HDR in a phone camera: what is it?

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You’ve probably heard that modern smartphones support HDR shooting mode. This article will give you an idea of ​​what its essence is.

HDR technology was NOT inventions yesterday. However, its appearance could not have happened in the era of film cameras. Also, the HDR mode could not be present in the first digital cameras and smartphones. they simply wouldn’t have the power to process the images at the speed they needed. It is now such devices that allow you to make a couple of frames in a matter of seconds. So, let’s already understand what HDR is in a smartphone camera.

When to turn on HDR mode?

Any digital camera, including the one built into a phone, has a limited dynamic range. This means that if there are very bright areas in the frame, problems with dark objects begin. For example, you are photographing a building in its shadow. Most likely, this will lead to one of two versions of the resulting image:

  • The clouds in the sky will be clearly visible, but the details of the building itself will be almost indistinguishable;
  • The house will turn out to be detailed, but the sky will turn into white Gruel. in some cases, it hides the roof of the building in its colors.

This is where HDR comes in handy. This mode allows, roughly speaking, to make two shots with different exposures, then combining them into one. As a result, there will be no very dark areas in the picture, nor will there be too bright areas. The detail will increase significantly. absolutely all objects will be distinguishable. But do not use this mode on an ongoing basis. The fact is that HDR photos often look a little fake. It is worth activating the mode if the device camera does not cope with its task. For example, you are shooting against the light of the sun or in the shadow of a building. then you can use HDR.

Pay attention to the area in the shadow: it turned out to be light, and the details are clearly visible

It is noted that owners of budget smartphones use HDR mode much more often than owners of top-end devices. The fact is that expensive devices are equipped with a better camera with a wide dynamic range.

How it works?

When HDR is activated, be prepared for the camera to take multiple shots at once. two or even three. Therefore, it is not worth photographing moving objects in this mode, they can split in two, turning into a kind of ghosts, or blurred. Pictures will be taken with different shutter speeds and exposures. Specific shutter speed values ​​depend on the optical aperture ratio, matrix size and many other parameters. That is why full-fledged cameras cope with this task much faster.

Then the received frames are merged into one. The more powerful the processor is installed in the camera or smartphone, the less time this process will take. Although you should NOT forget about the resolution of the matrix. Of course, 24-megapixel images are more difficult to process than 8-megapixel frames. In any case, even on budget devices, you will see the result in a couple of seconds.

Another example of an HDR shot

When taking photographs, autofocus focuses on areas with different indicators of brightness, contrast and distance from the camera. When frames are superimposed on each other, the system analyzes their quality, selecting areas with the highest clarity. Also, the final image will consist of areas with better saturation and less noise.

High Dynamic Range technology in different smartphones can be implemented in completely different ways. Somewhere the pictures are simply superimposed on each other, and then slightly blurred. And on more powerful and new devices, the above process takes place.

How to shoot in HDR mode?

Now almost all Camera applications, which are equipped with modern smartphones, are endowed with the corresponding function. This means that you do not need to install any additional photography applications. The HDR icon can be found in the mode selection menu. And in many cases it can be found right on the main Camera screen, next to the flash activation. Be that as it may, but you need to touch this icon.

Then you take a picture with the usual touch of the shutter button. But if a regular photo is created in a split second, then in the case of HDR mode, you will have to wait a while. Try to hold your smartphone still for one or two seconds. It is important! Otherwise, you will succeed.

Some third party applications Provide HDR mode settings. That is, you can choose how much the exposure will change when creating multiple frames. In the preinstalled programs “Camera” this setting is usually available.

The difference between regular photo and HDR is obvious.

That’s it, HDR photography is ready! Nothing complicated!

Disadvantages of HDR

Let’s summarize briefly. The main advantage of the HDR mode should be clear to you: all areas of the frame made in it will be equally detailed and bright. And what are the disadvantages of such a regime?

    Shooting multiple shots takes time. and the worse the camera built into the smartphone, the more chances you have to get an image with blurred objects at the output. Unnatural lighting. the reality in the final photo will be far from what you saw with your own eyes. You can miss the moment. processing images in HDR-mode Takes at least a couple of seconds. Burst shooting is thus excluded.

How to enable HDR on iphone? How to enable HDR on iPhone 11?

Open the Camera app. Click on the HDR icon, set it to “HDR On” or “HDR auto”. Aim the camera lens at the subject. Click the photo icon.

How to enable HDR on iPhone XS Max?

The function can be disabled and HDR controlled manually.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone XS.
  • Select the Camera section.
  • Click on the switch next to Smart HDR to turn it gray.

What does HDR mean on iPhone photos?

One of the promised features in iOS 4.1 will be an update to the camera to include HDR support. High Dynamic Range Photos. If Jobs is to be believed, switching to HDR mode in the camera settings should result in something impressive. Instead of taking one photo, your iPhone will take three.

What is HDR on iPhone 7?

HDR (high dynamic range) images in the new iPhone 8 are balanced and lifelike. This means that depending on the scene, the camera itself will decide whether to use HDR or not.

How to enable Deep Fusion iPhone 11?

How to use Deep Fusion in camera on iPhone 11

  • Your iPhone 11 has been updated to iOS 13.2.
  • The “Capture out of frame” option in the Camera settings is disabled.
  • You are using a wide-angle or telephoto lens (1x or more in the Camera app).
  • You are NOT taking a series of photos.

How iPhone 11 shoots?

IPhone 11 main camera specifications

Shoots at 12 megapixels with a 1.4um (micrometer) pixel size. Focal length. 26 mm, ƒ / 1.8 aperture. The exact same parameters were in the iPhone Xs cameras.

How to enable HDR on iPhone 10?

Go to “Settings” → “Camera”; Find the HDR (High Dynamic Range) category and Disable Auto HDR. Done! Now in the standard camera app you will see the HDR button at the top of the screen.

How to set up the camera on the iPhone XS Max?

Press the shutter button and do not release, the camera will enter burst mode and take pictures until you release the button. Take advantage of this and then pick the best shot.

What does HDR inscription on the photo mean??

HDR mode (from English. High Dynamic Range. High dynamic range). this is a special method of taking a photo, in which the smartphone’s camera sequentially takes several frames with different shutter speeds and exposures, for their subsequent merging into one image.

What is HDR on TV?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology. the next step in the development of television technology after the transition to Ultra HD resolution. Technically, HDR refers to a new video signal format, which contains not only ultra-high resolution, but also more information about brightness and color for each pixel.

What does HDR mean on camera?

The abbreviation stands for High Dynamic Range. extended dynamic range. In photography, it is the difference between the darkest and lightest areas in an image. HDR extends range beyond reach with smartphone camera.

What does HDR mean on a phone camera?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. high dynamic range). This mode allows you to programmatically select the ratio of brightness, color and contrast in the picture. The smartphone camera sequentially shoots three frames with different exposure, that is, the ratio of shutter speed and illumination.

How to view HDR photos on iPhone?

How to enable HDR Capture on iPhone

  • Launches the camera application.
  • Click on the HDR option along the top of the camera, between Flash and Live Photos Settings.
  • Choose Auto, on, or here. If you enable HDR, the text turns yellow to indicate that it is on.

What the next generation Smart HDR algorithms do?

Next-generation Smart HDR technology uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to capture true-to-life photos with well-defined light and dark areas, both on the subject and in the background.

When an early retirement pension is given for health reasons. general characteristics

Unfortunately, not all citizens have a sufficient legal culture. That is why many workers are NOT aware of some of the nuances of the current legislation governing the right to early retirement. All benefits, rights, surcharges and many other important legal elements are enshrined, first of all, in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Early retirement (Article 27 of the Federal Law “On Labor Pensions of the Russian Federation”) is a direct connection with the professional activity of a particular person, carried out under specific working conditions or specified by certain social norms.

Thus, a person carrying out his labor activity in production with unusual working conditions has the right not only to various kinds of benefits, but also to early payments. At the same time, the profession should be really “harmful”: the full list of difficult jobs was approved by the Council of the Minister of the USSR, but practically has not changed to this day. Who is retiring early? This will be discussed further.

Receiving a pension for health reasons: disability registration

Early retirement allowance. these are payments every 30 days, which the Russians begin to transfer NOT earlier than 2 years before the established age of retirement. Such allowances can be received by citizens who are listed in the Employment Center, and persons who have worked for at least 20 years (applies to Russian women), 25 years (applies to the stronger sex).

In case of poor health, people who are employed in heavy or harmful plants and factories can retire. Harmful conditions include physical labor and psychological pressure. In this case, the shortened work experience begins to operate, which allows you to go on a well-deserved rest ahead of time.

Severe working conditions are those that affect a person: loud noises, radiation, vibrations, high or low temperatures, microorganisms, hazardous chemical components. In the presence of dust and dirt in the workplace, a poor-quality light source, high humidity, work is considered hazardous to health and harmful.

Early retirement benefits apply to miners, railway workers, drivers of public vehicles, teachers, doctors, miners. Also, the Russians who work in the metro, prisons, aviation and search areas are waiting for an early exit to a well-deserved rest. Before the deadline, the blind, midgets, dwarfs, Russian women, who are raising more than 3 children, can write an application for leaving their place of work.

The experts told whether it is possible to retire early for health reasons. If a Russian is constantly feeling unwell, he should seek qualified medical help. A medical and social examination will be appointed, after which it will be possible to issue a disability retirement pension. The peculiarities of this payment are spelled out in federal legislation. It is received by persons with disabilities (group 1-3). Sometimes a Russian can expect to receive 2 pension allowances: labor and social.

Disability Insurance Benefits are assigned to individuals who have an Appropriate Status. At the same time, it does not matter how many years a person has worked, whether he is employed now or not. To apply for a pension ahead of schedule for health reasons, you should contact the MFC or the Pension Fund. The employees of the organization will once again clarify the list of documents that are needed to apply for a pension. It is imperative that a citizen will have to write a statement, SUBMIT originals and copies of a passport, doctor’s opinion, work record book (if any).

The condition for early retirement for health reasons is the status of a disabled person and the presence of at least 1 working day (if it does not exist, the person will begin to receive social benefits for disability).

Pension registration

Due to the Pandemic, the pension fund simplified the procedure for assigning a number of benefits, as well as registering pensions.

Pension assignment for a personal account

You can now apply for early retirement remotely: using the Pension Fund website or your personal account on the State Services portal. The fate of such appeals has already reached 70%.

Personal accounts for pensioners are filled with information on the length of service and wages by the pension fund in advance. Therefore, a personal visit does not require registration of pensions in this period of time.

Remote assignment of pension by phone

When a person does not have the opportunity to issue an electronic application for registration of a pension, you can contact the pension fund by phone. Then the consent to the registration of the pension is formalized by a special act. It is on its basis that Further processes for registration are launched.

Pension fund employees should NOT request personal data: in a dream, the bank card number and even more so its PIN code, as well as passwords to your personal account. If they are interested in such information on the phone. they are scammers. If you suspect fraud, it is recommended to immediately stop communication.

Categories of citizens

An early retirement pension is called the option of receiving monthly payments, in which the onset of the permitted age will take place NOT more than 2 years later. Persons who are unemployed at the Russian employment center, as well as those who have the relevant work experience (20 years for females and 25 years for males) can apply for such a pension. Accordingly, early retirement pension in the Russian Federation is issued only for those persons who meet the above criteria.

The presence of harmful or difficult working conditions in labor invariably entails the possibility of receiving an early pension. Physical or psychological overload, and more recently, are considered harmful working conditions. work in the Far North. Russian legislation establishes the possibility of obtaining the so-called abbreviated work experience. It is thanks to him that it will be possible to receive early retirement payments.

Separately, it is worth noting the presence of some serious illnesses in the working person. If it is impossible to continue working for health reasons, then an early retirement pension can only be issued on condition that a special medical opinion is submitted to the employment center.

Federal Law of the Russian Federation 00 contains more than 20 clauses, which indicate both the conditions for retirement on an early retirement pension and some professions in which one can apply for an early retirement pension. What exactly is worth highlighting here? Here are some of the specialties specified in the law:

  • Railwayman;
  • Search engines and geological prospectors;
  • Miners;
  • Public transport drivers;
  • River and sea ship workers;
  • Aviation workers;
  • Rescue workers;
  • Persons working underground (miners, underground workers, etc.);
  • Penitentiary workers (prison staff)
  • Educators;
  • Community physicians;
  • Theater figures and some other workers.

Among other things, special categories of citizens are distinguished here:

  • Mothers with many children (raising more than five children)
  • Visually impaired;
  • Persons Injured as a result of hostilities;
  • Dwarfs and midgets;
  • Far North workers.

An early pension can be issued for all of the above persons. At what age is retirement possible? This will be discussed further.

The question of how to retire ahead of time is regulated by many Russian federal laws. What are the rights of a citizen who has retired early?

A citizen is able to demand from his employer all the necessary documentation required for transfer to the employment center or the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. over, the employer of the enterprise must confirm the employee’s preferential length of service. If the employer for some reason does not do this, then such a task is assigned to the Relevant State Authority.

As soon as an employee receives an insurance pension certificate, all information about his “movements” will be taken into account by the Russian Pension Fund.

  • FV. basic payment;
  • C. the cost of one coefficient at the time of registration of the pension;
  • PC. this is the total amount of Pension type coefficients earned;
  • K. raising indices to PV.

The preservation of the right to early assignment of a retirement pension is available to all persons who have correctly completed the necessary papers in the Employment Center and the Pension Fund.

List of harmful professions

If an employee carries out his labor activity at work with harmful work habits, then the possibility of early retirement increases significantly. What kind of professions fall under the category of “harmful”? Since Soviet times, a classification has been preserved that allows you to accurately determine the severity of labor. So, there are four levels of professional activity:

  • 1 degree. Implies minor changes in the body, which quickly pass when a person stops working.
  • 2nd degree. It is characterized by the presence of persistent changes in the body, leading to the development of chronic ailments. This is especially true for people who have been working in “harmful” industries for more than 15 years.
  • 3 degree. Working with such a level of harm entails permanent destruction of human health; total disability remains possible.
  • 4 degree. Denotes a complete functional disorder and the presence of other processes harmful to the body, entailing disability.

The issuance of each such degree is possible only if attention is paid to the following points:

  • Increased dust in the air, the presence of dirt;
  • Poor quality lighting;
  • Loud noises;
  • Harmful radiation;
  • Work with harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, etc.;
  • Increased vibrations;
  • High humidity level;
  • Too low or too high air temperature;
  • Duration of stress in work activities and much more.

One more classification comes from all the criteria presented: list 1. these are professions with a critical degree of hazard, and list 2. certain types of heavy professions and positions. Both of these lists can be easily found on the official website of the Ministry of Labor.

In early retirement

“The company where I work is being liquidated. By the retirement age, I miss 6 months. It is unlikely that it will be possible to find a job at this age. I heard that there is a provision on early retirement. Please clarify the law on this issue. ” N. T. Ilyin (Kursk).

The head of the department for supervision over the legality of legal acts, observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Kursk region prosecutor’s office Tatyana Efimova is responsible: “Part 2 of Article 32 of the Law of the Russian Federation 032-1 of April 19, 1991” On employment of the population “(as amended on June 3, 2009.

Conditions for registration of an early pension

How to apply for an early retirement pension in the Russian Federation? To get started, pay attention to the following conditions:

  • The age of the employee. It must be at least 53 years old for women and 58 years old for men.
  • Unemployed status.
  • Compliance with the length of service established in the category.
  • Personal expression of the will of the person applying for early retirement (if the person was laid off).
  • If the applicant. mother raising more than five children.

If the Relevant Conditions are met, it is worth paying attention to the so-called lists 1 and 2, which are mentioned above. So, a woman belonging to the list of list 1 is entitled to a pension upon reaching 53 years of age, with a total work experience of 15 years. At the same time, the duration of work in hazardous industries should not be less than seven years. In accordance with list 2, a woman can apply for a pension from the age of 45. At the same time, work experience should NOT be less than 20 years.

And what do the lists say to male workers? In accordance with list 1, a man who has reached 50 years of age can apply for a pension accumulating 20 years of experience. Schedule 2 sets the minimum age for an employee at 55 years of age and 25 years of work experience (12 on harmful conditions).

Thus, early retirement pension can not be issued by all persons, but only topics that meet the above criteria.

Is it possible to apply for a pension early

To retire early, you need to adhere to a number of conditions, on the basis of which a citizen has the right to early retirement. This right is provided by the law of the Russian Federation “On employment of the population in the Russian Federation.” Early retirement conditions include:

On the basis of the law “On employment of the population in the Russian Federation”, for early registration All conditions must be met, if any of the conditions are not met, you will be denied early retirement.

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Early retirement pension in the Russian Federation: registration procedure

What actions need to be taken to register early retirement benefits? To begin with, it is worth contacting the local Employment Center with an appropriate application. They will give you a document that you need to fill out. The authority will definitely help you to arrange the paper with high quality. Within a month, the Employment Center will provide the citizen with an answer. with the consent to continue work or with a justified refusal.

What do I need to SUBMIT to the Employment Center besides the application? As a rule, these should be the following documents:

  • Passport and its photocopy;
  • Military ID;
  • Birth certificate of the child (if the employee has children)
  • Original and copy of work record book.

Also, the Employment Center can invite the following papers:

  • Certificate of dependents;
  • Address application (about place of residence)
  • Disability certificate;
  • Certificate of the upbringing of a child, and not reached the age of eight;
  • Family composition document;
  • Identity or certificates of guardianship.

The authority can invite many other inquiries. for example, individual documents from work. It is very important to correctly and correctly draw up all the papers, check the presence of seals and signatures.

Reduction or liquidation of an enterprise

It is not uncommon for an employee of pre-retirement age to suddenly lose his job. The reason for dismissal can be massive layoffs in the organization, the elimination of jobs and much more. Naturally, almost no organization expresses a desire to hire a person who has very little time left until retirement.

The situation, I must say, is very uncomfortable, and often completely hopeless. Still, a citizen wants to “finish off” his seniority, but there are no opportunities for this. What to do in such situations? Here it is just worth asking yourself the question of how to retire ahead of time. The first thing to do. it is to compare your indicators with those necessary for premature payments, compare past working conditions with the necessary “harmful”.

  • Dismissal from work was built only due to staff reduction or job liquidation (own desire and medical indicators are NOT taken into account)
  • A certain length of service (25 years for men and 20 years for women);
  • The citizen is in the employment service;
  • There are suitable vacancies at the labor office.

If citizens have offenses that led to the termination of social benefits, then one should not expect early retirement.

Moscow viewed 173 times. Asked 2012-01-02 14:04:13 0400 in the topic “Pensions and social protection” Is it possible to restore to the part lists?

Pension for health reasons I understood this point as follows: if you were fired, you go to the employment service and register there. Somewhere in about six months, if you are not found work, you are offered to bring a refusal from any five places (factories, enterprises, etc.), that you are not needed there. You bring refusal. Then the employment service, due to the lack of vacancies for you and for the state of your health, sends you to retire. my sister retired two years earlier, though she was cut.

Can they refuse?

Quite often, the Employment Center or the Pension Fund of Russia deny citizens an early retirement pension. As a result, applicants have to go to the courts, and resolve cases already there. Naturally, such examples illustrate the unsatisfactory level of state protection of citizens’ rights to receive pensions. And yet it is worth giving the main reasons for refusing early retirement. Here you need to highlight:

  • The lack of a citizen of the proper rights to early retirement (the citizen does not have the proper experience or forgot to find out how many years they retire);
  • Complete liquidation of the organization in which the employee worked;
  • Lack of a complete package of documents (or part of it) confirming the right to early type pension payments;
  • The Employment Center offered an alternative job with appropriate wages;
  • Submission of documents to the Pension Fund or CZ was carried out when unemployment deductions were stopped;
  • Unemployment benefits come from the previous place of work;
  • CZ or PF employees acted unlawfully.

What should be done if a refusal was received from the named authorities? How to retire ahead of schedule no matter what? There is only one way out. contact higher authorities. In the same Pension Fund a complaint is made; all necessary documents must be attached to it. The complaint will be considered within a month.

Countdown photography on iPhone

The timer in the iPhone camera allows you to take a picture with friends as a regular photo, not a selfie. After the reverse calculation, the phone itself photographs the objects at which the camera is directed. If you use a tripod, you get great pictures taken without assistance.

Built-in timer

The Self Timer function was added to the iOS system application a long time ago, but many users still DO NOT suspect of its existence. To improve the quality of your photos, here’s how to turn on the built-in timer in the iPhone camera:

  • Place iPhone on a flat surface or tripod. The second option is preferable, as it allows you to fix the smartphone in a suitable position and DO NOT worry that the picture will NOT work.
  • Launch the Camera app. This can be done by clicking on the program icon, calling from the Control Center or from the lock screen with a swipe to the left.
  • Locate the stopwatch case icon here with HDR inscriptions on the top bar. Tap it to open timer settings.
  • Select the delay time. 3 or 10 seconds. If you do not need to run far from the camera, 3 seconds will be enough. Want more time to get into the position you want. put 10 seconds and wait for the camera to work.
  • Press the shutter button. white circle on the screen or volume up key on the side of the smartphone.

The countdown will be displayed in the lower right corner. Make sure it starts up and run to take up space in the shared photo.

The timer in your iPhone’s camera makes your photos clearer and more prepared. The phone is level, you have the opportunity to prepare to take a picture. Plus, you don’t need to ask anyone for help or pull out of the frame to take a photo.

The timer remains on even after the Camera is closed. To deactivate the function, go to its parameters again and click “Disable”. This will return you to the usual mode, in which the picture is taken immediately after the shutter is released.

Third party photography apps

While there was no timer in the standard camera application on iOS, the lack of a function was filled by third-party developers who offered several programs for creating photos. The simplest and most free timer camera app is called TimerCam.

To set a timer, click on the number on the screen and select one of the options offered. In the free version, you can set the countdown to 5, 10, 15 and 30 seconds. It is not clear where you will run for half a minute, but if the need arises, then know that TimerCam has provided the ability to delay the creation of a snapshot by 30 seconds.

Timercam does NOT offer anything supernatural. From functions. switch between front and rear cameras, turn on / off flash. But if that’s all you need. take a couple of photos with a timer, then TimerCam will handle the task quickly and without unnecessary hassle.

Another good timer is called PhotoTimer. Here you can select the time interval. 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 or 300 seconds.

The application allows you to quickly send photos to social networks, shoot videos, Scale pictures and take whole series with a timer. Among the additional features. zoom, stabilizer and dozens of filters for quick photo editing. NOT a graphics editor, but basic things in PhotoTimer can be done without problems.

If you want to completely replace the stock camera with a third-party app, check out Camera.

In addition to the self-timer, this program includes:

  • Exposure and focus control, which can be adjusted separately;
  • Lighting adjustment tools;
  • Adjustable color, tone, temperature and white balance;
  • A large number of built-in filters;
  • Digital zoom and stabilizer.

Camera also offers cross-device sync and a good manager for organizing photos. Essentially, Camera replaces the graphics editor, offering similar tools within the snapshot app. It turns out very convenient: I took a picture with a timer, processed the picture in the same program and immediately sent it to my friends on their phones.

What does HDR mean on iPhone? How to enable HDR on iPhone?

Open Settings Camera, then scroll down until you see the HDR (High Dynamic Range) section. There are two options here: Auto HDR and Save Normal Photo. The Auto HDR option will be enabled, but if you press the button to disable it, the HDR button will reappear in the camera app.

What is HDR on iPhone 7?

HDR (high dynamic range) images in the new iPhone 8 are balanced and lifelike. This means that depending on the scene, the camera itself will decide whether to use HDR or not.

What does HDR mean in photos?

So what exactly is HDR in photography? In short, HDR technology allows you to capture high-contrast images while retaining all the important details in the shadows and highlights of the image. High dynamic range can lead to inaccuracies and some inaccuracies.

How to enable HDR on iPhone 11?

Open the Camera app. Click on the HDR icon, set it to “HDR On” or “HDR auto”. Aim the camera lens at the subject.

How to enable HDR on iPhone XS Max?

Powered by machine learning, a neural engine and improved camera sensors on the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the feature can be disabled and manually controlled by HDR.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone XS.
  • Select the Camera section.
  • Click on the switch next to Smart HDR to turn it gray.

How to view HDR photos on iPhone?

How to enable HDR Capture on iPhone

  • Launches the camera application.
  • Click on the HDR option along the top of the camera, between Flash and Live Photos Settings.
  • Choose Auto, on, or here. If you enable HDR, the text turns yellow to indicate that it is on.

What is HDR in a phone?

The abbreviation stands for High Dynamic Range. extended dynamic range. In photography, it is the difference between the darkest and lightest areas in an image. HDR extends range beyond reach with smartphone camera.

What is Smart HDR?

Smart HDR. Smart HDR is automatically activated to improve photo quality based on shooting conditions. Unlike previous versions of HDR, Smart HDR also works with portrait shots, panoramic shots, Live Photos and action shots, as below.

What is Nir in the photo?

High Dynamic Range. high dynamic range). this is a special method of taking a photo, in which the smartphone’s camera sequentially takes several frames with different shutter speeds and exposures, for their subsequent merging into one image.

What is HDR on a monitor?

The theme of high dynamic range (“High Dynamic Range” or “HDR”) is not new. It delivers a peak brightness of 1,000 cd / m² and a dynamic backlight system divides the screen surface into 384 different zones so that a 32-inch monitor truly delivers an HDR experience.

What is HDR and 4k?

The term 4K comes from the film industry, where the resolution has now reached the standard of 4096 × 2160. Meanwhile, the latest 4K TVs offer the viewer a new 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. wide dynamic range.

How to enable HDR on an LG monitor?

Troubleshooting common problems

  • Make sure HDR is turned on on your monitor or TV.
  • Go to Settings System Display and turn on Streaming HDR video under Windows HD Color.

How to enable HDR on Samsung A 50?

How to enable HDR in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50?

  • At the very beginning, click on the camera.
  • In the next step, click on the settings icon in the camera.
  • Now just move the marker to enable HDR on your phone.
  • Enjoy the power of HDR !

What is HDR in a phone camera? High Dynamic Range. Expanding the dynamic range of a digital image

The desire of smartphone manufacturers to make their products more attractive to buyers has led to the fact that now it is quite difficult to find a device that does not have a built-in digital camera. Tens of megapixels, sophisticated image processing algorithms, automatic range adjustment. It would seem that it is enough to select the desired frame and press the button, and the automation will do the rest.

What is HDR in a phone camera

In fact, the principle of operation of this mode is quite simple. HDR shooting assumes that the camera takes not one, but several frames at a time, while focusing in the background on objects with different light levels.

Nuances of use

At the same time, it is important to understand that HDR mode is still not a panacea. Even using it, the owner does NOT become a professional photographer. The main problem is the following: since the final image is formed from several intermediate ones, the apparatus itself and objects in the frame must be stationary.

The next feature that should be taken into account is that in some cases, obtaining a picture with an average brightness is inappropriate. For example, silhouettes in the twilight, as conceived by the photographer, Should remain the same vague shadows, and not people in gray raincoats. HDR shooting does not allow for this.

Finally, the brightness and contrast of images taken in this mode are generally slightly lower than in photographs taken in the usual way. Sometimes it turns out to be quite critical.


Within the framework of the article, it is useless to try to describe all the existing programs for smartphones in which the shooting mode with an extended range is implemented, since there are dozens of them.

SNAP camera

Perhaps everyone who has set himself the task of choosing a good program for photographing has come across a solution from the developer Marginz Software. Snap Cam enjoys well-deserved popularity among many, which is explained by several factors. Among them are support and timely release of new versions; some features are unique; the program has incorporated almost everything that may be of interest to both a professional and a beginner photographer. In particular, it is when working with it that it is easiest to understand what HDR is in a phone camera. To activate the mode after installation and launch, select HDR by rotating the graphic settings wheel (version 7.X.X). It remains to take a picture. By default, three frames with different exposures will be saved, among which you can choose the best one. The function of saving intermediate pictures, if it is not needed, is deactivated in the settings. See HDR section. In this case, the entire shooting process takes place completely automatically, except, of course, pressing a button. Those who like to play around with the settings may be interested in focusing between intermediate frames, as well as milliseconds of delay. The program allows adjusting clarity, brightness, image resolution, cropping, etc. It is assumed that you purchase a license.

Basic functionality

The demand for HDR mode has led to the fact that more and more smartphone manufacturers have begun to include in their operating systems an application for working with a camera, which initially provides the ability to take pictures with high dynamic range. True, when using stock (basic) solutions, it says about the abundance of any additional settings. For example, in the popular CyanogenMod build, clicking on the three dots of the menu opens a window where you can enable or disable the use of HDR mode. Parallel operation of this function and the flash is not possible. It should be noted that very often an inexpensive phone with a good camera, shooting in normal mode, allows you to get better quality photos than more expensive, but with a low-quality matrix.

“Open camera

Exactly. Open Camera. is called an application that also deserves the closest attention from photography lovers. The settings in it are no less than in the above Snap. True, to activate the HDR mode, a beginner has to study all the items in the settings. In fact, access to the “magic button” can be accessed by clicking on the dot icon in the top on-screen menu. Among the items in the “Scene” list is HDR. The image quality is excellent, but the processing speed. one of the slowest among Similar solutions. Perhaps, in models of smartphones with powerful processors, this delay is leveled. To understand what HDR is in a phone camera, it is recommended in practice to choose different shooting modes and compare the result.

What is HDR in a phone camera and why is it needed?

What is HDR in a phone camera? Almost every owner of a smartphone with a similar function has probably asked a similar question. Depending on specifications and other factors, some users may NOT be able to tell the difference between the photos taken when the HDR function in the phone’s camera was turned on and compared to regular photos. However, there are still differences and they are significant.

What is HDR in a phone camera?

If you do not delve into the technical difficulties, then this is a special format for processing photos at the time of saving images. NOT taking the complexities of programming as a basis, this function allows you to take pictures with more vivid and contrast. This happens due to the expansion of the brightness range, which is not always visible with the naked eye or using ordinary photographs.

In addition, the enabled HDR function in the phone camera affects the file size, due to the peculiarities of saving the received images. This aspect is also present on other devices, for example, cameras.

HDR abbreviation

It stands for High Dynamic Range. If translated from English, then it will mean high dynamic range. However, the full name of this technology did not really catch on, in contrast to the abbreviated version. In general, the name reflects the essence of the technology. It allows you to increase the brightness range and color depth.

Is HDR so useful

Given the current trends in new profit ploy, mobile device companies are ready to seize every opportunity to increase the value, prestige and competitive advantage of their products. However, the technology has taken root and is present in the cameras of many mobile phones, especially for expensive models and flagships, starting with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone Fourth model, and of course, in newer models, which became the receivers of such gadgets.

Pros and cons of this feature

Trying to understand what HDR is in a phone camera, you will surely come across the fact that the pictures taken with the introduction of this technology begin to have a very large volume, that is, take up a lot of space in the memory of your smartphone. For devices where there is a large amount of storage space, this feature does NOT create any breakdown. In this case, we are talking about gadgets, the memory of which is equal, for example, 128GB or even more, due to flash drives. But in the case of smartphones with small storage, the HDR function will lead to rapid overflows and lack of space. Of course, this is not critical, but constant notifications about the lack of memory can annoy and interfere with users while working.

Where is applied

Having answered the question of what is HDR in a phone camera, many will probably ask the following question: why is it needed? In addition to brighter pictures, this technology is used in many mobile applications with filters for photos. Various special effects that are associated with changes in shadows, contrast, anti-aliasing or blur can also include the use of this function.

However, it is very important to have a good high-resolution display, as not all screens can fully reproduce the picture that results from using HDR. It is possible that some budget smartphones can take pictures using high dynamic range, but the photo will not differ much from the usual.

HDR function in the phone camera. This is not only a way to advertise additional features of a smartphone, but also quite an interesting technology that will allow you to experiment from a picture.

There are a large number of photographs on the Internet, mainly of nature and various landscapes, which are made using high dynamic range. They are very saturated with bright colors and reproduce a wide range of different colors that fall into the lens.

HDR technology can be used Not only in mobile devices, but also in professional cameras, which gives photographers more creative tools. In addition, there are TVs that support this function, they make the picture more lively and vivid.

Thus, the answer was given what is HDR in a phone camera, as well as what is the essence of this technology, regardless of the devices on which it is applied.

What is HDR and how HDR works in a smartphone camera?

High Dynamic Range (abbreviated. HDR) mode has recently appeared in smartphone cameras. However, the novelty of the technology did NOT prevent HDR from penetrating into both expensive flagships and mobile devices with more modest capabilities. But is this mode as good as smartphone marketers say it? Let’s try to deal with this issue and find out who and when will need High Dynamic Range.?

What is HDR

High Dynamic Range (high dynamic range). this is a special mode of operation that starts shooting a series of frames with subsequent processing of the results. The result of processing is one single snapshot, Assembled like a puzzle from the most successful pieces of the series.

The presence of the HDR mode in the phone allows you to take good shots Not only in ideal conditions. The fact is that each of the pictures in the series, taken apart into puzzles, is taken at different camera settings. In total, one part of the frame is better, and the other. worse.

Then a special algorithm collects from the Most Focused, Contrasting and Sharp Puzzles the Virtually Perfect Frame, suppressing all noise and increasing clarity and saturation. This is how the perfect shot is formed in non-ideal conditions.

How HDR works

The HDR mode in the smartphone camera is realized through the use of software and hardware. The former are responsible for post-processing, and the latter. information accumulation.

Of the smartphone camera hardware, the autofocus module is most involved in HDR. It is he who directs the lens alternately at the objects of the foreground, then at the elements of the background. In addition, the brightest / darkest objects, as well as elements of the frame with different contrast ratios, attract the attention of the automatic focus. All of them are filmed both “in focus” and in defocus mode.

In addition, HDR also puts a load on the mechanisms responsible for the shutter speed and exposure of the smartphone camera. All frames in the series are shot with a different exposure period, so along with autofocus, the electronic shutter also works to create the perfect picture. Variable intervals during which the shutter transmits light to the sensor can enhance both the light and dark areas of the image. The former are shot with a short shutter speed, and the latter with a long exposure.

Example. When shooting a cityscape or landscape on a sunny day, as well as when shooting in the evening, there is one difficulty. Well-lit areas will get overexposed if you set the exposure for shady areas, and vice versa, the “shadow” will be too dark if you optimize shutter speed and exposures for bright areas. HDR allows you to take multiple pictures. some with ideal shadow settings, others. with tinctures for the bright area, and then collect the Flawless (as far as possible) frame. As a result of all THESE dances with a tambourine, the light areas will turn out to be slightly darker, and the dark ones. slightly lighter, which can be clearly seen in the example of the image from the Google Pixel camera. (In-camera HDR is enabled in second shot).

After the accumulation of information, the second stage of HDR work on the phone is turned on. processing of the obtained puzzle frames and forming a picture from them with perfect detail and picture clarity. For this, special algorithms and programs are written that are optimized for the capabilities of the processor chipsets and camera characteristics (shutter speed and autofocus aiming speed, sensor light sensitivity, camera lens aperture, and so on).

After reworking the puzzles, the user gets a finished picture with improved characteristics. In this case, there is no way to delve into intermediate frames; for a smartphone owner, this whole procedure looks like displaying a snapshot on the screen with a slight delay.

Cons of HDR mode

Optimization delays framing and overloads the smartphone chipset, consuming computing resources. But you can put up with these shortcomings. After all, almost all applications freeze and suspend the chip. However, the HDR mode, activated in the smartphone camera, has more serious drawbacks that limit its scope.

First, we are talking about the impossibility of fixing Dynamic objects. Simply put, humans, animals, vehicles and other moving animate and inanimate objects cannot be filmed using HDR on a phone. This will give you blurry spots instead of a clear shot, because the subject moves towards the photographer.

Secondly, active HDR in a smartphone camera suppresses, or rather, averages the brightness of the frame. The simplest processing algorithm involves the trivial overlaying of puzzle pictures in layers, so a picture without active dynamic mode will have a brighter foreground or background than in an HDR frame.

And the speed of the smartphone camera with active HDR suffers greatly. This is especially noticeable on gadgets with weak processors, which cannot boast of computing speed. Some owners of such phones even claim that it is easier for them to take 5-10 simple frames and choose the most successful one than to wait for the HDR image to be processed.

All this, of course, imposes its own limitations on the practice of using HDR mode in the phone.

Who needs HDR and when

You should enable HDR on your smartphone camera in the following cases:

We are drawn to such conclusions by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the High Dynamic Range mode. Well, if our readers have their own opinion, supported by practical experience, then they can Supplement our conclusions in the comments to this article.