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IPhone 12 review


But the transition to the design of the case, reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and 5, still took place. the new smartphones from Cupertino have really become more angular and similar, for example, to the current iPad Pro. The rest of the external changes are few. there is a dubious screen “bangs” in which FaceID sensors are hidden, and a massive square camera module still stands out on the rear panel. Interestingly, the junior and senior models now differ in the materials of the case, or rather, the metal frame. Pro models are made of surgical stainless steel.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini received a variety of colors. From the very beginning, there were five of them. black, white, red, green and blue. Later, Apple introduced smartphones in a purple casing. The design of the more premium iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max was limited to silver, graphite, gold and “Pacific blue” colors.

Apple introduced a line of accessories for new smartphones. It all started with MagSafe fast charging cases. Then, special cardholders appeared on sale, which, through a magnet, attach a set of several bank cards or a driver’s license to the iPhone 12 case. Of course, soon such covers began to be produced by third-party manufacturers.

Processor, memory, communications

Regardless of the version, all iPhone 12s are built on the Apple A14 Bionic platform. This 5nm processor was already shown in September on the new iPad Air, but at the presentation of smartphones it was told in more detail. According to the company, the computing and graphics performance of the A14 is 50% higher compared to “some other” smartphones. But they did not explain with which models the platform was compared.

Models iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini received 4 gigabytes of RAM, and older models iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 6. By the standards of iOS and its optimization, this is more than enough. Miracles did not happen with the volume of the drive. the younger models all also start with 64 GB, which is frankly lacking in 2020. There are versions for 128 and 256 GB. iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max come in 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB sizes.

At the presentation, a lot of time was devoted to the fact that the iPhone finally received support for working in the fifth generation mobile networks. By default, all models are equipped with a 5G modem, but there are some nuances. Firstly, the mmWave standard, which assumes the maximum data transfer rate with a close base station, will be exclusive to the American market. such Pro versions have an additional antenna on the right side of the case. Secondly, 5G simply does not work in many countries, for example, in Russia. Therefore, the new iPhone in 2020 in our country will work with the good old LTE.

IPhone 13 release date: what it will look like, price and photos

The release of the iPhone 12 line took place not so long ago, but on the Internet, many users are already in full discussion of what the next generation will be. We tried to collect all the relevant information and the latest news regarding the lineup in one place. After reading our article, you will find out what month the iPhone 13 release date is planned for, the proposed design of smartphones and much more.

IPhone 13 specifications

Another important feature of modern smartphones that Apple has ignored in the latest generation is the increased refresh rate. Absolutely all of its representatives received 60-Hz screens, which differ only in size and resolution. Therefore, it is quite logical to assume that this year’s iPhone will be equipped with at least 90Hz panels. It is unlikely that we should expect a downgrade and transition to IPS-matrices. Most likely the screens will also be made using AMOLED technology.

An interesting point that has become relevant due to the coronavirus pandemic. Apple plans to return the fingerprint scanner to the iPhone 13. This is due to the fact that when wearing a mask, Face ID does not work, which is insanely inconvenient. They plan to place the fingerprint directly on the screen, as in flagships running Android. FaceID won’t go anywhere.

Recently, there is a lot of information circulating on the net that the iPhone 13 will be released in a 1TB memory configuration. Recall that currently the maximum memory capacity is 512 GB. To be honest, such an upgrade is not very relevant. It is difficult to imagine an operation scenario in which an average user will ever be clogged at least 256 GB. Given the growing popularity of cloud storage, the need for such large amounts of memory has disappeared, so at first glance it looks like an absolutely pointless decision.

As in the case with previous devices, the iPhone 13 will definitely receive the latest Apple processors, which will most likely be released under the Apple A15 label. It is not yet known what features the processor will receive, but for sure it will be even more powerful and will receive a number of chips that improve camera performance.

Continuing the theme of photo capabilities, it is likely that the iPhone 13 cameras will receive an updated image stabilization system, and the telephoto will be able to shoot with a more advanced zoom. Recall that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has 2.5x optical zoom, while the S21 Ultra has 10x optical zoom.

As for the rest of the innovations, we should expect support for the new Wi-Fi 6E technology, increased battery capacity, stereo speakers, and increased fast charging power. At the moment, it is equal to 20 W for all current models. There is little chance of returning the charger and earbuds in the box.

IPhone 13 appearance

How the iPhone 13 will look excites the public almost more than anything else related to the phone. This is quite understandable. in the last generation, Apple returned flat edges in the manner of the iPhone 4, but left a monobrow, which you will no longer find even in budget Android smartphones of 2020. Given that Cupertinos have been using this concept for three generations, it’s time to change it.

It is not yet clear what design of the front camera the company will choose. At the time of this writing, all there is is rumor and speculation. Suggested choices include a keyhole and dot-shaped neckline. There are chances that the iPhone 13 will receive a sub-screen front camera, however, given that the technology is still being tested, it is unlikely that the Cupertinos will want to implement it. We will not exclude the development of events in which the size of the monobrow will simply be reduced.

Price and release date of iPhone 13 in Russia

This year, the release of the iPhone 12 was postponed. Instead of September, the devices came out in November. Whether this will become the new norm or the new line will be presented in September, as it was in all previous years, is still unknown. In any case, there is no doubt that the price and photos of the iPhone 13 will appear on the network in the fall.

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All the described innovations will affect how much the iPhone 13 costs. Already now the for devices in Russia are sky-high and there are no preconditions for their decrease. If the basic version of the iPhone 12 at the start of sales cost 78,990 rubles, then it will come close to 90,000.

At the moment, that’s all there is on the web regarding the new generation of iPhone. When it comes out, we will prepare a detailed overview of all its representatives with a description of the key features and innovations, as well as information about the cost in rubles.

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IPhone 13 processor

Apple annually announces a new generation of iPhone, and every iPhone has a new chip over and over again. Last year, it was the Apple A14, tearing its rivals to shreds as always, and outperforming the previous world champion, the Apple A13.

Apple A15 is expected this year, it is known from TSMC’s correspondence with Apple that this chip will be produced using improved 5nm N5P technology. if that means anything to you, I will translate: it’s very cool. I hope that the great Mac revolution will not take too much of Apple’s energy and the A15 will continue the tradition of the A13 and A14, the best chips in their class.

However, Apple has already surprised everyone this year by equipping the 2021 iPad Pro with an M1 processor. Therefore, some industry experts admit that the company will equip new iPhones with the same chip. at least older models. In principle, this is a logical outcome, because in this way Apple will make the devices of its ecosystem even more unified in terms of technical device and universal.

IPhone 13 design

This is how the iPhone 13 will most likely look (right)

In S-models, it is customary to use the design of their base models, that is, the appearance of the iPhone 12s will be the same as the iPhone 12, and the number of their varieties will remain the same. And even the iPhone 12s mini, the only iPhone in 2019 and 2020 that has never made it to the top ten best-selling smartphones, will give a chance to improve.

True, in recent years Apple has become more unpredictable, so there is a high probability that something in the design of the iPhone 12s, or iPhone 13 (what will they call it there?) Will nevertheless change:

  • Firstly, the notch in the display, in which the face recognition sensors are inscribed, should decrease, because they will become smaller;
  • Secondly, the location of the cameras will change (at least in the two younger models), which will be located diagonally relative to each other;
  • Thirdly, the thickness of the cases of the new iPhones may slightly increase, because they promise a tangible increase in battery capacity.

IPhone 13 specifications

At least one iPhone 12s model, most likely it will have an iPhone 12s Pro Max, and maybe an iPhone 12s Pro, there will be no ports at all. Communication with the outside world and battery charging in models without ports will be carried out wirelessly. It sounds terrible, but if Apple is ready to use this approach in high-end smartphones, then it has answers to all the questions and solutions that users of models with still ports will become jealous of. In extreme cases, it will be possible to get by with the integration of reverse charging, which is also good.

Apple would hardly have dared to take this step if it had not been ready for it. The rumor about the bangs (first appeared in the days of the iPhone X, they wanted to reduce all the bangs) again wanders the web.

It would be nice, but most likely, this rumor is destined to revive more than once. But regarding the Touch ID sensor located under the screen, which will not replace Face ID, but will complement it, there is documentary evidence of Apple’s work on this. Well, if you can’t match the scanner to the screen, you can use the proven technology of placing Touch ID in the power button, as already implemented on the iPad Air 4.

IPhone 13 display

The iPhone 13 Pro (iPhone 12s Pro) and iPhone 12s Pro Max are expected to finally feature 120Hz LTPO displays, surpassing the currently widespread LTPS displays in terms of economy and more. The first three letters in the abbreviations LPTS and LPTO are deciphered in the same way, as “low-temperature polycrystalline”, “S” at its end means silicon (Silicon), “O”. oxide.

LTPO displays were developed by LG with strong input from Apple and debuted on the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. LG could not create a larger LTPO display, and these displays never appeared in expensive iPhone models (LTPO displays are more expensive). The first smartphone with an LTPO display was the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, released in August last year. Rumor has it that Apple has found a replacement for LG, but whether this is actually so is still unknown.

Here you can read why 120 Hz screens are needed at all, and how they differ from the usual 60 Hz.

The use of such displays will allow Apple to also implement the Always-on Display feature in the iPhone, since the screens are less power hungry and will not drain the battery as much. Looks like a real killer feature, so take your time to buy an iPhone 12 now.

Here’s everything about the iPhone 13: release date, rumors, features and prices

Despite the fact that there is still quite a long time before the presentation of the new iPhones, we already know a lot about them. We know what they will be called, how many devices in the lineup, what characteristics they will have and even how the iPhone 13 will differ from the iPhone 12. over, we even roughly know when the iPhone 13 will go on sale in Russia, no matter how Apple wanted to hide it. Intrigued? Then run under the cut. there are many interesting things.

The main changes in the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s) will affect the internal components

IPhone 13 price

It would be strange if Apple had no traditions in this matter. Apple prefers, as much as possible in a particular generation of iPhone, to charge new models with the same or roughly the same as their predecessors. Attempts to creatively change this approach (on the iPhone XS / XS Max) have failed.

  • iPhone 12s. from 79,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12s mini. from 69,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12s Pro. from 99,990 rubles;
  • iPhone 12s Pro Max. from 109,990 rubles.

But in a year, when the time of the iPhone 14 comes, Apple plans to slightly change the order of for its smartphones. It is known that the iPhone mini will be removed from the lineup, and its place will be taken by the iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7-inch display and hardware from the classic iPhone 14. Therefore, it will not be very expensive. at least by the standards of flagships. 850- 900 dollars.

iPhone 13 will be released in 2021?

Traditionally (since 2011) iPhones are presented in the fall, usually in September. This happened twice in October. in 2011 with the iPhone 4S and in 2020 with the iPhone 12. But this year it is extremely important for Apple not to delay the release, given the difficult market situation. Therefore, you can safely bet that the company will hold a presentation even before the September Id. And sales of iPhone 12s (iPhone 13) will begin in about a week.

iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 will most likely be presented in September 2021. Autumn. not June or March.

This year, Apple definitely needs to release a new generation of iPhone. the situation in the smartphone market is heating up. The first month of 2021 has not yet ended, and Xiaomi and Samsung have already presented defiant new year models. The iPhone has the second successful year in a row, the iPhone 12 Pro does not have time to produce. and it is necessary to build on this success at any cost.

iPhone 12 without “monobrow

The expected actual popularity of the model among consumers should increase. As part of the forecasts of the same Ming-Chi Kuo, the previous sales figure of 75 million units will be exceeded by another 11-12%. Such an increase is, first of all, justified precisely by the change in the design of the case.

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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will also receive a new heart. This is the newest A14 processor. There is no information about its characteristics yet. It will be possible to get acquainted with the performance and the difference with the current flagship processor on the day of the presentation. The difference between the indicators of smartphone models, as always, will differ by 2-7%.

preliminary conclusions with a small margin of error can be made immediately after the presentation of the new iPad Pro 2019. They have A13X Bionic installed on board. With an accuracy of 90%, it will be possible to determine the performance of the new A14.

The change will also affect the amount of RAM. The XS / XS Max has carried over to the current 11 lineup with 4GB of storage. The 12 model, unlike the 2019 lineup, should receive 6 GB of RAM, which will significantly increase performance. Such a statement will definitely apply to the flagship models of the 12 series.

Similarly, the changes will affect the volume of the drive. Onboard storage is expected to range from 128GB to 1TB. This is due not so much to the need to meet demand, but to the competitive environment. So, for example, the same new items from Samsung received drives of the corresponding volume. As always, the mid-range model in Apple’s lineup will feature 512GB of storage.

iPhone 100. Shock Absorbing Material

There is no absolutely accurate information about the volumes of the drive. It may turn out that the company is not focused on increasing storage, as it is actively engaged in the development of cloud services. Even the decision to preserve the volume of built-in storage will be a positive moment. optimizing the cost and attracting new users to the product.

The two older models, namely the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be equipped with a 4-camera system. Such a module is assembled on the basis of 12 megapixel cameras:

  • wide-angle;
  • telephoto cameras;
  • ultra wide angle;
  • Time of Flight 3D cameras.

The Time of Flight 3D camera will be the cutting edge technical implementation of the company’s capabilities. It is based on the measurement algorithm of the flight time of the beam, the task of which is to determine the exact distance to objects falling into the lens. The second, custom name for such a camera is time-of-flight.

What will be the line of iPhone 12?

Analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who has dozens of predictions that came true for all Apple products, claims that three new smartphones will be released in the fall of 2021. These will be the following models:

  • 5.4-inch;
  • 6.1-inch;
  • 6.7-inch.

The OLED display will be the key difference between the new model and all its varieties. The liquid crystal analogue, which is actively used today on the entire product line, will no longer be used even in budget models. In fact, SE2 became the last smartphone of the company with the old type of screen.

Each model, regardless of weight and size characteristics, will receive a completely different design. The connecting frame will no longer have roundness along its entire plane. This decision makes the new smartphone one of the bestseller iPhone 4. This is the first time in 3 years that a similar design change has been made.

What the new iPhone 12 will look like in 2021

The iPhone 12, slated for release in the second half of 2021, will receive a complete redesign. Its actual recognizability will remain the same, but the overall display area and its quality will increase. The second significant feature will affect the camera. the module will receive an additional independent lens. In fact, there are a lot of known facts about the expected new product. That is why, in this article, all reliable information is collected that makes it clear the need to update 11 models or buy such a new smartphone.

The 3D camera opens up a number of new possibilities, which should be attributed to:

  • improving the quality of photos in portrait mode;
  • Improving depth perception (when the depth of field effect is activated, the separation of the object from the background is improved);
  • optimization of work with augmented reality applications (more accurate scanning of objects of the living world for basic
  • applications and in the future for combining with the functionality of Apple smart glasses).

Based on the experience of previous years, it will be possible to buy a brand new smartphone in Russia in the second half of September 2020. Most likely, the iPhone 12 will go on sale in three versions at once, as was the case with the iPhone 11.

What smartphones will look like in 2030

The future has always worried people and we are far from an exception. After all, everyone is interested in what will happen in 10 years. And so we decided to dream about what the smartphone of the future will look like.

2020 opens up a new era that takes us into a new decade. A decade of technology, innovation and progress that could change our lives forever. You’ve probably already seen a lot of sci-fi movies, read books and looked through fantasy photos of what your devices might look like in the future. We can bet that they are all delightful, of course, with the exception of those plots where the world is enslaved by robots or artificial intelligence of the highest level.

We decided to make a small overview of how your smartphones can change by 2030, using the example of already existing trends in the technological world: from phones with a folding display to the possibility of installing 6G communication technology on your devices.

Folding phones. the main trend of the future

Imagine: 2030, you sit comfortably in your car, which is on autopilot, and you take your smartphone out of your what is he? We imagine it this way: completely small, but quite massive to accommodate a battery, which makes it possible to not charge the device for weeks, as well. it has a folding screen.

2019 was a year of surprises as we were first presented with foldable smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Motorola Razr 2019 (although the latter will go on sale this year). These smartphones conquered the world so much that they were immediately named the invention of the year. And it seems to us that they will become more and more popular in the future.

Introducing iPhone 2025. Apple. Future iPhone. Concept Video

And here, most likely, the point is not at all that no one has done this before, but that it is convenient. The smartphone takes up little space, but if folded out, it gives a large viewing angle and the ability to use it as a tablet.

Will foldable phones be popular in a few years? Most likely, yes. It is interesting, it is convenient, it looks in a new way. That is why many people will be interested in buying such a device in the near future, when the folding screen technology will be sufficiently developed and affordable.

Let’s say goodbye to ports

Many companies this year presented us with device concepts that are completely devoid of ports and buttons. Some phone models have long lacked a 3.5mm headphone jack, so we predict that by 2030 ports in smartphones will be just an ancient tale.

and more users are switching to wireless headphones, you can transfer files without using a wired connection, and charging has long become wireless, so very soon the need for ports on smartphones will become completely superfluous.

The prospect of switching to smartphones without ports and connectors inspires interest, because we will become less dependent on wired chargers, which very often break down, and we will also lose the need to select them specifically for the smartphone model.

Front cameras of the future

Probably, many are also interested in what will become of the front-facing camera in the future, how its design will change: will it remain on the screen of your smartphone, will it be built into the “bangs” like the latest version of the iPhone 11 Pro, or will it be hidden in a small slot, which will automatically “pop up” when you need it.

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All of these options are perfectly acceptable, but we are more interested in the technology that Orro recently demonstrated, they hid the front camera under the display.

No notches, no additional connectors and slide-out mechanisms, no ugly bangs and no barriers to using your display. this is the plus point of this innovative technology, which Apple plans to switch to in its iPhone 12, which will be released in September 2020.

And what about the camera itself. it will get sharper stabilization, the ability to correct, and maybe a few lenses, like the rear camera of the iPhone 11 Pro this year. So let’s expect by the end of 2029 selfies will become the main type of images that literally everyone around will be obsessed with.

Goodbye 5G and hello 6G?

5G technology is already widespread in some countries such as China and Japan. Smartphones have also appeared that support high-speed information and signal transmission at 5G. But still, in 2019, not all companies managed to switch to 5G, because we are still waiting for a smartphone from Apple, which should be released this year. In addition, many people simply do not understand why they need 5G, if in big cities a good connection with 4G technology is quite enough.

Of course, it is quite possible that very soon all smartphone manufacturers will switch to 5G or 6G technology, that buying such devices will become commonplace, just like buying phones with 4G.

By the way, about 6G, which we mentioned, Donald Trump has already demanded to equip the territory of the United States with this type of network, but there is no need for this, because 5G technology should be enough to quickly load the necessary websites or send large files.

But, it is quite possible that in the future it will become another marketing trend.

The fate of the rear cameras

This year, the smartphone companies conspired to prove to us that there are two cameras. this is far from the limit of the designers’ capabilities and is not a problem at all for placement on your smartphone.

Why do we need so many cameras? To be honest, it is not entirely clear, because it seems that it would be much easier to just make a huge lens, as in professional cameras, and not take a steam bath. But nobody is looking for easy ways. And besides, smartphones would have to be noticeably thickened. what nobody wants.

Lenses are also needed in order to use different camera modes: wide-angle, macro, double zoom, and so on. As for megapixels, no one doubts that 108MP can be installed on a smartphone, as was done in Xiaomi Mi Note 10, but this far from the limit and it is quite possible that in 2030 we can count on smartphones with a 300MP camera or more.

By the way, scientists have calculated and found that the human eye sees about 576 megapixels, but this assumes perfect vision and closeness at arm’s length.

So people don’t need cameras with incredibly high megapixels, but it would be surprising if phone companies decided to achieve all 576MP, which is quite possible by 2030.

What will the iPhone 15 be like?

Smartphones in 2030 will have unique properties and, quite possibly, will lose the appearance of the phone tools that we are used to using today. In addition, no one excludes the possibility of creating fully transparent or elastic smartphones, holographic machines or installing sensors on the human body. But we tried to collect for you the most important trends that leaked in 2019 and moved with us into the new decade.

How the fall in demand for smartphones will affect their cost

How much will the new iPhones cost? This information was shared by insider John Prosser. in the past, he was the first to name the exact release dates for the iPad Pro and iPhone SE a few weeks before their official announcement. According to the blogger, the youngest model in the new line of Apple will cost 649 iPhone 12 Plus. 100 more. Flagship models. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be sold in the US for 999 and 1099 respectively. According to the head of the Hi-Tech project Dmitry Ryabinin, Apple is forced to expand its presence in the market, so it is not in its interests to raise for the new line of smartphones: “If you believe the rumors, in addition to the recently updated iPhone SE, there will be four iPhone 12 models at once there were only three of them in the iPhone 11 line.

The basic version will significantly expand. there will be a version with a smaller screen. 5.4 inches, which will cost 50 less than the iPhone 11, and a larger one with a 6.1-inch screen, like the Pro version, while it will cost 50 more. than iPhone 11.

Thus, Apple this year shows the most flexible pricing policy, which the company has never had in its entire history.

All models are equipped with 5G support. Let me remind you that, for example, the main competitor. Samsung. after the support of the fifth generation of mobile communications appeared, the entire Galaxy S20 line grew in price by 20%. In a sense, Apple started dumping. It is worth noting that the smartphone will have LiDAR. an improved camera for working with augmented reality. It first appeared on the iPad Pro, and now it will be obvious on the Pro versions of the iPhone, and Apple will be the translator. “.

What will be the new Apple smartphone

Potential buyers were able to see what the iPhone 12 would look like. Their designs were presented by the Chinese media, citing sources from The Wall Street Journal. Based on insider data, German designer Jonas Denert has created a virtual prototype of new devices. In particular, smartphones will be equipped with an updated camera in a square unit, the characteristic cutout on the top of the display will remain, and the side metal frame actually repeats the design of the iPhone of the fourth and fifth generations. Last spring, IT specialists discovered a sketch of a new smartphone in the iOS 14 code. the image matches the render by Jonas Denert.

However, Renat Grishin, the editor-in-chief of the AppleInsider.ru portal, doubts that the company will release smartphones in the same form: “For the fourth year, it is no longer possible to go out with the appearance, which appeared with the iPhone 10, you need to invent something. The Apple fan sector has now shown how it might look. This, of course, has nothing to do with branding or leaks at all.

You have to understand that now the economic situation is quite difficult all over the world, and it is becoming more and more difficult to sell, especially if we are talking about flagship devices that cost about 1,000.

If the smartphone looks exactly like the iPhone 11 or iPhone 10, it will be much more difficult to sell. People need motivation: why should I spend 1,000 on a new phone now when it looks the same as the old one? And all these songs about the fact that he removes better, that he is “faster, higher, stronger”, now stop working. And in principle, this has always worked poorly with Apple, because they have always done very serious work on optimization: even iPhones, which are four years old, work great. “.

How Apple introduced the iPhone SE

Earlier it was reported that Apple may postpone the launch of mass production of new iPhones for at least a month. Whether the traditional September presentation of the company’s new products will be postponed because of this is still unknown.