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On the wave of post https: // Pikabu.RU / STORY / STEKLO_S_ZASHCHITOY_OT_PODSMATRIVANI. I wanted to tell Pikabushniki about modern protective glasses on iPhones. Fast. not advertising, Links in it for protective glasses will not bring. Who needs it, he will find that he wants. Maximum. Pictures and videos for visual perception.

About 3-4 years old I cooperate tightly with one manufacturer of protective glasses from China, so I will tell you in detail about protective glasses for the iPhone, which are now produced for sale in retail chains and stores in Russia and Aliexpress. And, I hope, I will help many Pikabushniki with a choice, as well as protect their wallet from unscrupulous marketers.

Let’s start with the simplest. Fuck need protective glass? Indeed, in this comment and his discussion, Comrade VinipuxnSK announced the position of many users: protective glasses are not needed at all if you do not need a specific functionality or you are not a handsure. And in case you change phones like socks, protective glass for it.

It’s funny thing only in terms of review limit. Everything else, more or less can “Normal” Gorilla Glas. 🙂 and yes. I hate protective films and windows. But this is personal. 🙂

I hope that all the reports of the main thought: the protective glass has a basic function, the screen protection against the hands of the owners. It seems that it is too simple, but, for example, glass from Alley for 50-100 maximum that they are capable. on protection against scratches and then not always. Smoothly approached the materials from which protective glasses are manufactured.

What material should be a protective glass?

one. Japanese Glass (AGC Japan Glass / ASAHI Glass)

This is a classic material from which about 70% of the entire range of protective glasses on iPhones is manufactured. Minuses. All, too, tempered glass, fragile, crumbs and burst over time. pros. relatively cheap.

Japanese Glass Silicone (Combined Glasses)

See paragraph 1 and present that the manufactured protective glass is inserted into the silicone frame. What for? To increase the coating area (protection) of the front panel (display) or the rear of the device. Minuses. Silicone with time scratched and protective glass looks like a complete UG. pros. Using a combination of these materials, made the cheapest 3D glass, as well as glass with a specific functional purpose: Visual protection, private glasses, matte. I ask you to pay attention, when buying a protective glass on Aliexpress, clarify the glass material from the seller. If you see silicone in the characteristics, then more than 200-250 (in retail) for such glass can not be given. All that above. promoted brands that are equal in quality.

For clarity I give a photo. Black frame made of silicone, and transparent area. Japanese glass, which is inserted into silicone.

Sapphire Glasses (Synthetic Sapphire)

In my opinion, it is the most durable glasses that I have ever met. It is worth distinguishing glasses made entirely of sapphire and glass with sapphire spraying. Pluses of sapphire glasses. Strength and resistance to fur. Damage. Minuses. price. On the same aliexpress glass made from leukosapphor and having a certificate confirming quality (in Chinese) begins from 3-6k. (yes, not error). For clarity, I will give 2-minute video (not advertising).

Some more information about sapphire glasses. Why such expensive? Natural sapphire, rather rare element, as a result of expensive. Synthetic sapphire (leukosapphor) apply in many areas: jewelry, appliances, space and t.D. Let’s leave a link to Wikipedia.

Corning Gorilla (Corning Gorilla Glass 4 or 5 Series)

In the distant 2007, Jobs, together with Corning, replaced plastic windows of displays (glass that over the matrix) on high-strength Corning Gorilla Glass. Since then, the company Corning produces matrix protective glasses for many smartphones. In this wave, manufacturers of protective glasses began to buy billets Corning and cut them on their production under the device. In our networks such glasses are sold for 2-3k. Quite often you can face fakes. Each manufacturer who manufactures glass from corning materials must have a corresponding certificate. An example of such a certificate below in the photo. Put up the manufacturer so that advertising is not considered.

Pluses corning glasses. Strength and relatively sapphire glasses low price. Minuses. Pretty rarely there are cases when glass bursts, after NN-OE time after operation. I’ll tell you a little later, with which it is connected with.

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Japanese glass and hard plastic

I will not talk about the main advantages and minuses, I will tell you simply why it makes it combined, together with plastic. If you return to paragraph 2 (Japanese glass and silicone), then these protective glasses have a differential between silicone frame and glass, in our case, hard plastic has a single structure with protective glass and the differences are not felt. On the one hand, this is done to protect fragile faces of tempered glass from external physical impacts, A small blow to the end face allows glass to burst or reveal.

About the materials told, moving to the functional features of protective glasses.

Example to correct make sense. Once again I duplicate the link to this post: https: // Pikabu.RU / STORY / STEKLO_S_ZASHCHITOY_OT_PODSMATRIVANI.

How the manufacturers are assured, such glasses are able to absorb the radiation harmful to. On Alkah, they can be found on the phrase: Anti Blue. A distinctive external feature is a transfusional color from purple in yellow. Example in photos. Minus, like in private glass, the contrast of the display is reduced, but in the case of a private ~ 30-40%, in the case of protection of vision ~ 10-15%.

Everything is simple here. Tired of fingerprints. Buy matte. The main minus, on Retina displays the image can be rich in due to the matte structure of the protective glass. Someone this notices someone to drum.

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Top 10 best protective glasses for smartphone

Whatever you choose a protective glass for a smartphone or advised?

Mobius 3D Full Cover Premium Tempered Glass

Protective glass takes into account the details of the M6S MEIZU structure and the display design. Additional frameworks provide full coating of the front of the smartphone. The surface of the product withstands the impact of acute items and fall on the tile and asphalt. The high level of transparency allows the coating to completely merge with the display.

Mobius is a Russian manufacturer who manufactures glasses for all popular smartphone brands. Its Popular Line Full Cover Premium Tempered Glass produced glasses for Xiaomi Mi 8, Huawei, Apple, Meizu, Sony and Samsung. The main plus of the manufacturer is the compliance of the price and quality.

  • Compatibility: Meizu (M6S);
  • Thickness: 0.33 millimeters;
  • Hardness: 9H;
  • Color: transparent / white or transparent / black;
  • Weight: 35 grams;
  • Packing size: 110,518.5 centimeters;
  • Brand Country: Russia.
  • one of the lowest in the market;
  • complete equipment (wipes stickers);
  • a wide range of models;
  • Impact-resistant coating.

DF Xicolor-62 Black

Protective glass is intended for Xiaomi smartphones. The model is created using FullScreenFullGlue technology. It completely covers the display and provides reliable mount. Glue is evenly distributed over the entire surface, which does not allow air bubbles to penetrate inside during operation.

The glass thickness guarantees the screen protection from scratches and mechanical damage, and at the same time completely invisible. It does not give fluids to touch the display due to the hydrophobic composition of the glue. A sticker for cleaning dust and two napkins for high-quality material purification is attached to the product.

  • Compatibility: Xiaomi (MI 9T, MI 9T PRO, REDMI K20, REDMI K20 Pro);
  • Thickness: 0.33 millimeters;
  • Hardness: 9h;
  • Color: transparent / black;
  • Weight: 100 grams;
  • Package dimensions: 11120 centimeters;
  • Brand Country: Russia.
  • one of the lowest in the market;
  • durable grip with smartphone screen;
  • lack of air bubbles;
  • Full compatibility with stated models.

Deppa Glass 61996/61997

Protective glass has been manufactured taking into account the features of Apple iPhone 6 / 6S smartphones. It definitely repeats the contours of branded displays due to rounded edges. The oleophobous layer prevents the appearance of chips and scratches. Thanks to the 3D technology, the product covers the screen from all sides, not leaving unprotected areas.

Deppa is located in Russia, which explains the moderate price level for all its products. When creating glasses, the manufacturer uses a crystal transparent two-componation coating, which contains fiberglass and PET. Deppa covers the entire modern line of smartphones and creates coatings for Galaxy, Xperia, iPhone.

  • Compatibility: Apple (iPhone 6 / 6S);
  • Thickness: 0.33 millimeters;
  • Hardness: 8H;
  • Color: transparent / white or transparent / black;
  • Weight: 80 grams;
  • Packing dimensions: 11811 centimeters;
  • Brand Country: Russia.

Red Line Samsung Galaxy A40 Full Screen

Protective glass provides tight fit to SAMSUNG GALAXY A40 smartphones. Rounded edges take into account the features of the screen and clearly repeat their bends. Fully transparent surface covers the whole front. High density in combination with high transparency make the glass invisible.

RED LINE company produces protective glasses using Corning technologies. Corning is a leading glass manufacturer whose ideas and embodies the manufacturer. Distinctive features of Red Line glass products are increased strength and low scratch visibility.

  • Compatibility: Samsung (Galaxy A40) and Honor (10);
  • Thickness: 0.33 millimeters;
  • Hardness: 9h;
  • Color: transparent;
  • Weight: 40 grams;
  • Package sizes: 22011 centimeters;
  • Brand Country: Russia.
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Solomon for Honor 8x 3D Full Glue

Protective glass is intended for Honor 8X model. The product was created using a kalen glass with a 3D technology, a clamping screen from all sides. The 9H coverage reliably protects from shocks and prevents the appearance of scratches. Oleophobic and liquophobic coverage hide fingerprints and other pollution.

How to choose

When buying a better protective glass, it is worth paying attention to the advice of consultants of specialized stores, reviews of buyers of Internet sites. Main tips:

  • compatibility. each type is developed under the parameters of the phone (calculate the diameter of the screen, the location under the camera, speakers, the menu buttons);
  • thickness. depends on the conditions of application (ordinary. 0.33, extreme, tourism, construction. 0.5-1 mm);
  • Strength. the average value of 9H;
  • Design. Color, Decorative coating, Frame availability;
  • explore the range of stationary, online stores;
  • consider information on the package (characteristics, conditions);
  • No extra inclusions, air bubbles;
  • Compatibility with a case;
  • Clear installation instructions.

What is a protective glass for a smartphone

Protective glass on a smartphone is a product of fine transparent plastic, which is characterized by good protection properties. After all, this accessory perfectly protects the screen of mobile from chips, cracks and scratches. In addition, the presence of protective glass, much increases the chance that the display will not be broken when the mobile device is dropped or directly hitting it. It is also worth noting that the glass has a solid structure, but it can be slightly bend. The main thing is not to overdo it during sticking. Otherwise, protective glass will crack. And since it is not subject to recovery, then you will have to buy a new. And then I would like to immediately note that buy a protective glass for a smartphone is not such a simple task. After all, there are many different types of glasses to protect the display. In this regard, it will be a little podnaping, while choosing a suitable glass on a smartphone.

Many could see that the for protective glasses for one particular smartphone model are significantly different. And it involuntarily pursues the question, and why it is so? After all, at first glance between them there are no differences. Nevertheless, in fact, there is a difference and sometimes very big. After all, there are several different types of protective glass to protect the mobile device. The main variations should be attributed to the number:

glass, better, smartphone, iphone

  • Glossy protective glass. Conventional glass that is made from a special polymer. Characterized by good hardness, elasticity and glossy coating. The explicit advantage of such glass is that it does not spoil the quality of the image displayed on the display. Minus. appear glare from sunlight hitting it.
  • Matte protective glass. Absolutely the same as glossy, only with a matte coating. Disadvantage. worsens image quality. Dignity. does not glare in day use on the street.
  • Oleophobic protective glass. Accessory with a special coating that is not afraid of moisture and dust. In addition, it does not have traces of fingers, as the coating is not susceptible to fat.
  • Tempered protective glass. This is the flagship of all accessories of this type. Characterized by excellent reliability, high quality and better impact resistance. At the same time, the glass itself is actually not subject to scratches, and also has properties to repel dust and moisture. In addition, there are no fat divorce from fingers on the glass with oleophobic coating. Minus. has minimal plasticity, so you can easily turn during sticking on the screen.
  • Decorative protective glass. In principle, it is any glass having any effects or graphic design. As a rule, such glasses are glued to the back cover of the mobile device. However, sometimes you can find similar protective glasses and for a smartphone display (it all depends on the gadget model).

To pick up the right protective glass on the smartphone, it is not enough to know its varieties. It is necessary to find out some more important aspects.

What is a protective film for the phone

The protective film on the phone is a transparent plastic polymer that is designed to save the presentable appearance of the display of the mobile device (smartphone, telephone, tablet and T.D.). It is performed in the form of a fine multilayer plate. On the glass of the phone, the protective film is kept by means of an electrostatic method or using a special transparent adhesive base. There can be different types and sizes. There are also universal films on a smartphone. They are glued when the original protective film for a specific mobile device model for any reason is missing in sales (not done or removed from production). Such films are not rarely cut into a slightly cut so that it is fine with the size of the display of the smartphone.

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Protective film Zagg Invisibleshield Ultra Vision

If you need an easy-to-install protective film, it is worth thinking about the SMART film Zagg InvisibleShield. The film is used in the wet installation process, which makes the screen more durable.

The protective film for the screen has an eye protective layer that filters harmful blue light. and self-healing technology with nano-memory, which treats small scratches and dents. Protector is best suited for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phones and works with any phone case.


Flanagan gradually entered the global level due to the quality of the products and the use of advanced technologies. For the manufacture of protective glasses, the company uses the best raw materials from leading brands. The finished accessory consists of 4-layers, each of which performs its functions: Olefolic coating from fatty prints, a strong glass layer, anti-slip and finishing Silicone for autoforming on the screen. The glass does not worsen the tactile sensations when touched to the screen and retains optimal color reproduction.

In addition, Flanagan protective glasses are compatible with more than 160 types of smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, Sony and with phones of other leading brands. Of the disadvantages it is worth highlighting that separately taken models of protective glasses are sold more expensive prices. For example, the number of orders for protective glasses on the iPhone model reaches 113,000 pcs! Even on the newest iPhone 12Promax already in stock Glass in black or white. Thanks to the effect of 15D, the color on the screen does not change, Face ID works without complaints.

  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • wide range of;
  • Easily installed, does not leave traces after dismantling from the display;
  • Compatible with 3D Touch.

Aliexpress4th place

Why many have ceased to glue a film or glass on a smartphone

The development and appearance of smartphones marked the beginning of a new era in the mobile technologies industry. Such devices began to actively displace classic phones from the mobile device market. However, accessories for them remained the same character. To smartphones, as well as to the phones, actively began to apply various kinds of protective covers, films and glasses. Especially relevant to stick to the protection of the smartphone screen. After all, the dispositional damage in this case can lead to a complete stop of the functioning of the mobile device (depending on the severity of the defect).

It is interesting to know: if you break the display of a classic mobile phone, then they can safely continue to use. But only as a conventional dialer (possibly, you can use other functions by memory, for example, turn on the radio or MP3 player).

However, over time, many consumers have become abandoned by sticking protective glass on the smartphone screen. The reason for this was the fact that smartphones were launched into production with a stronger, reliable and resistant glass of Gorilla Glass. In theory, such glass should not be scratched, and also fear of minor shocks when falling on a solid surface. Nevertheless, in practice, everything is not so definitely. If Gorilla Glass is well protected from scratching, it is not enough of more serious damage.

What is the protective glass

Dense subject is designed for mobile security. The choice between film and glass is obvious because the second is a solid form. Glass is better withstanding various blows and scratches.

  • The bottom layer is silicone, the structure allows you to close on the phone screen and do not move;
  • The restraining layer. works when the upper part turned out to be damaged, prevents the passage of the crack below to the screen;
  • anti-glare element. to preserve the brightness of the display, contrary to the surrounding circumstances in the bright and dark time;
  • The main layer is safety, takes major strikes so that any defects do not affect the smartphone;
  • Special oleophobic coating so that no fat traces and water drops remain.

Safety glass for smartphone