What to do if the Internet is used on two or more devices at once?

Let’s say you are watching streaming Full HD video on a smart TV, your wife is surfing YouTube at a laptop with an HD screen, and your child is watching something from a smartphone or tablet in HD quality too. Does this mean that the numbers from the table need to be summed?

Yes, that’s right. In this case, you will need about 20 megabits per second.

Is it true that online games are so undemanding to internet speed??

Yes, for most toys like CS, Dota 2, WoT, WoW and even GTA 5, just one megabit per second is more than enough for multiplayer, but in this case the ping becomes decisive. the time it takes for the signal to travel from you to the game server and back. The lower the ping, the lower the latency in the game.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know in advance even the approximate ping in a particular game through a particular provider, since its value is not constant and depends on many factors.

Why different sites have different speed requirements for watching videos of the same resolution?

There is such a concept as bitrate. the amount of information that encodes an image per unit of time, and, accordingly, a conditional indicator of the quality of the picture and sound. The higher the bitrate, the generally better the picture. That is why you can find versions of the same movie with the same resolution, but different sizes on torrents.

Plus, there are super-smooth 60fps videos. They weigh more and require faster internet.

Why during video calls the picture and sound from the interlocutors go to me normally, but not from me to them??

In this case, not only the incoming, but also the outgoing Internet speed becomes important. Often, providers do not indicate the outgoing speed in the tariff at all, but you can check it yourself using the same Speedtest.net.

For broadcasting through a webcam, an outgoing speed of 1 megabits per second is sufficient. In the case of HD cameras (and even more so Full HD), the requirements for outgoing speed increase.

Questions and answers

Megabits, megabytes and real speeds

The size of data is usually measured in bytes. For example, an HD movie weighs from 700 megabytes (megs) to 1.4 gigabytes (gigabytes), and a Full HD movie weighs from 4 to 14 gigabytes.

It is customary to indicate the data transfer rate in bits (not bytes!) Per second, and sometimes this causes confusion.

1 megabyte per second = 8 megabits per second.

If the user does not distinguish between bytes and bits, he can easily confuse them or take them for the same thing. In this case, he will calculate the approximate time to download an HD movie via torrent like this:

  • The film weighs 1.400 “megs”.
  • Internet speed 30 “megs” per second.
  • Movie downloads in 1.400 / 30 = 46.6 seconds.

In fact, the internet speed is 30 megabits per second = 3.75 megabytes per second. Accordingly, 1.400 MB should be divided not by 30, but by 3.75. In this case, the download time will be 1.400 / 3.75 = 373 seconds.

In practice, the speed will be even lower, because Internet providers indicate the speed “to”, that is, the maximum possible, and not working. In addition, interference, especially when transmitting over Wi-Fi, network congestion, and limitations and peculiarities of the user equipment and the equipment of the service provider contribute. You can check your speed using special services, and increase it using these tips.

Often the bottleneck is the resource from which you download something. For example, your internet speed is 100 megabits per second, and the site sends data at a speed of 10 megabits per second. In this case, the download will occur at a speed of no more than 10 megabits per second, and there is nothing you can do about it.

What speed of home Internet do you really need?

How many megabits per second are required for videos, games and other content.

In Russia, there is very good and, what is not less important, affordable home Internet. Seriously! In villages and very deep provinces, things are, of course, worse, but take any, even a small town in the European part of the country and look at the tariffs. For 300-400 rubles a month, you can connect to the apartment with the Internet at a speed of 25-50 megabits per second, and for some promotion all 100 megabits.

For comparison: in “civilized” countries, fast Internet (both home and mobile) is much more expensive. And the concept of “monthly data limit” still lives there. We only have this left with mobile operators.

However, cheapness is not a reason to pay for what you don’t use. Even a hundred saved rubles heats up the wallet, and therefore the tariff for home Internet must be chosen based on the real needs for speed. Let’s figure out how many megabits per second are required in various situations, and start with basic concepts.

What internet speed is really needed

Kind of activity Recommended speed (with a margin), megabits per second
Browsing, mail, social networks (without video and large pictures) 2
Online Games 2
Videoconference 3
SD video (360p, 480p) 3
HD video (720p) five
Full-HD video (1,080p) 8
2K video (1.440p) ten
4K video (2 160p) 25
8K video (4320p) 50 and higher

Obviously, the above table needs clarification.

What internet is needed for cloud gaming?

One of the most popular questions among beginners who are just starting to use the “cloud” is what kind of Internet is needed for cloud gaming. If the technical characteristics of the PC practically do not matter, since cloud gaming, in principle, was invented to run games on old devices, then with the speed of the Internet, everything is much more complicated. Here’s what you need to know about this topic.

What internet is needed for cloud gaming: what services say

To begin with, we studied the sites of cloud gaming services to find out what requirements they put forward. As a result, we got the following results:

  • Google Stadia. The service from the giant Google puts forward different speed requirements depending on the quality with which the player is going to work. So, for playing games in 4K, a minimum speed of 30-35 Mbps is recommended (in reality, it is better than 50 Mbps). For the FullHD format, the service has set the minimum bar at 20-25 Mbit / s (this figure looks more realistic than the previous one, but we would recommend the speed at less than 30 Mbit / s).
  • PlayKey. The speed gradation on the PlayKey is even wider than that of the GS. The service informs that you can use cloud gaming through them at a speed of even 10 Mbit / s (30 FPS, HD 1280 × 720). If you have a weak Internet, you can try, but keep in mind that the speed should not “jump”, otherwise lags cannot be avoided. Further, the service gives the following figures: for 30 FPS, Full HD 1920 × 1080. 15 Mbps, for 60 FPS, Full HD 1920 × 1080. 20 Mbps, for 120 FPS, Full HD 1920 × 1080. 25 Mbps.
  • LoudPlay. The service informs users rather vaguely about what kind of Internet is needed for cloud gaming. The main page of the site indicates that everything will work at speeds of 10 Mbps, while the FullHD quality and 60 FPS are mentioned. However, in the FAQ of the service group, another figure hangs. 20 Mbit / s. Naturally, the second meaning is closer to reality.
  • GeForce Now. The well-known cloud gaming service from NVIDIA immediately notes on its website: 15 Mbps internet is enough to play, but in order to exclude Imput Lag and other unpleasant things as much as possible, you need at least 25 Mbps.
  • Drova. One of the most unusual cloud gaming services, Drova puts forward the minimum requirement for an Internet speed of 30 Mbps, noting that some games may require 60 Mbps.

In general, averaging the value, it can be noted that for a comfortable game through cloud gaming, you need an Internet with a speed of at least 25 Mbps. The number may vary depending on the image quality.

internet, needed, video

Before connecting to a cloud gaming service, we recommend that you first test your Internet speed using the well-known website. SpeedTest.net. Just go there and press the “Go” button, and then wait for the result. However, you should keep in mind that your internet connection wants a lot more in cloud gaming than in, say, watching Youtube or downloading torrents. All this is due to the fact that even having a fairly large value of packetloss, while browsing YouTube, you will not notice absolutely any discomfort, since there is a cache that “solves questions.” Using your connection as a tool for cloud gaming. the same problems are much more noticeable, because the cache does not have that much time. You must control, say, your character and have a high-quality picture, and of course, so that the input lag is stable and low.

Also, consider a few recommendations that absolutely all services give:

What Internet speed do I need to stream 4k?

  • Better to have some speed in reserve. That is, if you want to play FullHD with 60 FPS, then connect the tariff of the Internet provider with a speed of at least 25 Mbps, and not as indicated on the service website.
  • Use a cable. Wi-Fi and mobile internet are not the most reliable ways to connect to the network, especially when played with them. The fact is that these methods do not provide guaranteed speed stability due to external factors of influence. these can be obstacles in the form of walls and doors, and for mobile operators, for example, weather conditions or the workload of the base station. Using a cable eliminates these nuances.

If your Internet connection is stable, and the speed is high, then the occurrence of bugs is a jamb on the part of the service. In such cases, please contact Support immediately.

For 4K format

To watch videos in 4K, the device must have an appropriate UltraHD sticker. If there is no sticker, then 4K will not be produced due to the lack of technical capabilities of the device, and not the quality of communication.

If there is a sticker, then the Internet speed for watching online movies in 4K must be at least 45 Mbps.

How to find out the real Internet speed on a computer

To find out what kind of Internet you have on your computer right now, go to speedtest.net. Do not disable antivirus and do not close open browser pages.

On the site, click on the circle labeled “Start” and wait for the scanning process to complete. Then you will see three numbers:

  • Ping will indicate how quickly the online game will load;
  • Download will show how quickly you download files from the network to your computer. for example, a music album;
  • Upload will display how quickly you send files on the Internet, for example, an email with documents by e-mail.

If the last two digits are in the range of 20-45, these are good indicators. With these values, you can safely watch HD and FullHD video content. To watch videos in 4K, the values ​​must be in the range of 45-100.

What should be the minimum internet speed to watch movies online

For video, this is 1.5 Mbps. But at this speed, the picture quality will be poor. And if the whole family is connected to Wi-Fi at the same time, and applications and websites are running in the background on the computer, the speed will no longer be enough.

Let’s figure out what kind of Internet you need to watch movies on different online platforms in high quality.

For YouTube

If you watch content on YouTube at 720p, 2.5 Mbps is enough. But the more devices connect to Wi-Fi, the weaker the speed on each. Also, the quality of the connection may decrease if, in parallel with the download of the video in the browser, an archive with documents is downloaded to the computer.

2.5 Mbps may not be enough if there are a couple of other devices connected to the network, and in addition to watching YouTube, you are simultaneously visiting other web pages. The video will take a long time to load.

For FullHD and HD

Video content of this quality does not freeze and plays well at 5-8 Mbps, provided that you do not download anything else in parallel. For example, if you want to download a computer game at the same time, the video download may slow down and freeze.

Also consider the technical capabilities of your device on which you watch movies and TV shows. A computer, tablet and laptop with a weak video card will not be able to play videos in FullHD. Internet speed may be sufficient for movies, but videos will still take a long time to browse.

Check your computer’s passport to make sure it is powerful enough for FullHD. Look for relevant information on the manual pages or on the sticker on the device.

What internet is needed to watch videos online without freezing

If the release of your favorite blogger on YouTube constantly freezes, and the download of the series is delayed, most likely, the speed of your home Internet is not enough to watch video content online.

In order not to have to put the minimum quality on the video all the time and disable background applications, let’s try to figure out how “heavy” content you are watching, what kind of Internet you have now, and what kind of Internet you need to quickly download TV series and movies.

What to do if you know speed, but you lack it

In order not to limit your actions on the network and not to disconnect “extra” devices from Wi-FI, connect a new tariff, the power of which will definitely be enough.

Choose a tariff with a speed of 250 Mbit / s, at which you can access the network from 5-8 devices at the same time. Then the Internet will be enough for everything: sending messages in instant messengers, downloading music, browsing the Internet and watching movies online in high quality.

Input delay

While very few people worry about color characteristics when buying a TV, the input delay characteristic is paid attention even less often. Meanwhile, for games, this indicator is important, since it depends on what the time delay will be between the receipt of commands sent by the console controller and the execution of the corresponding actions on the monitor of the television receiver. In other words, it is the speed at which the TV reacts to your actions in response to a specific game situation.

How fast this feedback is in video games need not be explained. Long lag will be especially frustrating in multiplayer games, where your opponents may be ahead of you for this very reason. Examples include Apex Legends or Fortnite.

So what is the real input lag for PS5? We recommend targeting 20 ms and below, although the average latency is currently considered to be in the 20-50 ms range. If more, you will definitely experience great discomfort.

HDR, color contrast

It just so happened that the resolution of the TV is considered one of its main parameters. Attention is paid to the dynamic range extremely rarely, and completely in vain. Even for 4K Ultra HD video, a brighter and more vibrant picture will often delight your eye, and for games, the wide dynamic range, known as HDR, is even more important.

Especially in shooters, where richer colors and increased contrast are extremely important, helping to better and quickly distinguish shading between the image of the enemy and the landscape that surrounds him. In fact, this means the speed of your reaction to a change of scenery, and the life of the main character depends on it.

So if you are wondering which TV is suitable for the PS5, then the presence of HDR can be considered a must, even if the quality of the implementation of this function is not up to par. nowadays, almost all 4K TVs are equipped with this functionality.

On the other hand, having premium quality HDR10 and Dolby Vision standards might sound tempting, but it’s not entirely correct. The fact is that they are extremely rarely used in gaming applications, so if you buy a TV specifically for a game console, it is clearly not worth overpaying for these functions.

Which TV is right for Sony Playstation 5

Gamers who have long awaited the release of the Playstation 5th generation can be more than happy: now they have a powerful tool that allows them to use the latest generation games with unprecedented frame rates and resolutions, up to 8K. Of course, old consoles and competitors nervously smoke on the sidelines, like the owners of the vast majority of gaming PCs.

But is it worth getting a PS5 if your TV simply can’t take full advantage of the console? Of course, even a 720p display can work with a set-top box, provided there is an HDMI 2.0 port, but if you want to get the most out of the gameplay, then you obviously cannot do with PS5 alone.

However, a good modern TV is a useful thing not only in the aspect of hardcore games, it will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions as the basis of an entertainment center, in particular, for watching streaming video of the highest resolution. But first things first.

PS5 game console specifications

For the selection of a TV corresponding to the latest generation set-top box from Sony, which is expected to be released at the end of 2020, it would be nice to get acquainted with the main characteristics of the PS5, since they are no longer a secret. A state-of-the-art, 7nm, 8-core processor is based on a 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen chip with Zen 2 architecture, supported by the Radeon Navi graphics accelerator, supporting many innovative technologies, including ray tracing.

According to AMD representatives, if we compare the new chip with its predecessor, a processor based on the Graphics Core Next architecture, its performance is significantly higher due to the use of the new RDNA (Minimum Computing Unit) design. Other advantages of the CPU include more compact size and excellent memory efficiency.

In particular, in absolute terms, the increase in the efficiency of the computational cell of the new processor is 25%, and in terms of 1 watt. 50% compared to the previous generation GCN chips.

As for the video playback characteristics, Sony representatives say they can support the resolution at 8K, while the frame rate can be up to 120 Hz. The processor runs at a clock speed of 2 GHz. enough to provide 9.2 teraflops of power, which is equivalent to 14 TFLOPS on GCN processors.

Compared with the latest generation NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards, the Playstation 5 can be placed between the power of the RTX 2070 Super, which has a performance of 9.1 teraflops, and the RTX 2080, which has 10.1 teraflops on board.

4K vs 8K gaming resolution

In fact, there are very few games that require maximum resolution today. At least for the first year after the release of the console, there will be very few of them. But that doesn’t mean 8K TVs will be useless. They will most likely be able to provide basic scaling at first, and you will be able to match high and very high resolution images. That is, at first you will observe some half measures in relation to 8K, just like it was with Pro Boost Mode in the fourth generation consoles. So you shouldn’t expect to be able to immediately play in 8K. According to experts, a more or less massive release of such games will have to wait for many years.

Nevertheless, a TV for PS5 with 8K is the choice of those who are aimed at the future, because such a device is not often bought, given its considerable cost. You need to understand that 33 million pixels is not 8 million, as in 4K, while you will get much more small details, which will increase the realism of the picture. At least the games of the current generation have clearly not grown to such standards.

But we will not recommend such a TV to everyone, only if your spending on such a purchase does not significantly harm the family budget. Note that today, many gamers are still content with screens with high definition resolution, and do not feel in any way prejudiced. The transition to 4K has not yet become a mass phenomenon, and 8K can even be called a niche offer.

If we talk about the prospects, then, most likely, evolutionary development should be expected. It was the same with 4K: for this resolution, many games were re-released after they gained popularity with lower pixelation settings. It is safe to say that at the beginning of 2021, very few consumers will have an 8K TV, so game developers today are in no hurry to adapt their products to a picture with a quadruple resolution, because this is a resource-intensive process. But as sales of such TV sets grow, the situation will change.

HDMI old / new

HDMI 2.0 is currently the standard for high definition video output. This is the minimum requirement for your TV. The interface allows video / audio to be streamed to a playback device from sources such as a game console or a 4K Blu-ray player. It is HDMI 2.0 that is currently the most common for TVs.

But if you want your TV to give out the highest possible resolution, then only HDMI 2.1 interface can provide the required data transfer rate.

Compared to version 2.0, it is capable of transmitting 4K video at 120Hz (the old standard is 60Hz at 4K resolution), or 8K at 60Hz. Note that the frame rate indicator affects the smoothness of the display of dynamic frames (football fans know very well what it is), so this indicator is also very important for games in terms of making the gameplay more realistic.

So if you intend to use games that claim 8K resolution, you need a TV with HDMI 2.1 interface. Note that this standard is equipped with a VRR function that can play video sequences with a variable frame rate. This means less stuttering, as the frame rate will change smoothly depending on the context, providing a smoother image. Of course, the function allows you to reduce power consumption compared to “clean” 120 Hz.

The main criteria when choosing a TV for PS5

So, you’ve decided to change your console to the 5th generation Playstation. What kind of TV do you need for such a console? Let’s figure it out.

And so the table shows the recommended minimum speed for watching online videos on the YouTube website, we are interested in 1080p resolution. Looking at these values, we can conclude that to view a video recorded with a frame rate (24,25,30), a speed of 8 Mbit / s is enough for us, and for a video with a frame rate of (48,50,60) we need at least 12 Mbps Thus, so that we can watch any video we like on the YouTube website and not bother with the bitrate of this video, we need an Internet speed of at least 12 Mbps, but that’s not all.

The fact is that these values ​​in the table only take into account the speed that is needed to play the video, but we need a number of other nuances from Honor.

The difference in the declared rate of the tariff and the real.

Without getting into the jungle, I’ll just say the declared speed of the Internet at the rate may differ both upward and downward. If you spend a little of your time and read additional information to any home Internet tariff from any provider, then you will notice the preposition up to (up to 30 Mbps, up to 60 Mbps, etc.). In the explanation, you will read approximately the following screen from the Beeline website:

But how can you tell me so, if my tariff is up to 100 Mbit / s, then in fact, according to the information described above, my speed can be 50 Mbit / s and even 30 Mbit / s, and this seems to be normal, because the provider honestly declares this?

So, but not so, I will answer you. At the moment (a short period of time), of course, this may be the case, but if the speed is constantly lower than the one stated in the tariff, then it makes sense to think about changing the provider. And here the question arises again. and what is the permissible deviation from the declared speed after which you can sound the alarm.

If you have ever contacted the technical support of your provider about Internet speed, you may have heard the following data regarding the error in the speed of your home Internet. So when connecting directly via cable, a difference from the declared speed of up to 10% is allowed, that is, if your tariff is up to 100 Mbit / s, and when you measure the speed you get 90 Mbit / s, then this is within normal limits and you should not panic.

At the same time, if you connect via a router via Wi-Fi. then, due to the peculiarities of the technology, an error of up to 30% is allowed, and with the same tariff up to 100 Mbit / s, the norm is 70 Mbit / s.

Optimal internet speed for watching videos online

Many users are concerned about one very popular question: How much Internet speed is needed to watch high quality videos online? But in fact, this question is part of the next question: how fast to choose a home Internet tariff?

Basically, all Internet providers in Russia offer home Internet tariffs at a speed of 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps, respectively, and the cost of these tariffs is different. And it is quite logical that the user is wondering which tariff to choose? But the trick is. that the consumer of services is poorly versed in all these numbers and designations (Mbps, GB, etc.), and the providers, for obvious reasons, do not particularly explain. because it is more profitable for them to sell the most expensive tariff with the maximum speed.

Consider the process of choosing an Internet speed for watching high quality Full HD online videos. Our need has been identified (we need an Internet speed that will allow us to watch online movies with a resolution of 19201080p, without brakes and freezing).

Now we need to understand the technical side of the issue.

The minimum speed for online video, taking into account those. inaccuracies.

Thus, we must add the error rate to our minimum speed of 12 Mbit / s. Let’s consider the maximum error of 30% when using a router. It turns out that the speed according to our tariff should be at least 18 Mbps.

So we have determined the minimum speed of home Internet for watching movies online in high quality, rounded up, we can say that 20 Mbps is quite enough. But this is not the end yet, this speed is quite enough to watch a movie on one device, but what if your family members want to watch different films at the same time on different devices connected via a router, play online games, chat on Skype, etc. In this situation, the speed of 20 Mbit / s will clearly not be enough and you will need a tariff with a higher speed.

Optimal internet speed for online videos.

For simultaneous viewing on two or three gadgets, you need a tariff of up to 60 Mbps.

If you have a large family with a bunch of gadgets, then your choice is without a doubt a tariff of 100 Mbit / s and higher.

In addition to all of the above, the real speed that you get can be influenced by a number of indicators about which I described in the article the reasons for the low speed of the Internet. I recommend reading to supplement the information already received.

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Ivan Petrov

How 4K and 1080p differ?

Put in front of anyone two TVs with the same screen diagonal, one with Full HD support, the other with 4K, and you will no doubt hear: “4K shows much clearer.” This is true. Exactly four times: 1 pixel of information in 1080p equals 4 pixels in 4K. This is what explains such an impressive difference in color rendering, contrast and sharpness.

4 Things You Need to Stream 4K

But high resolution requires increased cable and port bandwidth. This is how HDMI 2.0 was born, a port that supports 4K resolution by default and plays video at 2160p at 60 frames per second without any problems. The previous generation HDMI also supported 4K, but did not allow for 60fps playback.

What does this very FPS (from the English frames per second. frames per second) give? Video perception. It becomes sharper, and any movement and dynamics are perceived more “alive”.

Today you can watch 4K video from many devices, but it has certain hardware requirements, and the need for high Internet bandwidth. For example, the popular streaming service Netflix recommends a stable connection speed of 25 Mbps for 4K playback.

But what if you run 1080p or lower video on a TV that proudly flaunts the 4K logo? Engineers have foreseen this moment too.

After launching 1080p on a 4K TV, a special hardware / software converter comes into operation, which artificially increases the scan of the original video. No, it not only multiplies pixels in a ratio of 1 to 4 or 1 to 10 (in the case of 720p), but also applies special filters that control the sharpness and smoothness of the image transition between each independent pixel.

Thus, videos in 1080p and even 720p can look great on a 4K TV. Of course, it all depends on the quality of the built-in converter. That is why, by connecting, say, the same Apple TV set-top box, you can still enjoy excellent video quality.

Another difference between 4K and 1080p is the requirement for screen diagonal. I personally have met many UHD fans who have proven to me that 4K movies are much more spectacular on the 11-inch MacBook Air. Alas, this is a global misconception. On the MacBook Air, you can only see the difference in frame rates, but not in resolution. Therefore, 4K at 60 FPS is supposedly “much more entertaining” than 1080p at 30 FPS. It seems so. That’s just.

You can really see the difference on a 50-inch screen or more, and the conventional start in the 4K TV world is 55 inches. What about Retina? Yes, the resolution of the latest generations of iPad deserves praise, a smartphone with a 4K screen from Sony is great, but why such a display on a device with a diagonal of less than 5-10 inches? Do you see the difference? Doubt.

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The price of the issue and how much is a 4K TV today

The price gap between a Full HD TV and a 4K-capable TV is gradually blurring. 4K has already ceased to be premium, and the cost of individual models of the corresponding TV practically does not differ from those sharpened for 1080p.

Average). Samsung, Sony, Philips, Sharp, LeEco, Xiaomi. the range of manufacturers and models is growing exponentially every day. But…

Rap with ready-made beats. released a new app Bars

What is 4K and what is it like

High-definition video, or as it is commonly called Full HD, at the suggestion of Sony, appeared back in 2007. Any movie, clip or video that has a pixel density of 1920 horizontal and 1080 vertical is labeled as 1080p or Full HD.

But technology does not stand still, and manufacturers of TVs, camcorders, smartphones and tablets are increasingly referring to ultra-high definition 4K. Apple went even further and decided to expand its 5K iMac range.

UHD or 4K. what is it? Another advertising move that will cost the consumer a pretty penny or a technological miracle that can give a lot of pleasure?

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