What to do when the iPhone does not see a SIM card

If the iPhone does not see the SIM card and does not reflect it even in the settings, it is necessary to check it yourself before carrying it to the service center. The reason may be not only hardware malfunction, but also a banal software failure. Consider the most frequent problems with SIM cards in Apple devices.

If the smartphone has stopped finding a SIM card, the user is not always to blame for this. Even iPhones are inclined to fail for natural reasons (wear of components) or due to factory marriage. There are the most frequent malfunctions justified by the characteristics of the apparatus itself and the principle of its operation.

  • hardware. damage to components or their natural failure;
  • Software. malfunctions in the operation of the operating system and its components, application conflict.

Most often, you can solve the problems of the second group yourself, since it is often only necessary to renew the iPhone to correct the malfunction. But it also happens that this is not enough.

Falls and blows, moisture hit

Mechanical damage, moisture and pollution from the body often cause the iPhone hardware malfunction, which leads to the fact that the device does not read the SIM card.

In most cases, if the smartphone has experienced a serious fall or stayed in water longer than the recommended time (for the latest models), it must be carried to the service center.

SIM card malfunction

Damage to such a problem can lead to such a problem. If everything was fine with her for a long time and she was not subjected to any external factors (scratches, moisture and t.D.), most likely, the microcircuit, which communicates with the smartphone. In this case, you need to contact the operator for replacing the SIM card while preserving the number.

  • Turn off the phone and change the current SIM card to another;
  • Turn on the device and make sure that the new SIM card is reflected in the smartphone settings.

If the iPhone has not seen the card, this means that the problem is not in it.

Availability of SIM-Lock on iPhone

The “flooded” device is a smartphone that can only work with SIM cards of certain operators. But large retail outlets always sell phones that have received a certificate for sale in Russia, that is, everything is fine with them and the use of any SIM card is allowed. You can buy such a device only from former owners or resellers. over, the latter will not be able to return it, since officially SIM-Lock is not a breakdown.

  • return the phone to an unscrupulous seller;
  • DIY “Razlechka”. A number of Internet services allow you to do this (for example, IMEI-SERVER.ru). It costs about 3-4 dollars. But there is no guarantee that the phone will work.
  • Purchase Turbo-SIM-an adapter that is placed with a SIM card and may unlock the radio module when the iPhone activation. Turbo-SIM reduces communication quality and problems may appear when setting up Imessage, however, among all ways to get rid of SIM-Lock, this is perhaps the most effective.
  • Write an official appeal to the operator who has been a smartphone

Only a phone return or an official appeal to the operator will allow you to return the iPhone complete functionality without problems.

Firmware glitch

Software failures are a common problem that can be solved by a simple reboot or restoration through the internal functionality of the smartphone. To protect yourself from more serious malfunctions with which the rebooting does not help, it is enough to make “recovery points” through the internal utilities (settings) of the phone.

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If the problem has not been solved, you will need to restore the system manually.

To replace the firmware, you need to use itunes:

The main reason for iOS failures is Jailbreak, which is a hack. He entails serious problems in the operation of the operating system.

Card reader or antenna

If a card reader or antenna that is next to him is damaged, it can be either user inattention or factory marriage. To damage these components mechanically is very easy, especially if the owner of the smartphone takes out the holder with the help of dangerous improvised means. the needle, the clip, etc.D.

iPhone does not see the network. IOS settings and failures

Once again I want to note. it seems that:

The farther to the forest, the thicker the partisans © Folk art.

No, well, really. often, the output of the “fresh” version of the iOS not only corrects various software errors (as it should be), but also brings many others (as it should not be). Plus, new functions, options, some settings updates appear, everything is constantly changing.

In general, the message “no network” on the iPhone can easily be connected with these most errors and various iOS settings. What to do?

  • Turn on and off “Aviation”. If the lack of a mobile network signal is caused by a short.term failure, then after a similar procedure, the iPhone will definitely come to the “norm”.
  • Perform a hard reboot. Once again, I note that it is this action that helps to quickly and efficiently fix the majority of iOS “failures”-only a couple of minutes (detailed instructions on how to make a rigid reboot of any iPhone model) and there is a chance that the iPhone will finally be able to find the network.
  • Change network selection parameters (settings. cellular communication. network selection). Sometimes you need to specify the network manually (or vice versa. choose an automatic search) so that the iPhone successfully “hooks” for the signal of the cellular network.
  • Reset the network settings (settings. basic. reset). After “reset”, data on your iPhone will not suffer (exception-Wi-Fi passwords will have to be entered again), but the network settings of the smartphone will make a “reboot” and, most likely, will finally be able to “stand in place”.
  • Update the operator settings. I have a detailed article (with pictures!) on this topic. I extremely recommend reading and performing those actions that are indicated in it.

Perhaps that is all the manipulations that can be done with the iPhone in order to “programmed” correct the lack of a network on your smartphone.

But “extreme” she is “extreme” to fulfill it only in the very last case. In general, it is better not to rush (but still have this option as a spare) and, if the previous options did not help, try to look for the reason “no network” on the iPhone in a completely different place.

IPhone error “SIM card is invalid” and its solution

Hello everyone! The iPhone message that the SIM card inserted into it is invalid, can focus and upset any user of smartphones of an apple company. It is especially unpleasant when you come across such problems immediately after buying a new device. you want to start using and rejoice, but he, you see, does not like Simka!

There were completely crazy there in their America.

In fact, screaming and swearing pointless. It is much better to try to figure out what is the reason for such incompatibility and is it possible to do something in this situation? This is what we will do today. It’s time to start, let’s get down!

So, the error “SIM card is invalid” may appear:

By the way, “just like that” also has reasons, but about everything in order.

Let’s start with the most common, and at the same time the most sad case-you bought the iPhone, began to activate it, at a certain stage he asked you to insert a SIM card, and after that showed this message:

The IPhone SIM card inserted into this iphone SIM card, which is not supported in accordance with the current policy on the activation server. The problem that has arisen is not related to the hardware of the iPhone. Insert another SIM card belonging to the supported mobile operator or require it to unlock this iPhone. For detailed information, contact Apple.

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Why is this happening? The thing is that there are the so-called “flooded” iPhone-cells blocked on a specific operator and capable of working only with its SIM card.

For example, these devices are very common among American iPhone. In this country, you can buy a phone for 200-300, but in the appendage to it you get an operator’s contract for which you must pay a certain amount every month for one or two years. Until all funds have been paid-the iPhone will “not accept” the SIM card of another operator.

What to do if you bought a similar device? The most correct way out is to contact the seller and make him complaints about. After all, in fact, when the iPhone shows the “SIM card is invalid”, then it is impossible to use it. If the seller is not available, then you have only two ways:

  • To break the iPhone officially. To do this, it is necessary to determine which operator a smartphone is blocked (sometimes these data are shown when checking by serial number), contact it and go through the unlocking procedure.
  • Buy a special adapter that is inserted into the SIM card tray (along with the card itself), and thanks to it, the iPhone begins to take any SIM card.

How to proceed? The use of the adapter looks easier. you bought and use it, but you also have your own shortcomings:

  • It also needs to be chosen-Geeysim, R-Sim, Heicard. And each of them has a lot of models (for a specific device and firmware).
  • Apple constantly releases new firmware and there is a chance that after updating iOS you will see a message about the “invalid SIM card”-then you will have to buy a new adapter.

The official open often requires more time and money, but it is done only once. After that, get the iPhone completely untied from the IPhone contract!

It would seem that this can be finished, but in some cases the iPhone can completely unexpectedly refuse to accept the SIM card and signal about its invalidity and error.

Because before that everything was fine: the smartphone was updated, the SIM cards changed, and indeed it initially Neverlock (unmarked) and has been working for two years already for two years!

How to Fix No SIM Card, Invalid SIM, SIM Card Failure Error or searching on iPhone

  • The SIM card has broken. No matter how strange it may sound, they can break (especially if they are subjected to trimming). In this case, it is quite simple to replace it.
  • The previous and unofficial Anglock “flew”. This also happens when unlocking did not occur directly through the telecom operator, but through the bypass tracks. Here we are already returning to what is written a little higher. either we do everything officially, or we use a special adapter.

How to remove a stuck SIM card from iPhone without taking the phone apart

Which of all this can be concluded? In most cases, the inscription “SIM-card is invalid” suggests that the iPhone is “slaughtered” on a particular telecom operator-you can unlock, but you will need certain actions. Although, if the warning about SIM incompatibility has jumped out unexpectedly, then try to go and replace the card, sometimes it helps.

iphone, does

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Mechanical damage to the smartphone

Separately, mechanical damage should be distinguished. Most users do not attach importance to small shots or shake. However, with constant exposure, the internal parts may foul or crack. This will provoke a violation of contact or reduce the sensitivity of the device. It is important that the external part may not suffer. the phone seems absolutely whole outside.

Important! The final result is a complete refusal of the module and a trip to the service center.

What to do if the iPhone does not see a new SIM card

When there is a message about the missing card, you need to perform the following:

  • check the level of the mobile operator signal at the location;
  • try to rewrite to the latest version of the operating system;
  • translate the smartphone into aircraft mode and disconnect it after a minute waiting;
  • Reloading the device using the Son/Awakening button, until the slider appears on the screen, which is moved to turn off the device.
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The list of mandatory verification includes the settings of the mobile operator. You need to go to the main menu, find the subsection “basic” there, move to the point “On this device”. If the gadget needs an update, it is carried out, then the device is restarted. The procedure in most cases helps to get rid of the connection problem.

To check the condition of the card and see mechanical damage, it is carefully removed from the holder and pushed back to the groove. The slot should be completely closed.

The last resuscitation option is to use the second card. If there is no spare method, you have to go to the communication salon and ask for the performance of the device. There you can also ask the activation, as some consultants forget to conduct it, and the client receives an inoperative card.

Important! If all the above methods could not turn on the gadget, then you need to write to the apple technical support service. The operator on duty will tell you what to do and where to take the non.working device.

How to reset the IPhone network settings

You can reset the network settings yourself, without resorting to the help of specialized centers. The sequence is performed for this:

iphone, does
  • First, the transition to the “Settings” of the phone is made.
  • The “Basic” section needs to find the line “reset”.
  • Going into it, there will be several options, among which the line “reset the network settings”.

Agreeing to the action, the user must understand that some data will be lost, among which the connection passwords that were previously saved.

If, after all the actions done, it was not possible to restore the network, you will have to contact the Apple service center. In it, experts will test the device, identify the problem and, possibly, eliminate it.

Replacing SIM cards.

If not one of the tips above has helped you, then you should try to insert another SIM card, for example your friend or relative. There may be your carat faulty and the case is named in it, and not on the phone. Insert the card into the tray, if the error “no SIM card” disappears and everything works fine, then the reason is in your SIM card. Instead of visiting those. Support on Apple Store, you should contact your operator and ask to replace the SIM card for iPhone. This process will not take much time, and most likely you will receive a new one instantly.

If the error has not disappeared anywhere, and you are sure that there are no physical damage, most likely the problem lies in the software of your iPhone.

If you change the SIM card, whether the data will save

It is also worth dealing with the question: if you change the “SIM card” in the iPhone, whether the data will be saved? For its users, Apple specially developed services that allow you to maintain all the necessary data. The easiest way to transfer the necessary information is to use iCloud.

Synchronization must be carried out, then contacts and basic information will always be on the “cloud”. After that, the change of SIM card can be carried out without any problems.

The problem called “invalid SIM” is not so often found, but still comes across. In most situations, the user can cope on his own, you only need to decide on the cause. In cases where nothing of the above helps, it is recommended to seek help from the service center or write to the technical support of Apple.