SAMSUNG 2022 Best Smartphones Rating (April).

About the company know more than some major Russian firms, such as Tehtonolikol. Many do not even cost anything, but the logo with inclined oval and the inscription Samsung inside it is one of the most recognizable pictures in the world. It seems well what can we talk about when everything is known? But let’s see if everything is known?

It was formed in the distant 1930s, and she was engaged the production of rice flour (!). During its existence, she had to postpone the collapse, when, by 1953, after the Korean War, the warehouses were completely burned. However, this did not prevent you from discovering everything in a new way, and when the President of Korea allowed to open companies for export, they were also considered in this article.

In 1994, he entered the Russian market, providing in those days mostly televisions and video recorders. In 2008, a plant was opened in the Kaluga region, on the border with Moscow.

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In order to launch heavy toys, pay attention to the power of the processor and the amount of RAM RAM. So how exactly they play a role to ensure a comfortable game without lags and friezes.

Rate-Box Team.RU selected the 11 most popular and powerful game phones among these models, you will definitely choose the appropriate you.

Samsung Smartphones: Gaming without Wires

Android platform has already moved many hits with PC and consoles. To fight in World of Tanks or PUBG now you can now, and it’s not taucing a bulky laptop. To win in a multiplayer, it is enough to choose a suitable device capable of providing good performance.

Galaxy Z Fold3: game and nothing superfluous

One of the key features of Galaxy Z FOLD3 is a huge 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel. It provides an excellent overview in shooters and strategies, which can be an advantage when playing against owners of more compact phones. Thanks to the subeter chamber, the manufacturer got rid of the cutout in the matrix, so there are no blind zones on the display.

The refresh rate of the matrix is ​​also cybersport. 120 Hz will be enough to display the maximum smooth picture in dynamic races or shooters. In addition, this indicator is important for the accuracy of reading the touch sensor. With high sampling values, the device reacts faster to touch by reducing the input delay. In other words, when you press the screen buttons, the shot or turn will be performed almost instantly.

Under to become a display and iron. Snapdragon 888 flagship processor with support for 12 GB of RAM easily copes with demanding hits 2021. Due to the advanced cooling system, the smartphone does not overheat in protracted sessions. Another strong side of the model. stereo speakers with volumetric technology Dolby ATMOS. High-quality acoustics allows you to play without headphones. Audio positioning is very accurate. In multiplayer releases, this indicator is especially important: sometimes the enemy can be detected by sound.

Galaxy S21: Classic genre

Smartphone-monoblock will suit those who are used to more compact devices. It is convenient to keep him in hand, like gamepad. Despite modest dimensions, the model is not inferior to the folding flagship. 5-nm mobile platform Exynos 2100 gives maximum FPS in any competitive hits.

Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with Full HD resolution dynamically changes the hertes with 48 to 120 Hz, adjusting to the displayed content. So the balance is saved between the smoothness of the image and moderate power consumption. Akb feeding will not take much time. thanks to fast charging for 25 W.

Support for 5G networks and Wi-Fi 6E standards allows you not to worry about connecting speed in online shooters and loading large patches. So that nothing distracts from the battle will help Game Booster’s corporate mode. When it is activated, calls and notifications are turned off, so nothing will prevent anything to finish the last tank opponent. In addition, II assistant optimizes systematic software work, increasing productivity and autonomy.

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economical gamers should look at last year’s model Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Ultra. The S20 display to detail the image is not inferior to the fresh devices of the series, and the power of the 7-nm processor is enough for a long time. No other characteristics: Gadget offers relevant wireless standards, fast charging and the ability to install terabyte memory cards.

Realme X7 Pro Extreme Edition

The most inexpensive smartphone in our selection is not positioned by the manufacturer as a game. However, it includes everything you need to the gamer, ranging from bright (peak brightness. 1200 NIT) AMOLED display of the 360 ​​Hz sensor sampling frequency and ending with a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor with Mediatek Hyperengine 2 game optimization technology.0.

In short, this technology allows you to achieve a steadily high FPS in the game due to smart resource management, and uses the best available connection in 5G NR, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi networks during the game session.

Realme X7 Pro Extreme Edition supports 65-watt charging that charges a battery from 0 to 100% in 35 minutes.

There is a triple chamber with 64 MP to the main module, a 119-degree wide-angle module and 2 MP to a macro levity, which can focus on the object from a distance of 4 cm. In order to make the selfie winner after a busy game, serves 32 megapixel self-camera.

) per version 8/128 GB and from 396 (30 125) for version 12/256 GB.

Pros: Beautifully curved on the edges screen, Support 5G, NFC, stereo speakers with Dolby ATMOS, Liquid cooling system.

Cons: no slot for a memory card, no wireless charging, the smartphone himself is not yet available in Russia, is available for pre-order in China on the manufacturer’s website.

Cooling system

We all have come across the heat heating during the game in demanding games. Modern gaming smartphones are trying to fight with this problem. For example, heat pipes are used in Razer Phone, which remove heat to the metal case of the smartphone. In Xiaomi BlackShark used evaporative chamber. And in Asus Rog Phone, in addition to the evaporative chamber, like Xiaomi Black Shark, the exterior fan is included in the kit that is attached to the device.

The presence on the smartphone stereo speakers will give a tangible advantage for lovers to play without headphones. Not much important is and their location, during the game on the smartphone you should not close them, otherwise you will not hear anything.

Editor’s Choice

ASUS ROG Phone 3 12 128GB

Perhaps this is the best game smartphone represented in the market in 2022. ASUS continued the line of phones Republic of Gamers and made Rog Phone 3 more powerful than its predecessor. First of all, I would like to note the improved version of the SNAPDRAGON 865 processor. Plus prefix means an increase of performance more than 10%. 12 Gigabytes ROG PHONE 3 will be difficult to score even the most demanding games. Separately, it is worth mentioning and screen. amoled matrix diagonal in 6.59 inches and update frequency 144 Hz. Cool phone Special system.

From predictable minuses ROG Phone 3. weak chamber and large sizes. However, it will not dissuade the real gamers from buying such a game monster.


Among the best gaming smartphones, the famous apple model is occupied by its rightful place. The device received 6 gigabytes of RAM and a powerful A14 BIONIC processor. Considering what is the optimization of games and programs for Apple, the discomfort of gamers will not have any other than a year 2-3. Yes, smartphone dear, but for this money you will get a powerful and stylish device. In addition, the appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro does not produce in its owner of a typical amateur of computer games. it’s hard to believe, but this is a serious plus. Many gamers do not want to use smartphones with screaming “game” design, considering their children’s.

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An extremely interesting model from the “second” brand of Huawei. Despite the extremely democratic price, the SNAPDRAGON 985 flagship processor with 5G communication technology is installed here. Complement the powerful “stone” large screen and 8 gigabytes of RAM on board. Included with Honor 30 walks “Fast” charging. The main minus of the smartphone, perhaps, can be called not a completely capacious battery. only 4000 mAh. For the smartphone on Android, you want more.

samsung, better, games


The main difference of this truly gamer smartphone is the presence of additional physical buttons in the top (if you keep it in the “game” mode) part of the case. Also in Black Shark 3 installed a powerful SNAPDRAGON 865 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM and battery for 4720 mAh. The manufacturer frankly saved on the device chambers, explicitly leaving the “iron” component in the priority. However, the quality of the image will be enough for daily tasks. Also in this smartphone there is no NFC, which is strange for a modern device.


Smartphone, which is ideal for both an amateur of computer games and a photoenthusistant. The device is difficult to call the classic “shovel” on Android due to the compact size (OLED screen 6.1 inches) and low weight. only 175 grams. In all other parameters, P40 is not at all inferior to the latest models of competitors. There is a powerful KIRIN 990 processor with 5G network support, 8 gigabytes of RAM and a wonderful camera set. A little disappointing only a small capacity of the battery. only 3800 mAh, but this deficiency is not as critical due to the function of quick charging of the smartphone.


Another interesting model from the Chinese manufacturer in our selection of the best game smartphones 2022. The main thing in this device is a stunning screen with smooth operation (AMOLED matrix with a 120 Hz update frequency). Poco F3 processor can be called modern. it is powerful and supports 5G communication. In contrast to the previous model, there is a possibility of contactless payment through NFC. Complete with the phone there is a fast charge for 30 W and a simple silicone case. Potential buyers will have to come to terms with the absence of Jack 3 smartphone in this smartphone.5 and light indicator events.


“Killer” of gaming smartphones from Nubia. This model managed to install a wonderful amoled display with a frequency of expanded 144 Hz. it was the first model with similar characteristics on the market. TECHNICAL PART IN RED MAGIC. Under the screen. Powerful Snapdragon 865 and as much as 12 gigabytes of RAM. Among the pleasant “game” pluses of smartphones have additional sensory buttons at the top of the screen and the mechanical cooling system. If you wish, you can connect a docking station to this game phone, which displays the image from the screen to the external monitor.


Strict and inconsistent with a smartphone, with a very good iron “stuffing”. For 36 thousand, the owner will receive the SNAPDRAGON 865 processor with 5G network support, as many as 8 gigabytes of RAM, battery capacity of 5000 mAh and high-quality IPS-screen with smooth operation (144 Hz). From the features of the smartphone, you can highlight the frame scanner on the side and a slightly discovering camera module (if wearing without a cover). Of the minuses. the lack of Jack 3 connector.5 and high weight of the smartphone.


A huge and productive gaming smartphone that is not so easy to find on the market. First of all, in this device, I would like to note the powerful SNAPDRAGON 865 processor and a large amoled display (6.78 inches and 120 Hz). RAM in OnePlus 8 Pro 8 gigabytes and this is just enough even for demanding games. Another advantage for the buyer’s gamer will be fast charging. up to 100% smartphone can charge in just 40 minutes. Users also praise a good device chamber and permanent software updates.

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Closes our selection of the best game smartphones 2022 model from the superpopular manufacturer from South Korea. Having bought such a smartphone on Android, you will receive all the latest updates for system speed at least 2-3 years. Gamers will be appreciated in Galaxy S21 relatively compact (6.2 inches) and high-quality amoled display, powerful Exynos 2100 and 8 gigabytes processor. Enjoyable bonuses to the iron part of the smartphone will be a good set of cameras and moisture protection. Of the minuses. an overestimated price and a weak battery.


Famous Tablet Laptop from Microsoft. The body of the tablet is metallic and superctic, which makes it reliable, but mobile. For comfortable work there is a built-in stand. The tablet is equipped with a 12.3-inch display with a resolution of 2736 × 1824, which allows you to create a dive into a gameplay, and excellent brightness and color rendition provides an IPS matrix. Attaching the keyboard, the user gets a full-fledged laptop. High performance provides Intel processor. and long offline work powerful battery.


Screen: 6.2 “Amoled
Camera: Basic 64 MP, frontal 10 MP
CPU: Exynos 2100
Design: Rounded ends
Battery: 4000 mAh

This smartphone is included in SAMSUNG top phones thanks to three parameters. The model received a gorgeous camera that turns the gadget into a film studio in your hands. AT Galaxy S21 Built-in telephoto sensor for 64 megapixel. This will allow him to shoot detailed photos, the quality of which remains high even after Krop. There are 3 optical and 30x digital zoom that will allow you to take remote objects. Shot video is conducted in 8K-resolution, there is a superstabitization system. Your rollers will look better than the cinema.

Intelligent AMOLED screen has a frequency of 120 Hz, but it can vary depending on the content. This will optimize the battery consumption, but the quality of the content will remain at the height.

OCTA-CORE EXYNOS 2100 Processor, made of 5 Nm TEMPROSISS, shows the best performance in Galaxy.


This model ranks first in our SAMSUNG smartphones rating for a number of reasons.

  • Let’s start with the top eight-year 5-nm of the Samsung Exynos 2100 processor (or Snapdragon 888, on which the American version of the phone works), which gives the best performance results for Android devices.
  • In addition, S21 ULTRA. This is the first phone outside the Samsung Galaxy Note line, which supports the stylus s Pen.
  • Galaxy S21 ULTRA is equipped with an amoled display with a frequency of upgrade up to 120 Hz, depending on what you do. Tasks such as scrolling content provide higher update frequency, and more static actions allow you to save battery charge.
  • On the rear panel S21 ULTRA are four chambers, including two telegraphs: one with a 3-fold optical magnification, another with a 10x optical magnification. It strengthens Samsung‘s position as a manufacturer of phones that best copes with zoom lenses. In addition, the main chamber of the Samsung 2021 new items can record video with 8K resolution with a frequency of 24 FPS and has a superstabitization mode in which the smartphone will shoot as an action camera.
  • The front camera has a 40 megapixel resolution (F / 2.2), can record 4K video at 60 fps and has AUTO-HDR mode. In addition, it can shoot high-quality portrait videos, has retouching mode and allows you to use selfiems.
  • This smartphone, like many of the flagships of 2021, has support for 5G.

Galaxy S21 ULTRA remains an expensive phone, but if you need the best functions that can only offer Samsung smartphones, it is worth spending money on this device.

Pros: Support S Pen, Wireless Charging Fast Wireless Charge 2.0 and 25-watt fast charging, large power supply, double telephoto lens, stereo speakers.

Cons: no memory card slot, no power supply unit for charger, high price.