The computer freezes when you turn on or load. 4 main reasons. Diagnostics

There are a number of reasons for which the computer hangs when turning on, on the “initial screen” during the loading of Windows (5. 15 seconds), when the desktop appears.

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Diagnostic methods and repair methods are suitable for stationary computers and laptops running Windows OS 7 / 8/11 11.

What a breakdown looks like

It is important to correctly determine the time when the computer freezes. In the future, this will help to identify and eliminate the cause of the breakdown.

Hang the computer screen on Windows 8 or Windows 10. try a little.known key of keys to eliminate the problem

It turns out that Windows makes it possible to use a standard key combination to restart the video Diver. You can use it at any time by pressing the combination of Win Ctrl Shift B.

As soon as you do this, for a moment the computer’s screen will darken and the sound signal will be heard. So the computer reacts to the dumping of the video gateway. After a second or two, the picture on the monitor will return to the previous state. Since such an action affects the graphic driver of the system, all open applications will remain in the same place. No data will be lost.

Many users probably paid attention to the problems with the video that arise after the next Windows 10 update. Win Ctrl Shift B key combination just allows you to fix the problem. Sometimes it can occur when leaving a laptop with connected external monitors.

The specified combination only works in Windows 8 or 10, so Windows 7 users will have to look for another solution. However, the method will work regardless of which graphic drivers are installed in the system. Settings from NVIDIA, AMD and even integrated Intel graphics can be reset.

Classic “hot keys” for “hung” applications in Windows

Depending on the cause of “freezing”, this combination may solve the problem, or may not help. If your graphic driver “hangs”, its restart should allow you to continue working without rebooting a computer.

But if this does not work, try first to press Alt Tab to switch to another program. It did not help? Then try Ctrl Shift ESC to open the task manager. In it it will be possible to unload from the memory any not responding to the requests of the program.

If none of these methods work, click Ctrl Alt Del. If Windows does not answer and after a while, you need to turn off the computer, holding the power button for several seconds. This is equivalent to pulling out the power plug, but this is the only remaining way to avoid hanging the system.

How to restart the hung computer? 2. Reloading from the desktop.

If the computer mouse does not work (for example, the cursor does not move), then you can solve the question of how to restart a hung computer or laptop using a keyboard.

For example, you can press the Win key (this is the Windows logo on the keyboard), after which the start menu should open. Next, in it you need to select the shutdown/reboot button using the arrow on the keyboard.

But sometimes, the Start menu also freezes and does not open. What to do in this case?

Press the combination of Alt F4 buttons (these are the buttons for closing the window). If you are in some application, then it will close. But if you are on the desktop, then a window should appear in front of you, as shown in the figure below.

In it, using the shooter, you can choose an action (for example, reboot, shutdown, output, user change, etc.D.) and execute it using the Enter key.

Reloading from the desktop.

How to restart the hung computer? 3. Reloading by command line.

You can solve the issue of how to restart the hung computer using the command line. To do this, you just need to enter one team.

To run the command line, click the combination of Win R buttons (in Windows 7, the line is located in the Start menu). Next, enter the command: CMD and press the Enter key (see. rice. below).

The launch of the command line.

On the command line you just need to enter the command: Shutdown.r.t 0 and press the Enter key (see. rice. below).

Attention! A computer or laptop will be rebooted at the same second. All applications will be closed, and not saved data will be lost!

Team: Shutdown.r.t 0. immediate reboot.


This combination is used to reboot the computer from the first versions of Windows. In the latest variations of the operating system, this combination causes the main screen through which it is possible:

As in the previous case, after performing the described operations, the latest actions are not preserved in memory.

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Physical button “Reset

Such a button is placed on the system unit and is not found on all computers. In particular, Reset is absent on laptops.

This button is pressed when the manipulations described above did not lead to the desired result. That is, this must be done when freezing is due to intra.system conflicts. “Reset” forcibly reboots the computer. In a number of cases, after clicking on the button, you will need to restore Windows.

Press Win Ctrl Shift B

If the problem on your computer is associated with a stuck graphic driver, pressing the Win Ctrl Shift B keys can fix the hung computer by restoring video drivers on your device.

Since this combination of keys only restarts graphic drivers, the program that you left open will remain exactly the same as you were, and you will not lose your work.

one. Press the Win Ctrl Shift B keys on your computer keyboard

After a moment, the screen of your computer will darken and you will hear a sound signal.

After another moment, you will see that the display is returning to a normal state, and you can continue your work.

Click Alt Tab

If your computer hangs due to a stuck process or program, pressing Alt Tab can correct a stuck computer by switching you from a stuck program.

Ctrl Shift ESC keys allows you to access the task dispatcher on your computer, allowing you to disconnect not responding programs and processes.

one. Click Ctrl Shift ESC to open the task manager.

On the screen screen, click the right mouse button on a non.response program and select the command to complete the task.

Closing an immune program should defrost your computer.

Windows computer hangs, what to do?

PC with Windows freeze for various reasons. One case may be an accident, but multiple hangs offers the problem that you want to solve. Here’s how to defrost and restore the stuck computer and prevent it from freezing again.

screen, dependent, computer

There are several ways to restore the frozen PC depending on the cause of the problem. Sometimes all you need to do is wait a few seconds-the computer can hang when doing any work and defrost in a few seconds.

screen, dependent, computer

If the full.screen application, for example, the game freezes and does not allow you to leave it, click Alt F4. This closes the application if the game only experiences graphic problems, but will not work if the application was completely hanging.

To see if the computer continues to respond, click Ctrl Alt Delete. On this screen you can open the task manager (and close all the running applications), exit the system or restart the computer. If this screen does not appear, you cannot restore your computer without rebooting.

If you can open the task manager. You can restore after stopping. (You can also press Ctrl Shift ESC to open the task manager.)

Select the “Processes” tab. if you do not see it, click “Read more”. Find all the processes using a large number of CPU. you can click the header of the CPU column to sort data on the use of CPU and see the most demanding processes. At the top of the list.

Click the process to choose it, and then click “Full the task” to forcefully complete the program. You will lose any disrupted work in the program, but if it fails and uses a lot of CPU, in any case, it may not be possible to restore your ignorant data.

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Sometimes Windows desktop, including the taskbar and the Start menu, may freeze. Sometimes you can restart Windows Explorer to correct these problems. To do this, find the Windows Explorer in the process of processes, click to select it, and then click the “Reload” button.

If you do not have disguised work, click the power button in the lower right corner of the Ctrl Alt Delete screen and select “Reloading”. We hope your computer will work fine after rebooting, as this corrects many systems of the problem

You can also try to press Windows L to block the screen and return to the entrance screen. From there you can also reboot the computer. However, if Ctrl Alt Delete does not work, this method is probably also not.

If none of the previous steps has worked, click Windows Ctrl Shift B on the keyboard. This is a hidden combination of hot keys that restarts the graphic drivers of your PC. If they are source of the problem, this can defrost your system.

If none of these methods works and your computer reacts to anything, there is only one way to recover after that. forced shutdown.

Find the power button of your computer, and then press and hold it for 10 seconds. Your computer will turn off. Wait a few seconds, and then load it again by pressing the power button in normal mode.

screen, dependent, computer

This is not the cleanest and safest way to turn off the computer. You must use the methods of disconnecting on the screen, but if it does not answer, there is no other way to fix it.

If your computer has a blue screen. This is the only way to fix this. By default, the PC with Windows is automatically rebooted when they are displayed on the blue screen, but if you see the blue death screen (BSOD), and your computer is not rebooted, you probably turned off the automatic reboot. Write down an error message, and then make a compulsory shutdown or reboot, pressing and holding the power button.

How to prevent PC freezing in the future

The tips given above can help your computer recover after freezing and start working normally again. If it’s just single freezing, don’t worry about it. Computers sometimes have such problems with randomness. There may be an error in the drivers of the equipment of your computer or other software.

If the hangs occur regularly, then something is wrong with your PC. It can be a software or hardware problem. Reliability and BluescreenView monitor may indicate the right direction.

If freezing has begun recently, and you also recently updated your PC or installed new software, try to start the restoration of the system. This drops the software of your PC to a deliberately good condition. To find this option in Windows 10, go to the control panel → System and Safety → System → System Protection → System Restoration.

To make sure that malicious software does not cause problems in your system, we recommend that you start a check for the presence of malicious. In Windows 10, you can scan using the Defender antivirus and try free scanning for malware. You can also try other instruments of protection against malware to get a second (or third) opinion.

Hardware problems are much more difficult to determine. Many things may fail. For example, your computer can overheat or have faulty RAM. If your computer hangs regularly when you play computer games, this may indicate the problem with the graphic processor (GPU) of your PC (or, again, overheating). However, many other components of your PC may be faulty.

Make sure your computer is cleaned of dust, correctly chilled, and then check its RAM. It is difficult to diagnose problems with equipment. Often for accurate testing, you must change one component for another and see if this will solve the problem. If your PC is still under warranty, consider the possibility of resolving the problem by the manufacturer. In the end, this is part of what you paid them (or pay).

To eliminate the risk of software errors, it is recommended to reinstall Windows. In Windows 10, you can use the “reset” function to return your computer to a almost new state. Keep in mind, however, that this will delete all the established programs. You can also try a “new start” that will give you a new Windows 10 system without utilities pre.installed by the manufacturer PC.

If you have just installed a large Windows update over the past ten days, you can also try to roll back your system.

If your computer hangs during the reset process, try installing the Windows 10 installation media on another computer. Insert this into a frozen PC, load from the installation media, and then reinstall Windows. If your computer freezes when installing Windows (or later), you will know that you almost certainly have problems with equipment.

The reasons for the cliff of the computer

All the reasons why a computer or laptop can hang conditionally divided into two types:

Program causes of PC freezing are caused by malfunctions or errors in the software. operating system, drivers or applications. They are usually solved by renewing or reinstalling the program in which the PC actually hangs tightly, well, or drivers, which is closely connected with it. If this is a game, then you should pay attention to the video adapter driver and sound card. You can try to update it or, in the absence of a new version, try to reinstall.

The hardware causes of freezing occur most often due to the failure of a device inside the computer or connected to it outside. This is the most sad option, because it is usually associated with the financial costs of buying new components or expensive repair of old.

In any case, before proceeding with any specific actions, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and collect information about the problem as much as possible.

What to do if the computer is dependent

Now I will show how to correctly diagnose the hardware freezing of the computer and eliminate it. Where to begin?! There are a number of symptoms directly or indirectly indicating a possible fault of a certain PC node. Starting to “dig” in the right direction, it is usually possible to find the culprit faster and eliminate the problem much faster.

The video card hangs

A very common case! The computer freezes during the game with the sound “TRRR” (a fixed short sound remaining in the buffer of the sound adapter). Most likely the culprit of this behavior is a video card. It can overheat due to poor cooling or dried thermal paste. The video adapter’s RAM can also be bursting. there are almost the same symptoms. For verification, you need to install another video card or, if there is a Vidyushka built into the motherboard, then use it.

The memory hung

If the computer freezes unsystematic, regardless of the programs and applications used, then there may be a hard drive or RAM guilty of such behavior. For diagnosis, it is worth first to check the hard drive with a special program of the HDD Health, HDDLife or Hard Disk Sentinel, which will show how operational it is.

screen, dependent, computer

If everything is in order with hard, then it is necessary in line to check the ranges of RAM. You can take turns disconnecting one of the strips, turn on PC and watch whether it will hang or not. Thus, it is usually possible to quickly determine which of the modules is faulty. In cases with SSD, very often the problem is solved by updating its firmware to the latest version.

Cooling system

I met such a picture several times-the computer freezes tightly due to a crookedly installed cooling radiator on the processor or chip of the video card. As a rule, the user, having read smart advice, climbs to change thermal grease. They can remove the cooler and the radiator without problems, but it is no longer possible to install it normally. it stands with distortion and heat is removed unevenly. Bottom line. the processor overheated and tightly hung PC. And if modern processors know how to lower the frequency to lower the temperature, then the video cards definitely go to full out. So if you recently made an audit of the cooling system and suddenly after that the computer freezes tightly at the load (when the heavy applications are launched, during the game, etc.P.). check if the radiator is installed correctly and whether the fan works on the cooler. Perhaps you forgot to connect its power connector to the outlet on the motherboard. I also saw this, yes.

Power Supply

Several times the situation came across when the user has a computer freezing while increasing the load on it. for example, they launched a game or torrent to download. In addition to the option described above with the incorrect installation of the cooling system, the cause of the freezes may be a power supply that does not give out the desired power. The first time I faced such a case, I changed almost all the insides of the systems in turn, until I connected another power supply to check and the problem has gone.

There is nothing amazing here. Something like this is thrown by cheap Chinese power supply in a couple of years of work. Sometimes more expensive brand blocks sin, but less often.

So, you have already checked everything that is possible, but the computer still hangs tightly. Only one option remains. the motherboard. I had in practice a case when resetting BIOS settings to factory helped to solve the problem. Of course this rarely happens. often something fails and helps expensive repairs or a complete replacement of the motherboard. To do this, you already need to have a certain experience. If it is not, then it makes sense to contact the service center.

Why freezes and does not react to anything with Windows 10, how to eliminate

A computer is often used by a person as a working tool. When the user is busy with business, he cannot even think that in just a few seconds a system failure will occur. But soon the personal computer hungs and does not respond to anything when using Windows 10. Such a problem violates all human plans, and therefore it is recommended to understand the causes of error and ways to correct it as soon as possible.

The full stop of the PC is the result of a system failure, in which only the reloading of the device helps. But it does not represent an ideal way to get out of the situation, since the error appears again.

Hanging a computer is due to one of the following reasons:

  • damage to the hard disk;
  • overload of the processor and RAM;
  • malfunction of equipment drivers;
  • incorrect BIOS setting;
  • high temperature of the PC elements;
  • The effect of malicious software.

Sometimes to solve the problem you have to sort through all possible entry options and methods of correcting systemic errors. This requires a lot of time, but each user can save it by carefully inspecting the computer. It is possible that after external diagnostics it will become clear, the problem with software or hardware problems is associated.

What to do when PC freezes tightly

Not everyone will be able to exactly determine the cause of the freezing. Therefore, it is recommended to act, starting from the advice of experts. First you need to perform software diagnostics of the device and only then you should go to the insides of the computer.

Checking the state of the disk

If you are faced with the fact that the PC periodically hangs and does not respond to any actions, first of all you need to check the condition of the disk. During the operation of the computer, users rewrite a huge amount of data and sometimes install unverified. All this directly affects the operability of the drive, which eventually becomes worthless.

While the problem has not reached a critical point, periodic perch can be eliminated by checking HDD. To do this, refer to the functionality of the command line. To access the tool, take 3 simple actions:

Having opened the command line, the user must enter the request “Chkdsk C: / F / R”. This command checks the hard disk for the presence of broken sectors. If errors are found, the system will eliminate them automatically.

In addition, it is worth using the SFC /Scannow team. She will check the state of the Windows and, if necessary, make changes to eliminate problems.

Search for processes with high load on CPU or RAM

Also, freezing of the device is associated with excessive load on the processor or RAM. Therefore, the next thing that needs to be done in such a situation is to find out which processes are most loaded by CPU and RAM.

The “Processes” tab displays operations that the computer performs. They can be sorted in several parameters, including the load on the processor and the RAM. Distributed processes, determine which program most loads the hardware part of the device. The most “voracious” operations are better to stop. And let you not be able to solve the problem once and for all, temporarily hanging will cease to make itself felt.

Checking the work of RAM

If the computer hangs even in a situation where the device is not 100 %loaded, you need to carefully look at the features of RAM. First, you should make her test:

When the PC rests, the user will see a window with the test results. If the check shows that everything is in order with RAM, do not immediately proceed to the next problem of the problem. During use, the dick of RAM is clogged. Her contacts also depart. Therefore, if there is an appropriate opportunity, remove RAM from the system unit and clean it.

Automatic load and auto renewal

Windows 10 has a number of useful functions, which include auto.loading and auto.renewal of components. However, PC owners using HDD, and not more modern type of SSD drive, such features can cause many inconvenience. Due to the excess load, the computer constantly hangs, so that the use of these functions should be abandoned (at least for a while):

After all the steps are performed, you need to restart the device. And it will not be superfluous to turn off the automatic updates service that requires a constant connection to the Internet:

Advice. The function of automatic updates is a useful chip, which allows you not to miss the release of the latest updates. Therefore, carefully monitor the provision of updates in case of disconnecting.

Ctrl Shift Esc key combination.

This key combination is used to call the task manager by bypassing the system menu. That is, you will immediately see a list of active programs and applications and can turn off the one that “freezes”.

Few people know about this combination, although it is very useful if your computer unexpectedly began to “slow down”. When this combination is pressed on the desktop, a window will appear in which you will be offered four actions: restart the system, turn off the computer, complete the session and choose another user.

So, if you click this combination of keys with an already open window, it will close, and with this, RAM will be freed. You can also cancel the last action. just click on these keys several times.

Ctrl Alt Del key combination.

This is perhaps the most common option of action when “hanging” a computer. If you simultaneously press these three Ctrl Alt Del keys, you will open the system menu, and already in it you can go to the tasks dispatcher and close the “slowed down” program. True, in this case, the data will not be saved. But the computer will start working quickly again.

It is worth noting that if the matter is much more serious, and you have the same “blue death screen”, then it is better to contact a specialist. Perhaps he will be able to save the system and all the data stored in it.

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On this so far all! I hope that you found in this note something useful and interesting for yourself. If you have any thoughts or considerations about this, then please express them in your Комментарии и мнения владельцев. See you in the following notes! Good luck!