How to manually optimize each app 1 of 1

This method involves manually deleting each application on your smartphone. But its advantage is that you will not need to delete your programs and games by performing a reset. You can delete the app cache yourself in the settings of your Android device.

  • Select the gear icon (settings);
  • Find the “Applications” section;
  • Select the “All” tab here and open the applications you frequently use one by one. In them you need to find the item “Clear cache” and select it.

Thus, you can get rid of long-term application optimization.

How to extend the life of a smartphone

You never turn off your smartphone

You must turn off your phone completely at least once a week.

Otherwise, your smartphone battery will die sooner than you expect. According to experts, when the phone is in non-stop mode, the battery drains many times faster than if the battery is given at least occasional rest.

Also, stop using the alarm clock on your phone. A regular alarm clock is best suited for these purposes. He will wake you up every morning.

This way you extend the life of your smartphone.

If you still need to use the alarm clock on your phone, try to do it as little as possible, and then turn it off during the day.

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Leave Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on at all times

If you are not using some applications on your smartphone, then what is the point of leaving them on? For example, it is vital that the gadget supports WI-FI and Bluetooth when you are walking around the city or chatting with friends.?

No? Then it is best to turn them off, and turn them on if necessary.

So you will reduce the loss of charge, and the performance of the smartphone, at the same time, will increase.

By disabling unnecessary features, you save energy and extend the life of your phone.

How to extend the life of your phone

You use your phone outdoors in bad weather conditions

Your smartphone is not designed to withstand ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures and is therefore not recommended for use in extreme temperatures.

Doing so can drain the battery or damage the device completely. Also, if your phone isn’t waterproof, don’t use it in rain or snow.

If you know in advance that you will find yourself in extreme weather conditions, try to at least keep your smartphone in your and use it only when necessary.

Other ways to fix the Android OS optimization problem

Long optimization when turned on is directly related to the large amount of cache on your device. At this moment, the system is working with data from applications and games. You can also help your device boot up faster by reviewing the list of installed applications. Select those that you have not used for a long time or are not going to use in the future and delete them. Together with them, the cache is also deleted. Also clean your device from other unnecessary files in the device. books, movies, music, text, etc.

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You can also advise to disable system applications that you do not use.

  • Lower the “curtain”, click on the “gear” (settings);
  • Select “Applications” and click the “All” tab;
  • Here find “radio” in the list;
  • Open it and click the corresponding button (clear cache);

Now this application will not start when the phone is turned on. Many applications, even in the background, can accumulate a cache that the system has to work with. Therefore, manual configuration of running applications can significantly speed up not only the optimization of applications when starting Android, but also the operation of the entire system as a whole. It must be produced periodically on your smartphone. Now you know how best for yourself to clear the cache of even 1 of 1 applications, and optimize the Android operating system at startup so that it runs faster.

When we choose a new smartphone, each of us hopes that it will last as long as possible.

However, making a number of serious mistakes in its operation, we are slowly killing even the best gadget.

But if you adhere to simple rules, you can extend the life of your smartphone.

Here are 11 mistakes in using your smartphone that lead to its quick failure.

Factory reset will speed up startup

There is another way to eliminate the long optimization on Android startup. You need to open the settings of your device. It is better to keep all important data separately so as not to lose.

    Lower the Android shutter and find the gear sign;

does, optimal, state, honor, phone

Android Settings Button

  • In the next window you need to find the item “Restore and reset” and select it;
  • Another window will open where you need to click on the “Reset settings” item;
  • Reset Android device settings

    After that, you will have to confirm the actions by clicking the item at the bottom of the window.

    This will start the process of removing all additional installed applications and files, and returning the device to factory settings. Now, when turned on, it will turn on quickly enough.

    Solving the problem by clearing the device cache

    Most of all, the optimization process bothers users after a regular restart of a smartphone or tablet. The wait can last long enough, but you can’t do without it. If this procedure does not happen, your device will be significantly slower. The cache of games and programs is one of the sources of long-term optimization. If we remove it, the smartphone will turn on much faster.

    You can clear the cache either manually or using special applications.

    Efficient Junk Cleanup Utilities Description
    Clean master It is the most popular optimization and security software for mobile gadgets, downloaded by over 1 billion people in the world. The app optimizes memory by clearing junk files and caches, and also protects your phone with an anti-virus engine
    CCleaner Simple, thorough and secure software product. It is the most downloaded utility for Android optimization, device acceleration and virus protection. It is unmatched in improving the performance of Android devices, removing cache and junk files.
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    Removing the cache can be done through the Recovery menu. This is a subsystem that makes it possible to perform various manipulations over the operating system, including firmware.

    To get into this menu, you need to find out how to do it from the instructions for your device.

    • Many models use a combination of keys. Power button and volume down. They must be pressed simultaneously and held for at least 3 seconds. This should be done with the smartphone turned off;
    • Now find the item “Wipe cache partition” here. The same volume keys are used to switch between menu items;

    Item “Wipe cache partition” in Recovery

    We need to select this item (use the power button) and restart the device again.

    The device will perform app optimization when Android starts. You will see progress 1 of 1, after that you will no longer see this process after turning on the smartphone.

    Eliminate endless Android app optimization

    In normal situations, optimization occurs after a firmware update or factory reset. However, if the user encounters this process every time he reboots or turns on the smartphone, a number of actions are required.

    If you see optimization of only one application (1 of 1), remove it.

    Finding out which application affects the launch can only be done in a logical way. Remember what exactly you installed recently. that after which the optimization began to occur. Delete the application, restart your smartphone and check how it starts up. If the problem goes away, if you want, reinstall it and watch it turn on again. Based on the result, decide whether to leave the application or not.

    Factory reset

    Resetting to factory settings is not a very pleasant process, since the device returns to its original state and the user will need to re-configure it for himself. However, in most cases, it helps to return the device to a normal working state and in parallel to correct other possible errors.

    You can set up a backup to help restore the state of Android after a hard reset. There is already a detailed guide on this procedure on our website. Using its different variations, you will save both photos and contacts (audio files, applications will have to be installed again), as well as all the data of the mobile OS. Don’t forget to turn on sync in your browser as well so you don’t lose your bookmarks, passwords and other information.

    Most likely, to create a full backup via Recovery (except for the ADB option, which is also described in the article at the link above), you will need to install a custom, that is, a third-party Recovery menu. You can find out how to do this in the following article.

    Do not forget that to perform this kind of action, Root rights must be obtained on the device. Please note that this will void your smartphone’s warranty! If you are not confident in your abilities, we advise you to immediately contact the service center, because all further steps, although not particularly difficult, are carried out at your own peril and risk.

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    So, when all the preparatory work has been done or skipped as unnecessary, it remains to perform the reset itself.

    • Go to the Recovery menu again, as you did in Method 1.
    • In the menu, find and activate the item “Wipe data / factory reset” or the one that is similar in name to factory reset.
  • Wait until the device finishes and reboots. At the first launch, you will be prompted to set up your smartphone by entering your Google account information and specifying other details of the type of connection to W-Fi, etc.
  • You can download a backup copy, if you did, in accordance with the method for creating it. When creating a backup via Google, it is enough to connect the same account, turn on Wi-Fi and wait for the synchronized data to be downloaded. If third-party Recoveries were used, data recovery from the backup is carried out through their menu.
  • Rarely, the optimization problem persists, which is why it is best for the user to seek qualified assistance or try to manually reflash the smartphone. On our website, in a special section at this link, you can find the most detailed instructions on flashing various popular models of mobile devices on Andro

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    How to disable Safe Mode on Honor or Huawei?

    You can accidentally turn on safe mode on your smartphone, although you will have to try hard for this. you need to accidentally press a certain key combination, and more than once. Nevertheless, some users manage to do this. And the question arises. how to remove safe mode? And the chest opens simply.

    First, take a look at what the desktop looks like when Safe Mode is enabled:

    This is not only the inscription, but also the disabling of third-party applications. only the built-in ones remain working. The next screen is the usual mode of operation.

    To disable safe mode on a smartphone, press the shutdown button and hold it for about one second.

    When the menu appears on the screen, simply select “Restart”.

    Wait for the device to load and And that’s it! The smartphone will boot normally. Yes, you’re not wrong. all you had to do was restart your smartphone.

    Alternatively, you can select the “Shutdown” item, and then manually turn on the smartphone.

    If the device just turned off, turn it on in the most usual way.

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