Choosing a screwdriver for iPhone disassembly

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Mobile phones have become part of the everyday life of almost every person. Like any other technique, these electronic gadgets also tend to break down and fail. A large number of models and brands provide an unlimited supply of spare parts and repair tools. The main tool for repairing a phone is a screwdriver. After all, even in order to simply diagnose a malfunction, you first need to disassemble the model case.

Screw Models

Every mobile phone manufacturer is interested in the safety of their models and the technologies used in them. To do this, they use special original screws when assembling their models. Apple is no exception; rather, on the contrary, it is the leader in protecting its phones from unauthorized tampering with the mechanism of its models.

To find the right type of screwdriver to repair your phone, you need to know which screws the manufacturer uses when assembling their models. Apple’s campaign has been using original screws for a long time, which allows for an additional degree of protection for its models.

How To Open IPhone 6 Without Screwdriver

Pentalobe screws are a five-pointed star mounting product. This allows us to apply the term anti-vandal to them.

All Pentalobe screws are marked with the letters TS, sometimes you can find the P and very rarely PL. Such a rare marking is used by the German company Wiha, which produces various tools.

Mainly for assembling iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Apple uses 0.8mm TS1 screws. In addition to these screws, the iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus use Philips Phillips and Slotted Screws, Precision Tri-Point and Torx Torx.

Types of tools for repairing mobile equipment

Any screwdriver consists of a handle with a rod with a tip inserted into it. The handle is usually made of synthetic alloys, less often of wood. The dimensions of the handle directly depend on the dimensions of the screws for which the screwdriver is intended. Apple repair tool handle diameters range from 10mm to 15mm.

Such small dimensions are due to small parts that have to be mounted in order to prevent the slot from breaking off on the screw. In the process of work, under the influence of mechanical stress, the tip of a screwdriver wears out quickly, therefore it is made of wear-resistant alloys such as molybdenum.

Screwdrivers are subdivided according to the type of tip, of which there are a great many in the modern world. Every mobile phone manufacturer is trying to outperform its competitors in terms of information technology security. IPhone uses tools with multiple tip types.

  • Slotted (SL). Straight tip tool with flat recess. Well known as minus.
  • Philips (PH). a tool with cross slots or, as it is often called, with a “plus”.
  • Torx is an American patented tool by Camcar Textron USA. The tip is shaped like an inner six-pointed star. Without this tool, it is impossible to repair any iPhone model from Apple.
  • Torx Plus Tamper Resistant is a type of Torx with a five-pointed star on the tip. A three-pointed star on the tip is also possible.
  • The Tri-Wing is also an American patented three-blade tip design. A variation of this tool is a triangle-shaped tip.

iFixIt iPhone & Gadget Repair Toolkit & Screwdriver Set

With such a set of tools in your arsenal, you can easily cope with the repair of any iPhone model from Apple.

To disassemble the iPhone 4 model, you only need two Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH) screwdrivers. To disassemble the phone case, you will need Slotted (SL), and to dismantle parts and elements, Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH).

To repair iPhone model 5, you need Slotted (SL), Philips (PH) and Torx Plus Tamper Resistant. To dismantle the phone case, you cannot do without Torx Plus Tamper Resistant, and the disassembly of the phone elements will take place using Slotted (SL) and Philips (PH).

What is a Pentalobe Screwdriver?

You will need a full range of tools to repair iPhone Model 7 and 8. The screws may differ depending on the modification of the phone. To disassemble the case, you need a Torx Plus Tamper Resistant and a Tri-Wing. Slotted (SL), Philips (PH) and Torx Plus Tamper Resistant come in handy to dismantle phone parts.

Phone Repair Kits

Currently, special tool kits are used to repair iPhone. Depending on their purpose, the set of tools changes. Now on the market there are universal kits for repairing phones with interchangeable tips of different types. If you are only interested in a tool for repairing only models from one manufacturer, then you do not need to spend money on kits with a large number of tips. One set with 4-6 types of attachments will be enough.

The most popular screwdriver set for iPhone repair is Pro’sKit. Convenient practical screwdriver set complete with a suction cup to replace the screen. The set consists of 6 pieces and 4 screwdriver bits. With this kit, you can easily repair 4, 5 and 6 iPhone models. It is very convenient to work with the tools from this set.

The screwdriver handle has the correct ergonomic shape, which makes it easy to work with. depending on the region.

Another versatile phone repair kit is the MacBook. It contains all 5 types of screwdrivers needed to disassemble all iPhone models. Its difference from the previous set is that it does not have screwdriver tips. All tools are made in the form of a stationary screwdriver, which increases the size of the set and complicates its storage. However,

The next representative of the kits is the Jakemy toolkit. In terms of its configuration and purpose, it is similar to the Pro’sKit, but inferior to it, since it has only 3 nozzles, and it is also suitable for repairing 4, 5 and 6 iPhone models.

The best option is a portable screwdriver set for iPhone, Mac, MacBook CR-V repair. The set has 16 screwdriver bits and a universal handle in its arsenal. This set contains the full range of tools that are needed to repair all iPhone models.

When repairing iPhone phones, you need to be extremely careful and use caution.

Do not use excessive force when loosening the screws. Doing so can break the slots on the screwdriver or screw. And also, when twisting, you do not need to be zealous. You could damage the threads on the screw or on the phone case. Then the repair will take much more time and money.

Review of screwdrivers from China for disassembling iPhone awaits you further.