What if the phone, the application hangs when you turn on, off, on the inclusion screensaver, an application failure occurred: instructions, video.

A huge advantage of using Android smartphones or tablets is what we can upload many applications. Just running Google Play, we get instant access to various applications.

Of course, some of the applications costs money, but most of them are free. We can download new applications daily! But whether the application is often working properly? Unfortunately no.

Often your favorite applications hang or issue a failure in. Each Android user came across this problem at least once. The problem may occur on different Android devices, including LG G3, LG G4, SAMSUNG S6 and S6 EDGE, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, HTC 7, HTC 8, HTC 9 and many others.

If you also encountered the fact that your phone is freezing when you turn on, turn off or when you work on any application, we advise you to take advantage of the solutions that we describe in this article.

Soft reboot

How to restart android if he hung

The instruction provided for a long time, and is suitably suitable for most smartphones and tablets. Do not rush to feverishly press on all buttons at the same time, and first locate the key that answers the screen lock.

Now hold it until the selection menu appears, where you click “Restart“. Usually the list appears after 10-15 seconds keys. There are cases when such a function is not active, then just select “Turning off the power”. Smartphone should publish vibration and repay the display. After a short time, automatic inclusion will occur. If this did not happen, then clamp the power button manually.

Hardware “Reset” as a way to restart the phone

On some phones there is a small hole (deepening) with the letter “R” drawn next to it. If you press this deepening with a blunt end of a needle and hold so for a couple of seconds, then the phone will reboot.

Do not confuse this recess with the microphone deepening. Next to our deepening must be the letter “R”. If there are no letters, then in such a hole is a microphone that you can spoil like that by pressing.

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Option 3

Please note that on certain firmware of phones in the “General Settings” menu. there are special. Options for restarting the device For example, you can set the timer and the phone without any “buttons” turns off and turns on again.

Note: Of course, this method is relevant if your phone has at least somehow working (and not “dead” hanging).

Automatic reboot / Resetting section on Android / Samsung Galaxy / (Redmi)

LG phone hangs

Any malfunction of the mobile phone has its own definite cause. If the phone lg freezes, the cause of the reasons is better and more correctly engaged in the walls of the service center. Professional diagnostics will determine why the apparatus hangs and how to eliminate this defect. We have the repair of LG phones of any degree of complexity.

Types Services Price, R. Warranty time
Diagnostics For free Minimum
Firmware and LG Unlock Call from 60 min Yes
Moisture Call from 60 min

SMART CENTER brings mobile devices that freeze due to an error in the phone system. Quite often, the program failure becomes the cause of slow motion or hang of the LG apparatus. The output from the current situation can be updated by phone. You can flash your LG and independently, but it is best to use the services of professionals. This is the safety of your phone, and the efficiency of work, and, of course, quality assurance.

In addition to the software failure, the LG phone is freezing due to memory overload. It happens, the user did not have time to remove any files on time, and the phone‘s memory is gradually overflowing. The smaller the free memory, the slower the mobile phone is functioning. To avoid such a situation, you should often clean the memory of the mobile device from unnecessary information. Eliminate the hovering can be as follows. free memory (at least 60%), reset the settings and restart the phone. These actions should help your device. If the device freezes still, please contact customer masters.

If the LG phone hangs after falling or shots about a solid surface, then the device’s printed circuit board is damaged. Replacing this component will restore the excellent performance of your mobile device. When replacing parts, we use only original components that are always in stock in the warehouse of our service center.

Among Mobile devices LG type “Slider” The situation when the phone hangs occurs and due to the failure of the LG inter-spot loop, the part that is responsible for the keyboard operation. Replacing this component will save you from this problem.

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LG phone hangs? Or quickly discharged, or maybe the device turned off and does not turn on? Crashing any degree of difficulty can eliminate experienced masters of our center. At your service free diagnostics and high-quality troubleshooting of any kind.

Try turning on or off

Hold the longer button

This is the first decision that usually gives the best result in most cases. Perhaps the system is blocked and does not respond. so we can not turn on or off it as usual. To solve this problem, we will need to press the power button with the effort and not to release it about 10 seconds until the mobile phone is turned off.

Connect to power supply

In the next test, we will need to connect a mobile phone to the wall charging and wait from one to two minutes. If the LED burns with yellow or red light, it’s time to try to turn on the device again. If the LED does not light through 1 or 2 minutes, we will have to move the charger to another outlet so that the problem is not in the usual outlet.

Replace charger

It is possible if we use another charger than the usual, charging is wrong. If our mobile phone without a battery, and the charger does not provide sufficient voltage, it will be impossible. We must try to charge it using the adapter and cables that LG provided us with a mobile phone box.

Combination buttons

If we still cannot force our LG to turn on, the brand itself recommends using the following method: we connect a mobile phone to the wall and at the same time hold the power button and the two volume control buttons. We must save them prescribed one or two minutes to try to turn on the mobile phone.

What to do if the phone does not react to anything?

✓ Hold the “Power” button at the same time and the volume button for a few seconds, after that the phone will turn off and starts the standard reboot.

  • Press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. it is on the left or right side of the smartphone.
  • Commands will appear: turn off and restart.
  • Click on the Restart button on the screen.

What to do if the phone is hung on the screensaver when turned on, does not react and does not turn on

Smartphones are often broken. Most often it happens when you used the device for some time. This happens regardless of the model or manufacturer. But in this article we will try to find out what to do if your phone is suddenly hung on the screensaver when turned on, and also does not react and does not turn on.

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With serious breakdowns, people turn to service centers. It is there who know what the causes of the sinking on the screensaver and not include.

Basic reasons: Explanation:
If you or someone else tried to flash a smartphone, but the attempt was not crowned with success. Or files were installed not to the end, not properly, broken archive and t.D.
System File Failure, you could use applications that enable access to system folders. Simply put, the rutted devices often fail in such a way that they are quite difficult to repaired. And they do not react to touch when inclusion.
Motes associated with internal device modules. These include cases with fluid getting inside the smartphone housing. Or the case was subject to impact, elevated temperature or sharp drops.
Also, failures in the system due to memory card problems. It may not approach the parameters that are incompatible with the device.
Device memory problems. Not enough system resources to cope with the user delivered tasks.

detailed reasons can be listed further, the main. Now let’s turn to practice and try to eliminate problems with your phone if it hangs on the screensaver and does not respond to touch.

Can I see contacts on the hanging phone

I will give several ways, it is possible that in some cases something will be able to pull out.

Try to open the https page: // Contacts.Google.com / and enter under your profile. If the phone has been configured to synchronize Google services. You will see all the contacts that you had in a notebook.

Part of the contacts could be preserved on the SIM card. Try to remove your card and paste it into another phone. Next, initiate the import procedure and see which contacts will be able to transfer.

If your device is “coming to life” sometimes (at least 1-2 minutes.). try to make backup contacts and files (during this time, in principle, you can have time! ).

By the way, a couple more ways described in his recent note (a reference to it below).