Wired headphones do not work on iPhone

At the very beginning, we recall that in all models to the iPhone 7. in smartphones there was a built.in audio connector 3.5 (mini-jack). This is a standard input for connecting headphones, which is used by almost all manufacturers of portable equipment. But, starting with the “seventh” model, the iPhone lost this connector, instead Earpods headphones began to connect through the only and universal Lightning port. Therefore, breakdowns of different iPhone models are different.

As a rule, the reason that the iPhone does not see wired headphones is a faulty connector. In the case of an audio connector 3.5. it is often clogged with dust and dirt, foreign objects, various liquids get inside. This leads to corrosion of the nest itself, or internal contacts. The same breakdown factors relate to Lightning port, with the only difference being that in most cases not only headphones cease to work. The iPhone refuses to charge, does not connect to the computer, you must constantly move the plug in the connector in order to “catch” the desired position.

In addition to the problem with the connector, the cause may also be a breakdown of an audio codec (iPhone sound chip). In this case, the sound will disappear not only in headphones, but also in the speakers. A separate category includes various software failures that do not happen so often. If the system is unsuccessful after poor.quality repair or flashing of a smartphone, there may be problems with the detection and determination of connected headphones.

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Connect and turn off the headphones.

The first thing you should try if your iPhone thinks that the headphones are connected is just to connect and disable them. Perhaps the headphone jack on your iPhone did not recognize when you turned off the headphones for the last time, and still thinks that they are connected. Connection of headphones, and then their shutdown can solve the problem. If this helped, and this situation does not arise with any regularity, consider it a one-time phenomenon and stop worrying.

In the latest IOS versions, you can control where the sound is played: headphones, iPhone, homepod speakers, other external speakers, etc. D. Perhaps the problem of the headphone mode is associated with the audio output settings.

To check it:

  • Open the control center. On most iPhone, this can be done by running a finger up from the bottom of the screen. On the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR, draw a finger down from the upper right angle.
  • The further process depends on which version of iOS you use. In iOS 10, run a finger from right to left to open an element of music control. In iOS 11 and above, touch the element of music management in the upper right corner.
  • In iOS 10, touch the sound control element at the bottom of the panel. On iOS 11 and above, touch the AirPlay icon, presented in the form of three rings with a triangle.
  • In the menu that appears, if the iPhone is available, tap it to send the sound to the built.in speakers of the phone.

Active Bluetooth device

Very often, users forget that a Bluetooth device is connected to the phone (headset or wireless column). Therefore, the problem will be solved if the wireless connection is interrupted.

    To do this, open the settings. Select the Bluetooth section.

How to turn off the headphones if the smartphone is polluted

In some cases, the reason is not in the internal problems of the device, but in its pollution. This leads to the closure of contacts, the smartphone perceives nicknames as connected headphones. There are two types of pollution: purging the connector and moisture hit, which provides a different action algorithm.

  • Push the air into the headphone connector. It will remove the locks.
  • Act on the connector with an air cylinder. For convenience, it is recommended to use those that are designed to clean the computer keyboard.
  • If these actions did not help completely remove the garbage, the vacuum cleaner is used. The model is selected small, with a small nozzle. There should be a distance between the headphones and the vacuum cleaner.

iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode After Water Damage (Solved)

After performing manipulations, you should check the performance of the device.

Check for water getting

If the cleaning of the headphone connector has not helped, you may have another problem with your phone. Perhaps water or other liquid got inside.In this case, the headphone jack is located where on many iPhone models there is a contact indicator with liquid. In later models, it is located in a slot for a SIM card.

Detailed information about the location of the contact indicator with the liquid on each iPhone model on the Apple support website.

If you see an orange point indicating water, you will need repairs to remove the iPhone from the headphone mode. You can also try to protect your phone from water.

User advice who have encountered a problem

The user reports that the problem is when the iPhone is stuck in headphones missing. After he finished backing icloud, and he found that the problem of stuck in the headphones on the iPhone and iPad disappeared. If you create a backup through iTunes, this can also work for this reserve copying method.

  • Call someone with the headphones on and click the speaker. As soon as you hang the phone, turn on the iPhone on Silent, then turn off.
  • For the iPhone 7 and other models without headphone connectors, try connecting the charger back to your iPhone, and then turn it off. Repeat if necessary.
  • Use air by spraying it into a headphone nest or a port, at the same time pressing both volume controls.
  • Simple solution. enable the sound shutdown button and press the volume control buttons. Do not forget to turn off the Sound shutdown button.
  • Open the Apple Voice Memos application and write down a new voice. It can also solve the problem.
  • Try Facetime call. Be patient, because you will not hear the sound for 10-30 seconds, but stay on the call. The speaker will then turn on, and the phone will come out of the “Naist’s Mode”.
  • The only thing that worked for me is to accept a call with connected headphones, and then disconnect and connect the headphones several times, and then hang the phone.

Visit the nearest service

If you still have this problem, it’s time to contact those. service. Perhaps you will need to replace the headphone connector.

You can try to repair the smartphone yourself. It all depends on the phone model.

Write a comment what method helped you turn off the headphone mode on the iPhone!

Reload the iPhone

If your iPhone continues to work for a long time without rebooting, reloading iPhone can help you easily solve most problems with iPhone.

General path

In iOS 11 or newer you can set up general completion of work.

Reload your iPhone X or later

Step 1 Press and hold the power button and one volume. While Slider appears.

Step 3 Press Press button again to enable it again.

How To Fix Any iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode Easily! [Water Damage]

Reload your iPhone 8 or earlier version or iPod Touch

Step 1 Press and hold the power button until the power shutdown slider appears.

Step 2 Slide to completely turn off your device.

Step 3 Press and hold the power button again until you see the Apple logo.

If you are an iPad user, you can also check below workable ways.

Reload your iPad

Step 1 Press and hold the power button and one volume. While Slider appears.

Step 2 drag the sliders to turn off the device.

Step 3 Hold the power button button again until you see the Apple logo.

Why iPhone believes that headphones are connected to it, although this is not so?

The bottom line is the following: you listen to music on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, take out headphones and system notifications, sounds, ringtones of calls are no longer reproduced through a built.in speaker. There may be several reasons, but the most common are the following:

  • Failure at the time of extracting the plug from the device.
  • You turned off the headphones while the device performed internal operations.
  • You used headphones or a headset of inadequate quality.
  • Problem with a 3.5 mm connector.

Falf of headphones

If the sound of speakers works correctly, but when connecting headphones you do not hear anything (or the sound is extremely low.quality), most likely, in your case, there is a breakdown of the headset itself. Check it is simple: just connect any other headphones to the phone, in the performance of which you are sure. If there is no sound with them, then you can already think about iPhone hardware malfunction.

The following types of breakdowns can be attributed to the hardware malfunction:

If the phone previously fell into snow or water, most likely the speakers will work very quietly or completely stop functioning. In this case, the device should dry well, after which the sound should earn.

In any case, if you suspect a hardware malfunction without proper skills in working with iPhone components, do not try to open the case yourself. Here you should contact the service center, where competent experts will perform full diagnostics and will be able to identify, as a result of which sound stopped working on the phone.

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Lack of sound on the iPhone is an unpleasant, but often solved problem. If you have previously encountered such a problem, tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how it was eliminated.