Wireless rear view camera. reliable and efficient parking assistant!

Wireless rear view camera. Convenient parking aid. Which camera to choose among the variety of models? Which model is better, standard or wireless, and why is it important that the device has the maximum parameters?

1 Varieties of car rear view cameras

Rear View Camera. this is just one part of the car parking system, which also includes a separate or built-in monitor (for example, in the rearview mirror), a wireless transmitter or radio signal receiver, parking sensors, etc. Parking systems are different, but the most effective are systems with a built-in camera rear view, but not all models are equally effective when installed on a car.

A high-quality car rear view camera should:

  • Be resistant to mechanical and climatic changes, that is, to work in a wide temperature range and be sufficiently protected from dust, dirt, moisture, etc.;
  • Have several reliable mounting options, the most popular and reliable of which. bumper and license plate light location;
  • Produce the clearest and brightest image at any time of the day;
  • Have a wide range of functionality (high-quality monitor, sound signal, presence of a contour and parking markings, etc.)

Let’s list the most popular types of wireless cameras. The original car camera is installed either in the hole for the license plate light, while combining the two devices in one, or in the installation location provided by the car manufacturer, usually in the rear bumper area. Among the advantages, we can note the practicality and ease of installation, however, such devices are more expensive and are not produced for all car models (usually cars NOT lower than premium are equipped with rear-view cameras).

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Mortise car camera. a popular type of parking camera that cuts into the rear bumper hole and is fixed with a stopper or on special latches. To install, you will need a rear bumper drill, but after installation, the camera does not differ from the standard model in any way in appearance or functionality, especially if a high-quality device from a trusted manufacturer is selected.

Universal camera. Less popular, but affordable device, which, due to the universal attachment, can be installed in any area in the rear of the body, bumper, in the license plate frame, etc. Mounting method. on self-tapping screws or double-sided tape, among the advantages can be noted the ability to remove and install it many times, respectively, you can change the viewing angle in different operating conditions. A big minus of such a camera. it is highly visible and can be an easy target for intruders.

Camera for installation in a license plate frame. compact and reliable device for universal use. It has a vertical swivel mechanism and an average viewing angle. Such a camera is easy to install, but it can also be easily removed, which is unsafe.

The best solution would be to install an original rear-view camera kit, if one is not provided for your car model, then it is better to opt for the cut-in version. To use other types of cameras, you will need to additionally drill holes in the car bumper.

As a rule, the image from the camera is displayed on a monitor (built-in or additional) or on a car navigator or a connected tablet. Regardless of the type of device that receives the signal, it must have video inputs that support PAL or NTS TV signal. The camera should also be selected depending on the standard. It will NOT work to display the image on the screen with different device standards, you will have to purchase an adapter and change the connection diagram.

2 Features of Wireless Rear View Cameras

The signal is transmitted to the receiving device in two ways. With cable connections. with the help of contacts routed from the camera to the monitor through the car interior to the dashboard. For wiring, as a rule, it is necessary to remove the interior trim and plastic panels.

With a wireless connection, the signal is transmitted using radio waves. The disadvantages of wireless transmission include a fairly low range, no more than 11 meters, and susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. A wireless camera at its core. this is a device similar to a wired camera with the same RCA input, only instead of wires a special radio transmitter module is connected to the camera, and a radio receiver module is installed on the receiving device.

There are two ways to transmit the signal depending on the type of wireless camera. FM broadcast. the signal is transmitted on a standard FM channel through the module and the receiver in an analog way. Usually used to connect to a navigator or built-in monitor in the cabin.

Wi-Fi broadcast. data is transferred to a tablet or other mobile device with internet access. For the proper functioning of such a device, you need to install a special application, and from the side of the camera, the Wi-Fi module acts as a transmitter. Such models are more expensive, but recently they have become more popular.

3 Recommended functional parameters

The main criteria for choosing a wireless camera are its optical characteristics. Here the viewing angle directly depends on the width of the picture and the space that the optics are able to cover in the range. The wider the viewing angle, the clearer and more legible the picture on the monitor, however, if the view is too wide, distortions are possible, so 120-150 degrees is considered the optimal angle for a car camera.

Modern cameras use two types of sensors: CCD and CMOS. In the first case, it is possible to achieve a clearer picture in the evening and at night, in addition, the clarity of the image even in the daytime in such matrices is better. However, they are inferior in image transmission speed, and devices with this type of matrix are less affordable at the price. CMOS versions offer high speed and sensitivity, as well as increased operational reliability. Most Wi-Fi cameras and modern cameras are equipped with such matrices.

Almost all cameras on the market are color. The image that is transmitted to the screen is converted to one of the color systems. PAL or NTS. As already mentioned, for a high-quality signal and image, it is necessary to match the color of the camera and the receiver. Best to choose dual-system devices.

Infrared illumination enhances images in low light areas or at night. Illumination is carried out using LEDs built-in along the perimeter of the optical part. The same principle of IR illumination is implemented in modern Car DVR.

A reliable camera must have a function where special dimension lines are superimposed on the image. With the help of them, you can determine the exact distance to a particular object when reversing.

And the mirroring function allows you to duplicate the picture, making it commensurate with the picture in the rear-view mirrors.

Resistant to low and high temperatures and dust and moisture protection. The device must operate smoothly in a wide temperature range, which is especially important for our country. As a rule, manufacturers give a guarantee for the operation of cameras in the range from 45 to 50 degrees, which is quite enough (does not apply to devices of doubtful production).

A reliable device has a special rating (IP), which indicates the degree of protection. The maximum rating (IP68) means the camera can operate even when slightly immersed in water or mud. However, as practice shows, it is not recommended to once again wash or wipe the camera lens, especially a non-contact cleaning type Kercher, as you can damage the case and optics.

4 Overview of interesting models of wireless rear view cameras

A reliable and popular in our country wireless parking device for installation in a license plate frame. Differs in wide visibility. 170 degrees and picture conversion function. The sealed IP (68) housing and resistance to a wide temperature range allows the camera to be used when driving on different roads. It is fastened with a self-tapping screw, so the installation of the camera is quite simple and does not require any additional skills.

A device with a screw fastening for installation in a license plate illumination niche or in the standard illumination area. It has an average viewing angle of 135 degrees, disabled by the function of parking lines and mirroring, as well as a second useful functionality. The optics have a waterproof housing and excellent dust protection. Recommended for installation on budget cars.

Premium wireless camera that is suitable for various car models and has various customizable performance parameters. Easily mounts and connects to navigation systems as well as second integrated AV-IN devices. Equipped with a new generation CMOS 2000 color matrix with a viewing angle of 170 degrees and an IR illumination range of up to 4 meters. Conforms to the highest standard of moisture resistance. Alternatively, you can consider other wireless models from Neoline.

A powerful new generation camera with a Wi-Fi module and excellent image parameters allows you to transmit wirelessly at a distance of up to 17 meters and display the image on all models of Garmin navigators, as well as other integrated devices supporting all color systems. The highest standard of toughness and high resistance to low temperatures allows the camera to be used in a variety of weather conditions while maintaining image clarity and speed. Installed on the rear bumper in a cut-in way and connects to the standard rear-view lamp. The model belongs to the premium segment and costs more than 10,000 rubles.

Choosing a rear view camera for a car

Do you know that a rear view camera, especially with a monitor, should be chosen correctly? It is difficult to pick it up if you do not know some of the nuances. You need to figure out whether they all shoot the same night and day, and also be able not to get lost in the variety of models from manufacturers, literally filling the market with their products. What to do, how to act in such a situation? Let’s try to figure it out.

Choosing a rear view camera means not only getting a part of the car parking system, but also choosing such an option, which, together with other elements, would give a clear and distinct picture of what is happening. And this camera should be selected in such a way that it is immune to sudden changes in weather conditions, has a simple installation system, etc. You can choose a universal model, since it is easy to install, but such a device has a lot of disadvantages.

To begin with, there is a huge variety of rear-view cameras for cars on the market today. It can be:

  • Universal models, which are installed in places specially designed for them;
  • Devices that are sold with a license plate (they are also built in here)
  • OEM rear-view cameras, designed specifically for a specific car model.

As in the first varieties, so in the second and third there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, universal models have a simple design, as a result of which they can be installed in any place. The shape of such cameras is a butterfly, which can be attached to any horizontal surface with screws. Of the advantages of such devices, only a low price can be distinguished.

And there are a lot of shortcomings: poor protection against damage, poor picture, inability to change the angle.

There are other types of universal cameras, which are fixed in the rear bumper. They are mostly endowed with infrared illumination, which provides a picture in complete darkness.

But this model also has drawbacks: you need a bumper drill, the device can be easily damaged if the bumper comes into contact with an obstacle in an accident, and it has an inconvenient angle of inclination in relation to the horizon.

Model built into the license plate frame

Now about the devices built into the license plate frame. This is the simplest and best option for choosing a car rear view camera, since it does not require installation. The device is already built into the frame and the owner does NOT have to think about how to install. Often during installation, many supersensitive models deteriorate, as they are very susceptible to damage of various kinds, but here everything is in order.

In addition, the installation of a camera with a license plate eliminates the need for a drill in the car, enables the car owner to change the viewing angle himself in relation to the horizon and has a lot of second, less fundamental advantages.

Such a model will greatly facilitate reversing and, in fact, the parking itself. It can be installed in almost any car, regardless of design, model, brand, etc.

During the operation of such a camera, a clear image with a resolution of 420 lines is transmitted on the monitor. A device of this type is practically NOT afraid of dust and moisture, having an IP67 protection classification. This means that its design is sealed and completely weatherproof. With regard to susceptibility to sudden changes in temperature, everything is fine here too. The device is capable of operating at temperatures ranging from minus 30 degrees to plus fifty. Such a model can be ideal for drivers of those vehicles in which there is no possibility of installation in regular places.

But there is also a drawback. Such a camera can be easily removed or damaged by anyone, since it provides easy access for strangers.

Parktronic with a rear view camera becomes ideal. Indeed, without a camera, Moving back and relying only on parking sensors, the driver often does not notice the “hospitable” open hatch, a beautiful cast-iron pillar, a toy dump truck, etc. Parktronic will not feel all this, since he does not see obstacles less than a hundred millimeters in diameter below yourself. In the parking sensors, even the most expensive ones, there are problems with corners. Much depends on the sensors themselves, their number and location. Therefore, adding a rear-view camera to the parking sensors will be the solution Ideal.

OEM rear view cameras

Standard rear-view cameras. the best option for today. They can be installed in certain places, which were provided in advance by the car manufacturer. This is usually a license plate light, trunk release handle or other place.

The ENVIX wireless rear view camera left a good impression. It is small in size and weighs about 200 grams, but has a high resolution and the image is extremely clear and bright.

In the video. rear view camera overview:

The advantages of OEM rear view cameras are as follows:

  • They are always designed for a specific car model;
  • Have their own room lighting system;
  • Have the optimal height and viewing angle for installation.

Needless to say, a rear-view video camera with a monitor is more informative and indicative today in comparison with a conventional parking sensor. Often, manufacturers release their cars with a camera and monitor already installed. It also happens that the car owner has to do this.

The image from the camera can be transmitted Not only to the standard car monitor, but also to the monitor of the main multimedia device or to the TV screen.

Special rearview mirror

Some car owners purchase a rearview mirror with a camera, which is also a convenient option. Such a mirror is mounted with a tripod on a regular one and takes up little space.

The body of such a mirror is made of a very durable material, which protects against accidental damage. Excellent functionality and ease of use are the advantages of this accessory.

There is also such a mirror, which has a built-in DVR with a rear-view camera. This is a novelty among mirrors, and it is distinguished by its low price and great possibilities. Also superimposed on the stock rearview mirror and has its own monitor with a 10.9 cm display size.

In the video. rear view mirror with camera:

How to connect

Now let’s find out how to install the camera? As mentioned above, the image can be transmitted from the camera to the monitor, Auto Navigator or to the screen of the main device of the car.

Connecting a rear view camera to any of the monitors requires a video input with support for a PAL or NTSC TV signal. Here it is important NOT to make a mistake and choose a camera that would match and match the monitor.

So. There are two ways to transfer the picture to the monitor. The first implies a video cable, which will be pulled from the camera through the entire interior to the monitor that is mounted on the panel. This installation method has many advantages, including the reliability of signal transmission, good immunity from radio interference, etc. But there is also a minus. to lay the video cable, you need to remove the car trim.

Second way. it’s wireless. The signal is transmitted using radio waves. Easy to install, but a lot of cons. limited transmission range (only 15 m), electromagnetic interference of the radio signal and the like.

You can entrust the installation of the device to a specialist, but the price for installation will definitely not please you.

You can learn how to do it yourself by watching this

Choosing a stock camera

I wanted to summarize the articles. As you can see, there are a lot of cameras. Each of the varieties has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, having analyzed all the pros and cons, I would like to focus on such a model as a regular rear-view video camera. She, by comparison, is much better.

Firstly, it has an excellent and, most importantly, adjustable viewing angle. The viewing angle can be adjusted so that the area behind the vehicle has its maximum grip width. And the advantage of standard cameras in this case is that even with the maximum girth width, when the image of some devices is distorted, everything is in order with this model.

Secondly, standard cameras are produced with CCD matrices, which “see” much better at night than cameras with CMOS matrices.

In any case, it’s up to you. In this article, we managed to give examples, consider various types of cameras and their functionality. As mentioned above, each of the cameras has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same stock camera, which in our opinion is considered the best, costs more than the others.

How to choose a rear view camera

If you ask drivers which of the car accessories is the most useful, then many without hesitation will choose not even a DVR, but a rear-view camera. Nowadays, car parking has become a real problem. Especially for inexperienced drivers, reversing parking is really a challenge. Due to the increase in cars of different brands on the roads, the permissible areas for parking are reduced, often transport has to put on a minimum area.

Equipment characteristics

If you do not have sufficient driving experience, it is quite difficult to deal with the problem of parking. To help car owners, various electronic devices appear on the shelves, one of which is a rear-view camera. In the process of parking and driving back, the driver observes everything that happens behind the car through the rear-view mirrors or on the rear camera monitor.

When a reversing camera is used, the driver’s capabilities are significantly expanded:

  • Neat parking in car parks is provided;
  • With the help of a modern mirror, you can see the situation both at short and long distances, I control the movement of the car through the built-in compact monitor in the car;
  • Without turning your head, you will be able to visually monitor the situation behind the car;
  • The driver gets a sense of confidence in the possibility of monitoring the situation from the back of the car, in order to avoid an emergency and not cause damage to his own and other cars;
  • Option with IF illumination, helps you to park with confidence in the evening and at night in the yard or in the parking lot;
  • The camera opens access to the lowered area from the back of the car, which is NOT reflected in the usual rear-view mirror, and this is especially important if small children or animals may be present in the yard or on the road.

How to choose the right rear view camera from so many different options offered by a huge number of manufacturers? This is one of the main questions that interests advanced motorists who are interested in all kinds of auto gadgets.

Right choice

In this case, you must take into account at least five fundamental points that you should pay attention to. But in order to facilitate the work, it is necessary to determine the priorities, which is the main advantage: price or quality. In the selection process, attention should be paid to the following factors:

Variety of varieties


Copies are placed on the assembly line of the manufacturer during the assembly of the car. The main advantages of this system:

  • Produced for specific vehicles, taking into account their features;
  • Equipped with backlight;
  • During the installation of the camera, the manufacturer independently sets the optimal viewing angle.

A significant and obvious drawback is the increased cost of such an option. It depends on the selected configuration.


They can be mounted anywhere and chosen to your liking. They have universal fasteners for placement even under the license plate light or on the bumper. In addition, they are usually not very expensive. Such devices are usually sealed and resistant to damage, scratches, and moisture. On sale you can find models designed for installation in the bumper. Typical disadvantages of such devices:

  • Mounting the camera in the bumper requires drilling;
  • Weak protection from outside damage;
  • The device will NOT allow you to adjust the viewing angle, which will NOT allow you to see the full picture behind the car.

It is advisable to choose devices manufactured by well-known brands.


Models are fixed to the bumper in pre-drilled locations. They are also discreet and do NOT attract burglars. The disadvantages include only the need to drill holes on the machine and the appearance of corrosion on the paintwork.

Built in license plate frame

This option is a great alternative to the previous varieties. It combines several positive characteristics:

  • The ability to choose the optimal model;
  • Ease of installation, as it can be performed by almost any car owner;
  • Stealth for robbers.

The disadvantage is that if such a camera is stolen, then only together with the license plate. Also, the disadvantage is the weaker image quality than that of more advanced types of cameras.

Connection methods

All rear view cameras can be divided according to connection methods:

  • Wire type,
  • Wireless models;
  • Mounted in the rearview mirror;
  • With stand-alone monitors.

Wired cameras are connected through a wire that runs from the back of the car to the monitor to capture an image. The advantage of such cameras. reliability and good image quality. The price of the equipment is slightly less compared to the wireless class. Minus: disassembly of the trim in the car is required in order to connect the device to the monitor.

Wireless analogs are equipped with a radio transmitter located at the back of the car and a screen receiver located directly in front of the receiving device. The set includes a monitor built into the rearview mirror or a special separate monitor for installation on a dashboard. Wireless cameras are usually configured for navigators.

It should be noted that the installation of such equipment does NOT require disassembly of the interior trim.

The simple installation process of the device significantly saves your home budget and time. There are also modules for RCA monitors. Wireless modules are not suitable for radio tape recorders and monitors with video input.

Converting a wireless camera to a wired one is NOT difficult. Mirror-mounted models give an excellent view of the entire rear, avoiding a “gray area” situation. It is advisable to take into account the percentage of your glass tint. If the glass is tinted, it will not be very convenient to handle the equipment, especially at night and in the evening, as you will have to peer into the mirror.

In the process of choosing monitors, you need to pay attention to their diagonal length. Additional functionality also affects, for example, the built-in Bluetooth module. The advantage is compactness, because you can not be afraid to damage them. Additionally, the devices can be equipped with anti-theft protection.

Which rear view camera is better

The choice of a parking camera is a crucial step. The quality of work depends on what kind of camera you buy. The preference should be given to the most popular universal cameras as possible. They differ from other types only in the way of fastening.

The most popular and demanded models on the market are the following devices:

  • Gazer CC100;
  • RS RVC-01_170;
  • Fighter FC-05;
  • Swat 003.

Cameras from THESE manufacturers are very difficult to distinguish externally. Since they all have a similar shape and method of attachment. However, in Fighter FC-05 and Swat 003 it is possible to disable marking and image rotation, i.e. both of them can be used Not only for rear view, but also as a front view camera. They have a built-in blue and white wire, where by cutting the blue wire we turn off the markup, and by cutting the white wire we turn the mirror image into a straight line.

The Fighter FC-05 camera supports two installation methods: the first one can be attached using two self-tapping screws in any convenient place and the second. it’s a mortise. To do this, using a special adapter, we remove the mounting platform and crepe another platform that is suitable for flush installation. Also, the kit includes a special cutter in order to cut the required diameter into the car’s skin. The declared resolution of this camera is 720×480 pixels and 500 TV lines.

Gazer CC100 cameras also have the ability to disable markings and mirror images. over, it has the largest dimensions and the highest resolution. 720×576 pixels and 540 TV lines.

The Swat 003 has a 628×582 pixel matrix of 480 TV lines. RS RVC-01_170 is equipped with a matrix of 656×462 pixels and 520 TV lines.

At the same time, one viewing angle is declared for all cameras, which is 170 degrees. Thus, if you believe the stated characteristics, then the best picture should be expected from Gazer CC100, and the worst from Swat 003, since it has a small number of TV lines, low resolution, and there will be a struggle between Fighter FC-05 and RS RVC-01_170. T. K. Fighter FC-05 has higher resolution, while RS RVC-01_170 has more TV lines.

Tests were carried out in real conditions. Cameras were installed in the same place, at the same angle. As a result, it was found that the declared characteristics on the cameras are true. When choosing which rear-view camera is better, Gazer CC100 was ahead in this rating.

The worst proved to be Swat 003, and in between. RS RVC-01_170 and Fighter FC-05. When buying, it is recommended to give preference to brands that offer the longest warranty period.

How does a rearview camera work with dynamic or static parking line markings

For a modern person, a car. it is NOT an attribute of luxury anymore. But moving around a metropolis with a busy traffic requires increased attention and responsibility from the driver. To reduce the risk of incorrect parking, a rear view camera with dynamic markings should be installed in the car.

How does it work

Before buying a camera for a vehicle, you need to evaluate how it works and its benefits. There are two types of such devices: with dynamic layout and static.

With dynamic layout

Models with dynamic markup are capable of displaying not only a picture of what is happening, but also special markup. Dynamic lines in the camera provide maximum comfort when parking the car, accurately showing the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle.

Devices that work on this principle are fixed to the rear bumper or near the license plate.

Data transfer from the source to the display is carried out via video cable or radio communication (depending on the model features).

When choosing a suitable device, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • Device shape. This characteristic determines the specifics of installing the camera on a car. The universal model is equipped with special fasteners.
  • Viewing angle. To effectively assess the situation in the “dead zone”, ie. At the back of the car, you need to choose cameras with a wide viewing angle. But if it is too large, a lot of unnecessary information will get into the lens, which makes it difficult to focus on key objects.
  • Color. Commercially available camera models operate in the Color range or in black and white.
  • Night mode support.
  • Camera resolution.
  • Build quality and body material.
  • Parking lane function support.

With static markup

The static markings of the rear view camera are graphic lines that are superimposed on the overall image and DO NOT change their position during parking.

What’s better

If we compare a camera with dynamic lines with a parktronic system, then it will demonstrate the following advantages:

  • When using the device, you can independently track what is happening behind the car. In addition, modern models do it in high definition. The work of parking sensors is only to alert the driver about the approach to an obstacle using a characteristic sound.
  • The ability to interact with any displays and multimedia systems on the dashboard. This feature Reduces installation costs of the system and associated components.
  • Parktronic functions on the basis of sound waves, so it is not able to respond to small or thin obstacles and sloping surfaces.
  • The installation of the camera does not require much effort, since K. Image transmission can even be realized wirelessly. And in order to install the parktronic system, sometimes you have to dismantle the fundamental units of the car.

But in the parking sensors there are such advantages as the ability to work in the dark. When using a camera with dynamic layout, you have to protect it from dirt, otherwise the picture quality will be lost. The most optimal solution is to install both cameras and parking sensors. This will allow you to combine the advantages of both systems and get the most out of them.

Popular models


The best-selling models with dynamic lines include:

  • Blackview UC-36.
  • Avis 685 CMOS.
  • Rolsen RRV-180.
  • Sho-Me CA-9J185D1


The best model with static markings is AutoExpert VC-214. The device meets the standard of good quality, provides high accuracy in determining the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle, and also makes parking easier.

Installation and connection

Device installation process Takes a little time. Every motorist who has installed the camera correctly knows that the only difficulty concerns the need to lay a cable from the trunk to the dashboard. During the installation process, it is necessary to determine the optimal place for fixing the wires and the camera, as well as prepare the necessary tools. Among them:

  • Electric drill or screwdriver.
  • Set of wrenches, screwdrivers and sprockets.
  • Electric wires.
  • Sealant composition or adhesive base.
  • Electrical tape or tape.

Standard camera models are designed for SEPARATE cars, therefore, as standard, they come with all accompanying fasteners and elements for easy installation.

The easiest and most popular installation method is to mount it to the rear bumper and car sign. When installing the optical unit in such places, it is necessary to pre-drill holes and fix the camera inside. Wires are laid at the places where electrical wiring is installed.

How to use

When using a rear view camera, there are some rules and guidelines to consider. Correct use of the device means choosing the optimal settings for the riding conditions.

For a beginner, who has never used such a sensor before, it is enough to understand the principle of its operation. When reversing, the system is automatically triggered by transmitting a signal to a screen inside the vehicle. Therefore, it is not necessary to specifically turn it on after the start of the ride. Above the main image, auxiliary stripes are displayed, which indicate the trajectory of the wheels. It can change depending on the steering wheel rotation.

Also in the display there are perpendicular stripes, which indicate the distance between the car body and the rear bumper. Depending on the distance of the strip from the body, it acquires a greenish tint. The accuracy of the trajectory is determined by the quality of the system. Cheap models cannot guarantee good results.

Controlling the road behind you is just as important as in front. According to statistics, more than a third of all accidents happen when you try to turn around, park, or back up. The best rear-view camera, which can be installed both on the license plate frame and somewhere at the trunk level, will help not to become the culprit of an auto accident for these reasons. The task of choosing a reliable device that would fully match its price, your needs and serve reliably will facilitate our rating of the most popular models.

The best rear view cameras. which company to choose

Inexpensive products can be found in Russian manufacturers. If you need a European assembly, then Korean and Japanese devices will do. Here are the companies in question:

  • Autoexpert. Russian company with a large, growing assortment. The equipment is notable for its affordable price and good adaptation to Russian cars.
  • XPX. the Korean brand recently appeared on the Russian market, but quickly gained popularity thanks to inexpensive, high-quality equipment with an Official Guarantee.
  • Bigson. a company based in South Korea and producing VIDEO EQUIPMENT for both budget cars and luxury cars. Products are popular in Canada, Japan, USA due to their high quality.
  • Alpine Electronics. Japanese company producing video devices for Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen. Works in this niche since 1997, offers budget models of European assembly.
  • Sho-Me. under this trademark is produced automotive electrical and lighting equipment, elite class accessories.
  • Fighter. the manufacturer offers products for both cars and trucks with mounting in a frame or bumper with a 12 month warranty.
  • Rolsen. Russian company, leading history since 1994. Produces large and small household appliances from Asian parts using LG and Toshiba techniques.

Rating of the best rear view cameras

  • Installation method and complexity;
  • Dimensions;
  • Weight;
  • Viewing angle;
  • Screen resolution;
  • Picture quality;
  • The degree of resistance to moisture;
  • Ease of use;
  • Cost;
  • Brand;
  • Build quality.

Best rear view cameras

These devices are divided into universal and standard (cut-in, frame). They can be mounted on the bumper, car license plate or at the trunk level. Their use is especially important on busy roads and at night due to insufficient illumination of the roadway. The information recorded with their help can complement what the DVRs give in case of an accident. We have also compiled a rating of THESE gadgets.

Best parking camera

Autoexpert VC-204. an affordable option with enough options. The installation of a mini rear-view camera is carried out under the license plate frame and does not outwardly strike the eye. For convenience, image transmission can be configured mirrored or connected to the DVR. A backlit rear-view camera allows the uncertain driver to park safely, as it is able to read the marking lines even in the dark. So that the use does not bring hassle, the developers have provided the device with protection from moisture, dust, and also thought over a wide range of operating temperatures. from 20 to 70 ° С.


  • Adjustable viewing angle 170 °;
  • Low price;
  • Good night lighting;
  • Universal for any car;
  • Simple assembly.


  • Sweats in high humidity.

Available rear view camera

XPX CCD-309B LED. standard car rear view camera. It is wise to choose this option for periodic use. The model has an overhead installation method; for this, the kit contains a special drill, a 6-meter cord and instructions. Despite the low price, the device will last more than one season thanks to protection from dust, moisture and dirt. The output image pleases with good quality achieved by automatic white balance and IR illumination, which adequately copes with its tasks at night.


  • Low price;
  • Easy installation;
  • Color image;
  • Good protection from external influences;
  • There are parking markings.


  • Viewing angle 150 °.

Best camera overlay for night shooting

Rolsen RRV-180. shoots 170 ° horizontally. Video thanks to the NTSC system comes out in high quality and in good color. To get a clear picture even at night, there is an IR illumination and a CMOS matrix. This model is not afraid of moisture, it is protected from water and snow. Good View provides a video resolution of 640×480 pixels. The image is displayed in mirrored mode. The operating temperature range is from 20 ° C to 70 ° C. Power is supplied by DC 10-15V.


  • Works at very high and low temperatures;
  • Backlit in the dark;
  • Protected from moisture;
  • Covers a large area.


  • Small resolution;
  • Fuzzy picture;
  • Unreliable mount;
  • Chinese production.

Best Inset Camera

UC-36. is produced under the Blackview brand in China and is made of black plastic. It is protected from moisture at the IP67 level, shoots with a matrix resolution of 648×488 pixels, has parking lines. The minimum operating temperature is 20 ° C, and the maximum 70 ° C. The number of TV lines is 480. There is no backlight, but the angle of the field of view. 140 °. The set includes two cables: one for connecting to the network, the other. for the camera. The device comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Suitable for any car;
  • Good viewing angle;
  • Inexpensive;
  • High quality image.


  • NOT highlighted;
  • Plastic body;
  • Weak video signal.

UC-36 Blackview is usually installed in the roof area.

Best rear camera on a bracket

Alpine HCE-C125. The case is made of durable sealed plastic that can withstand moisture. The picture is displayed both on the main monitor and on an additional one connected via the RCA jack. A wide viewing angle allows you to see everything that happens behind the car, in the horizontal position it is 131 °, and in the vertical one. 103 °. If necessary, internal synchronization and automatic change of the ATW / AWB white balance settings are carried out. The set includes a cable 0.5 m long and the main device 2.36 cm wide, the same height and 2.4 cm thick. The gadget consumes up to 0.9 W and together with the unit weighs 110 g. Noise level. up to 47 dB.


  • Good maneuverability;
  • Automatic color correction of the image;
  • NOT heavy;
  • Wide operating temperature range;
  • Famous brand.


  • Captures vertically at a small angle;
  • Poorly removes in the dark;
  • Camera cable short.

Best Frame Model

Sho-Me CA-6184LED. a gadget with a color system of two types, PAL and NTSC, LED backlighting and parking markings. Shooting is carried out in Color mode with a CMOS matrix, 420 TV lines, the body is protected from moisture, there is a PC7070 image sensor. Maximum power. 0.5 watts The upper limit of the permissible temperature is 60 ° C, the lower one is 20 ° C. The device reaches a height of 1.4 cm and a length. 5.45 cm.


  • There are parking markings;
  • Colored;
  • One year warranty;
  • Durable body;
  • Easy installation.


  • Low power;
  • Big sizes;
  • Chinese quality;
  • Short wire;
  • It’s easy to steal.

Sho-Me CA-6184LED shoots video both in the center and on the sides.

Best all-round camera

FC-12. the products are produced under the Fighter brand and can be used both as a rear view camera and a front one. The signal is broadcast by the NTSC color system. The screen resolution for the luminance channel is equal to 420 TV lines. The image displayed on it consists of 656 × 492 dots. A photosensitive element of the HCCD type allows you to shoot high-quality video at a viewing angle of 170 degrees in any light. For orientation in the distance to the second object there are parking markings. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.


  • Powerful video signal;
  • The set includes an extension cord and a mounting nut;
  • A high resolution;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Image quality is above average;
  • Imperceptibly.


  • Works poorly at night;
  • Inconvenient installation type;
  • Weak degree of protection against moisture;
  • Most often, during installation, you have to drill the car body.

Best rear view cameras

A rear view camera is an optional device to assist the driver with parking and driving. Thanks to the camera, you can avoid turning your head to see what is happening behind the car. Video from it is displayed either on a separate screen installed on the car dashboard, or on a mirror.

Which camera is better?

You should take into account the individual characteristics of each device when choosing, as well as a number of features, without which it will be inconvenient to use the device. The camera must:

  • Show mirror image. Thanks to this, it will be as comfortable as possible to navigate along it while driving;
  • Be resistant to external influences so that it will last as long as possible.

What is the difference between rear view cameras?

The main difference between cameras is the type of sensor on which they work. The price of the devices varies from this. The sensor is called the filling of the camera, thanks to which the light entering the device turns into a video signal. It is he who is displayed on the monitor as a video image.

With CMOS sensor

These cameras are based on a CMOS sensor that converts light into a video signal.

The main advantages of such cameras are low cost and low power consumption.

However, such cameras have a number of significant disadvantages. These include poor image quality with a lack of daylight due to low light sensitivity, poor image quality, expressed in a lot of noise and insufficient contrast, as well as the presence of thermal noise.

With CCD sensor

Carries out its work on the CCD matrix. Most famous brands of manufacturers of photo and video cameras, such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, work on it.

Cameras of this type do not have all the disadvantages that are found in cameras with a CMOS sensor. They broadcast good quality images in bad weather, fog, or when there is a lack of daylight. Image is free of noise and low contrast.

Such cameras are significantly superior to the first type in their characteristics and parameters, but at the same time they have a higher price.

The best rear view camera firms

There are hundreds of camera models on the market, but there are several leaders among manufacturers.


A company from Russia that produces electrical equipment for cars. Reached its current level of popularity thanks to affordable for quality electronics.

Rolsen. Bigson

Korean company that specializes in car equipment related to video surveillance and video filming. Due to its narrow specialization, the company improves its technical characteristics every year. This allows you to maintain your status in the market and at the same time sell products at low prices.


A Japanese company that produces various equipment for cars. Due to its wide assortment, it remains one of the leading in the market.

What to look for when choosing a camera

There are many parameters by which you can choose the ideal device model for yourself.

Type of allocation

Rear view cameras are divided into several types:

  • Mortise, which are attached to the slit hole.
  • Attached near the rear number.
  • Cameras inside the cabin to avoid external influences. They are held on brackets, which can then be customized.
  • Cameras in the license plate frame. However, it is this type of placement that has the highest probability of contamination and breakdown.
  • Cameras, which are placed instead of the plafond of the room. NOT universal, since you will have to select individually for each car.

360 ° view

Most cameras have a viewing angle of up to 170 degrees. Its value depends on how large a section of the road the driver sees in order to more accurately assess the situation. Take a camera with the maximum possible viewing angle.

There are also all-round cameras with a 360-degree viewing angle. They can be both universal and specifically for rear view.

This indicator affects the cost, so you should choose the camera that is more suitable for the price range and at the same time has the maximum viewing angle.

Number of cameras included

The kit comes with one rear-view camera, or several, for example, two or four. As a rule, this happens in models where it is part of the DVR.

But most often the kit consists of a camera, the necessary wires, cables and instructions for using the device.


There are both the simplest camera models and those that stand out from the competition with their functions and advantages.

Among the possible features of the cameras are the following:

  • No image defects in sunlight: masking glare and highlights, as well as the presence of a night mode.
  • Presence of protection from moisture, dust and smoke, which is suitable for extreme trips and travel.
  • Ability to synchronize recording from the DVR.
  • The ability to add data on the time and date of shooting, as well as the speed of the car at the time of shooting.
  • Microphone presence.
  • Some cameras are equipped with additional LED or infrared illumination and touch screen.
best, rear, view, camera

Battery operation

Cameras work from various sources:

  • Here are the bulbs or other sources near which they are installed.
  • Cameras built into a DVR or navigator can be powered by battery.

Best Mortise Rear View Cameras

Installed by integrating them into the rear bumper of the car. Some can crash into the body, others. in the bumper emblem.

Interpower IP-980HD camera for Volkswagen Touareg NF (2010)

The best car body camera. Differs in ease of installation and disassembly, as well as excellent video quality. Has a viewing angle of 100 degrees and helps the driver to better assess the road situation.

The features include the presence of parking lines, as well as the water resistance of the device.

The resolution of 520 TV lines allows you to transmit images without defects, glare and flare. The camera gives a clear picture in the presence of illumination from 0.01 lux.


  • Low price.
  • There are parking marks.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Automatic detection and removal of glare.
  • Good picture quality.
  • Clearly visible at night.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • The barrel connector on the camera cable gets very hot. As it heats up, the camera turns off.
  • Parking lines are NOT disabled.
  • Small viewing angle (170 but actually 100).
  • Unreliable.

Best camera overlays

Overhead cameras can accurately estimate the distance between the extreme point of the car and the nearest obstacle, which will protect the driver when parking.

SWAT VDC-007 camera

Has a wide view. 170 degrees and the trajectory of parking lines, which will help even an inexperienced driver park the car.

The picture that is displayed on the display remains clear in the daytime and at dusk due to the high sensitivity of the device.

The device is completely sealed to protect the camera even in bad weather conditions.

The camera is universal and suitable for different brands of cars, for example, “Skoda”, “Kia”, “Nissan”, etc.

When installing, it is necessary to make one through hole for the greatest stability of the fastening.


  • There are parking lines (disconnectable).
  • 6 months warranty.
  • Working temperature 30. 70 degrees.
  • Universal.
  • 170 degree view.
  • Waterproof (IP 67).
  • Low price (about 2000 rubles).


  • Lack of backlight.
  • Low lightfastness.