Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are divided into two broad classes. One of them is equipped with video intercoms and other access control systems.

They are able to connect only with their own tracking module, data is transmitted over a radio channel with high immunity from interference.

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Installing a CCTV camera in the stairwell is reduced to attaching devices and pairing within a few minutes.

The advantages of the system include the almost complete impossibility of unauthorized interception of video.

advanced cameras work over wireless computer protocols.

Installation of video surveillance at the entrance of a residential building based on this technology can offer:

Like all computer data transmission technologies, wireless ones have weak points. In particular, if security measures have not been investigated, it is possible to guess the password and gain access to the central console or a single camera by long-term enumeration of combinations.

Therefore, when deciding how to install video surveillance at the entrance, working over the WI-FI protocol and offering access over IP, you should carefully study the issues of restricting user rights.

How to choose the optimal camera for video surveillance at the entrance

Installation of video surveillance at the entrance of a residential building must obey a number of rules and regulations.

If all the requirements for the legal installation of the system are met, it is worth choosing a camera, focusing on the following parameters and assumptions:

  • if video surveillance at the entrance of an apartment building is organized by the homeowner by installing a video peephole, the camera of such a device must have a sufficiently small viewing angle. The average indicator is considered to be 45 degrees. with this value, the object located at a distance of 30-40 cm from the eye will be large and clearly reproduced on the monitor screen;
  • if the installation of video surveillance cameras at the entrance is carried out in order to control a small area adjacent to the front door to the dwelling or the limited space of the approach route, it is recommended to purchase a device with an adjustable viewing angle. There are enough offers in the segment of inexpensive models. Cameras of this class are adjusted when installed in manual mode, by rotating the optical lens ring. An expensive video surveillance camera in the entrance is able to offer the ability to remotely adjust both the viewing angle and position, adjust the sharpness of the image (focusing, including in automatic mode);
  • an important role is played by the compatibility of the parameters of the monitor inside the apartment and the camera. The installed video surveillance system for the entrance, equipped with a modern digital-to-analog fixing device, can become an irrational option to spend money if the display is simply not able to display the picture in full quality or the data storage module does not record video with minimal losses.

Hikvsion camera with Sim card support! Hikvsion IP CAMERA WITH 4G SIM SUPPORTED!

Installing color or black-and-white video surveillance at the entrance of the house. the owner of the apartment decides. A high-quality, modern analog camera is enough for confident identification of visitors.

When choosing a specific device, you should always take into account the observation at the entrance, the legal aspects of which are not observed. it can cause prosecution by law enforcement agencies. For example, if the camera is of such high quality that it is able to distinguish small details inside a neighbor’s dwelling when the front door is open.

The last aspect, which is worth dwelling on, will be useful to those interested in how to make video surveillance at the entrance with their own hands. The system can be built for a fairly reasonable price.

To do this, you will need the simplest, outdated analog signal processing module, which forms a picture on a small TV screen. Modern digital-to-analog video recorders from wide Spectra manufacturers are suitable for connection to such a converter.

Wired video surveillance

Video surveillance at the entrance of a residential building, built on wired cameras, is the most common option. Devices of this class do not hit the wallet, do not require special maintenance, after preliminary adjustment during installation for many years they work reliably and stably.

Sim based 2g 3g LTE 4g Camera System | 5x zoom PTZ moterized | Colour Night | CCTV 4g wifi Router

The disadvantage of this solution is the need to conduct a data signal transmission line. If you do video surveillance at the entrance with your own hands and you want to achieve maximum protection, it is recommended to select devices that transmit video using digital protocols.

Conventional coaxial cable used to connect analog cameras is unreliable, easily opened for third-party connection without disrupting the system as a whole.

Foscam FI9828P

Representative of cameras with the ability to remotely adjust the physical direction of view. Convenient software for vertical and horizontal rotation is provided.

The device is intended for outdoor installation and has the following key features:

  • viewing angle 75 degrees;
  • color image, 4x optical zoom, autofocus;
  • own cloud service;
  • wireless connection;
  • own access control system;
  • motion detection, built-in microphone and speaker.

The camera can work at night, is protected from moisture, can be connected via a wired interface for setting up or transferring a signal.

D-Link DCS-2103 “Cube”

A camera that can win the title of the best option for installation in a staircase.

The device almost completely meets the recommendations:

  • viewing angles within 38-58 degrees;
  • built-in microphone;
  • wired connection;
  • recognition of movement in the security zone;
  • convenient position adjustment;
  • easy mounting on a bracket;
  • low resolution, sufficient for observing the area near the door and connecting to legacy signal display systems.

The camera cannot operate in night mode, it is designed for indoor installation, has a digital zoom, and has a reasonable price.

Data transmission is carried out over digital protocols through a wired connection, access over IP is provided.

Foscam FI9900P

A camera with a convenient balance of price and features offered. Device:

  • capable of night shooting;
  • has a viewing angle of 106 degrees;
  • can write data to a memory card;
  • is able to detect movement;
  • connects via WI-FI or Ethernet cable;
  • works in a wide temperature range, protected from water;
  • easy to assemble, connect and configure.

It is easy to attach an external microphone to the camera, mounting on the wall is performed on a convenient bracket, and position adjustment is available in two degrees of freedom.

The device is a worthy representative of the family of outdoor surveillance video recording devices.

D-Link DCS-6010L

Large area camera representative with dual connection. D-Link DCS-6010L.

The device has the following features:

  • a fisheye lens providing 360-degree all-round visibility;
  • connection via WI-FI or Ethernet cable;
  • easy connection via DLink routers;
  • built-in microphone.

D-Link DCS-6010L will show excellent results as part of outdoor entrance video surveillance. The camera is capable of operating as a signaling device, replacing the siren when an alarm is triggered. The device is made in a protected case, can write data to a memory card, provides access over IP.

Purpose. video surveillance system

Taking advantage of the increasing demand, some manufacturers are launching microSD cards for video surveillance into the market without making any quality improvements to them. In this regard, the reliability of such a microSD memory card may be questionable. Therefore, when choosing memory cards for CCTV cameras, you should give preference to solutions from a trusted supplier who has experience in the production of storage for CCTV systems.

The rise in popularity of Ultra-HD quality video surveillance

To ensure the quality of video footage is good enough to extract the necessary information from it, manufacturers have upgraded their surveillance cameras to Ultra-HD. CCTV cameras are usually connected to a network video recorder (NVR), which receives their data by applying video management software (VMS) and analytics to them. The receipt of this data depends on the quality of the connection between the cameras and the DVR. If the connection is lost. intentionally or unintentionally. the video surveillance system will stop working.

As a solution to ensure fault tolerance in video surveillance cameras, microSD memory cards have been used. If the connection with the DVR is lost, the camcorder will continue to record video locally. until the connection is restored, which can take a long time. Since storage systems play an important role in modern video surveillance, you need to choose the right microSD card for recording materials.

Temperature range

MicroSD cards must be designed for continuous operation in various environmental conditions, regardless of where the surveillance cameras are installed. indoors or outdoors. Given the wide range of operating temperatures claimed by surveillance camera manufacturers, microSD cards should also operate at 85 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees (in some cases, 40 degrees).

Main characteristics of microSD memory card for video surveillance

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring. this is a feature that only a few microSD cards currently support. Using a card that supports this capability will enable system integrators and operators to perform preventive maintenance, extend equipment life and reduce costs.

How to choose the right memory card for a video surveillance system

CCTV. it is not only about obtaining video data, but also its analysis, thanks to which you can increase work efficiency, better understand customer behavior and achieve many other goals.

High reliability

The reliability of a microSD card can be expressed in the number of write / erase cycles until it can no longer store data. The rewriting process is cyclical. the new stream of frames replaces the old content, the data is overwritten until the card is full, then the cycle repeats. The more reliable the memory card is, the longer it will last. Reliability can also be expressed in terabytes written or the number of hours the card can record continuously before a failure occurs.


Memory card capacity. it is also a very important parameter, as it must provide space for storing frames for several days or weeks before they are overwritten or the connection with the DVR is restored. 64GB is considered the standard storage for microSD cards in CCTV cameras, however, a 32GB card may be fine for entry-level surveillance applications.

When choosing a microSD memory card for deployment in a video surveillance system, make sure it is designed specifically for the application. It is imperative that the video surveillance system is able to provide video content, whether it is connected to an NVR or stand alone.