Choosing a new best iPhone

Since Apple introduced three new iPhone models, the user’s shoulders have a lot of choice: overpay for the maximum configuration of the iPhone XS Max or save and take XR without 3D Touch? Let’s figure out which of the new iPhone is better to buy with you.

First of all, you need to look at dry characteristics:

Hakarctsericism iPhone xr iPhone XS
Diagonal 6.1 inches 5.8 inches and 6.5 inch
Permission 1792 × 828 2436 × 1125 and 2688 × 1242
True Tone There is There is
The main camera One for 12 megapixels Two for 12 megapixels
Front-camera 7 MP 7 MP
Functions of the camera Portrait mode, HDR photo Portrait mode, HDR photo
CPU A12 Bionic A12 Bionic
Fast charging There is There is
Wireless charger There is There is
Moisture protection IP67. up to 1 meter IP68. up to 2 meters
Memory 64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB 64 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB
3D Touch Not There is
HDR Not There is
Network and Bluetooth VOLTE, 802.11ac Wi.Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 VOLTE, 802.11ac Wi.Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, gigabit LTE

If you like to look at the dials in tests, know: in the XR processor frequency is underestimated. In a single.core test, the state employee issued 4754 points, and in the multi.core. 9367. XS has a little higher: 4813 and 10 266.

The Verge

See you dryly, then the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are only updated versions of the iPhone X. New camera matrix, new processor, a number of minor minor changes. In a word, improved iPhone x.

Without excess water, I would like to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of two iPhone.

Pluses iPhone XS: amazing display, excellent speakers, good autonomy.

Cons of iPhone XS: a very worthy but not outstanding camera, a “unfinished” portrait mode, high price.

The pluses of the iPhone XS Max: amazing display, excellent speakers, excellent autonomy.

Cons of iPhone XS Max: a very decent but not outstanding camera, a “unfinished” portrait mode, high price. If you bought the iPhone XS Max, do not forget to say loudly that this is “Ten Es Max”.

Everything is clear with the iPhone XS. this is the same iPhone X, but only faster and more powerful.

As for the iPhone XS Max, it repeats the dimensions of the iPhone 8 Plus and Pixel 2 XL purely in size. What is really cool such a smartphone with a giant display is in games and watching a video.

For the iPhone XS Max, there is no sufficient software that is adapted to the capabilities of so much big display. Yes, and Apple itself with iOS 12 can not offer so much. Everything is like Plus models: album mode and convenient navigation in Safari. All. Gmail, and a cloud of other software just looks more.


iPhone XS Max will not be able to use one hand. You can’t even call the control center without using the second hand.

It’s funny that, compared with the iPhone X, the quality of the images on the iPhone XS and XS Max has improved significantly. But to the level of Google Pixel 2 XL, the flagships of Apple have not yet reached.

And one more point: there is practically no noticeable difference between the iPhone XS and iPhone X. That is, if objectively, it is somewhere at the level of 10-15%, but this is not a cardinal increase in performance. Rather, he only touched power for the future.

One thing can be said for sure. If you have an iPhone x, it simply makes no sense to update to the iPhone XS. If you do not have an iPhone x, but you are not ready to come to terms with the cost of the iPhone XS and, especially, XS Max, wait better. Yes, there is not the same impressive display as the oled version of the iPhone, but the price also decides.


You can choose a black, gold or white iPhone XS max. Golden is a new color, and in life it is very pleasant. It is radically different from the gold iPhone 8 Plus: richer, brighter, more interesting. But, no matter how I would like to hit all the big “gold”, I would prefer Max black. It is technological, practical, suitable for any cover. alas, this is a given of our time: to use the case is not only for the sake of security, but also for the sake of banal convenience. Silicone original covers lie great in the hand, pleasant in daily use, can save the screen when falling. I also recommend Mousing covers. I wear these myself with all iPhones and immediately buy protection for the new iPhone XS Max (already on sale by our friends Bagwallet). Such a cover saved my “ten” about three times: the smartphone flew on the tile from a height of growth, but the case took all the damage. really cool accessories, I recommend.

Retreat from the topic: how the iPhone XS differs from the iPhone X

If you buy an iPhone XS for a certain purpose: to admire, then it will be useful for you to know how the gadgets are different. After all, at first glance they are similar as two twin brothers. In fact, Apple understands everything and prudently made changes:

  • Only the iPhone XS has a gold color
  • The iPhone XS has 2 new stripes that share the antenna on the side faces
  • Lightning port in the new iPhone is slightly shifted upward
  • XS chamber module is larger

iPhone XS MAX или XR. Сравнение iPhone XR VS iPhone XS MAX.

Therefore, if you do not have a gold iPhone XS, then feel free to point to these differences. This will add 100 points to you and 500 to the attention of the opposite sex. (But this is not exactly ©)

What gives a giant display in the iPhone XS Max, is there any meaning in it?

I look at this question as the owner of the iPhone X. I do not complain about the size of the screen, but there is a fact: watching a video on Plus has always been a little nicer. Still, the physical size of the matrix decided no less than the resolution or contrast OLED.

Actually, I tested both screens opposite each other, opening the same applications nearby.

Photos on XS Max are more convenient and watch and edit. Flying from Berlin on both smartphones, he repeatedly noted: “Max” displays small details where X does not show them without a zoom. With the same density of pixels per inch (458 ppi), a physically larger screen logically wins.

Films on XS Max Watch cooler. display = more picture. At the same distance on behalf, Max unconditionally steers, approaching comfort to the iPad. When I flew home on the plane, I looked at it with a movie from beginning to end. and my eyes did not fall out of tension, as it would be with the iPhone 8 or ordinary X.

The pages are displayed about 10% more information. over, both in width and in length. It would seem that 10% is? But after a wide Plus, some owners of X had a feeling of claustrophobia: pages in portrait mode were more “squeezed” with all the content inside. There is no such thing on XS Max. Well, there is less need to scroll the screen, IMHO, always plus.

Apps from the App Store have not yet supported a new resolution. Software and games just work in the resolution of the iPhone X/XS, stretching content to a larger screen. Within six months, developers will update intenses, should be better.

There are no additional row of icons. With the release of the larger iPhone, Apple did not add on an additional row of icons on the iOS desktop. So it happened now: what has X/XS, that Max has six rows, plus dock. Just the icons themselves became a little larger, like the distance between them.

Alas, in YouTube and films from iTunes, black stripes have not disappeared anywhere due to the non-standard ratio of the parties (19.5: 9 in x/xs instead of 16: 9 in Plus and most videos in the world). There is nothing to do with it.

So far, the only noticeable functional “innovation” of iOS (it was in Plus, but it disappeared into x) is the landscape mode in the “mail” applications and messages: there the letters of letters are available in the tab, not a separate page. But…

Either Apple did not finalize the feature, or did not think through. With an open tab with folders, the writing window is actually freezed. It does not respond to pressing in general, you can not even scroll the contents. What is the meaning then in this chip, I don’t understand.

A large display is a tribute to the reality of the smartphone market, where gigantomania is perceived as the norm. Next to the flagships on Android, XS Max definitely looks more advantageous than X/XS. including its logical (and not like others) neckline for the front camera.


The quality of the pictures is very good, I have no questions in terms of video recording, the iPhone perfectly plays the role of the camera for all occasions. It is a pity, of course, that Apple artificially limited the iPhone XS users, depriving a new night mode, like in the iPhone 11 Pro.

But you have to sell new iPhones! In addition, no one prohibits the use of shooting applications in poor lighting, improving the quality of the pictures.

The new iPhone line is characterized by a separate module, but a thing for an amateur. I practically do not use it, except that it is sometimes very convenient to photograph the interiors of cars or apartments. But if you are not a realtor and a journalist, you are unlikely to suffer greatly because of his absence.

Processor A12 Bionic

The new Apple processor is 40% more efficient and 50% more powerful.

The speed and quality of smooth scrolling increased and the application load time has decreased.

The iPhone XS Max works on the new A12 Bionic processor from Apple, promising to be 40% more energy.efficient than the A11 Bionic in the iPhone X, while the graphic processor is 50% more powerful than its predecessor.

Comparing XS Max with X, it immediately becomes clear that the new phone wins the device with the past generation processor. Starting from navigation by phone, and ending with lighting in portrait pictures and loading games, like Clash Royale and Pubg, iPhone XS Max manifests itself noticeably faster.

The test of the iPhone XS Max processor, which we conducted using Geekbench 4, brought a gadget 11.465 points in multi.core tests.

This is higher than that of the iPhone X (and any flagship on Android), which on average showed the result of 10.247 points, which clearly indicates the improvements achieved by Apple with its A12 Bionic.

This means that iOS 12 on the iPhone XS Max works cleanly, smoothly, without any signs of slowdown.

This is partly due to the excellent integration of Apple hardware and software, and we hope that performance will remain at the same level for several months from the start of using the phone.

Or not, or not the performance will remain at such a high level, you will learn from this review, as we intend to update it throughout the life of the iPhone XS Max. And to obtain additional information about the new processor, read our detailed preliminary review of the iPhone XS.

What about prices? This question is almost the most important thing

iPhone XS from 999, iPhone XS Max from 1099.

Of course, the price confuses. But the devices are top.end, and nothing more interesting will be until September 2019.

It will be possible to issue a pre.order on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on September 14, and they will arrive on official sale on September 21.

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