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What CCTV cameras are

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When purchasing video surveillance systems for an enterprise or a private house, it is necessary to take into account many of its parameters. However, the main focus should be on cameras. They come in different modifications, with different characteristics, and a comparison of the models on the market will help you choose the right one.

How cameras work.

The principle of operation of the cameras of these systems involves the transfer of the image received through the lens to the matrix. From it, the image is transmitted to the processor, which processes the information and transfers it to the video recorder, to the “cloud”, to the operator’s screen or smartphone.

Where cameras are installed.

The cameras are installed in various locations. They can be:

external. Their installation takes place outside the building, in the street area. In this regard, special requirements are imposed on such cameras. First of all, devices must be well protected from external influences. dust, sun, temperature;

internal. They are designed to monitor the situation in the premises. Such devices, as a rule, do not have additional protection against negative effects in the form of housings.

Also, CCTV cameras differ in the type of housing. They are:

domed. They are made in the form of a hemisphere, a dome. This shape makes it easy to install indoors on a flat ceiling surface, or outdoors, in front of an entrance. Installation does not require additional fasteners and brackets. Adjustment will not be difficult. just remove the cover and set the camera in the desired direction;

cylindrical. The body of these devices is made in the form of a cylinder, and there is a visor to protect the lens from weather factors and backlight. Some variants of these cameras are adjustable. In the set of these cameras there is a bracket, with the help of which they are fixed on the surface, and for adjustment;

swivel. These cameras are also called high-speed dome cameras. The direction of the lens is remotely adjusted by the operator. The camera is fixed to the surface using a bracket. A spherical body is mounted on it. His stuff. plastic or metal elements. The upper half is made of clear acrylic. This enables the lens to rotate 360 ​​degrees and change direction horizontally or vertically;

hidden. They differ in their modest size, in contrast to the above options, and can be wired or wireless. There are also options with autonomous power sources, batteries or rechargeable batteries. The operating time of these devices is about 4-6 hours. These cameras can work via a GSM channel, due to which all information received from them is quickly transmitted to a smartphone or computer. Also, recording can be carried out on a memory card.

Also, video surveillance cameras are digital and analog. Analog devices are connected using a special cable, and the resulting image is transmitted to the matrix. After that, the picture is processed by a processor and converted into an analog signal. Then it is transmitted to the monitor or DVR.

Digital devices are connected using twisted pair. The picture is converted into a digital signal, and then transmitted to a DVR or server.

How to Hide a Security Camera (Indoors or Outside)

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Everything is very simple here. there are hidden and open cameras. For the house, of course, it is best to choose the first view so that no one will notice it. Usually attackers “test the waters” before their actions. And if they see the camera, they will act more cautiously or completely forget about their plans.

Hidden cameras are usually very small, literally a small panel or circle. But they also cost more often, especially if you want to see a high-quality picture.

It can be placed behind books or even hung on the wall and will be invisible to others.

CCTV Cameras for Home. Which to Choose?

To ensure safety, people use CCTV cameras for their homes. To make it easier for you to choose the one you need, we will list the criteria and specific types.


Now let’s talk more specifically about the separation by appearance.

According to this criterion, CCTV cameras are as follows:

  • Dome. Convenient for ceiling mounting. Not very noticeable. Easy to use.
  • Cylindrical. They are a simple cylinder, can be of very different diameters. They can also be conveniently hidden from prying eyes.
  • Cube. These models are fully consistent with their name. They are convenient to use and fasten, they can change their position as you like.
  • Hull. The classic large bandura, which in most cases is attached to the fence with a cable. There are newer models that resemble a cylinder. But they are also very noticeable.

This all applies to devices of the open, not hidden type.

It follows from the above that it is best to choose small, hidden, wireless devices. If you still decide to take open ones, the best option would be a dome model or a cube. It will be best for home.

Wire presence

Cameras can be wireless or wired. Corded models are considered more reliable and durable. But wireless is more convenient.

In addition, in some places the use of devices with a wire is not possible, since the cable must be laid through low-voltage lines.

Of course, for the protection of large objects, wireless devices that can be easily moved are more suitable. They come in a wide variety of configurations. small, large, square, round, and so on.

What else can you pay attention to

There are also a number of characteristics that you can and should pay attention to when choosing a video camera, namely:

Considering all this, you can make a good choice.!

Varieties and specific models of hidden cameras

Depending on their functional characteristics, CCTV cameras can be divided into several subgroups. Here we will not disassemble various spy cameras disguised as pens, keychains, and other familiar items, but let’s talk about those that are not prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation.

Hidden WI-FI cameras

This type of hidden video cameras uses a wi-fi network for signal transmission, with the help of which the image is transmitted to a PC, router or mobile phone. The video stream can be recorded to the internal drives of the phone or computer, or broadcast to the network via a router. When purchasing hidden Wi-Fi video surveillance cameras for a house or apartment, be prepared for the fact that the signal from them, as a rule, tends to weaken when passing through walls, so check the signal quality in the planned installation locations in advance.

Miniature WI-FI IP 360 camera for apartment or house.

To date, the range of wireless mini wi-fi cameras is quite wide, as an example, let’s take the budget model IP-360, equipped with a motion sensor and IR illumination for shooting in complete darkness. It has a convenient, manually adjustable swivel mechanism that allows you to set the optimal field of view in a couple of movements.

Also, you can connect to this camera from a laptop or computer directly via wi-fi, so you can easily find out at any time what is happening in the next room, in addition to everything, you can connect directly from a mobile phone based on modern OS. 640 × 480 resolution, lens angle of view 45 °, sensitivity 0.5 lx.

Standalone Hidden Cameras with Memory Card

Self-contained cameras usually have their own power source in the form of a battery, as well as the ability to be powered by a battery. To extend the operating time tenfold, portable chargers are usually offered for such cameras, thanks to which you can solve their main drawback. insufficient battery life (1-2 hours). Autonomous hidden video surveillance cameras record on the internal storage (micro SD card). in order to view the recording in the future, you just need to insert the card into the card reader of a laptop or computer and open the desired file in the player.

The advantage of such cameras is their miniature size, as well as the absence of wires, which makes it possible to use them without problems as hidden.

Standalone Hidden Mini Camera with Micro SD Card Recording.

For example, let’s take the Ambertek DV133 model, which has a relatively small size (117x27x17 mm), as well as support for Micro SD cards up to 32 GB and HD video recording resolution (1280 × 720). This mini covert surveillance camera can work up to 1.5 hours, and also take pictures while charging, which makes it possible to connect additional autonomous rechargeable batteries to extend the recording several times. Among the distinctive features is the presence of an HDMI output, so you can view the recording by connecting the camera directly to the TV.

Cameras for covert video surveillance: characteristics, types and models

When choosing cameras for video surveillance, you often have to deal with the fact that some of them are quite decent in size. This not only complicates their installation, but also makes impossible their covert installation, which is necessary not only for spying on someone (which, you know, is absolutely illegal), but also in order not to annoy people under constant control. electronic eye (for example, in the office). Also, a hidden version of the installation of cameras may be needed in the case of their external installation, so as not to embarrass people passing by, and not to cause unhealthy interest among small hooligans or lovers of easy money.

The advantages of a CCTV camera are obvious:

  • Reliable protection against acts of vandalism thanks to concealed installation;
  • In which case, the attackers will not even guess that they are in the field of view of the camera;
  • A covert surveillance camera will not cause discomfort for people under its view.

Micro Cameras

Micro camera with 170 ° wide viewing angle, microphone, and 600 TVL resolution. 3500 RUR.

Micro surveillance cameras are quite compact, and often in order to make the camera even smaller, manufacturers make such models open-frame. Due to its miniature size, such a camera can be built into any interior items (socket, switch, plastic or soft toys) and remain unnoticed. The power supply of such cameras can be either autonomous with their own source, and from a 12V power supply, or from an additional portable power battery.

How to choose the right camera?

It is necessary to choose a covert video surveillance camera depending on the specific conditions of its use and planned tasks. Let’s analyze the main ones.

For example, when installing the camera outdoors, you should pay attention to the operating temperature range, as well as resistance to atmospheric influences (dust, moisture, direct sunlight). Also, for outdoor installation, due to frequent changes in lighting conditions, it is worth taking a closer look at models with automatic adjustment of the lens aperture. aperture.

If a covert surveillance video camera is planned to be installed in a room with insufficient lighting, choose models with good sensor sensitivity and installed IR illumination diodes.

A nice addition would be the ability of the camera to shoot in both color and black and white, and automatically switch to the desired shooting option under changing lighting conditions. For example, at night, such cameras switch to monochrome shooting when the IR illumination is turned on, thereby maintaining high image quality (sensitivity in black and white mode, as a rule, is higher), when, as when shooting in color under the same conditions on the image from the camera interference and noises that interfere with perception begin to appear.

In cases where it is necessary to disguise the camera to the maximum, and at the same time not spoil a good repair, it is worth taking a closer look at wireless models, since to install them you do not need to hide the cable and cut the walls, or remove the suspended ceiling. Alternatively, you can combine wired and wireless hidden mini cameras. in those places where it is not possible to hide the wires, we install wireless ones, in the same place where masking the wires will not be difficult, wired models are suitable.

Where and how to install a surveillance camera?

You can think of a great variety of places for installing a hidden video surveillance camera. the main thing is to turn on your imagination and find such a secluded corner where it will not be conspicuous. Often such cameras are walled up directly into the wall. Choosing this installation method, it is necessary to set the optimal viewing angle of the camera before the solution hardens, having previously connected it to a monitor or computer, since after the solution is taken, this, of course, will not work. The same goes for installation in ceilings.

When installing cameras for covert video surveillance in places such as toys, flowers, be prepared for the fact that they will be quickly detected by your own household, in addition, the law prohibits the installation of cameras in household appliances.

Hidden camera in the fire detector housing. 3-4 thousand rubles.

There are hidden cameras disguised as various security sensors: motion, smoke, etc. Such a camera will be completely invisible to most people, although a professional can immediately determine its presence in the sensor. In most cases, camcorders housed in various sensor housings have a 3.6 mm fixed focal length lens. Such cameras do not fall under the requirements of the law, since they are not household appliances.

In order to be on the safe side, if the purchased camera decides to heat up for no reason at all, do not place it next to plastic or other surfaces that tend to melt or catch fire under the influence of high temperatures, otherwise you can instead of a successfully functioning covert video surveillance system get a bunch of problems, in the form of a melted switch, socket, or ceiling.

Review of the best self-contained mini camcorders with internal memory

The multipurpose compact model Ambertek RS101 is very popular. The size of the device is only 25x25x26 mm, weight. 11 g. The camera allows you to get a color image in AVI quality 640×480. In addition, the device makes it possible to take photos with a resolution of 1600×2000. The camera is equipped with an internal storage in the form of a memory card with 64 GB.

The device operates autonomously thanks to a built-in 140 mAh battery, which allows continuous video recording for 1 hour. The device is charged from a portable charger or laptop. You can buy a mini-camera for 2.5 thousand rubles.

Important! The device has a removable lens cover, which makes it possible to reduce the size of the device without reducing its functionality.

Another good model for covert video surveillance is the Ambertek MD80 SE camera with dimensions of 54x20x15 mm. The device captures video at a frequency of 30 fps, allowing you to get video quality AVI 640×480. The camera has an internal 32 GB memory card. Built-in battery ensures device operation for 1.5 hours.

This model is equipped with various types of clips, which makes it possible to fix the device on any surface, clothing or furniture. The cost of the camera is 3 thousand rubles.

Ambertek MD90 mini-camera allows you to get a good image quality in Full HD 1920×1080. The dimensions of the device are 53x25x23 mm. The built-in battery provides continuous operation of the camera for 2 hours. The compact device is equipped with a diode for infrared illumination, used for night surveillance, and a motion sensor.

A video surveillance camera with a motion sensor and recording can be used as a webcam. The device has a 170 degree viewing angle. The video is stored on an internal 32GB storage device. You can buy a video camera with a motion sensor for 7 thousand rubles.

Areas of use of mini cameras for covert video surveillance

Miniature covert surveillance cameras are characterized by a wide range of applications. They are often installed in offices to exercise secret constant control over personnel, so that such a procedure does not adversely affect performance and employees do not complex.

The installation of covert surveillance is also justified in a house where hired personnel, for example, a nanny or a housekeeper, work. Conventional cameras will psychologically traumatize workers who are capable of harboring evil and resentment, which can be negatively reflected later.

Hidden cameras are installed in offices to carry out secret constant monitoring of staff

Miniature cameras are also indispensable for recording business meetings and negotiations, as they allow you to save important information. This is especially valuable if they are held confidentially for certain reasons. They are often used to record seminars, lectures, press conferences for the purpose of further careful study of the material. Mini cameras are justified for capturing events during investigations. Small devices can be used for general shooting if the video quality is not too demanding.

Helpful advice! Mini camera can be used for road transport as a video recorder.

Varieties of hidden video cameras, their characteristics

Based on the design, the cameras can be boxed or unpackaged. The first option is represented by full-fledged video surveillance devices. Frameless cameras are built into items of clothing, household appliances, interior and other objects.

Depending on the principle of operation, cameras can be analog or digital. Analog devices transmit the image in the form of an electrical television signal. Standalone camcorders do not provide high image quality. Any external influences will cause all kinds of interference. However, such devices are characterized by low cost.

Today, digital mini-devices are very popular, which are installed at the point of access of a mobile signal. Once captured, the image is converted into a digital signal, which is transmitted to the server. Such hidden IP cameras allow you to get a high-quality picture with high detail.

Depending on the sensor installed in the camera, the device can transmit a black and white or color image. The first option is characterized by greater clarity of picture reproduction.

There is a division of hidden cameras into two groups: analog and digital.

CCTV cameras: choice of invisible assistants

Full security of the object is provided with the help of equipment for round-the-clock surveillance. The most valuable and effective devices with advanced capabilities are covert video surveillance cameras, which are characterized by compact dimensions, making them invisible to the prying eyes. Such equipment can be used in any field of activity where it is impossible to use a conventional camera.

Features of installing a hidden camera at home

Before installing a hidden camera, you should decide on the installation option, which can be stationary or temporary. Both methods have a different approach to fastening, however, the devices must be securely hidden from prying eyes.

The choice of the installation site for covert video surveillance is primarily determined by a good overview. Indoors, the device is best placed in a corner for maximum coverage of the room. The best option is the position of the camera, which provides a vertical angle of 65-75 degrees between the imaginary line of sight and the wall. The more spacious the room, the greater this value.

Installation of cameras can be stationary or temporary

Most models of portable cameras are not equipped with mounts, so mounting elements will need to be purchased separately (depending on conditions). The best solution is to buy a special detachable platform that adjusts the camera’s angle of view. The device can be easily built into a plasterboard wall, fixed on the Armstrong ceiling or disguised as an interior item.

If the device is wired, it is better to install it in the upper part of a bookcase or wardrobe, and hide the wires behind furniture. You can attach the camera to a decorative element, and disguise the cable products.

Device capabilities. Classification by place of installation, method and format of data transmission, color rendering.

If the house has fire and burglar alarms, mini cameras can be positioned on motion detectors or smoke detectors that are located on the ceiling. The wires will run next to the cable products of the security alarm system, which will not raise doubts from the uninitiated person.

Important! In this case, you can purchase mini cameras disguised as fire detectors.

How to make a hidden camera from a web device or phone

You can organize covert video filming indoors using a regular webcam. The device should be small so that it is easier to hide it in a piece of furniture. To do this, it is necessary to disassemble the camera body by removing the board with the fixed optics from it. Equipment can be placed inside an ordinary object that will not arouse suspicion.

The security camera can be attached with double-sided tape, glue or fasteners. Next, you connect the camera to your computer using a USB cable. The wire should be masked.

A telephone with network access can be used as a hidden camera in the apartment. A video application must be installed on the device. To connect your phone to your computer, you need to remember the provided network address. The camera is installed in the desired place, while the sound and vibration on the phone should be turned off so that the device is not detected at the wrong moment.

Important! For continuous video recording, the phone must be constantly recharged.

The phone and computer must be connected to the same wireless network. At a remote distance, using an IP address, you can monitor using a computer or other gadget anywhere where there is access to Wi-Fi.

The best models of spy wireless micro cameras for covert shooting

Among the budget options, one of the best is the Jumbl Hidden Spу Camеra home surveillance camera, which is hidden in the alarm clock. The device has an IR illumination for night shooting and a motion detector, which allows it to work actively when detecting the slightest fluctuations in the room. Such a camera is a stand-alone equipment, into which a 32 GB memory card is embedded. You can view the recorded video on a two-inch screen. The price of such a model is 3.6 thousand rubles.

The spy camera U8 USM Disk (in the form of a flash drive) is ideal for the office. Recording is performed at 30 fps, which allows you to get an AVI 720×480 image. The battery life is 1 hour. The device is equipped with an internal storage in the form of a 32 GB memory card. You can buy such a camera for 5 thousand rubles.

An interesting model is a fountain pen with a Spy Pen HD camera. When exposed to the top of the device, the camera begins to record video with a resolution of 720p. The model is equipped with a slot for storage up to 8 GB. The model has a USB connector for data transfer without removing the memory card. You can buy the device for 8 thousand rubles.

Noteworthy is the spy model Foscam FHC994 H.264 Mіnі, which allows you to get an image with a resolution of 720p. The camera is equipped with a motion sensor. The device has a slot for a 64 GB memory card. Such a camera can operate continuously for 8 hours. The device is characterized by the presence of a wide objective, which provides a viewing angle of 160 degrees. How much does a hidden camera cost? The price of the model is 11 thousand rubles.

What are CCTV cameras?

Mini cameras are compact devices designed for video surveillance. According to the principle of operation and design, they are no different from standard models. The camera consists of a body, matrix, lens and processor. Additionally, it can be equipped with a motion sensor, infrared illumination, microphone, memory card, built-in battery. Mini cameras for video surveillance are used to record information for the purpose of storing it on a carrier and displaying it on a monitor.

Infrared illumination may be available depending on the CCTV camera model

A CCTV camera should not be located near power sources. The installation site must be accessible for quick and inconspicuous removal of the device for maintenance.

The main advantages of mini-cameras are their compactness, the possibility of flush mounting, and the ability to work offline. However, such devices do not provide the high image quality with detail that is typical for standard-sized cameras. This is due to the fact that the matrix and the lens have a fixed focal length, as a result of which the image resolution decreases. Low lighting also negatively affects the operation of hidden mini cameras.

Covert surveillance microcameras: features, selection criteria and models

Modern video cameras, developed using innovative technologies, can be sized commensurate with the smallest coin. In fact, the dimensions of a subminiature video camera with recording are determined only by the size of a memory card and a miniature battery, since the camera itself does not exceed the size of a match head.

Microcameras for covert surveillance not so long ago were a mandatory attribute related to special services. Currently, on the radio markets and on the Internet, you can easily purchase “spy” equipment for eavesdropping and spying. Such cameras are widely used to control business partners, to steal the secrets of competitors, as well as in everyday life when there are suspicions of adultery. The legality of using such video monitoring tools will be discussed below.

General information

Covert surveillance involves the use of miniature video cameras. Such devices can be installed in any convenient place, and it is very difficult to detect them without the use of special tools. In case of unauthorized entry into a residential building or office, the attacker simply will not notice the tiny video camera and will not take measures to neutralize the video surveillance.

Very often in rooms, in a conspicuous place, an ordinary video camera or its dummy is installed, which is somehow blocked or disabled by the intruder. A miniature hidden camera remains unnoticed, and with good quality records all actions on a memory card or broadcasts a video signal to a remote recorder with a monitor or to the Internet. Many of these camcorders are equipped with a motion sensor, which saves on the resource of the memory card.

The scope of application of mini cameras is extremely wide. A hidden camera installed at the workplace will record everyone who, in the absence of the owner, was interested in the contents of the desk, looked through his papers or tried to use the computer. Such foresight can help to avoid big trouble. If a business partner is suspected of collusion with competitors, a video camera will help record all of his unwanted contacts. Since such cameras are equipped with microphones, the negotiations will be recorded.


In everyday life, hidden cameras are used to monitor personnel. This is especially true when a married couple invites a babysitter to a small child. There are frequent facts not only of dishonest performance of their duties, but also assault on a child. The video recording can serve as the basis for a criminal case.

The most common reason for divorce is the fact of adultery. A video recording made by a hidden camera, without warning, cannot serve as evidence in court, since it was made illegally, but it will certify the fact of treason.

Video cameras used for covert surveillance are divided into two groups:

  • Wired video cameras;
  • Wireless Camcorders.
  • In wired video cameras, power supply and video signal are transmitted over a cable line. There is a positive point in this, allowing the camcorder to be in standby mode indefinitely. The presence of wires is a negative factor, since they unmask the video camera. It is by the presence of wires that a hidden device can be found. In addition, the conductor transmitting the video signal is an excellent transmitting antenna and you can quickly and easily find a hidden video camera using a special detector.
  • It is very difficult to detect wireless micro cameras for covert surveillance, especially if models that simulate any household items are used. But limited battery or battery capacity can cause your camera to fail at the most inopportune moment. If the wireless camcorder does not have a video transmitter, but records on a memory card, it may turn out that the most interesting scene will be erased. This can happen because cameras are recording video in a continuous loop. That is, when the memory card is full, recording continues by deleting older records.

By the way, you can read about what methods of detecting hidden cameras exist today in our article by clicking on the link:

Finding places to install CCTV cameras is quite simple. Much depends on fantasy. Any household equipment, especially music centers, is very suitable for these purposes. Inside such a device, you can not only install a video camera, but also place its power source.

Microcamera selection criteria

Miniature camcorders have the following important qualities:

  • Miniature size;
  • Motion detection recording;
  • Lack of noise;
  • Image and sound recording;
  • Night shooting mode.

In order to correctly choose a covert surveillance camera, you need to know their main technical characteristics.

Miniature cameras have few of them:

  • Resolution;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Viewing angle;
  • Supply voltage.
  • Resolution and sensitivity. When choosing a resolution, there is only one criterion. the more, the better, since the higher the image quality at higher resolutions. For analog video cameras, the resolution is measured in TVL (television lines), and for digital cameras, in the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. The sensitivity or minimum illumination level, on the contrary, should be as low as possible so that the camera can broadcast an image even with a small amount of light.
  • Viewing angle. When choosing a viewing angle, you should take into account the conditions in which the hidden camera will operate. For capturing a large area, cameras with wide-angle lenses with a viewing angle of 120-185 degrees should be used. If the potential subject of covert video surveillance will be in the distance, it is better to use cameras with a viewing angle of 60 to 90 degrees. Most miniature camcorders are equipped in the same way as full-size camcorders. They have an infrared light for working in the dark and a motion sensor that turns on the recording mode.
  • Recording. CCTV cameras with recording on a memory card are estimated by the volume of this card. Usually it does not exceed 64 GB. The continuous recording time on such a card depends on the resolution of the camera. So, at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, the duration of continuous recording will be about 20 hours, and at a resolution of 640×480, the camera is capable of continuous recording for 50 hours with a 64GB flash drive.
  • Power and microphone. When choosing a wireless camera, be sure to check the type of power source and the continuous operation time without replacing the battery or battery. A microphone is considered a mandatory attribute of surveillance microcameras. Even if the subject is out of range of the camera, all conversations in the room will be recorded. Modern miniature video cameras can record images and sound at a distance of 10 meters or more.
  • Transmitter. When installing wireless video cameras, it should be borne in mind that the signal of the transmitter operating at microwave frequencies cannot bend around obstacles and the distance between the camera and the signal receiver rarely exceeds 50 meters. One wall of reinforced concrete reduces this distance by about 25-30%.
  • Installation. Microcameras should not be sealed in anything, as the lack of heat outflow from the device can cause it to overheat and fail. The main advantage of a wireless micro camera is that it can be installed instantly, without attracting attention, and just as quickly and discreetly removed.

Model overview

There are a lot of various modifications of cameras for covert surveillance on sale, but the parameters of some models of Chinese manufacturers do not correspond to the values ​​indicated in the passport.

Since covert video surveillance is used for quite serious purposes, the approach to the selection of miniature video cameras should be appropriate. Below are several models that have proven themselves in covert surveillance systems.

Type. color wired video camera;

  • Resolution. 600 TV lines;
  • Viewing angle. 150 °;
  • Sensitivity. 0.3 lux;
  • Supply voltage. 12 V;
  • Consumption current. 150 mA;
  • Dimensions. 15x15x20 mm;
  • .
  • “Ambertek RS-101”

    Type. color video camera with recording;

  • Resolution. 640×480;
  • Matrix 2.0 Mp;
  • Recording format. AVI (cyclic);
  • Power supply. miniature Li-Pol battery;
  • Support for memory cards up to 64 GB;
  • Dimensions. 25x25x26 mm;
  • .
  • “Ambertek MD-98”

    Type. color wireless surveillance camera;

  • Resolution. 1280×720;
  • Loop recording;
  • Viewing angle. 170 °;
  • Memory card up to 32 GB;
  • Motion sensor recording;
  • Night illumination;
  • Dimensions. 53x25x23 mm;
  • .
  • The legality of installing microcameras

    There are certain acts regulating the use of miniature video cameras, but they still have a lot of “white spots”. First of all, when installing any CCTV cameras, the staff must be officially warned that the room is being monitored by technical means. Also, you can not use surveillance cameras disguised as any household items.

    But what about stealth? This is where the most important thing lies. All video materials obtained with the help of a hidden camera cannot be presented to the court and generally advertised, since the one who installed microcameras for covert surveillance himself falls under the article of the criminal code. But it is not at all necessary to distribute these materials. It is enough for a husband to know that his wife is not faithful to him, and to an entrepreneur, it is enough to be aware that he is being deceived. This will allow you to build the right strategy, both in family relationships and in business.

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