the matrix. it can be attached with or without wires. In the presence of wires, be extremely careful and extremely careful so as not to harm once again. It needs to be removed from the glue, for this we heat the surface to 60 degrees (the easiest way is with the help of a hairdryer. Do not overheat one of the sides so as not to harm the glass). After heating, the glue should easily move away from the matrix.

How to glue the touchscreen after action above? Together with a new detail, a special glue is included. First we carefully apply glue, and then we put a part on it, we attach it with caution.

Well, now you know how to replace the touchscreen with your own hands in case it has stopped functioning. If it seems to you too difficult to replace the sensor on the device yourself, contact a specialist to repair. Of course, the question rests on money, and the specialist can make an account with a tidy amount for seemingly simple actions.

After all, what is there. remove the part from the glue and put a new one on glue, but everything needs to be done with extreme accuracy, otherwise you risk damaging the matrix and generally lost the opportunity to return the tablet to life. So before you do any manipulations, I really advise you to think carefully everything.

Why is there a black screen on the tablet

All breakdowns can be divided into two types:

Component malfunctions arise when one of the elements fails. This can lead to a mechanical effect on the display module or the entire gadget in its entirety. As a rule, in this case, traces of damage will be noticeable on the surface of the device. cracks, chips, dents. But not necessarily: it happens that due to a strong blow, the contacts located inside the case depart. Such damage can be detected after disassembling the tablet.

How to fix screen not responding on Samsung tab a6

No less common software breakdown. They appear due to error in the software, unsuccessfully completed update, and the work of malware. Fixing such bugs is easier, since you do not need to disassemble the device.

Battery replacement

Over time or because of the factory marriage, the battery work can be significantly violated, which will entail the inability to include the tablet. Usually, this will be preceded by a long charge of the battery and its fast discharge. If you notice these signs, it is recommended to contact specialists immediately, since tightening can turn into serious problems.

If you are sure that the tablet does not turn on precisely for this reason, then try to put it for charging for a couple of days and turn it on again (if necessary, use one of the inclusion described above). But even if you get the device after that, then try to take it to the service center (especially if the warranty is still valid).

The repair price can vary greatly depending on the rates of the service center, the severity of the breakdown and the availability of a valid warranty. For example, if everything is in order with the battery, but the contacts are damaged, then the price of the repair will be much lower than if you need to completely change the battery.

Within the framework of this article, you learned what to do if you cannot turn on the tablet. Provided that one of the methods described above helped you, but the problem is repeated from time to time, take the tablet to the service center so that it is examined by specialists.