What to do when iPhone/iPad/iPod does not connect to iTunes?

Itunes does not find out your iPhone after updating iOS 15? Trying to reset or restore the iPhone, but iTunes cannot find it? When your iPhone does not appear on iTunes, you cannot restore it or restore it in iTunes directly.

Already updated to iOS 15 and now iTunes does not see or recognizes the iPhone? If you want to restore a reserve copy in the ITUNES program for the new iPhone, but iTunes does not see or recognizes the iPhone? Not only you are faced with these problems. What to do when ites does not see or recognizes iPhone or iPad?

Working with the software part

If everything is in order with the equipment, and the actions listed above did not help get rid of “invisibility”, then perhaps the problem is the software part.

Software update

One of the most common reasons for the appearance of malfunctions with connection is outdated versions of programs. Therefore, it is necessary to check both devices for their availability.

Work with iTunes on iPhone

Difficulties may arise if you recently acquired a new iPhone and connect it to an older Mac or PC. The latest.generation device will need the latest ITUNES version, which may not be available in the current operating system.

First, check that relevant updates are installed on your iPhone in the operating system. Sometimes they load with a delay even on completely new devices.

After that, make sure that the latest ITUNES version is installed on your Mac or PC. Usually precisely because of non-compliance with this requirement, problems arise with the connection. And, as mentioned above, new devices will always need only a fresh ITUNES version. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus requires iTunes 12.5.

On updating iTunes on Mac

ITUNES updating on Mac is much easier than on PC, but the owners of obsolete devices still face some problems. The system can argue that the latest version of iTunes is installed, although in fact it is not. Perhaps this message is due to the fact that OS X, which has lost its relevance, operates on the device.

For iTunes 12.5 required OS X 10.9 Mavericks (10.nine.5 or later version). If you use the MAC under the control of OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or some other system option, you will have to at least update it to Mavericks so that synchronization is successful.

How to update iTunes on PC with Windows OS

It will be a little more difficult to do this on PC with Windows, but there is usually no problem if everything is fulfilled in accordance with the requirements:

itunes, does, iphone
  • Launch iTunes on your computer and select the “Help” item from the list of parameters.
  • Click “Check the availability of updates”.
  • Follow the instructions that appeared on the screen to install the latest version of iTunes.
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Windows users may need to additionally update the drivers. Follow the following actions if the system has not done it automatically:

  • Open the Device Manager and click on the icon with your iPad or iPhone with the right button.
  • Select the option of installing software from the disk by refusing to search in the Windows Update database.
  • Click on USBAAPL.Inf or USBAAPL64.Inf, which you will find in the ITUNES system folder.
  • Open the file and complete the installation process, confirming the actions in the dialogs that will appear after that.

Reboot iPad/iPhone and computer

Sometimes (especially after installing updates) you just need to restart the system in order to start working. This allows you to clean the RAM and freely connect the device to the computer.

Also additionally reboot your iPhone/iPad and then check if PC could recognize it. If he still does not see the device, go to the next step.

Arbitrary return of the default parameters

When connecting the iPhone or iPad to the new computer, a warning about the unsafe connection may appear. Perhaps you accidentally pressed “not to trust” when you saw a pop.up window. In most cases, all you need to do is turn off and again connect the iPhone to PC, and the notification will appear again. You can also cancel the ban manually:

  • Open the “settings” on your iPhone.
  • Go to “General” and click “Reset”.
  • Select options with location and confidentiality.
  • Click “Reset the settings”.

If this did not help solve the problem, go to the next step.

Full reinstallation of software

Sometimes you have to pay attention to radical measures so that the programs begin to work. In this case, this means washing data on the iPhone, as well as the removal and reinstallation of iTunes on your computer. This is fraught with the loss of important information, but sometimes this is the only way to make PC see your device.

To remove and reinstall iTunes on Mac, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Run the search window on your Mac and select the “Appendix” item in the side panel.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the iTunes icon, you need to look for the inscription “get information” in the menu.
  • Click on the castle icon in the lower right corner of the window that appeared.
  • Enter the administrator password and select “Permits and joint access”.
  • Change the parameters so that all users have the opportunity to view and make changes to the program.
  • Close the information window, and then reinstall iTunes.

A step.by.step instruction for removing iTunes on PC with Windows OS will be different:

  • Open the “control panel” and select the “Programs and Components” category to go to the list of installed. You can also open “parameters” in Windows 10, and then “applications”.
  • Remove the listed items from the list that appears in an unchanged order-first iTunes, then Apple Software Update and Apple Mobile Device Support, and after them there will be Bonjour, Apple Application Support 64.Bit.
  • Reload the computer after the end of removal.

Return to factory settings

If even the above in the previous paragraph did not help to solve the problem, then only the discharge of the iPhone to factory settings remains. Keep in mind that in most cases this also means full formatting of a memory card with user files. Step.by.step instructions are simple:

Problems in the cable

Check it for damage. Connect this cable gadget to another PC or laptop. Check if the problem has disappeared. Clean the input Lightning.

iTunes can work incorrectly if the last update is not established. How to fix it? Open the application on PC, go: select: the program in automatic mode will check the presence of new updates. If he finds new ones, he will offer them to establish.

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Reinstalling USB drivers

One of the proven ways to solve this problem will be reinstalled by USB drivers for iPhone. It is necessary to remove them using the “devices dispatcher”, and then install them again.

  • First, we connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • We go to the “Properties” tab of the “Computer” folder, where we select the “Device Manager”.
  • The window will be displayed, where we find the line “USB controllers”. This section may still have the name “portable devices”. We open it and find the “Apple Mobile Device USB” tab. Press the right button on it, select “Delete”.
  • A confirming window will open, where we put a checkmark near “Delete drivers for this device”, click OK.
  • The outdated driver will be deleted. After that, turn off the USB iPhone cable from the computer, inserts it again. Re.installation of the driver will occur. Then the window will be displayed, as in the screenshot below.
  • The iPhone should also open a request to provide a computer for access to video and photo. Click “Allow”.


iTunes does not see iPhone

Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone-a list of reasons

Often, if the iPhone is not visible on the computer, this method solves the problem.

It is not possible to connect to iTunes or App Store in Windows

If you have problems connecting to iTunes Store on your PC with Windows OS, you can perform some of the following steps and, I hope, will solve your problem:

Make sure iTunes updated

Since Apple is quite strictly monitored by timely updating software, the problem may be associated with the unsupported version of iTunes. Make sure your computer is installed on the latest ITUNES version.

Check the network settings

Your connection to the network may cause the impossibility of connecting. Try to make sure that you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network, or check if your router works. You can drop the router if necessary.

itunes, does, iphone

How to fix your itunes not syncing with your ipod. iphone or ipad

Make sure that proxy or VPNs do not create problems for you

As mentioned above in steps to eliminate problems with iOS and Mac, VPN servers and proxy servers can cause problems with connecting to certain servers. Try turning them off and repeat the attempt to connect to iTunes Store.

Check antivirus software

Some antivirus software can mark iTunes as a third.party unsafe program, and can block its privileges in the Internet. Since antivirus software is a common occurrence in Windows, this is a great place to check.

Check Apple server status

Just like Mac users, Windows users can visit the Apple Server Status web page to find out if any of its services is disconnected during an attempt to connect.

Errors of connection to iTunes and App Store may occur at the most awkward moment when you are trying to download a new game or update the application, this always causes pain and torment. Fortunately, this problem is quite solved, there are many ways to find the reason for its occurrence and effectively eliminate.

How to solve iPhone can’t connect to iTunes (2020)

What to do if iTunes “does not see” your iPhone or iPad?

iTunes cannot read iPhone content? It was not possible to start the ITUNES synchronization session? iTunes does not synchronize music? Using Tenorshare Tunescare, it is possible to correct the error when synchronizing iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes via elimination of iTunes or iPhone library.

Download Tenorshare Tunescare and click “Fix iTunes Problems” to solve iTunes errors on a computer.

If iTunes works as usual, but will load or pumps slowly for a lot of time, you will see the window below. Click “fix iTunes” and increase speed.

If iTunes works abnormally, you will see the window below. Click “Fix iTunes” and download iTunes Drives for recovery.

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After loading itunes Drives, Tunescar will automatically start fix iTunes. This recovery process takes less than 2 minutes, wait a bit.

After correction, Tenorshare Tunescare reinsures that your praogram of iTunes will be automatically rebooted.

As you can see, there are nothing complicated in restoring iTunes performance. Of course, there are rare exceptions, for example, if the problem lurks in the hardware of the devices. In such cases, you can use Tenorshare icarefone to transfer data or make backup copies. Safe and easy to protect your data and files.

The computer does not see the iPhone but charges

The reason is cable damage or software failure. Consider what to do.

Apple Mobile Usb Device Driver

Click on it PKM, select “Disable”, then “run”. Connect to iTunes re

Rerealing manually

Disconnect the phone from PC. Unlock it and connect it again. If it opens, iTunes close the program. In the conductor, open the directory.

Find the expansion file “Inf”. Click on it PKM see the extension in the point “File type”. Press PKM again, find the USBAPPL64 file, select “Installation”.

Disconnect the iPhone from PC, restart the computer. Connect iTunes again.

Restarting the Apple service

Open the “control panel”-“administration”-“service”. Further:

Reset to factory settings

Before starting, create a backup copy of iCloud and iTunes. How to do this, see the article: “I am preparing iPhone for sale”.

On the phone in the settings, go “basic”-“reset”. Further:

Possible causes and ways to eliminate them

The reasons why the computer does not see the iPod may be different. The reasons for non.recognition of the gadget are often a failure in the software or a gadget malfunction. With some breakdowns, you can engage in their independent elimination, but if this is not in the competence of the user, then you need to contact the service center.

Damaged by a USB-shnur

If the computer does not see the iPla, but it charges through the USB, then the reason is to damage the USB-cable or USB port on the computer used. Therefore, first you need to inspect them on the lack of visible damage and dirt. If possible, then when testing it is possible to replace the wire with a deliberately working. The cable of non.original production can charge the gadget, but cannot transmit data.

itunes, does, iphone

After this test, you need to check whether the Mobile Device USB Driver is displayed in the “Device Manager” or not. Everything is in order in case of display Device USB Driver, if not, then the corresponding driver should be found.

Not installed by a USB drive

Together with iTunes, the Apple Mobile Device Support component is automatically installed, which is necessary for the functioning of the device with iOS. If this part is absent, then ITUNES must be installed again. If necessary, then find the driver and reinstall it.

itunes, does, iphone

The ITUNES version is outdated

After you checked the drivers, open the iTunes program. Next, you need to see which version is established: if the latest version of iTunes, then everything is in order. If not, it is most likely that the iTunes program does not recognize the iPod for this reason. To eliminate the problem, first delete iTunes, and then install the latest version.

Non.updated software

Often the gadget can remain “invisible” for not updated iTunes software, since Apple does not allow the updated IOS version with the old ITUNES version. Therefore, you just need to update the application and software on the computer used, and then restart both devices.