Are they watching me: what is the eye icon on the top panel of the smartphone really talking about?

Let’s reassure you right away: no, this icon does not mean surveillance. It’s just that a certain function is active on your phone, which in many cases is even useful. But what function exactly depends on the manufacturer of your smartphone.

The eye icon on “Honor” and “Huawei”: what it means and how to disable it

On models of smartphones from Honor and Huawei the eye speaks about the active function “Eye protection”. What it is for is clear from the name. What exactly is being protected from: from the blue and violet light of the screen, which damages the health of our eyes. When the function is active, the display is backlit with a more comfortable light. yellow or slightly red.

Eye icon in EMUI system means active mode for eye protection

The option is available on all modern smartphones from these two companies, including the Honor View 20, Honor 10 or 9, Huawei Nova 3 and other models. The function is supported in firmware versions EMUI 5.0 and higher.

Now how to enable or disable the mode and, accordingly, the icon itself at the top of the screen:

    Swipe the shutter with the quick access panel: swipe down from the top of the screen, first once, and then a second. to reveal the full panel with all the icons.

Tap once on the active icon for protection mode

In the “Screen” section, open the “Eye protection” section

In the section, you can turn off the function or set the time when it will turn on and off by itself.

Smartphones from other brands also have similar functions, only they have different names:

  • “Blue Color Filter” on Samsung.
  • Night Shift on iOS (on “iPhone”).
  • Reading Mode on Xiaomi.

However, in these cases, the activity of the function is no longer indicated by icons in the top line of the screen.

The eye-shaped icon on “Samsung”: what does it mean and how to remove it from the panel

If you have a “Samsung” and you find the eye icon on the top panel, you have the “Smart-screen” (Smart Stay) mode active. What is its essence: the system does not turn off the display backlight while you are looking at it. The phone detects where you are looking with the front camera. it’s simple. The option is convenient when reading books or other documents from the phone, when you do not touch the screen very often, and the shutdown timeout costs, for example, 15 seconds.

The function appeared a long time ago. Samsung phones back in 2013 and earlier models supported this technology. In more modern devices, the activity of this option is not displayed in any way in the line above, that is, the eye icon next to the same battery or signal level does not appear.

The eye icon on “Samsung” means that you have enabled the “Smart-off” mode of the screen

How to enable or disable Smart Stay option:

    Go to settings. Click on additional features.

Click on the “Additional functions” block

This section will tell you how the smart screen off technology works

On older Samsung models, the function is disabled in a different way:

  • Go to “My device”.
  • Go to the “Smart-screen” section.
  • Uncheck Smart Shutdown.

The eye icon may indicate the activity of the “Smart-off” function of the screen, if you have “Samsung”, or the “Eye protection” mode, if you have “Honor” or “Huawei”. It is still recommended to leave the latter on, since the usual blue light of the display really negatively affects the health of your eyes.

What does the eye icon mean on Huawei, Honor and Samsung phones

The top panel is one of the main elements of the Android operating system interface. The system clock, notification icons, and icons showing the operation of some phone functions are displayed here. We have already analyzed most of these icons in a separate article, but there are some that have been missed and require special attention. In this article, we will tell you about what the eye icon means on phones from Huawei, Honor and Samsung, as well as how to disable it and remove it from the notification panel.

Eye icon on Huawei or Honor

Users of Huawei or Honor phones often find an eye-shaped icon on the top bar of Android, next to the system clock and other icons. This icon denotes “Eye Comfort” technology, which provides a more comfortable screen experience.

Eye Comfort technology works on a very simple principle, it reduces the amount of blue that is emitted from the screen, which should reduce eye fatigue with prolonged use of the phone and reduce the likelihood of vision problems. These effects from reduced levels of blue are based on studies that show that prolonged exposure to blue causes retinal degradation and decreased vision.

The disadvantage of using the “Eye Comfort” technology is a slight color imbalance. When enabled, the colors on the phone screen become slightly warmer.

In addition to phones from Huawei and Honor, similar technology can be found on some models from other manufacturers.

How to remove the eye icon and disable “Eye Comfort

The eye icon can be removed in various ways. For example, you can turn off the “Eye Comfort” technology through the phone settings. To do this, open the “Settings” application and go to the “Eye protection” section.

In the “Eye Protection” section, you can either completely disable “Eye Comfort” by moving the switch to the “Disabled” position, or set up a schedule. You can also manually adjust the screen temperature here, making the colors more pleasing to the eye.

You can also remove the eye icon using the top curtain.

To do this, you need to make a swipe from the top edge of the screen and click on the “Eye Protection” or “Eye Comfort”.

Eye icon on Samsung

It should be noted that in some cases the eye icon may indicate other functions. For example, on Samsung phones this icon is used for the “Smart-off” function.

Smart Off uses the front camera of the phone to determine if the user is looking at the screen. And as long as the user does not look away, the phone will not be blocked. This function can be handy when reading or watching videos.

In order to disable the “Smart-off” function and remove the eye icon on Samsung, you need to open the application with the settings and go to the “Settings. Extras” section. functions. Smart shutdown ”. A switch will be available here, with which you can enable and disable this phone function.

What does the eye icon on an Honor or Huawei phone mean?

Smartphones from Huawei (Honor), like smartphones from other brands, have their own characteristics. Which? For example, this is the ability to take a screenshot with three fingers. you need to swipe them across the screen. And what can the eye icon in the status bar mean??

If you accidentally opened this article and do not understand what exactly it is about, here is a screenshot for you (all attention is in the upper right part of the screen):

Notice the eye icon? Here she also raises questions. As often happens, everything is very simple and there are no secrets. this is a special mode “Eye protection”, which, according to the creators, reduces UV radiation, thereby reducing eye fatigue when working with the display. When this mode is activated, the screen acquires a characteristic yellowish tint. Does the function work? Each person is unique, so we will not speak for everyone, but in our case, fatigue is really felt less.

How do I enable or disable this functionality? Call the quick access menu or simply “shutter” and find the “Eye protection” icon.

When disabled, the corresponding icon will disappear from the status bar, and the “yellowness” of the screen will disappear.

Alternatively, this feature can be turned on or off through Settings. Select “Screen”.

Please note that in off mode, you can set the schedule for turning on the function, and in on mode, you can select the color temperature.

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Huawei-Honor Eye Protection Mode

Everything turned out to be nowhere easier. the eye icon on Huawei and Honor phones means that Eye Protection Mode is enabled on it! Oh How!

In an effort to make their brainchild more attractive to different categories of users, the developers added a special filter to the screen settings options, which allows you to reduce the number of blue light rays, thereby increasing the comfort of using a smartphone.

Studies have shown that blue light, when exposed to the eye for a long time, causes degenerative changes in the retina. This can ultimately lead to a noticeable deterioration in vision, or even in the worst case, to blindness. This filter is called Eye Comfort Mode. Its enabling function will help reduce eye strain, filters blue, and automatically corrects screen color.

What does the eye icon on Huawei Honor phone mean

Many owners of smartphones manufactured by Huawei and Honor (which is essentially the same thing) could face the fact that the Android notification bar appears

How to enable and disable Eye Comfort

In order to enable the eye protection mode on Huawei and Honor phones, you just need to expand the notification password and click on the eye icon:

Accordingly, the option is disabled in the reverse order. you will have to click on the icon again to turn off the mode.

If there is no such button in the notification area, then you can enable and disable the eye protection mode through the phone settings.

You need to go to the “Screen” section and find there the item “Eye protection” or “Eye Comfort” in the English version. By default, the mode is off.

Some useful tips:. After actively using your phone for half an hour, rest for at least 10 minutes Look into the distance while resting to adjust the focusing muscles of the eyes and avoid eye fatigue Periodic switching of attention from the phone to different objects near and far from you, as well as doing eye exercises will protect your eyesight and prevent myopia.

How Eye Comfort Works

The eye comfort mode on Huawei phones is based on intelligent software. When the mode is activated, it constantly monitors the lighting conditions and, depending on the overall level of light radiation, automatically adjusts the brightness of the smartphone screen, corrects the color temperature and filters out almost 50% of the harmful Spectra blue. Thus, optimal conditions are created so that when reading texts and watching videos on a smartphone, the user’s eyes are strained as little as possible. In addition, Huawei phone owners can independently adjust the brightness and color temperature of the screens with one touch.

specifically, the technical side of the new technology, Huawei is now equipping its devices with a 12-bit chip responsible for display backlighting. Instead of the standard 256 levels of backlight brightness, it supports 4096. The result is smoother, flicker-free dimming of the LEDs, creating a more comfortable environment for the eyes, while the color brightness and image clarity remain at a high quality level.

does, icon, honor, phone, mean

The Eye Comfrot function is useful to all smartphone owners without exception. But first of all, it must be used in the case when you have to look at the screen for a long time. This happens, for example, when watching movies and videos for a long time, while playing games or reading books. Also, the eye comfort mode is invaluable when you want to use your smartphone before bed. The bright blue light through the eyes affects the brain and can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythms and cause sleep disturbances. All this negatively affects the state of the body as a whole. Using Eye Comfort will prevent harmful effects and help maintain health.

What is Eye Comfort mode for??

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of mobile phone screens during the day. Even in the evening, before going to bed, many people look at Instagram photos, chat messages, watch videos, or read books and articles. Our eyes are under tremendous strain.

Is natural white light composed of seven primary colors. red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple? Light is a wave and, at the same time, a stream of particles that pass through the human eye and have this or that effect on this organ.

LCD displays for electronic gadgets use RGB coding, which has only three primary colors. red, green and blue. The rest of the colors are obtained by mixing these three on the retina. After conducting a series of studies, scientists have found that the most harmful to humans and other living organisms is blue radiation. For example, a very recent observation by researchers at the University of Oregon, USA, showed that the light emanating from the LED displays of smartphones has a detrimental effect on the light-sensitive cells located on the retina of the eyes. over, if you spend twelve hours every day in front of a phone display, not only eye cells will be destroyed, but also brain neurons. In general, the human body will begin to age much earlier than usual.

The results of scientific research are also known to manufacturers of mobile electronic devices. This is why some of the leading brands such as Huawei are contributing to the development of cutting edge technologies designed to reduce the harmful effects of mobile devices on the health of users. Together with the National Ophthalmic Equipment Technology Engineering Center of China, Huawei has developed a unique eye protection mode for its smartphones.

The effect of a phone screen on a user’s eyes in different lighting conditions depends on several parameters. the brightness and temperature of the Spectra color, that is, cold and warm light. This was taken into account by the experts when creating the optimal settings for the screen brightness level and color temperature to prevent eye strain.

What does the eye icon on Huawei phone mean

Today there are so many functions in smartphones that not every owner of a “smart” phone knows what this or that option is actually intended for. Sometimes, new icons appear in the status bar of a device running on Android, signaling that some of the previously undeveloped functions are active. And, as a result, the user has questions about this.

One of the icons that Huawei phone owners don’t understand is the eye symbol. By the way, the same “eye” is available on smartphones from Samsung. Those who have been using the devices of this Korean brand for a long time know that this symbol means the function of tracking where the person’s gaze is focused. If it’s focused on the screen, the screen doesn’t go blank. over, when reading text, automatic scrolling of pages is activated.

You might think that the “eye” icon on the Huawei phone also symbolizes a similar function. However, it is not. This icon appeared on smartphones of this brand in 2017, and it serves to denote the comfort mode for the eyes “Eye Comfort Mode”.

How to turn Eye Comfort mode on and off

You can enable or disable this function in two ways. through the Settings application or through the quick access menu to options.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find the “Screen” section.
  • Select the “Eye Protection” option and enable it by setting the slider to the “On” position.

WHY EYE icon symbols on smart phone!!

Below you will see the “Schedule” option. If you want to use eye protection regularly, the “Schedule” has the ability to configure a specific time at which this mode will automatically turn on and off.

You can also manually adjust the color temperature, just move the slider on the “Color temperature” scale (it is also located in the “Eye protection” menu) to the desired side. “Cold” or “Warm”.

A Strange Eye Icon That Appears on Your Phone

  • Pull down the notification shade by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  • The eye-shaped icon may not be among the options for quick access, then on the open curtain, slide your finger from top to bottom again to open an additional menu.
  • Find the symbol you want and tap on it to turn on Eye Protection. The icon will turn bright to indicate that Eye Comfort mode is active. To remove an icon from the status bar, tap on the “highlighted” icon. Or open the “Settings” application and turn off “Ai Comfort” in the “Screen” menu “Eye protection”.

What does the eye icon on Huawei / Honor phone mean and how to remove it?

The eye icon on Huawei and Honor phones means the activation of a special mode to protect the user’s eyes. This technology is being implemented on new models of gadgets. The demand is due to the fact that users spend a lot of time in front of screens and monitors, and the rays and exposure to brightness adversely affect vision and the general condition of a person. To make the brightness softer and the eye more receptive, Huawei / Honor has developed the Eye Comfort option.

What does the eye icon on Honor phone mean

The eye icon on the Honor / Huawei phone is a notification about the operation of the vision save mode. With these settings, the brightness decreases and the screen displays a characteristic yellow tint. It is easier to perceive with the eye, and not very conspicuous. Therefore, with active use, the eyes are relaxed, and fatigue is less often felt.

Eye Comfort mode, takes care of comfortable long-term use of the smartphone.

  • Eyes get tired quickly.
  • Decreased attention, it is impossible to concentrate.
  • The lens is less responsive to color changes.
  • Sleepy.
  • There is tearing and burning.
  • The level of vision drops.

When using a comfort tool:

  • the pupils are in a relaxed state;
  • no exposure to bright rays;
  • the lens does not lend itself to sudden changes in brightness.

How to remove the eye icon on Huawei

To disable the eye icon on Huawei and Honor, deactivate the Eye Comfort option in the display settings. On other devices based on Android OS, this function is also often found, but only on new modern models. Turning on and off works the same way.

  • Lower the curtain.
  • Click on the gear on the right.
  • Scroll down to the screen parameters item.
  • Look for the Eye Comfort mode there.
  • Tap on it.
  • A list of actions that can be performed with this mode will open. In particular, add to the line and remove it from the screen.

The principle of operation is simple. if you turn it on, the icon appears. The image disappears when the function is disabled.

If you still have questions about the operation of the Honor / Huawei gadget, activation of tools and other technical characteristics, you can write to the support of the company. The official website has a contact email.