How to unlock iPad mini if ​​forgot password

Almost all users of Apple’s technology can get into an unpleasant situation when their tablet deliberately or accidentally turned out to be blocked. The most common cause is a forgotten password. If the iPad is set to protect the password to protect against outsiders, then after several attempts to its incorrect input, the display appears a very “sad” message that the iPad is blocked: “Disabled: Connect to iTunes”.

One of the ways to protect yourself from forgetfulness is to configure the iPad in such a way that in 10 incorrect attempts to clean the memory. Of course, you will lose all your data, but iPad will be unlocked and when connected to iTunes you will have the opportunity to restore data from the backup.

By default, this cleaning function is disabled. To enable this parameter, you should make the following actions algorithm: Go to password settings and enable the Erase Data function.

But what to do if your iPad has already been blocked? The right solution will unlock it using experts from the nearest service. But you can try to fix this problem and independently.

Part 1: How to Unlock iPad WITHOT COMPUTER

There Are Basically Two Ways to Unlock Your iPad Passcode WITHOUT A Computer, One Is Unlocking The iPad Through ICloud, The Other Is Unlocking The iPad Via Siri.

These Two Methods Are Applicable in Very Different Situations and Before You Start Unlocking, You Need to Check the iOS Version On Your iPad. COMPARED WITH IOS 6 AND FORMER VERSIONS, IOS 7 HAS A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL OF SECURITY.

IF Your System IS IOS 6 Or Earlier, You Can Choose ICloud to Unlock Your iPad. OtherWise, You May Only Have to Try the Siri Procedure. In This Article, Each Procedure Have Different Steps to Take Through the Process Of Unlocking

Procedure1: Unlock iPad WITH ICLOUD

ICloud, Built Into Every Apple Device, Is A C Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing Service, Enabling Users to Store Photos, Files, Notes, Documents, Etc.

IT NOT Only A Powerful And Useful Backup Tool But Also A Roundabout Way for Users to Unlock iPad WITHOUT A COMPUTER.

And The Most Important Precondition Is That You Have Turned The “Find My iPad” Feature ON. THEN YOU CAN FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW TO START.

STEP 1: Launch A Browser on iPad and Go to Www.icloud.COM;

Step 2: Sign in the Website by Entering Your Apple ID and Password;

Step 3: Click On “Find My iPhone” and then Press “All Devices”;


Step 5: Press “Erase iPad” Option to Erase All Data.

Procedure2: Unlock iPad Via Siri

Siri Is A Virtual Assistant That Uses Voice Queries to Answer Questions, Make Recommendations, ETC.

You can Ask Siri To Perform Actions by Inputting Voice Commands and That’s the Reason Why You are Likely to Cope with iPad Locked With Passcode with the Help of Siri.

STEP 1: Press and Hold The Home Button for a Few Seconds to Activate Siri. ASK Siri To Open An App That You Don’t Have On Your iPad.

Siri Will Scan The iPad and Reply to Youu That The App You Said Doesn’t Exist On This Device.



In addition, Double Push The Home Button Can Obtain The Same Effect As Well;

Step 3: Close The Active Front Screen Task, And You Can Operate Your iPad Without Entering Password.

This Way Sounds Good Because It Doesn’t Ask You to Enter Your Apple ID and Passcode. But Unfortunately, This Method Has Been Blocked By Apple in New Ios Versions.

SO, Only When Your iPad Is Running iOS 8 to iOS 10.1 CAN You Use This Method. Besides, IT Doesn’t Always Guarantee Success.

How to unlock an Apple ID account?

In case you use two-factor authentication, reset the password and unlock your account will be possible using a trusted phone number. Hold the recovery key, if you created it when switching to two-factor authentication.

When blocking an account for security reasons, quite certain notifications will appear:

  • “Your Apple ID is blocked by security conversations”.
  • “This Apple ID account is disabled for security reasons”.
  • “Failed to log in, since your account was blocked for security reasons.
  • “This Apple ID account is blocked for security reasons”.

Click on the Unlock Retail link.

In case you have another Apple device that uses this Apple ID, the appropriate notification will be sent to it.

Click on received notification, and then on the Allow link button and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you do not have another device, click on the “No access to Apple devices?”.

In the pop-up window that appears, click the Submit Code button. The verification code will be sent to the verified number, which was previously added to Apple ID. Enter this code to the appropriate field.

Enter the password from the account. On the next screen, you can choose to unlock an account (Apple ID account will be immediately unlocked) or unlock and change the password (Apple ID account will be unlocked after the password change).

iPad blocked by fraudsters

In addition to the option “Forgot password”, some users of Apple technology are faced with a remote blocking of a tablet from fraudsters. You, completely unexpectedly, you can see the message of the following type: “Your device is blocked. Write to mail to the mail “Options for such messages can be very different.

How is this possible? Very simple. extortioners wake up Apple ID. To protect your iPad from such fraudsters, it is better to use a mailbox to register for more reliable service, for example, Gmail. Apple strongly recommends setting more complex password options. Even “forces” users to make a secure code, when entering the iPad control page.

If you have become a victim of such fraud, first of all, you should make sure that the iPad is really blocked. Often, fraudsters wake up Apple ID password, but it is linked to change it to a new. So there is a big chance to unlock the iPad without assistance.

Move the iPad to recovery mode

Use the button on the tablet, whose location depends on the iPad model:

Press and hold this button (see. P. 1 above) and immediately connect your iPad using a cable to a computer, but do not let go buttons.

Wait for the appearance of the recovery mode on the iPad screen.

Now you can release the button. If the Code Password ingred, you forgotten, you will need to turn off the tablet and start acting from the first step.

How to unlock the disabled iPad and iPad Pro

Unlocker FoneLab for iOS Your final solution to fix the disabled and blocked iPad. You can easily bypass 4-digit or 6-digit password iPad. Just connect the Blocked iPad to the computer. Later you can bypass iPad lock using simple steps. To unlock the iPad without a password, you need to enter your Apple ID and password. After that you can successfully remove the screenshot of the iPad screen.

  • Repair the Blocked iPad and delete the forgotten password with the greatest probability of success.
  • Remove the password with a broken, not responding, used, disconnected or blocked iPad.
  • Unlock the iPad using a 4-digit, 6-digit, touch ID and face ID without a password.
  • Unlock iPad 2019, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini with Retina display, iPad Mini, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 2 and iPad.
  • Compatibility with the latest version of iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5.

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Deletes an Apple ID or his password.
  • Remove the on-screen time or password restrictions in seconds.

Step 1 Start FoneLab iOS Unlocker on your computer with Windows or Mac. To unlock the iPad and correct the iPad is disabled when connected to iTunes, select Wipe the password on the main intees.

Step 2 Click Start on the Wipe Passcode screen. Then connect the Blocked iPad to the computer using a USB cable with lightning.

Step 3 Before unlocking an iPad without a password, check the device information. Later, click Start to confirm and download the firmware package.

Step 4 Click Out Pass To Start Email Screen Password iPad. Finally log in to confirm the unlock empty. Click Open to successfully confirm and delete the iPad Lock Screen Password.

Unlock through support service

This is an extreme option to use if you are lost and password to an account in iCloud. You can now access your tablet, only by contacting Apple Support.

To do this, go to the site Support.Apple.COM and in the contact box describe the problem. Sappport will ask you the proof that you are a real tablet owner. Be able to convince support service. Get instructions, how to unlock iPad.

The best way to unlock iPad with disabilities

Among all the most affordable popular methods, we strongly recommend that you use professional software that can unlock disconnected iPad without unnecessary hassle. With the FoneLab Unblocker for iOS, you do not need to worry about complex technical details, and also do not need to download and install cumbersome iTunes software. Just connect the iPad to a computer, and the whole process will take no more than 10 minutes to unlock disabled iPad. Other features include:

  • Fix iPad disabled, error connecting to iTunes with simple click
  • Restore blocked, disconnected, broken and not responding iPad, deleting password
  • To turn on the locked device, no password is required or Apple ID.
  • Remove the ICLOUD activation lock and restore your iPad
  • Convenient user inteeis
  • 100% Pure and Secure Software Compatible with All Apple Devices

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Deletes an Apple ID or his password.
  • Remove the on-screen time or password restrictions in seconds.

Step 1 Open the program. On the main screen, select Blue Color Wipe the password icon located at the top of the screen.

Step 2 Before we start, you need to connect iPad to a computer, then click on start button.

Step 3 Software will automatically determine the device category, device type, device model and version of your iPad. Check out the correct information on the screen. Then click on Start button.

Step 4 As soon as the process is completed, simply click on the button to unlock disabled iPad.

Step 5 Last Step, Enter “0000” and click on the button to confirm. You will find that disconnected iPad unlocked easily.

Note: Some methods will require you to either processed the IMEI code of your device, or hacked the device. We, as a editorial group, are not ready to offer these methods to the usual user for security and confidential reasons. Having considered all aspects, we offer instead to use the best professional software to unlock the disabled iPad.

Frequently asked questions about how to unlock iPad Air

How many chances I have a wrong password on the iPad?

6 incorrect passwords in a row. The device is disabled for 1 minute, 7 incorrect passwords in a row. The device is disabled for 5 minutes, 8 incorrect passwords in a row. The device is disabled for 15 minutes, 9 incorrect passwords in a row. The device is disabled for 1 hour. 10th will disable iPad forever.

How to unlock iPad Air using Face ID?

You cannot unlock the iPad Air using Face ID, since at the moment you have not installed on the iPad AIR models. But you can use Face ID on some iPad Pro models, such as iPad Pro 12.9 (5th generation) and iPad Pro 11 (3rd generation).

Can I unlock your iPad Air without iTunes?

Yes you can. You can unlock the iPad Air without iTunes if you use FoneLab unlock for iOS, you can also reset the iPad AIR disabled using Finder on Mac as well as in iTunes.

FoneLab helps you unlock the iPhone screen, remove Apple ID or Password, remove Open time or password restrictions in seconds.

  • Helps you unlock iPhone screen.
  • Deletes an Apple ID or his password.
  • Remove the on-screen time or password restrictions in seconds.

In this post, we talked about how to unlock the iPad Air without a password using the FoneLab unlock for iOS. This tool also works if your iPad Air is already disabled. Alternative solutions for removing the password iPad Air. Using iTunes in Windows or Finder on Mac. Note: If your iPad AIR has been disabled, the only solution. Reset its settings on a computer connected to it. Any service or program applying to remove iOS access code without data loss, lick.