Apple removed the charger and headphones even from older iPhones

One of the most controversial decisions of Apple after the presentation of iPhone 12 was the fact that the company will no longer put in a box with the new iPhones charger and headphones. As explained by Apple, this was done to reduce the amount of plastic in the world and reduce the burden on the environment (plastic is known for its destructive properties). But it will also help reduce the “load” on the planes that carry these very iPhones, because now instead of one box you can carry as much as three. “Okay, that doesn’t concern us,” thought those who decided to buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone SE 2. Except now these phones come with a limited package, too.

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How do you charge your iPhone now if it doesn’t come with a power adapter?

iPhone 11 cameras

Among the disadvantages of the iPhone XR can mention a single camera with a modest 12-megapixel module. An extra wide-angle lens was added to the iPhone 11, allowing you to cover up to four times more ground when taking photos and videos.

Shooting with the iPhone 11 wide-angle camera:

Shooting with the iPhone 11’s super wide-angle camera:

Technically, the capabilities of the iPhone 11’s main cameras:

  • The main six-lens lens has a 12MP sensor resolution, a ƒ/1 aperture.8 with support for Focus Pixels technology and optical image stabilization;
  • Wide-angle five-lens lens of 12 megapixels, aperture of ƒ/2.4, 120° viewing angle, autofocus and OIS are absent;
  • Digital 5x zoom and 2x optical zoom;
  • 4K video recording at 24, 30 or 60 fps with the ability to take 8-megapixel photos in the process;
  • SlowMo 1080p video at 120/240 fps;
  • TimeLapse mode with image stabilization;
  • Cinematic video stabilization;
  • Tracking autofocus.

The front camera has also been noticeably improved. The 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera has been replaced by a 12 MP sensor module with ƒ/2 aperture.2 and a wide range of functions (Animoji, Memoji, Timelapse, SlowMo, UltraHD 4K video 60fps, etc.).д.).

SlowMo shooting with the iPhone 11 front camera:

Special mention should be made of the Night Mode function, which automatically turns on in low ambient light conditions and allows you to take high-quality photos and movies at night or in dark rooms.

In addition, Apple programmers have significantly improved the most popular shooting mode of past models. Portrait. Enhanced Smart-HDR capabilities and facial recognition, along with an expanded suite of ready-to-use tools, produce studio-quality portraits.

iPhone 11 Pro delivery set

Here you can see what comes with the iPhone 11 Pro. Please note, the most common configuration of the unit, it may vary depending on the supply, as well as over time, the manufacturer may change the kit. We cannot guarantee that the kit will always be like this, please call us at the phone number listed on the website above or use another way to contact us (e.g. online consultant chat) to check the current kit. We are always happy to help you!

Premium smartphone with triple camera.

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The shape of the iPhone 11

The grip of iPhone 11 is simply disgusting. Every time I take it out of my jeans. I wipe the screen with my tears. It took about two months since I bought my smartphone before I realized what was wrong. The decisive factor is the weight of the device. Because of the greater weight is lost the feeling that you are holding the best smartphone company. And coupled with the wide frame and the diagonal, you can safely call an eleven-fingered. That’s not the case with the older models, where you get the feeling that you’re holding the best device on the market by reducing the diagonal and a measly 6 grams.

iPhone 11 Unboxing. What’s Included!

Every time I do not want to take the phone in hand.

Night shooting mode

This is probably what you’ll want to buy a new iPhone for. True, the A13 Bionic and 4GB of RAM are all good, but it is the night shooting mode that can be considered a “killer feature” of the iPhone 11 (and its “big brothers”). It does not require unnecessary gestures itself turns on in low light conditions and adjusts the shutter speed, in my case 1-3 seconds.

You can, of course, increase it to 10 seconds, but it will not give you a picture as on a sunny day.

I tried taking pictures in a very dark room and on the street the iPhone really pulls out the picture and makes it a good picture, not a “dark mash”. Of course there is some noise, but this is a software feature and I think that Apple will think of something.

But in this case be prepared to hold the phone still for a few seconds, because the darker the scene, the slower the shutter speed is needed to capture the photo. It is desirable that the subject itself does not move (but you can a little).

A review of iPhone 11. Package and appearance

In September, Apple has updated its smartphone lineup, introducing to the world the eleventh (actually, thirteenth in number) series of devices. It released the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max. The cost of the junior device starts in the U.S. at 699 for the 64 GB version, and 256 GB will cost 849. However, selling your kidney to buy a novelty is not necessary, you can just take a loan (even with a bad credit history), using the service The iPhone XI review will help you find out if you should buy the novelty.

The smartphone differs from Pro versions by the IPS display with a lower resolution. It also has a smaller number of cameras, which reduces the price. The main camera, chipset and other technical characteristics of the iPhone are similar to the older versions. Except that the memory capacity is different (there’s no 512GB, but there’s 128) and the battery capacity is different. details about the specifications of the device will tell this review.

Protection from moisture and dust

Gone are the days when iPhones were defenseless if dropped in water. Now all iPhones are created with protection against dust and moisture, and the iPhone 11 received a rating of IP68, which means that they are not afraid of not only splashing, but also a brief immersion in liquid.

iPhone 11 can be submerged in water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes, but the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is already 4 meters, but the same half-hour. The difference is small, but it is better, of course, for underwater photography still use special equipment, not your favorite phone.

iPhone 11 camera

Recently, the cameras of all smartphones shoot quite well. I compared the iPhone 11 with the iPhone 13 Pro and there, of course, is something to be surprised. But otherwise the iPhone 11 shoots very decently. I’m especially pleased with the night mode which completely eliminated the problem of taking pictures in twilight. The images are lush and bright. In a word, that is what you need.

The camera is not a star in the sky, but for its price is one of the best.

There are problems with white balance, but this is the bane of all iPhones. If the lighting is yellowish (yellow bulbs) you won’t get a good shot. Here this device is simply powerless. I discussed this issue with photography guru Artem Sutyagin, and even my colleague was surprised. So don’t be under any illusions.

I would also note the lack of night mode on the front. Considering we take most of our photos on the front camera, this is quite sad. Otherwise, the sensor works for every penny you paid for it. My personal rating is 7/10.

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The iPhone 11 is almost identical to the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhones are placed in a box made of thick cardboard. It comes with a USB-A cable, Apple EarPods, a 5B 1A power adapter, and a smartphone. Also included is a paper clip to remove the tray. Also, manual documents and some label stickers. The iPhone 11 comes with the cheapest power supply from the makers. Sometimes customers have to buy a powerful charger separately. In stores, the iPhone power supply costs about 5000.

The 11 Pro has a different color on the box. And on the back of the smartphone there are three cameras. In the box at the pro-version charging unit 9B 2A. It will charge your smartphone in an hour. The cable also has external differences. USB-C Lightning is used for the pro version. In other respects the complete set is completely identical. In addition to the iPhone 11 Pro sells the model 11 Pro Max. The main difference between the Max is its impressive size. Otherwise the kits are the same.