What doesFastbootmean on the screen of your smartphone?

Let’s look into what this unfortunate rabbit means. Fastboot type screensaver appears mostly on Xiaomi smartphones, because it is a hidden part of the operating system of these particular devices. Thus, “Fastboot” is the debugging mode of the smartphone. In this state, the phone becomes “plasticine”, which means you can do anything with it: reflash it, give root rights, install applications over the system, and much more. So there is nothing terrible in this.

Sometimes this mode is activated without your consent, the reason for this can be a minor failure in the files of the operating system or careless handling of the smartphone. In any case do not despair, get upset and run to the service center. you can fix the situation without the use of a shaman’s tambourine or a Soviet hammer.

In which cases Fastboot Mode is activated

The Fastboot environment can be started manually through the standard menu or by pressing the power button and volume up/down key simultaneously when the device is turned off. But in some cases the mode starts by itself, and this is not a good thing. Unsuccessful reflashing, replacement of original recovery environment with a modified one, getting super-user rights, system failure and damaged Android files can be the reasons of spontaneous loading.

Usually by “Fastboot” we mean the operation mode of Android phones (including Xiaomi), which allows you to reflash the device, install custom Recovery on it, change the Boot/Kernel, and perform other system operations. To perform these operations you usually need a PC and special software like “Android Debug Bridge” and other relevant programs.

In a professional sense, the term “Fastboot” has three basic interpretations:

  • A special diagnostic and engineering protocol that is used for connection between the phone and PC (usually with a USB cord);
  • Software that runs on the phone in Fastboot mode;
  • An executable file on the computer that allows the connection between the smartphone and PC.

Fastboot Stuck Problem Solved of any Xiaomi phone

Not all Android phones have access to fastboot. For example, this mode is disabled on Nexus devices and a number of other manufacturers’ models. Fastboot requires software from the Android SDK and various USB drivers for Windows-based PCs.

Accidental launch of this mode is safe for inexperienced user, because it will be impossible to execute any commands on it. In order to work in this mode you need to connect your phone to PC (usually via USB cord), and with the help of command line (Windows) or terminal (Linux) start to run necessary commands on it. The latter ones usually start with the word fastboot, followed by the body of the command.

The table shows popular operators.

Command Value
fastboot flash bootname.img Flushes the bootloader image
fastboot erase system Erases the system partition
fastboot reboot Reboot the device
fastboot format system Format the system partition

How to connect Fastboot on Xiaomi

How to enable this mode? First you need to switch off your smartphone. To do this, just hold down the unlock button for a few seconds, and when the screen displays the “Turn off” button. By pressing it, the device will be completely turned off. Once the phone is turned off, press the volume down button and shutdown button simultaneously on the smartphone.

Once the screen lights up, release the off button and wait until the screen shows an image with a rabbit in the hat, then release the mute button also. The appearance of this image indicates the successful activation of Fastboot mode. There will be no buttons on the screen while the phone is in this state, and this is normal.

Fastboot on Xiaomi: what is it?

Many users of Xiaomi smartphones have never heard of Fastboot mode. over, most will never hear about it. But it happens that you put the smartphone in the bag, take it out and you see an incomprehensible inscription on the screen of the device Fastboot. What is it all about??

Fastboot is a special mode on Xiaomi smartphones, with the help of which you can reflash the device, unlock the bootloader, etc.д. There are other ways to flash the smartphone, but in some cases it is necessary to use the Fastboot mode, including the return to the earlier installed firmware version.

In this mode, the user observes the following:

In this case in Fastboot mode there are no menu items.

To open Fastboot, you need to disconnect your smartphone. You must first press and hold the off key until the menu appears on the screen.

In the menu, you need to select Shutdown or Power off.

The smartphone will be turned off. Now press the sound reduction key and while holding it, press the power key.

When the smartphone gives the first signs of life, you can remove your finger from the power key, but the sound reduction button should be held until you see the inscription Fastboot.

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To exit this mode, you must press the off button and hold it until the screen goes out.

After the device must be rebooted in normal mode.

The standard way

The first and the most obvious way out of this situation:

  • Press “power”. “on/off” button again. Press and hold it for at least 20 seconds. Do not be afraid. the device will not be damaged. The most likely way is that it will turn off.
  • Next, briefly press the same button again, after which the smartphone enters the normal mode of operation.

You can, of course, completely discharge the battery of the phone and thus wait until it shuts down on its own. But this, as they say, is not our method. And we’ll go “the other way”.

Why does the fastboot window appear??

When reflashing the phone sometimes the gadget may freeze on the window fastbut. As a result, user cannot reboot the device by the standard way.

Also, fastboot can often start by accident (because of an arbitrary key press in the ).

The appearance of the system window is indicated by the inscription “fastboot mode start udc_start “, which after a few seconds is replaced by the blue line “FASTBOOT“.

Usually the window fastboot automatically closes after 5 minutes of inactivity of the user. To quickly disable the mode, simply remove the battery and restart the phone.

If the battery is not removable, working with the mode is a little more complicated. Below are detailed ways to disable the tool for all Xiaomi models.

How to get out of Fastboot mode on Xiaomi?

What is Fastboot mode on smartphones from Xiaomi, we have already told. Let us repeat briefly: this is a special mode which can be used, for example, to reflash your smartphone or even to unlock the bootloader. As a rule, users turn on Fastboot by themselves. However, there are situations when it boots without the owner’s knowledge: for example, in the bag when pressing a certain combination of keys, the smartphone first reboots and then loads Fastboot mode. And then the question arises how to disable this mode, if it does not even have menu items?

What the user sees on the display in Fastboot mode:

The almighty on/off key will help in this situation. Press and hold it until the screen goes out.

How much time to hold? Usually 10-20 seconds is enough, but according to user reviews, in some cases it takes longer.

How to enter the mode

If the need arises, you need to know what to do to enter fastboot mode. To do this is very easy:

  • Turn off the smartphone;
  • Press and hold the power and volume down buttons;
  • When the smartphone vibrates. it means that the buttons can be released, on the screen should appear the image of a rabbit in a cap with earflaps, who is repairing a robot Android. loading fastboot mode.

In itself, fastboot mode on Xiaomi can be very useful, but if the smartphone hangs on loading in this mode. this is the consequence of systemic problems. And in such cases you often need to reflash the smartphone or completely restore its settings. But it can also be very difficult to simply get out of mode, and there are several ways to do this.,

Rabbit in a hat with earflaps fixes Android robot. a sign of loading fastboot mode.