What if you blocked your iPad

With the development of information technologies and the continuous increase in the number of Internet users, unfortunately, the number of attackers who industries in the network increased. Recently, users often complain that their account in a popular social network or mailbox hacked and sent messages to their friends with a request to borrow money. It also happens that fraudsters blocked the iPad and ask for money directly from you. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and do not hurry to give your blood to nowhere.

To begin with, it should be sorted out that they actually made hackers with your device. Spectacle to calm you: they could not connect to your device directly, block it and buy applications on your behalf.

Recall that at the very beginning of using the iPad or iPhone, you had to register on the Apple Store, iTunes or on any other “apple” service. Thus, you have created a unified account, with which you managed to manage all Apple services. So, the attackers picked up a password from her, changed it, and then through the “Find iPad” function blocked your device. In fact, they require money for the new password.

Now that the problem is completely clear, you need to understand exactly how to unlock the iPad if it was blocked by fraudsters. Or, in other words, how to return access to your own account. Imagine how you actually acted if you forgot your password. You will certainly find a way to restore it. So let’s proceed.

To restore the password you need to do the following:

It is best to restore the password using the backup email you specified when creating an account. In this case, a letter will come to him with a link that leads to the password change page. Enter your new reliable password, confirm it and do not forget to save.

If you did not add a spare email when registering or editing accounting data, you will have to remember the answers to several control questions.

Part 1: How to Unlock iPad WITHOT COMPUTER

There Are Basically Two Ways to Unlock Your iPad Passcode WITHOUT A Computer, One Is Unlocking The iPad Through ICloud, The Other Is Unlocking The iPad Via Siri.

These Two Methods Are Applicable in Very Different Situations and Before You Start Unlocking, You Need to Check the iOS Version On Your iPad. COMPARED WITH IOS 6 AND FORMER VERSIONS, IOS 7 HAS A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL OF SECURITY.

IF Your System IS IOS 6 Or Earlier, You Can Choose ICloud to Unlock Your iPad. OtherWise, You May Only Have to Try the Siri Procedure. In This Article, Each Procedure Have Different Steps to Take Through the Process Of Unlocking

Procedure1: Unlock iPad WITH ICLOUD

ICloud, Built Into Every Apple Device, Is A C Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing Service, Enabling Users to Store Photos, Files, Notes, Documents, Etc.

IT NOT Only A Powerful And Useful Backup Tool But Also A Roundabout Way for Users to Unlock iPad WITHOUT A COMPUTER.

And The Most Important Precondition Is That You Have Turned The “Find My iPad” Feature ON. THEN YOU CAN FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW TO START.

STEP 1: Launch A Browser on iPad and Go to Www.icloud.COM;

Step 2: Sign in the Website by Entering Your Apple ID and Password;

Step 3: Click On “Find My iPhone” and then Press “All Devices”;


Step 5: Press “Erase iPad” Option to Erase All Data.

Procedure2: Unlock iPad Via Siri

Siri Is A Virtual Assistant That Uses Voice Queries to Answer Questions, Make Recommendations, ETC.

You can Ask Siri To Perform Actions by Inputting Voice Commands and That’s the Reason Why You are Likely to Cope with iPad Locked With Passcode with the Help of Siri.

STEP 1: Press and Hold The Home Button for a Few Seconds to Activate Siri. ASK Siri To Open An App That You Don’t Have On Your iPad.

Siri Will Scan The iPad and Reply to Youu That The App You Said Doesn’t Exist On This Device.



In addition, Double Push The Home Button Can Obtain The Same Effect As Well;

Step 3: Close The Active Front Screen Task, And You Can Operate Your iPad Without Entering Password.

This Way Sounds Good Because It Doesn’t Ask You to Enter Your Apple ID and Passcode. But Unfortunately, This Method Has Been Blocked By Apple in New Ios Versions.

SO, Only When Your iPad Is Running iOS 8 to iOS 10.1 CAN You Use This Method. Besides, IT Doesn’t Always Guarantee Success.

How to unlock iPad without a password via iTunes

iTunes. This is an iPad unlock method without password memorization. It can work without problems, but with one restriction, you need to save a copy of the backup data in advance, synchronized with iTunes to save your data. Otherwise, you will suffer from data loss.

Step 1 Connect the iPad to a computer using an original USB cable. Make sure the USB cable is connected throughout this process. iTunes will automatically launch the IOS device detection program.

Step 2 If you use the iPad from the main button, first turn off the iPad. Hold Home on the iPad while connecting iPad to PC / MAC. Continue to keep the main hold the button for a few seconds, iPad will indicate that it goes into recovery mode.

Note. As for the new iPad models without a main button, turn off the iPad and find out the top button. Keep the top button while connecting the iPad cable to the computer. Continue to keep the top button while your iPad will not switch to recovery mode.

Step 3 Select Conclusion Tab on the iTunes Home Screen To control your iPad. Click the Restore button icon to reset the iPad settings to factory settings. After that you can unlock the iPad without a password. This is a method in which all your data will be lost during the process!

I forgot the password from Apple ID, how to reset it?

If you forgot the password from the Apple ID account, then in any browser, open this link. On the Authorization page, enter your Apple ID to confirm your identity. The service can ask you several verification questions to complete the authentication process. You will need to correctly and accurately answer them. Questions will be simple: Your phone number, email address, etc.D.

Most likely, the service will prompt you to reset the Apple ID password to restore access to the disconnected account.

Carefully read all the instructions on the screen to reset the Apple account password.

When you try to reset, make sure you use a reliable and trusted data entry.

After you have successfully reset the password of your Apple account, you will need to do the following:

Log in again using the new Apple ID password, which you recently created to restore access to the disconnected account.

It is likely to solve this problem. In case you are not lucky, and this method did not help you, it remains only to contact Support iTunes.

The essence of the method

I am engaged in design, we reappear in the programmer. I do not understand the scheme engineering. If something is wrong. do not serve and correct me, please.

IPad version only with Wi-Fi is attached to the Apple ID account by the serial number, which is stored in the NAND memory. 3G / 4G / LTE versions are tied by bond serial numberII, which is stored in the modem module.

The process for all iPad 3G consists of these steps:

  • We disassemble and pull out the iPad 3G main board
  • We find on the board part of the Board ID, which is responsible for the device identification.
  • Turn off there modem part. It will be necessary to fall out and (possibly) to have a resistor.
  • The device goes into DFU mode, because Board id does not match the firmware. On the iPad 3G screen is unlikely to be something (maximum apple).
  • Connect to iTunes. He will not immediately determine your device. Then find as an unknown iPad. We restore the firmware from the Wi-Fi version and ready. GPS will also work (bonus).
  • Disable Automatic Firmware Update: Settings \ iTunes Store, App Store \ Automatic Downloads \ Updates. Suddenly, Apple wants to block such devices in the future.

Akhtung! There are no such instructions and never will never be for Wi-Fi versions. Do not ask me about this in Skype 1001st times. There are only software methods that are mainly not working or available to units in the world.

Remove resistors in different ways. Depends on professionalism and hardcore:

  • Space resistor on empty place
  • Running jumper
  • Conduct a pencil for the trimmer (many of the overclocking lamp era and DURON)

How to unlock the disabled iPad and iPad Pro

Unlocker FoneLab for iOS Your final solution to fix the disabled and blocked iPad. You can easily bypass 4-digit or 6-digit password iPad. Just connect the Blocked iPad to the computer. Later you can bypass iPad lock using simple steps. To unlock the iPad without a password, you need to enter your Apple ID and password. After that you can successfully remove the screenshot of the iPad screen.

  • Repair the Blocked iPad and delete the forgotten password with the greatest probability of success.
  • Remove the password with a broken, not responding, used, disconnected or blocked iPad.
  • Unlock the iPad using a 4-digit, 6-digit, touch ID and face ID without a password.
  • Unlock iPad 2019, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini with Retina display, iPad Mini, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad.
  • Compatibility with the latest version of iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5.

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Deletes an Apple ID or his password.
  • Remove the on-screen time or password restrictions in seconds.

Step 1 Start FoneLab iOS Unlocker on your computer with Windows or Mac. To unlock the iPad and correct the iPad is disabled when connected to iTunes, select Wipe the password on the main intees.

Step 2 Click Start on the Wipe Passcode screen. Then connect the Blocked iPad to the computer using a USB cable with lightning.

Step 3 Before unlocking an iPad without a password, check the device information. Later, click Start to confirm and download the firmware package.

Step 4 Click Out Pass To Start Email Screen Password iPad. Finally log in to confirm the unlock empty. Click Open to successfully confirm and delete the iPad Lock Screen Password.

The best way to unlock iPad with disabilities

Among all the most affordable popular methods, we strongly recommend that you use professional software that can unlock disconnected iPad without unnecessary hassle. With the FoneLab Unblocker for iOS, you do not need to worry about complex technical details, and also do not need to download and install cumbersome iTunes software. Just connect the iPad to a computer, and the whole process will take no more than 10 minutes to unlock disabled iPad. Other features include:

  • Fix iPad disabled, error connecting to iTunes with simple click
  • Restore blocked, disconnected, broken and not responding iPad, deleting password
  • To turn on the locked device, no password is required or Apple ID.
  • Remove the ICLOUD activation lock and restore your iPad
  • Convenient user inteeis
  • 100% Pure and Secure Software Compatible with All Apple Devices

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Deletes an Apple ID or his password.
  • Remove the on-screen time or password restrictions in seconds.

Step 1 Open the program. On the main screen, select Blue Color Wipe the password icon located at the top of the screen.

Step 2 Before we start, you need to connect iPad to a computer, then click on start button.

Step 3 Software will automatically determine the device category, device type, device model and version of your iPad. Check out the correct information on the screen. Then click on Start button.

Step 4 As soon as the process is completed, simply click on the button to unlock disabled iPad.

Step 5 Last Step, Enter “0000” and click on the button to confirm. You will find that disconnected iPad unlocked easily.

Note: Some methods will require you to either processed the IMEI code of your device, or hacked the device. We, as a editorial group, are not ready to offer these methods to the usual user for security and confidential reasons. Having considered all aspects, we offer instead to use the best professional software to unlock the disabled iPad.

Causes of errors

The reason for the appearance of an error saying that the iPad is disabled “Connect to iTunes” can only be one: iPad or iPhone blocked. This is a blocking due to several incorrect attempts to enter a password.

The fact is that if you enter the password incorrectly many times, then after 10 iPhone attempts will be blocked. The same happens with Ipad.

This measure helps protect the device from unauthorized persons who can choose a password through a random set (probability is extremely small, but there is).

Before you blocked completely and request connection to iTunes, there will be other stages of protection:

  • After five incorrect attempts, the device is locked for one minute, which will be reported on the screen.
  • After seven incorrect entries, the device will be impossible to use for five minutes.
  • The eighth time the iPad will be blocked by 15 minutes.
  • For the ninth time, the mobile device is deactivated for a whole hour.
  • If you enter the code incorrectly 10 times, you will have to connect to iTunes.

In the iOS 13 version and older, you can go to the settings and disable the lock function in the case of entering an incorrect code

What to do if the screen does not rot on the iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini 2 and ipad mini 3

Screen rotation lock on the aforementioned iPad can be blocked in two places: using the switch on the sidebar (above the volume buttons)

If the rotation of the screen is turned on using the switch on the iPad sidebar, you can disable this option in the standard settings → Basic → Side panel switch. To do this, select “Turning off the sound”. After that, the switch on the sidebar will not be responsible for blocking (orientation) of the rotation of the screen, and for turning off the sound.

With the selected switch value on the sidebar, which is responsible for turning off the sound, the orientation lock can be implemented only in the control point using the corresponding button:

In order to block the screen in the current orientation, just click on this icon.

If instead of the rotation lock icon in the control point, the sound off icon is located, this means that the orientation lock is installed as the switch on the sidebar (the switch on the sidebar is responsible for the lock (orientation) of the screen rotation).

If, after executing all the actions above, you still failed to remove the rotation of the screen, try to restart the iPad. To do this, press and hold the power button until the slider appears to turn off. After turning off the iPad, press and hold the power button again until Apple’s logo appears on the screen.

If the reboot did not help, then, unfortunately, you will have to contact the iPad service center.