IPhone 12 display.

What display will the iPhone 2020 have? Initially, there were assumptions that the corporation will use LTPO-screens for new models, which will be similar in principle to the Apple Watch 5 screens. Always working screens that respond to touch.

Now insiders have announced the idea that the new iPhone in 2020 will receive an OLED display, since the developers believe that the use of LCD screens is already becoming obsolete. Recall that the 11 model has an LCD display.

Rumors are confirmed that the new iPhone 2020 will be released with three display variations. over, the screens for 5.4 and 6.7 inches will be provided by Samsung, and for the 6.1-inch model. by LG. The latter will be considered a more budget option. The corporation will also revise its display preferences and provide users with thinner and better options.

Two of the 2020 iPhones will feature touchpads from Samsung with “Y-Octa” technology. The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will not have this improvement. It is possible that flagships will receive ProMotion technology with a frequency of 120 Hz.

What will the iPhone camera be in 2020?

It can be assumed that the iPhone 12 will receive 4 cameras instead of 3. It is hoped that the more expensive versions of the new iPhone will have rear cameras with special “3D sensing” that will help reproduce or create virtual reality on a smartphone. Budget flagships will retain dual lens technology, as in version 11.

Analyst Kuo said the new products could have a virtual reality camera and ToF sensors that would significantly improve portrait mode. Therefore, it is quite possible that this will be embodied with the advent of the 4th camera in devices.

Apple iPhone 2020: what the new iPhone will be like when it comes out?

Wondering what the new iPhone 2020 will be like? Then read this article and be the first to know everything about the new product. When will the new iPhone 2020 come out, what features to expect in it, design, and much more in this material.

New iPhone 2020 with improved battery.

The flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max has the largest battery ever in an Apple smartphone. The corporation does not think to stop there and already in September of this year wants to present smartphones with even better batteries.

There are speculations that Apple will equip the new 2020 iPhones with larger batteries with increased battery capacities. This will be possible by using a smaller battery protection module. Such a module will free up space in the case of the new flagship for a more capacious battery. It is possible to use the module 50% thinner than in previous smartphones. It is quite possible that such a part will be supplied by the Korean company ITM Semiconductor. Also, this improvement will protect the iPhone 12 from overcharging and quickly discharging, for example, in cold weather. The part will integrate a protection circuit with a MOSFET and a printed circuit board. The company will also provide similar modules to Samsung for their new devices.

It is also possible that the corporation will instead use capacitors from Murata Manufacturing, which also do not take up much space and free up space for a larger battery, namely 6000 mAh. This is 2 times more than it is now. In addition, such capacitors will help control battery consumption much more efficiently. Let’s see what actually happens, but we hope that the battery of the new iPhone 2020 will please us. These improvements could make the 2020 iPhone free space not only for a larger battery, but also for new components.

What will iPhone be in 2020?

Apple is trying to keep the secret of its significant new product 2020. It is already known that it will be the iPhone 12, which will have 3 different display variations: 5.4, 6.1, 6.7 inches. Therefore, now you have to choose from three options. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the design of the smartphone will not differ much from the 11 model. The 6.7-inch variant is likely to be taller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 0.7mm thinner.

There are many assumptions about the design of the iPhone 2020. Updated renders have appeared on the web. From these we can conclude that the iPhone 12 will receive a sharp mowing line body, black and silver. The design looks elegant and the color combination is really excellent. While the new iPhone 2020 has the same shape as its predecessor, it still looks new.

G support for the new iPhone 2020.

Qualcomm has developed 5G chips for 3 iPhone 12 models. With the X55 chip, users will be able to download content at 7Gbps. Also, the chip uses less battery power, due to which the battery life of the new iPhone 2020 may increase. Apple originally wanted to install Intel chips in its flagships, but they do not manufacture them for phones, so Qualcomm employees will take care of this.

Developers want to quickly roll out 5G in order to give carriers an incentive to bring the technology to their users faster. At the moment, 5G is only available in China.

iPhone 12 Pro: how it will look?

One of the most anticipated smartphones of 2020 is the iPhone 12 Pro. This model will be the successor to the eleventh “firmware” and will receive updated components. A new A14 Bionic processor, improved selfie camera, LiDAR scanner and other innovations are expected. But the flagship will surprise not only with an upgrade of the hardware component, the appearance will also change. In this review, we tell you what the iPhone 12 Pro will look like.


iPhone 12 Pro will be released in the usual body colors:

  • Space gray,
  • Silver,
  • Gold.

It is possible that Apple will introduce a new unusual color for the Pro line, which will cause a real sensation, as it did with Midnight Green. True, this time midnight green will be replaced with a spectacular dark blue. We are already looking forward to the fact that the iPhone in this particular color will become the bestseller. Insiders have already leaked the alleged photos of the future iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 Pro: some specs

The new Apple smartphone will receive a 6.1 ” Samsung OLED screen with a resolution of 2532×1170 and a pixel density of 460 PPI. Developers will introduce ProMotion technology (120 Hz refresh rate), it will also be in the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Insiders suggest that a Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be placed under the display. True, the budget iPhone 12 will be deprived of such a feature, the technology will only be in the “proshki”. Includes Qualcomm scanning technology (with ultrasound), already in use at Samsung.

The new A14 Bionic chipset will be installed in the iPhone, it will become even more productive and more energy efficient than its predecessor. Graphics upgrade and 6GB of RAM are also expected.

The camera will be triple (12 12 12 megapixels), and a LiDAR scanner will appear, as in the iPad Pro 2020. It can be used to measure the distance to objects, which will improve the quality of photos in portrait mode and work with augmented reality applications. Video filming will be carried out in 4K format, there will be support for slow-mo and “Timelapse” mode. IOS 14 is used as a hardware platform.

Larger battery and faster charging expected. Presumably, the recharging speed will be 45W, which will restore the energy reserve very quickly. Many users are waiting for reverse wireless charging support in order to charge other gadgets from the iPhone. Of course, this will affect the cost, but Apple’s innovation has never been cheap. There is also some unpleasant news. Apple, according to rumors, will remove the charging block from the kit, it will have to be bought separately. We hope that these are just rumors and the charger will still be in the box of the already expensive flagship.

Changing the button layout

Almost all insiders say with 100% certainty that the location of the physical buttons will change. The right side will be completely free for 5G antennas. And all the usual control keys will shift to the left side: volume control button, SIM card slot.

IPhone 4-inspired design?

The new generation of “proshka” will surprise you with a full-fledged design upgrade. Rumor has it that the 2020 model will receive a body that will echo the beloved iPhone 4: elegant rectangular flat edges and rounded edges.

The frames are made of metal, the body is made of glass. But this time, all-metal casting is used, which will affect the cost of the device. A protective Gorilla Glass will be installed on top of the display, resistant to scratches and damage.

At the top of the screen there will be a bangs cutout for a selfie camera. True, in the new product, the size of the “bangs” will slightly decrease. This is probably how the 12 Pro will look better than its predecessors.


iphone, look

IPhone lovers have long awaited a 4 / 4s design from the Cupertinians. And Apple is ready to give a gift this year. The main difference should be the “sharp” edges of smartphones. This is indicated by the new drawings of the iPhone 12 models.

At the moment, it is known that the Pro models will receive a dark blue body color as the third color option (unconfirmed information).

What to expect in the new iPhone 12

As we already said, a little tuning will not work this year, so we expect big changes from Apple, both externally and inside the new iPhone 12 smartphones.

Everything that is known about the iPhone 12 at the moment (Actual as of September 13, 2020 and the article is constantly updated)

Only 2 days left (The presentation was officially confirmed, it will be on September 15). There are already a lot of leaks and various facts about him, and every day more and more are added.

We decided to collect all the most relevant information and present how the new iPhone might look like, how many devices Apple will present, what will be the names of all the presented models and find out when to wait for new items on sale, and most importantly how much they will cost?

How many iPhone 12 models will we see and what they will be called

At the moment, the world has a difficult economic situation, and this will force the Cupertinians to leave the budget model in the new line of iPhones. Plus, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are the top-selling models in the world.

Rumors of three models in the 2020 lineup have been around for a long time. There are bolder claims about four new devices this fall.

Other chips

There is every reason to believe that the new smartphone will ship in a modest flat box without a headset and power adapter.

Chances are, the new iPhones will ship without a headset and power adapter this year. Apple lovers have long acquired good chargers (more than 2A), and they no longer take headphones and a funny 1A charger out of the box.

This will keep the for new models at the level of last year, while the rise in the cost of components could well have happened due to the addition of 5G support.

But the complete cable can change for the first time in a long time and get a stronger and more durable braid (It would be very helpful).


The main expectation of the screen is a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The resolution or size is unlikely to change as they are quite handy for now. Leaks indicate that the screen frequency settings are lit.

In addition, Apple could equip its new smartphone with OLED screens. This is indicated by the increase in the production of such screens from Apple suppliers.

Further, analysts’ opinions differ. Some believe that the iPhone 12 model will not change, the flagship iPhone 12 Pro will become more compact, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max model will be more massive.

The most daring fans of the company are expecting four new iPhone models at once, but the diagonals of the screens coincide with the already voiced rumors.


iPhone SE 2 are predicting flagship hardware. Some experts believe that it will be the A12 Bionic processor installed in the iPhone XS (2018 model), others are confident that it will be the A13 Bionic, as in the iPhone 11. The second version seems more logical, because the A13 is the most powerful chip at the moment. We are confident that Apple will reach the perfect balance between performance and autonomy anyway.


Experts believe that since the body will be taken from the iPhone 8, the screen will be as compact. 4.7 “. Although it seems to us that this size is critically small for a smartphone in 2020. The only thing that can be changed is to make the screen frameless. well, Apple cannot release a smartphone with a screen less than five inches, when for the last two years the smallest diagonal is 5.8 ”.

Operating system and autonomy

Everything is simple here. The latest version of the OS is used as the hardware platform, at the moment it is iOS 13. It is possible that at the presentation in March Apple may present a new version of iOS 14, then the smartphone will work on a new operating system.

The battery capacity of the iPhone SE 2 is still unknown.

iPhone 13 (2021), AirPods Studio, Apple Glass & more!


The amount of RAM is unknown, it will probably be 3 or 4 GB. The amount of built-in memory is also unknown, but it can be assumed that there will be versions for:

  • 64 GB,
  • 128 GB,
  • 256 GB.

There will be no support for memory cards, so it is better to immediately purchase the model with the largest memory capacity.

IPhone SE 2 design

If you believe the insider Min-Chi Kuo and outwardly the iPhone CE 2 will really look like the iPhone 8, then the body of the device will be made of glass and metal. In this case, there is a possibility that the novelty will support wireless charging.

Judging by the photos leaked on the Internet, the iPhone SE 2 will receive a glossy panel, rather than the matte panel, as in the iPhone 11 Pro. While you can expect anything from Apple, remember only last year’s Midnight Green iPhone. In the case of the iPhone SE, the colors can be very different, but so far everyone assumes that they will be classic:

  • Silver,
  • Space gray,
  • Gold.

Some analysts argue that the model will not be in gold, but instead will be Red. It is possible that Apple may release a smartphone in completely new colors or in the same as the iPhone 11 / XR.

How the iPhone SE 2 will look?

The most anticipated event in the first half of 2020 is the release of iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9). We were confident that the SE 2 will never go on sale, but the latest rumors and news from reliable insiders, including from the popular Min-Chi Kuo, make us believe otherwise. iPhone SE to be, and it will be released at the end of March this year.

What to expect from the new product? Firstly, the name change on the iPhone 9, secondly, the updated design, and thirdly, new characteristics. This is not to say that it will be a completely new iPhone, it’s just that Apple will take the body from the outdated G8 and insert the flagship filling into it.

Read more about the characteristics and design later in this review.

Where will Touch ID be?

Another mystery that haunts fans (and anti-fans) is the location of the fingerprint sensor and its presence in the phone in general. A total of 4 options are being considered. Let’s start with the most boring one. on the back of the smartphone. The network has already lit up prototypes of the iPhone with a fingerprint scanner on the back a la “Android”. This option angered everyone without exception, but, fortunately, it is also the most unlikely. The second option is in the power button, like on phones from Sony. This seems more likely, since it is quite convenient, and Apple and Sony have always had a good relationship (there will be no problems with patents).

Old housing or new?

Not everything is smooth with the body either. Those factory shots and enthusiast 3D renders we see now are not impressive at all. The phone has become thicker, which will negatively affect ergonomics by 100%. Why could Cupertino engineers take such a step, sacrifice convenience? Either we finally wait for a massive battery, or Apple decided to install induction aka wireless charging into the phone. Why is it needed in the iPhone. it is unclear, but there is an opinion that special platforms for charging are already being assembled at Foxconn factories (they will be sold separately from the smartphone).

Display without borders (almost)

The idea of ​​bezel-less screens is not new at all. Anyone who is even a little interested in technology knows that the use of such screens is practiced by Samsung. The same fashion was picked up by all other manufacturers. Apple is no different. The design of the front panel of the iPhone has not changed since the release of the very first model, and now, apparently, the time has come when the time has come to change everything, and radically. The design will disappear, only the display will remain. Okay, it’s actually not that rosy. At the top of the display, there will be a small bump where cameras and a light sensor will be inserted, it looks very unaesthetic. There are also rumors that the Californians have decided to abandon the IPS matrix and, having gone into the enemy camp, will start installing AMOLED matrices in their phones (Apple needs a rich black color). Focusing on the latest iPad models, hopefully the eighth iPhone will have a 120 hertz screen with TrueTone technology (this is when the camera evaluates the lighting in the room and changes the color gamut of the display to match it). The most dreamy hope that the Apple Pencil will finally be able to be used not only with an Apple tablet, but also with a smartphone.

New colors and materials

Knowing how Apple dislikes visual changes, it’s safe to say that we’re not just looking at what the iPhone 8 looks like, but also what the iPhone 8 S looks like. The one-piece aluminum plate is likely to disappear and be replaced by glass with stainless steel inserts. Expensive and solid, but somehow sloppy and not at all in Apple’s style. There are also rumors about an extended color palette. This may well be the case, given the recent release of the red “iPhone 7”. It turns out that Apple is ready for such experiments and learned how to paint aluminum. It means that they will learn to paint glass too.

Inverted camera. what for?

They decided to turn the camera over, no one questions it anymore. But not only its orientation has changed, but also its design. Now the camera and flash. these are two separate elements, the flash is located slightly to the right (when viewed from the back) of the camera. This is what the camera looks like in the “iPhone 7 Plus”. What does it look like in the new “iPhone 8”? Here the camera is a single structure, where the flash is located between two lenses. You ask, if the basic model “iPhone 8″ has a dual camera (and it will be dual), then what will the “iPhone 8 Plus” look like? Firstly, no one is stopping Apple from introducing other distinctive features into the large version, and secondly, there may not be any Plus. So why is the camera inverted? Most analysts blame the fact that the “iPhone 8” will often be used with an augmented reality helmet, and this camera position will have a beneficial effect on working with it. Skeptics believe that this situation is connected with an attempt to make an unusual design (the design of the seventh iPhone has already been copied), and the most daring said that the whole point is in fans of shooting vertical videos, they say, it’s time to discourage them from this habit.

How “iPhone 8” will look like: photos and interesting facts

For 10 years now, any mention of the iPhone has been stirring up the Internet and creating an incredible resonance. The product of the California company Apple has become truly iconic, and the release of each new model turns into one of the main events of the year. Traditionally, six months before the presentation of the new iPhone, user activity is growing, there are leaks, details of the new smartphone, “soap” photos of supposedly finished gadgets and information from “trusted” sources. Today, a little more than a month remains before the presentation, and users probably already know what the new brainchild from Cupertino will be like. In this article, we collect all the rumors and any more or less significant information about how the “iPhone 8” will look like. Photos from factories, mockups and 3D models of the best (in absentia) smartphone of 2017.

And what about the characteristics?

What will the “iPhone 8” look like, figured out what will be “under the hood”? For sure, only one thing can be said. the fastest in the world process of its own production will again be installed inside. The A11 Fusion will once again explode benchmarks and take the iPhone into the lead, as it has done for the past 3 years. The amount of RAM can increase up to 4 gigabytes (as in tablets, but not more). The main memory is already enough, you should not expect much generosity here. Of the interesting things, it is worth highlighting the new battery, which will change in shape and will not look like a rectangle, but like a Tetris figure in order to take up as much space as possible in the smartphone case. Perhaps it will become larger, as the phone case has slightly grown. At the moment, this is all that is known about the inner world of the new iPhone.

What the long-awaited iPhone 12 will look like: Apple will release four versions of the smartphone at once

Moscow, 04.16.2021, 10:25:03, edition of PRONEDRA.RU, author Elena Danilenko.

For more than ten years now, we have been surprised by new products from Apple. Fans of the company hope that 2020 will also be no different. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are expected to debut in a couple of months. Currently, the announcement of new phones is expected in September. However, the Covid-19 pandemic could make a difference by the iPhone 12 release date.

When iPhone 12 comes out

The exact release date of the iPhone 12 is a confusing topic. Nothing has been officially announced yet, but Apple fans are confident that the company will introduce four new products before the end of 2020. The presentation is possible on September 12, but it looks less and less likely. One cannot be sure of a date like in previous years, since mass production of the iPhone 12 lags between four weeks and two months, which could mean a long delay. While Apple is obviously doing its best to minimize procrastination.

Analysts are increasingly inclined to believe that the release date will be October of the current year. Although some sources even say that this may happen in 2021.

Other rumors suggest that Apple will complete final testing by the end of June 2020 and begin mass production in July. If this is true, then the news of the iPhone 12 on sale could be announced in September.


Low battery capacity is a problem for those who spend a lot of time in front of a smartphone screen. Probably everyone has been in a situation where the battery was discharged at the least suitable moment. Apple is trying to solve this problem and make the battery even better. The battery in the latest model will be much more powerful and thinner, which will also save a lot of space in the smartphone, which is extremely valuable.

Presumably, the younger model will receive a battery with the number A2471 with a capacity of 2227 mAh. IPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro phones should receive a battery numbered A2431 with a capacity of 2775 mAh.

The for the devices, according to the latest leaks, should be as follows:

  • iPhone 12. 649
  • iPhone 12 Max. 749
  • iPhone 12 Pro. 999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max. 1,099.

These 4 models should be the first Apple smartphones to support 5G cellular networks. If rumors are to be believed, this will not cause any impressive price increases for these devices, as one would expect from the American manufacturer.

How the iPhone 12 will look

The look of the iPhone 12 will be a successful return to the classics. There is information that the iPhone 12 Pro will look like a cross between the iPhone 11 Pro and the latest iPad Pro. This could be one of the most exciting iPhone releases in years. Many specifications and details have already been leaked to the media, although of course it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

This time, there may be four “family members”. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. which will be the direct successors of the iPhone 11 line. But there are rumors that the iPhone 12 Max will come with a large screen without credentials. Pro.

Apple may unveil four new iPhone models with OLED screens ranging from 5.4 ” to 6.7 ”.

The Pro model will have 6GB of RAM, whereas the standard phone will only have 4GB.

2021 iPhone 13

It is known that the smartphone will be running iOS 14. In addition, the iPhone 12 will fully support the 5G network.

The iPhone 12 Pro will have flattened edges and will be slightly thinner than the 11 version (7.39 and 8.10 mm, respectively), although its “projection” for the camera will be slightly thicker (1.26 mm and 1.21 mm, respectively). All indications are that camera lenses will stick out a little from the body.


Upcoming iPhones will have 5.4, 6.1, 6.1, and 6.7-inch OLED displays, respectively, and with much less padding than they are now. We’ll get an enhanced face ID camera again.

One of the most important changes is expected to be the size of the device. There will probably be four different models in three sizes:

  • iPhone 12. 5.4-inch display (not much smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus)
  • IPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro. 6.1-inch (same size as iPhone XR or 11)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max. largest, up to 6.7 inches (0.2 inches larger than iPhone XS MAX or 11 Pro).

The new phone model should delight fans of the good old iPhone 4. The shape of the iPhone 12 will be less rounded, the edges will be more expressive. The rear will remain in the glass version, but it will be joined to the front glass by a steel or aluminum frame, just like in the old days. over, on the front panel there will be recesses filled with tempered or sapphire glass. In addition, the latest models should be slightly thinner than their predecessors.

When it comes to color, there are a lot of speculations about what colors the latest iPhone 12 models will be, from elegant all-rounders to navy blue. The dark blue assumption is not unfounded, as Apple adds new, more amazing colors every year. The navy blue model could be a very good successor to the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro.

What the new iPhone 12 will look like in 2021

The iPhone 12, slated for release in the second half of 2021, will receive a complete redesign. Its actual recognizability will remain the same, but the overall display area and its quality will increase. The second significant feature will affect the camera. the module will receive an additional independent lens. In fact, there are a lot of known facts about the expected new product. That is why, in this article, all reliable information is collected that makes it clear the need to update 11 models or buy such a new smartphone.

What will be the line of iPhone 12?

Analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who has dozens of predictions that came true for all Apple products, claims that three new smartphones will be released in the fall of 2021. These will be the following models:

  • 5.4-inch;
  • 6.1-inch;
  • 6.7-inch.

The key difference between the new model and all its varieties will be the OLED display. The liquid crystal analogue, which is actively used today on the entire product line, will no longer be used even in budget models. In fact, SE2 became the last smartphone of the company with the old type of screen.

Each model, regardless of weight and size characteristics, will receive a completely different design. The connecting frame will no longer have roundness along its entire plane. This decision makes the new smartphone one of the bestseller iPhone 4. This is the first time in 3 years that a similar design change has been made.

iPhone 12 without “monobrow

The expected actual popularity of the model among consumers should increase. As part of the forecasts of the same Ming-Chi Kuo, the previous sales figure of 75 million units will be exceeded by another 11-12%. Such an increase is primarily justified by the change in the design of the case.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will also receive a new heart. This is the newest A14 processor. There is no information about its characteristics yet. It will be possible to get acquainted with the performance and the difference with the current flagship processor on the day of the presentation. The difference between the indicators of smartphone models, as always, will differ by 2-7%.

preliminary conclusions with a small margin of error can be made immediately after the presentation of the new iPad Pro 2019. They have A13X Bionic installed on board. With an accuracy of 90%, it will be possible to determine the performance of the new A14.

The change will also affect the amount of RAM. The XS / XS Max has carried over to the current 11 lineup with 4GB of storage. The 12 model, unlike the 2019 lineup, should receive 6 GB of RAM, which will significantly increase performance. Such a statement will definitely apply to the flagship models of the 12 series.

Similarly, the changes will affect the volume of the drive. Onboard storage is expected to range from 128GB to 1TB. This is caused not so much by the need to meet demand, but by the competitive environment. So, for example, the same new items from Samsung received drives of the corresponding volume. As always, the mid-range model in Apple’s lineup will feature 512GB of storage.

There is no absolutely accurate information about the volumes of the drive. It may turn out that the company is not focused on increasing storage, as it is actively engaged in the development of cloud services. Even the decision to preserve the volume of built-in storage will be a positive moment. optimizing the cost and attracting new users to the product.

The two older models, namely the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be equipped with a 4-camera system. Such a module is assembled on the basis of 12 megapixel cameras:

  • wide-angle;
  • telephoto cameras;
  • ultra wide angle;
  • Time of Flight 3D cameras.

The Time of Flight 3D camera will be the cutting edge technical implementation of the company’s capabilities. It is based on the measurement algorithm of the flight time of the beam, the task of which is to determine the exact distance to objects falling into the lens. The second, custom name for such a camera is time-of-flight.

The 3D camera opens up a number of new possibilities, which should be attributed to:

  • improving the quality of photos in portrait mode;
  • Improving depth perception (when the depth of field effect is activated, the separation of the object from the background is improved);
  • optimization of work with augmented reality applications (more accurate scanning of objects of the living world for basic
  • applications and in the future for combining with the functionality of Apple smart glasses).

Based on the experience of previous years, it will be possible to buy a brand new smartphone in Russia in the second half of September 2020. Most likely, the iPhone 12 will go on sale in three versions at once, as was the case with the iPhone 11.

Device appearance

Information about the specification and appearance of the phone can already be found in the media, but it has not been confirmed and cannot be considered reliable. Consumers will reportedly be presented with four representatives destined to be the successors of the iPhone 11. The Max mod could get a larger screen size without Pro credentials.

The new iPhone 12 will be another return to the timeless classic. The model should delight iPhone 4 lovers. Most fans expect the device to be the middle ground between the latest iPad Pro and the previous iPhone 11 Pro.

The shape of the iPhone 12 should be less rounded, and the edges should be more expressive. The rear panel will remain the same glass version, and the connection to the front glass will allow for the use of a steel or aluminum frame. The front panel will contain small recesses, which will be filled with tempered or sapphire glass.

What is known about the characteristics of the iPhone 12

The new models will feature OLED screens, which will range in size from 5.4 to 6.7 inches. The standard version is planned to be equipped with 4 GB of RAM, and the Pro will get 6 GB.

On smartphones, it is supposed to install iOS 14, and new items will be able to support the format of the 5G network. This feature and the increase in speed should not affect the cost characteristics of the model, although many consumers expected higher for devices.

Distinctive features, compared to the 11th version of the gadget, should be flattened edges and a smaller body thickness. The parameter is sounded 7.39 mm and 8.1 mm. The “projection” of the camera should become thicker and reach 1.26, which allows us to speak about its possible slight protrusion from the body. It will again be equipped with a function that allows for face identification.

When is it planned to appear

Many are in anticipation of the iPhone 12, predicting a debut performance in a few months. The announcement of the new phones should take place in September, but plans may be affected by the situation with the spread of Covid-19. If the situation worsens, there may be a delay and a shift in the release date to a later date.

The exact date is still being carefully hidden, and no official information has yet been received. Fans of the company’s products firmly believe that Apple will announce four new products by the end of 2020. The presentation date is announced on September 12, but many consider such a date unlikely.

Previous years have clearly shown the lag in mass production, so the lag for the iPhone 12 can also vary from a few weeks to a couple of months. The company representatives will take all possible measures to exclude delay and exclude possible reasons for the delay.

Specialist forecasts

Analysts are of the opinion that the release date will be set in October 202o. A number of experts call such forecasts optimistic and talk about the postponement of the long-awaited event to 2021.

Some sources are spreading rumors that by the end of June this year, final testing will be completed, and the company will begin mass production of the iPhone 12. If such information turns out to be true, then the devices may appear on sale in September.

What the iPhone 12 is preparing: what the long-awaited device will look like

Over the past decade, Apple has never ceased to amaze customers with its new products. Fans sincerely hope that the next 2020 will not be an exception and will delight them with the appearance of a new device.

Battery metrics and cost issues

The weak point of modern gadgets is considered to be an insignificant battery charge. Many smartphone owners are faced with a situation where the phone is discharged at the most inopportune moment. Apple’s efforts are aimed at solving such problems, so new products should have a thinner and more powerful battery.

The youngest in the lineup model iPhone 12 should receive the A2471 charger with a capacity of 2227 mAh. Max and Pro versions will have a more efficient battery, the indicator of which will reach 2775 mAh.

NEW iPhone 13 Leaks!

The minimum price of 649 is set for the iPhone 12. The older Max sibling will require 100 more, and the Pro version will cost 999. Pro Max can be owned for 1,099.

Many predict a bright future and prospects for new models, calling them the most exciting Apple release in recent years. There is no reliable information about the color scheme of new products yet, but the company annually adds new and amazing paints. Users are hoping for a navy blue model that will be a worthy successor to the Midnight Green version of the iPhone 11 Pro.