What to do if the phone is hanging?

Smartphones are becoming more complicated and more complicated every year, and the more functional the mechanism, the more likely failures in it. What to do if the phone is hanging is a question that many users ask, mainly Android. Almost every owner encounters a smartphone, but usually these are periodic logs that are eliminated by themselves. In some cases, the phone, the same applies to tablets, ceases to turn on completely or does not respond to any actions. We will analyze the reasons and ways to eliminate this malfunction.

If the phone hung when turning on or when working, it is worth remembering that only 2 causes can be 2:

  • Mechanical. this is damage to certain devices of the phone at the physical level. It is likely that somewhere the contact disappeared or failed an element of the board. Most often this occurs due to the fall or water from the device. At the same time, external damage is not at all required, in some cases the screen experiences the fall well, but internal damage is still present;
  • Systemic ones are malfunctions that are caused by any problems in the system part. If the phone does not even load, then Android has ceased to be fully operational, but more often during operation, certain difficulties arise and the smartphone lags.

The second variety is found much more often, although mechanical malfunctions are quite possible. Note that with physical damage, the smartphone does not even turn on (most often), sometimes only the backlight lights up. It is initially assumed that outside the smartphone is a whole and the main reason for hanging systemic. When the methods of elimination at the system level are exhausted, it is worth attributing the phone to the workshop.

It is also worth saying that the cause of hovering at the system level can be of two types: not enough system resources, most likely any programs take away all memory, system failures, when the integrity of Android is in doubt.

solutions for correcting Samsung’s hovering logo

Samsung. One of the most unpleasant problems for most users. You cannot access your files and use your favorite applications. Simply put, this is as if you have no phone at all. Thus, carefully following the decisions, you will probably be able to enjoy your device, as if you were not stuck at all.

Solutions 1: Perform soft discharge

Performing a soft discharge or forced restarting the device is similar to extracting the battery from the device and its re.installation. This makes your Samsung device turn off and stop all your operations. However, this method is recommended only for new devices with non.removable batteries. Do it:

  • Find what is the nutrition and reduce the sound of the button.
  • Press and keep them simultaneously for 30 seconds.
  • The release of the button when the Samsung logo appears on the screen again.
  • Wait a few seconds while your device loads to the lock screen.

Solutions 2: remove and insert the battery again

For old Samsung devices with removable batteries, you can turn off the device from the Samsung logo, taking out the battery. It is like a software reset, and it can be physically performed. To do it safely:

  • Make sure your hands are not wet.
  • Remove the back cover of the device gently.
  • Remove the battery carefully.
  • Keep what the power button for 10 seconds is to remove all the residual electricity from the device.
  • Rhinert battery after 30 seconds.
  • turn on your device and check if your device was hanging.

Solutions 3: Connect the charger

If the two previous solutions did not help, try connecting the charger, and then perform the same process. Do it:

  • Conical valve charger to the phone.
  • Leave for 5-10 minutes.
  • After 5-10 minutes the press and keep what the power is the key and reduce the sound at the same time.
  • Issue retention when the Samsung logo appears.

Attention: In some cases, your Samsung device does not turn on. You can correct this questionnaire and send it by e.mail: Ekaterinaowf@gmail.com.

Solutions 4: Use reiboot to restore the Android system

If your device still hangs after you have fulfilled previous solutions, do not give up. The reason for this problem may be an error in the Android system. It may seem frightening, but using a powerful computer program called Reiboot for Android. This can be fixed as soon as possible.

phone, hangs
  • Black screen
  • Hanging the loading screen Android
  • Stuck Android Recovery, loading, fast loading mode
  • There is no team error
  • Applications do not work
  • Fast discharge of the battery
  • And t.D.

With Reiboot, your device can also come in or exit download/recovery/Fastboot mode in just one click. You can use these functions if you want to update or change some things on your phone.

Reiboot for Android also has to clear the system cache and repair the Android system that can correct the problems mentioned above, including unidentified.

phone, hangs

Since the problem with the stuck Samsung logo is most likely caused by the software error, it is recommended to use the Android recovery function to download and install a new firmware for your device in order to get rid of the problem once and for all. Do it:

  • Download and install reiboot for Android on your computer.
  • Run program.
  • Search engine your device using a compatible USB cable.
  • Turn on USB Debuging.
  • Another integration will appear. Provide the correct information about the device.
  • After the choice is made, the reiboot for Android will upload a compatible firmware for your device.
  • When the load is completed, click on the repair now “.
  • A number of instructions that you must follow and click on the screen will appear on the screen. “.
  • When the repair is made, you can download your device and check if it is stuck on the Samsung logo.

Solutions 5: Understand the factory settings

If you can restart the device from the Samsung logo in recovery mode, you may be able to solve the problem using the discharge function. However, this process will delete your personal data stored on your device.

  • In recovery mode, wipe the data / reset all settings.
  • use what is the volume buttons for navigation by options.
  • Using what is the power button to confirm Wipe Data / Factory Reset.
  • Wait a few seconds until the process is completed.
  • Reload your device.

Attention: To avoid data loss, it is recommended to make a backup copy of important files from time to time, since we may never know when we are faced with similar problems with our devices.

Forced reboot (universal method)

There is a more stringent method of rebooting the smartphone, which was called forced. It is worth noting that this is a universal way to return the smartphone to a normal state.

Unlike the previous instructions, where it was necessary to choose certain parameters, here you need to simultaneously squeeze 3 buttons: volume, power adjustments and home key.

The last key will have to be clamped only on Samsung phones and tablets, in other cases this should not be done.

Other solutions for bypassing the android tablet on the download screen

If you do not have a computer or laptop to use Reiboot now, you can also try these solutions tested by us.

Solutions 1: Reload the device

Being stuck on the loading screen sometimes happens when you are trying to turn on or download the device. Try to turn off your device again, holding and pressing the power button, if your phone is loaded normally, your problem is solved. If not, proceed to the next decision.

Solutions 2: power outage

You cannot restart the device using the power button, there is another way to do this.

  • If your phone has a removable battery, you can try to get it out to turn off the electricity.
  • If you have a built.in battery, you can wait until the category of batteries and charge your phone.

After charging or installing the battery, try up the device and see if the problem has disappeared.

Solutions 3: Delete the SD card

You can try to remove the SD card from your device, then download your phone or tablet, and if it works fine without an SD card, if so, then the SD card can be source of the problem. If not, go to the next step.

Solutions 4: Go to recovery mode

If the above decisions did not help, you can try to enter your recovery mode. This can help when your Android device suffers from failures, slowdown and other problems, such as hanging on the loading screen and much more. The recovery mode will restart your system and help to remove possible errors and malicious programs deleting the Kesha section in your system.

Note: Read this article to find out how to enter the recovery mode on your devices.

phone, hangs

Here’s how to enter the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy devices.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Keep food, house, volume increase all at the same time.
  • Continue to hold them until the Samsung logo appears. After that, the phone will automatically reboot.
  • Android blue screen with a white Android logo will appear. Wait until it disappears, and you will soon be in the recovery mode.
  • Use the volume to go to clean the cache section and use Power to select.
  • Wait for the completion of the process, load the device and see if the problem has disappeared.

Solutions 5: Reset to factory settings

If any of the above decisions helped, you can try resetting all the settings your device. Factory settings will completely destroy everything possible errors and harmful ones that are in your system and SD card and reset all the changes and settings to return the device to the default settings. Please note that reset to factory settings will delete all personal files and data stored on your device. We highly recommend that you support these files before continuing.

  • Make sure the device is turned off.
  • Press increase of volume and power.
  • Continue this until Android Recovery appears, then release both buttons.
  • From there, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Use Volume for navigation by affordable parameters and Power to select.
  • Choose yes. Wait a few seconds to complete the reset of factory data.
  • Select restart the system now.

After that, all errors and malicious programs should disappear, and your phone will be in good condition again.

Restore Samsung’s phone data stuck in the logo using Fonelab

You have other ways to fix Samsung fonts on the logo, please read the following solutions.

Step 1 remove the Samsung phone accumulator, and then install it again. Wait a few minutes, and then you can try to restart it.

Step 2 Press and hold to reduce the sound and power of the button for 20 seconds to forcefully restart your Samsung phone.

Step 3 Try Fonelab if the aforementioned methods are not available to you. This will help you correct some disconnected problems for Samsung without data loss.

Your Android device is not launched

If our mobile does not start and remains unchanged with the logo of the brand or Android, we must try to launch it in a “safe mode”.

To enter the “safe mode”, when the phone is turned off, you must turn it on, holding the power button until the brand or Android logo appears on the screen. At this moment, you need to release the power button and press the volume reduction button, which we must keep pressed until the “safe mode” is launched.

After that, you need to restart the phone in normal mode again. In most cases, this helps to circumvent the problem with hanging on the logo.

If the problem is repeated, then you need to undertake a radical, but very effective way. a “complete reset”.

Frozen Pixel and Screen Burn Fix (10 hours) (Seizure Warning)

After this method, everything will be removed from the mobile device and it will be restored to the factory settings. Therefore, in case of problems with software, this is the best solution to problems.

To do this, we must run the phone by pressing the power button and at the same time the volume reduction key (in some phones models you need to press the volume key). After these actions, we will enter the recovery mode.

Next, using the volume buttons, select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item and press the power button for confirmation (in older models you need to choose a reboot system in the menu). As soon as this is done, the mobile phone will reboot with the factory settings and you can begin to reconfigure it.

How to restart your iPhone if it’s frozen on the Apple logo — Apple Support

Hard Reset

The stage for those who want to make Hard Reset on Lenovo A536 is always turning off the phone. If the device is hung, you can simply extract the battery. In the latter case, to resume the work, you need to insert the battery and cover it with a lid.

The next step is to simultaneously press the “Turning Turning” key, a swing of volume control, as well as an active “home” button. After that, an exclamation mark should appear on the screen. Next, all the buttons are released and again press the “inclusion” key. A menu should appear on the screen. The user will be able to ply on it using the Sound Regulation button. Among the proposed options you need to find a menu item called “Wipe/Factory Reset”. To choose it, you need to confirm the action by the volume increase button.

Another window will open, where among many “no” answers, the user must find, and then activate the “Yes. Delete All Data” item. No need to reboot Lenovo A536: if everything was done correctly, this will happen automatically.

When the smartphone turns on again, you need to press Reboot System Now (one of the menu items).

This, in fact, is all. An integration with parameters will appear on the phone, which the manufacturer himself chose by default and made them standard for this model.

The described actions suggest formatting Lenovo A536, so it is important to make backup copies in advance.

If you have a phone with Chinese firmware, then you can reset in several simple steps:

  • Any option to turn off the phone (through the program, button or extraction of the device battery).
  • In the mode, you need to simultaneously press the two buttons. “Turning on the device” and “sound increase”.
  • Immediately after you see the traditional brand icon. Lenovo on the phone screen, you need to remove the finger from the “turn on” key, but you still need to hold the second key.
  • If Chinese hieroglyphs are displayed, then you have a Chinese firmware and everything is done correctly, the sound key can already be released.

Ways to help your LG phone go beyond the download screen

Now that we know what can cause our problem, let’s try to fix it. We have listed decisions in the order of their involvement, starting from the easiest and simple.

phone, hangs

Forcibly reboot the phone (for LG G4 or newer)

The first thing we can try. it is to restart the LG phone. Thus, we will give him the opportunity to restart the entire loading process, suggesting that any error occurred only this time. However, since he is frozen and does not answer, we need to force him to use it.

  • Press and hold the volumes down and the button power simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • After a while, a new window will appear with various food options. Once there, go to the “restart the system now” option using volume buttons and select it using the power button.

After a while, your phone will start loading again. If the problem does not disappear, go to the next solution.

Clean the cache of the mobile phone LG

You can also try to clean the lg phone cache. We do this because mistakes and various mistakes that may arise, as mentioned earlier, are found and stored in a cache memory. over, if for some reason it is filled, this will lead to a freezing of the phone on the download screen.

I hope your phone will now work as usual.

Set up the phone settings to factory

If nothing has helped so far, it’s time to take more decisive measures. What we will do now, so let’s drop the settings of our phone to the factory. Thus, we can erase everything on it completely, but we will also get a clean sheet. Along with all our data, we also delete damaged files, malicious programs and everything that can prevent our phone from passing the screen with the logo.

Wait for your phone to complete the process and it will automatically restart.

Reset to factory settings does not necessarily mean a complete loss of data. You can easily create a backup of data on your LG phone, even if they do not go through the download screen. This is a guide, like.

Use a third.party application to completely eliminate the problem

And the last, but no less important: you can use Reiboot for Android to solve the problem in a few steps without becoming a computer expert.