Ouch! My Android hangs on the download screen, how to fix it

Being stuck on the download screen. One of the worst things that can happen to your Android tablet or phone. This error sometimes occurs whenever you start the device. When the Android logo appears, it goes into an endless loading cycle stuck in your screen.

With such a mistake, you cannot make anything work on your device. And this can be both stress and painful at the same time, especially if we use our phones and tablets every day at school and in the office. What is even worse, you tried everything that is in your power, but you are still hanging on the download screen.

Fortunately, we have collected a bunch of solutions on how easy it is to bring you out of the boot screen and return the device to the normal state. But before we correct this, we must first find out the possible reasons why the Android phone or tablet hangs on the download screen.


Why a tablet or smartphone turns on, but does not load

The reasons why the system is not loaded may be as follows:

  • Rewitting error. This problem may arise if the master has installed firmware on the tablet or smartphone that does not correspond to its model. This can happen if during the installation of the OS on the tablet, the computer suddenly turned off from which the firmware was made. To avoid this, you need to flash the phone from the laptop or from the PC, connected to the uninterrupted power source.
  • The discharge of the battery of the device. This is a rare reason, usually characteristic only for individual Lenovo tablets models. Typically, in such cases, the tablet simply vibrates and does not turn on. If the indicator or animation on the screen shows that the charge is going on, but Android is not loaded, the problem is not in the battery.
  • Because of a lack of memory. To load and work the gadget requires free space on the internal memory. If it is completely filled, the phone or tablet will be loaded for a very long time, but Launcher will not start.
  • A malfunction of the electronic part. Typically, mechanical damage or failure of the components of the device leads to the fact that the latter does not start at all. But it happens that the loading simply does not go beyond the screensaver.

In any case, you should try if you do not restore the work of the gadget, then at least get contacts.

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How to save data. In order not to lose contacts due to the breakdown of Android devices, keep them in the Google account, and not just in the internal memory of the device. In this case, a copy of the contacts will be stored in the Google Council address book and it can always be downloaded to a new gadget. Also, other data can be saved. For example, a calendar or a list of installed programs.

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If Android freezes when turning on

If your device on the android platform hung, does not turn on or does not work, it flashes what is charged, but the download is still standing still and nothing happens, then the following tips will be able to help you. If you need to solve the problem of incorrect loading or hanging when android is turned on, then you must clean the settings and memory of your Android device for further correct loading of the operating system.

The first step if Android freezes when turning on is the deletion of the settings. To do this, you need to pinch the power key and not let it go for 10 seconds. then the smartphone or tablet will turn off. The power button can be disabled when the screen is fully extinguished.

Next, you need to turn on the gadget again. To do this, press the volume key. and then. the power button. In the volume control keys that appears, select the settings item (it is possible to write in English. settings).

The choice button in such a menu will be the inclusion key. In the settings menu, you need to choose the formatting of the system. While acting absolutely all files are deleted from your device, except for systemic. It will not be possible to save them in any way.

You can also pull out a memory card, because its formatting is not provided for. This operation can be done separately if you certainly need.

After formatting, select the Reset Android item and reboot the device. Now Android should not freeze when turning on. Also if Android freezes when turning on, that is, another way to solve the problem.

The result will not differ from the first way. All the settings with the loss of all data will also be reset

  • First you need to turn off your device. The inclusion / shutdown key must be kept until you feel light vibration. Now you can let go.
  • Next, hold both volume control keys and wait until the context menu appears.
  • In this menu, find the Clean Boot item and select it. To choose between the menu items, use the volume keys. To confirm the choice of the right point, click the camera button.
  • After resetting the settings, your device will be rebooted. Next, you can turn on your device and check if it works correctly.

Frequent cause of malfunctions. failure of the battery. It is quite easy to determine the defect: if a charging icon appears on the screen when connecting to the feed adapter, increasing the charge level over time. everything is fine.

But if when disconnecting the charger, the gadget generally stops responding to buttons or refuses to charge, probably the problem is in the battery or power connector. In this case, the only correct solution is to contact the manufacturer’s service center.

These methods are simple and affordable for all users. Therefore, if Android freezes when turning on, now you can correct all the problems without the help of specialists and not spend a lot of money on those services that you yourself can provide your Android device.

Causes of freezing

The reasons for hanging are mainly divided into two groups: software and hardware. The most common is precisely the first reason and it can be eliminated independently. But in the second case, the help of employees of the service center is already needed.

A software failure can occur due to the virus in the tablet, damage to the operating system and failure in the operation of some application or settings.

The hardware failure occurs with even minor damage to the board, connects faulty devices or the inability to normally charge the tablet (for example, if the charger broke).

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Before proceeding to solve the problem, it is necessary to determine under what circumstances and at what point it arose. For example, the tablet could hang during the installation or update of applications, when impact or falling the gadget, at the time of downloading the device or while using the Internet, and so on. Further work with the device will be carried out taking into account this information.

Lenovo tablet hangs when turned on on the screensaver

If after turning on your tablet crashes into a screensaver, you can do little:

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  • Restore the device.
  • If this does not help, and the gadget will go to the logo again, do the reset to the factory settings.
  • If the rollback has not helped, the only software solution is the reinstalling the operating system.

If none of the above methods helps, contact the service center.

Your problem is definitely related to hardware, and one of the components is broken or physically damaged.

If there is a lying Android with a red exclamation mark

In many, I noticed in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, everything ends like in a picture or something like that:

This is the stock regime of recovery (if you are interested in what it is), and there is nothing wrong with it, and you should not be afraid of it. You can also install a modified repo. ClockworkMod Recovery. If you see it, then it works. and that’s good. You got into it because you have gained an incorrect combination for hard discharge. I have already said that for all tablets it is different. In this case, you can press and hold the power button until the tablet is turned off, and try again, or just wait 5 minutes while it turns off itself and repeat the process. Try it again, in extreme cases, you can just reflash the tablet.

Mechanical malfunctions

Sound or broke the Power button

If the tablet computer has fallen, then the inclusion key could be affected. Inspect whether it should not fall or swing, when pressing there should be a characteristic sound of a click. If there are violations in the action of the keys, then you have to disassemble the tablet and inspect the nature of the damage. At least everything will be necessary to solder the key or replace it with new ones if the contacts are broken. Repair the mechanical button will not be problems, you have to tinker with the membrane.

Broke off the charging connector

If the key \ shut.off key, then the connector for the item should be examined. If you sin by the fact that you very sharply pull out the wire from the nest, expose a mobile computer to moisture or often drop, then sooner or later this will lead to a breakdown of the contact connector. The deformation of the nest leads to the fact that the plug does not enter the connector, does not enter to the end and even, can block with some part of the case or break off if the blow was quite strong. Damage to the PIN-connector will lead to the fact that the device will not charge. And in this case you will have to disassemble the case and solder the contacts or completely change the charge nest.

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The wire is interrupted

It is possible that the device does not start simply because you have a faulty. Check the case for bloating, distortions, whether the cable is interrupted. If damage in the wire, then it is quite possible to replace yourself. The fractures of the cord are not visible, so it will correctly check it for performance by connecting to the phone, e.book, etc.D. and check the charge.

The removable battery can be fed directly. This method is unsafe for the nutrition element, but if you are ready to take a chance, then this is real. The battery from this process very quickly becomes unusable, so do not abuse this recharge method.

There is a safer way to feed the battery. using a universal memory called a “frog”

Resort to these methods only if you are completely confident in your abilities. It is better to entrust the repair to professionals, not take risks.

What to do for systemic reasons for the hovering of the tablet?

Here we apply the same method of primary diagnosis, which is described above.

In this case, there are several options for the development of events. In the first case, the tablet is loaded, but from time to time it freezes, perhaps when you start some kind of programs. In this case, you should update the application, make sure that your tablet satisfies the requirements of the utility, reinstall the program or, in extreme cases, delete it. In another version, the tablet may not start at all. Then you should use the function of “hard restart” or flashing the tablet by updating your operating system.

You should check if you have a small hole with the signature “Reset”. Quite often just find it and press the button. If this function is not, read on.

Using the functions of forced restarting is not a priority action, since it will delete all the information from the tablet. First, the flash and SIM cards should be removed so that they do not form a case. To use the Hard Reset function on iOS, you should clamp the “Home” and “Power” button at the same time, the device must be turned on.

For Android, a hot key is a “Power” button for volume increase or “Home”.

Next, in the menu, you should use the “settings” items using buttons or volume controls, then “Format System” and select “Reset Android”.

You may have to flash your tablet by updating the version of the operating system. This action will help both in cases with downed devices settings, and with a damaged operating system. You can try to complete the procedure yourself or use the services of a specialist.

Sometimes there are viruses that load the processor 100% and in this regard the tablet freezes.

We presented methods that allow you to solve the problem with yourself, but if no option has helped, you have no choice but to take the tablet to the service center.